Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, F

Where the words of love are written in the unfilled mind

And what is the meaning of love when somebody can’t read

I mean to express my words of love but who will reach thou

No one I guess but my pleasure for the day on your thoughts  

Thinking on your wisdom, makes my day and night too long

And your dream vividly cuts my unearthly nights like noisy song

48 hours between us is not a matter of love to unwoo our relation

We can still put a faith on Milky Way at their unimagined location

Nevertheless on scene they were being block by the clouds and rains

We can expect the petite scrapes as they are not for the eternal pain

I can’t believe the happiest couple without the problems of tears

And I can’t promise we will be flawless without tears and fears

     But act as blind, dump and deaf for others love

      For me nothing value more than your love

     My love is blind, deaf and dump seeing as your love