Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, S

By the wall clock, it is almost the point of next day to start

With the raining weather here and i am still with your snap

A pen and a book continuing with my ending lovenet

Just waiting for the time to finish and wanted to prove on net

Giving the latest critique for the online readers to read

And making my heart more contented with the new feat

After a long day on your vivid unrealism moments

I could explore to the world of my new movements

With the full of desires to be with you in your missing

But I know you will not read this and it can’t be pleasing,

After all these words are written for you from all angles

From all chance it will act as a prove of my love to ye, my Angel

     And that time will only be when I relief from the schooling

     And for you when your parent gives a freedom on yer living

     And from then world will never be late to decide our dwelling