Friday, 20 September 2013

Live in present

Life does not come with the instruction. Each man and woman is released into the world in the same way, left to find our own way of understanding about the mysteries and hidden parts of our own existing and living.
Once we are grown and learnt enough with better education, we naturally start asking question, like how did the world come into exist? Why am I here?   What is my purpose? Then we began to search for answer very early on the course of our human history. But those were done by the wise man that came to known as great master and all. But ordinary people like us; we have a habit of clinging to the past. We love to nostalgia, we love drawing compression between yesterday and the today, they if we criticize but in reality we all do the same. So it is the common phenomena to love which has gone and lead to the dissatisfaction with the present.
Please my dear learn to live in present as that is the important to our present timeline. Our present living is the secret word to our handsome future waiting for us, we can always put criticize to our past from today. So our past failure was the great resentment to our present living and from the present we can make our future near blooming tree. But it depends on the present hard work, for these build ladder and start walking from it.
Every region have their own believes and culture of livings, to live present show your incredible adaptation in the region you are living. Though we are from different region now we are living in same region on the watery land of this world, when we are juxtapose know your responsibilities and make living worthy.
Your education is the greatest engine for your personal development. It is through only the child of simple farmer can become the prime minister of a world, engineer, doctor and teacher. So learn to live today.