Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, P

Pain beneath the sympathy of poor boy

Beyond the limit of silence thinking in the bay

Not for the reason of any depression

But by the desperate loneliness of yer emotions

Crossing the Himalayan ranges I do reach in your place

All the day just hanging on the speed of wind in peace

I wish if you are following my footprints all the times

And I don’t have other than to be your shadow in the tame

 Sometimes when I go profound story into your history

I like to say a crying word in simple word “sorry”

Visions in my phantasm world get a picture of duo with you

Giving the immense poignant in my heart by thou

    But my hallucination is my perfect love from my heart

    Creating the brawny relation with you in this earth

    Our Love beyond the world of human path