Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, H

Hero of your life with the desire in the highest perfection

From the world of patriarchal with your last 21 years in selection

Thou have chosen me as hero on yer life to clear thy sufferings

For yer refugee, I have decided to give you my golden ring

Now it is thorny bed for me to end the day with your vividness

The light from the sun can’t give me pleasing brightness

And nobody knows what the austerity inside my heart is

Only the bookworm of these lovenet will know what pain it is

But by distance of miles, I might be living beneath your fool

Giving my finest possibilities of the poor love in all pools

For the desire of your romance might be losing your chaste

On sympathy of other lads ye might be accepted their cast

    But my love is fully deepen by your loves and cares

    And Hope of love and faith is always with you there

    You’re absent makes my heart cheerless here