Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, D

 Stars are still up upon the sky twinkling during the day time

Due to the brightness of the sun we are unable to see them

Moon is shinning without failing in its routine like a kite

Rotation around the huge earth made impossible to see at sky

Likewise my love is still with thou my dear mistress

But the distance of miles between us made you in stress

I have a word to share with you, hope you will agree with me here

My sweetie, here I saw countless beautiful girls with rosily wear

Ye are nothing and left as a country girl of unexplored region

Even so, I can’t give trust as they are like the wonder of seasons

The westernization was rooted from the habit they eat

Creating the manic feeling in the mind of every lad    

    Thou chaste by the nature and wonder of the humanity

    Kind and passionless, creates the wonder of the society

    My mistress, accepted by parents, duo known by divinity