Friday, 20 September 2013

Garden City College, College Of Greenery

Education is the process of changing the human minds of barbarism to the humanism with the well develop in all human values. In diminutive meaning education is a process of civilization in the way of our existence. In my speculation education can be also a passport to the human exposures to his next world, without which we can be considered as a somnambulist in a real life.   Through education we had known how to cover our necked body and we are able to change our unaware mind to the aware of our own existence and surrounding. In a nutshell, education is what we see from window to the next world.

In the human history you may have known that the Egyptian civilization had been the famous civilization in the time of human revolution from the barbarism. But what you can say if the question has been asked to you, why it is so? It is because the places they were suited to do works were far better than the other civilization sites. Their place had been with the jam-packed of greenery, which means the greenery to do work by having all resources.
Garden City College is a college of greenery in the finest world. A student with the desire of competition in his mind and the practitioners who want to go green should not be mistaken in choosing the school of greenery. So am pretty sure that the desire students in the world should go for Garden City College, a college of greenery. The college has the greenery characteristics in following outstanding areas.

1.      Ecological / Environmental  Greenery
Garden City College has an imperative link between the human surrounding and the nature around us. That persuades us in getting the good and excellence education and value of moral human.

2.      Social /community Greenery
Garden City College, since now the college have an outstanding links with as many as 72 countries, which helps to widen the social link with these many students by learning to live together and learn together. Social greenery in here means the sharing of internal thoughts between the different people which helps us to grow superior social network with the people of many countries.

3.      Scholastic/Academic Greenery
Scholastic greenery is an achieving university’s dreams and parent desire with our own cheers. The college has supremacy in fulfilling the academic greenery by discovering the loveliness of great ideas and thoughts of many people from different countries and as ushered by the leaders in college helps to do any activity with great succeed. However the college is helping in producing the best future leader with finest opportunity given to them.

4.      Ethnicity Greenery
The college has a great cares and love to the ethics and cultures of each individual student coming from different countries. Garden City College does respect to what the student have through their mind, body and speech of the individual student realizing the best of who they are. At the same time college is also an affluent of many cultures and ethics coming from different countries which gives the environment for student to appreciate the beauty of our mother earth’s partition.  Here the college fulfills the extreme philosophy of one earth, one nation and one people.

5.      Intellectual  Greenery
The college has a policy of taking and giving the opportunities for the best academic toppers from the various countries and some supports for the unprivileged background students who desire to continue their education. By these it helps in humanizing the contributions of our minds in different fields. The students of the college have also a history of doing the academic excellence from the University of Bangalore in several years and in 2008 the college was given as grade ‘A’ university by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) of India.

6.      Moral Greenery
I belief that the excellence of a horse depend on how horse is well in running, excellence of an axes is what enables to sever/cut well, the excellence of eyes are on whatever it makes possible to see well. Likewise the excellence of student and human being is whatever we possess the good values. Moral person involves not just knowing what is right but choosing it as well.  Here in Garden City College the emphasis is given on individual life in creating the moral leader in every society after the completion of their careers stay in college.  So if you want to go green in your life please never fail to choose the college of garden city, a garden of greenery and a garden of where the 72 nation’s brilliant species of flower are enjoying the process of greening their lives.