Thursday, 19 September 2013


Lovenet was written with the idea from the Shakespeare sonnet and its name was derived from the combination of two words, love and sonnet, coined as lovenet which was intentionally written to keep strong bond of my love and It was basically written for her faithful stayed, trusting in "love is material goal"

Lovenet, which I used to share all the times to my friends, it is a literary prose under poetry which explain my love and emotion to my distance lover. It is like my personal diary but I don’t have any regret to show to all because the world will also gaze on the pain of love to my mistress.
As same as sonnet my lovenets are also principally divided into two parts, they are like octave and heptave which means first part of lovenet will content eight lines and heptave will contain seven lines, and heptave is further divided into two parts they are quadratave and tritave which mean four lines and three lines. In all lovenet was written with fifteen lines.

The whole lovenet was divided according to my mistress name, Tshering Yang-zom, her first name contains eight elements and second seven elements but with two syllabics so made by four and three words respectively. 

The first eight lines explain my desperate missing of my mistress and heptave will explain the imagination problems with my mistress but it will see only in four lines and last three will shows my strong love to her despite my imaginations and doubts in distance love.

 Since the origin of my lovenet language is being English, I have chosen to write up to the last elements of the English language. Like lovenet a, lovenet b……. till lovenet z.
The rhymes pattern will be AA, BB, CC…..… last three lines will have GGG.

If poetry is the expression of internal emotions, how we can reach to other sense? So keep on writing and playing until it comes to last synchronization of your words.
         - Myself