Friday, 20 September 2013

My inamorata

In the midst o’ my heart yer name vividly written
In the callow’s o’ seven havens yer shadow blossomed as a watery flower
In the dream o’ unearthly night yer vividness stuck my night
Some miles to go ere I catch yer soul
Some depth o’ ocean I should go ere we meet again
Nothing exist ‘txit our cast o’ love 
Only ye ‘re the girl and m a boy
Love is only unwritten, but shared to thee through my eyes
‘Tis master o’ all truths
Hours, minutes and seconds are passed waiting on thou
Loving ye is not a result of a day
If I share on paper ‘’t will be insufficient
But my simple sight will share my whole love
I think loving ye is not an immoral
I respect thy soul and virginity
I am always eternal to thou
 Vibrantly remembering our twilight day
‘Twas the world darkest day for us
Time in hope we will get as a world couple
The Earth will be seeing us and Queen-Moon will be blessing on us
Rain will be cleaning all the sins from us
And Sun will be gazing on our beautiful kissing
Let’s woo for each other to meet ‘gainst
Love thee and am waiting for the god to hand o’er the world to us
Where world will see us as a recent joviality duo


Watery flower- lotus
Queen-Moon- moon shine with extraordinary big size with extra bright
Seven heaven- Buddha’s heaven
Twilight day- last day before our departure

Joviality duo- the happiest couple