Saturday, 28 September 2013

What is “love affairs?”

What is love? According to the Cambridge dictionary it is, “to like something very much”. From here we can get a clear cut meaning of love, which means it is a sensational feeling from the heart of all living beings despite its realm, develop through the expression. Basically love develops from the very beginning of our life from the home itself, but it cannot be considered as love affairs. We love mother, father, sister and brother but this love is not other than the bond of family reason by the feeling of love and cares within the realm of brotherhood. But when we talks about the matter of love affairs, it is a noun which mean it can be something, someone or a name. According to the Cambridge dictionary, love affairs it is “a romantic and sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other.” These meaning can be applied to the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend of the modern days.
When I bring the “love” as my subject matter, I know you will not like to read anymore beyond its topic, and more over you all might be having the excess wits of love affairs, because it is the rooted theme on your heart from very early from the beginning of your schooling with your friends.  Ere I get into the main focus, shall I ask you with several questions to be answered silently? If am permitted, then, since now to how many girls or boys you had fallen in love? What is the rank of your present lover? How many girls or boys you had proposed but got rejected? And do you know why all these happened to you and other unprivileged human? These are the common phenomenon of the living beings, to love, to hate and to hurt our environment.
Love affairs, the relationship of the romantic youth but aged too. First develop with the love and by time it will turn to the later word “affairs” happened in well design manner by their great hard works of sensation. Love to see your romance world when you are in partner-dance and walks. But do you know who is acting as the catalyst in your metabolism affairs and how it process? When I toss these questions, another topic of lord cupid should be our obligatory area to be discussed.

Love and love affairs are different subject often we get confuse, but when we go deep thinking in these two words one can just act as a surface meaning of feeling and later one will bring the real meaning of love with your affairs. “Love is blind” many used to say but love is not blind rather than the love affair is blind. We often used to lost or worsen our relation with the realm of brotherhood taking to the extreme possibilities of ending the contact with our brother, sister or other by the small matter of inconveniences, in these case do u consider love is blind? But the later one, your love with your lover, where the world will be owned by your romance seems you are the flawless person selected from the human. Where definitely, your love affairs will be blinded across your relationship is strong.

When the marriage is happen through the strong sensation of love, in the middle of their lives you might have experienced or heard the stories of divorce case. So, to this reaction do you have any idea? Or you can consider as our fate? No choice if you do not have perfect wits of romance, love and love affairs to choose one or later. This is happening just to one man or unseen man plan in our relationship of affairs; he is not other than lord cupid. A love affair is blind because lord of love (cupid) is blind. Again you may wonder how this blind man is acting in our love affairs relationship.

In the affairs of love, it all depends upon the reaction of lord cupid.  First of all, lord cupid does not possess eyes, so he is blind. So our love affairs occur in random from the wanders of women in the domicile. He possessed bow, arrow but absent of target. But target is considered to be our lover. It is also believed that the position of the lord cupid is in a very different position from the other gods. He always used to stay in the shooting position, ready with his bow and arrow selecting the target. So when he shoots in random, and sends his arrow in search of target, it hits to the heart of human and resulting in our heart as lover. Actually it is not our lover but whom we felt love is our lord cupid target.

We love someone, though we planned to have our lives together, sometime it does not happen and on the way we get breaks up and misunderstand and ends our relation, it is happen due to the metabolism of yer cupid. We ends our relation with our affairs because the arrow once thrown or shoots by the cupid doesn’t hit strongly with that target, so when time keeps on rolls it fall easily resulting in breaking and ending in relationship of two affairs. On the other side you might have seen many duos brought up by the love marriage, so in this case it is consider as an arrow is unable to remove from it by this they are enjoying the fruit of the affairs from the cupid.
With this I end here by sharing, love is not blind but the love affair is blind. Wish you all the best to your lives.

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