Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lovenet, E

 Eternal soreness of the human invisible love

Keep a silence with the internal banter of your love

Everything senseless to the work I am doing

Reasonless for the journey that I am going

But with you am following onto your shadow

Black man, your lover was changed by your absent sorrow

Sometimes your vividness breaks the laughter of my calm

Nobody to cheer with me, missing you to be in my claim

But I wonder what policy thou might be playing in my deficient

I know you are the pitiable lass in the love in every efficient

But your policy in your calmness will change the whole world

You can also make the volcano between us to wreck our world

   But ere you do, should not disregard to say farewell to me

   And don’t miss the chance to collect the lovenet from me      

    Before the world reveal my struggle to fetch ye amid me