Friday, 20 September 2013


This is not a monument of our forebears’ and it cannot be respected by all human but it is a memorial of two, you and I the talks of a day which decide our whole elements of our lives. I am sure this will split and grasp the faith of two lovers who do not get much time to share our internal sensation of love so care it in my absent.  I know life is short because we cannot predict our last doom day and our immense death but have to bear once by all living beings after the circle of birth. So in the short span of our karmic life I have decided to arrange my destiny with you so that I’m very much pretty sure to say my adaption on four human changes with four seasons will be very helpful despite the second of our lives.

‘’Love is blind’’ all the human who enter in the world of romance used to share but failed to say when question has been asked, why? For me also certainly and indubitably I can say love is blind, on top of that it is deaf and dump too. The pillars to support my foremost points are; love is blind because your love on me made me blind to give love to other in case of affairs.  On addition, love is deaf it is because your love made me deaf to hear and accept all the suit words of loving me from others.  Love is also dump, dump in the sense that your love and care regrets me to say ‘I love you’ to others.  At the cost lord Cupid, he is blind and innocent of love and you are the meaning and definition of love to me.

I know love cost nothing but time, heart and faith of two, at the end; our entire mind is made out of it. Though the love is cost of all, our love affairs should not be at the cost of our parents. Trust me and my words I will always be waiting on you till our last agreement day to come. Time is healer, our concord due is not too far to reach by our time I hope. But you should not be dishonest to our time of love. 

Love does not have miles distance to cover. Love does not have vast in time gap. It is all cover by our true faith of affairs respecting each other, having trust and giving time.  So distance of miles and time gap of century is covered within a second. This is how we can safe and sounds our love between you and me. I implore to be with you to help all sentient beings and to acquire my dreams;

 I will always be with you in anytime. My wishes are always to append with your parent as a new family member. Help me to help you although it is not in desperate need. Love you till the last second of my breath.