Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Teachers’ day

Imagine that early in the morning, on your way, if you meet with your teacher and a god coming together, in this situation to whom will you greet first? Greeting concurrently by the same word is not at all appropriate because teacher and god are not the same.

The word teacher means “Guru” in Hindi translation, it was derived from two syllabic words, ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’ which means “spiritual teacher”  from these only we can get clear cut meaning  of the teacher, which shows that they are guardian  throughout the lives of human realms. In other parts “god” an imagination creature by different believes on the hypothesis lead the formation of word god. How so ever, value of teacher is not considered as that of value of god but for the ethicist what is meaning of god?
So, the answer for my foremost subject is, for me certainly and undoubtedly my first preference of morning wishes goes to my teacher with “good morning teacher”  then I follow the second word “good morning god” which means for me my teacher is my god. 

Teachers are of three types, they are the teachers of past, present and future. Our past teachers had given us torch and present teacher is teaching how to light it and our future teacher will teach us to reach our destination using the efficient light of torch in the night as well, which means all three kinds of teachers are equally important to us and our lives is all full of learning stages in the intermediate group of birth and death. 
But today with the significant of the day “happy teachers’ day” I am not missing my once in the blue moon day to wish you all in live and for my past and future teachers by prayers and wishes of happy teachers’ day. Since for my 20 years we haven’t meet each other and we also don’t know who we are. By birth, country, region, religion and origin, you and I belongs to different atmosphere but in this situation when whole world is trying to achieve the mother earth and moon desire of one world, we are predestined to meet each other as a teacher and a student so it is the karma of our earlier lives blessed again to meet with strong respect and love.

Teachers, you are like producer of jet plane and atom bomb, to win the battles i need the indispensable weapons like bomb, jet and etc, likewise to win the battle of my arrogant attitudes and battle of internal evils i need a weapon so called manners and values, but the definite source of my manner and values credit goes to you, my beloved teachers, so am forced to quote that there is no man enlightened without teacher, in nutshell my teacher you are the light of my life.

My teachers, you are like water in the desert and island in the ocean, more over the work of you as a teacher is compared to the captain of the cruiser, and teacher, you as a cruiser. To reach another side of the ocean I need the cruiser, without it, is impossible for me to cross the ocean. Likewise to get out of the human barbarian I need teachers to teach and guide me, without you it is very difficult to reach the destination of my own dream, now for your peerless actions on me, I am ready to bow onto your feet.
So lastly my teachers, you are truly painstaking to be the light of my life. I know you are great who made my senses into meaningful one and who added me other sense too. But due appreciation is not in my hand for that don’t sense I will be grateful you all by my kick. May the soul of my past, present and future teachers may live in peace……