Friday, 20 September 2013

Mom “what are your aspirations from me?’’

“From the desires of your life
I came as a respectful son to you
With great hopes on me
You haven’t regretted on your tears of suffering
Sadness is your indispensable emotion
Hope it will fade when I grow strong
But teach me the value of women”

When the whole world is getting into the couple lives
You also copied the life they are living and decided your marriage
And a trustful man came as a knife to your sickle
Hope been happy before my birth
When whole world is giving birth to their children
You also desired to have children as a soul of your heart
From that I came as eldest child from you
But is it possible to wipe my tears without the help of my dad?

You are beyond the gods' hand to me, you are nothing less than my wishes
When all parents are sending their children to school
You also followed the footstep of them and without fail you enrolled me too
But how you can bear the expenditures of my schooling?
How you can cut the tree by your sickle without knife?
Mom, I know that what the world haven’t done before
You have done when time forced you but it was all because of me
I know to send me in school you have act painless to the scorching sun
And worked under the sky of huge and heavily rainfall with scoop
But did anybody help you by giving water?
Hope no one came and do so,
Now mom, because of your tears result I climbed the ranges of Himalaya
And am seeing all the happiness parents enjoying with their children
No regret mom, we will also do same
But tell me, what are your aspirations on me?