Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, Q

This lovenet the brocade between our distances

Speaking amid us to the world in every circumstances

 All written with the orchestrated feeling of your omit

Benevolent to the full hope on love by your faith

Love, fantastic feelings of all creatures in this universe

Giving the taste of romance to swing in own poetry verse

Thou, my mistress where the epic of my love lies

And the queen of my poor bankrupt heart lay

But how i can believe my love with you, dear mistress?

Whether ye are still on my weak love affairs

Is there something to prove yer love is my gorgeous?

And do ye believe my love through this lovenet my dearest?

      Our distances create us to take in different imaginations

      But our power of love shouldn’t go with the migration

      Love me with yer qualm it will put our means of integration