Tuesday, 24 September 2013

“Youth Unemployment” How do you think this can be solved?

Youth and its predicament of unemployment is not a scandalizing scene in Bhutan compare to other part of the globe, as long as human are in youth epoch we are unemployed, we are considered as unemployed city dweller because by age we are not fitted to do sincere with the assigned works and tasks, because mind and attitude of youth is nothing more other than loving the environment of pleasure, roaming, travelling, fighting, and involves in all the existing recreations, and deem it is not he who love  that but youth are fitted for such surroundings by their age. Youth unemployment is not a issue of 21st century in the world, if we just go back in history it was started from the early 18 century from the European countries but the matter in our country seems new because of its late development activities. When whole world is facing with youth unemployment setback in economy, why our country can’t? age of the youth are all same and more over mind of the youth throughout the world are with the same determination and thinking affected by the westernization but the time to ask question has also come for us in middle of the subject on youth unemployment crises that, why unemployment in all economy is rating high for youth? Why not for the aged people? When I bring these questions in my subject matter, it talks that the vacancy to dissolve the youth are available but youth by their age they are not willing to do or cause to be their service because for them weight of the pleasure is consider as more important. Gradually when their age enter the maturity with duo lives the situation force to do efficient works for their living, so the youth unemployment setback doesn't continue for the aged people. Unemployment is not a youth problem, it is the countries problem of understanding the common thinking of the youth, do you really think that group of youth in city waiting for job announcement have a well determined to get job? And have you ever ask them which party hall is best for you? After asking with these now are you ready to accept the mind of youth you want in your service and the candidates you are looking for? Definitely your vacancy goes to the experienced and well determined seeker. So unemployment of the economy is not an issue of immortal it is just a phenomenon that can change with the changes of human age but still we can work on the changes of youth’s mind helping them with certain necessary guidance and directions.

The country in the desire of solving the youth unemployment setback should not have to go to moon and bring the moon stone to help them and also no need to climb the crest of mts Everest. Within the policy of the human rights and duties we can bring the changes for the crises of youth unemployment of the economy. But the important focus goes to the unemployed youth himself then the effort given by the government. Youth unemployment crises, one of the greatest burning issues in our country have become the greatest concern of the government in our nation, but when we talk about the youth unemployment problem of the nation, it is not that too difficult to solve and bring into solution, if we are well determined on the resolution we can achieve it within no time in much prolonging as quotation says clearly “problem are manmade and it should be solved by the man”. But the hands of nation should place in one position to create more sound of clapping, by these as per my views I can certainly point out some constructive measures to solve our nations’ burning issue on solving youth unemployment setback.

If the nation is looking for solving the crises of youth unemployment, I suggest the government should encourage many private sectors to establish the firm according to their competence in the nation. Since now the rate of placement between government and private sector, it seems that government weight more than the private sectors in employing the youth in the various destinations in our economy. We can make the private sectors in the ability of producing the maximum job vacancies for the upcoming youth which directly or indirectly helps in booming the country’s economy. But it depends upon the contributions made by the government in their progress. For the development of the private sectors, government should extend the helping hands in different fields, like in Banking services, (giving the loan aids according to the rate of industry they obtain) taxing at low rate, (taxes are another problem in our country that discourages the private sectors to come up in the striking progress, so government should impose the taxes according to the income they obtained) developing the inter-partnership, (it is consider as one of the main aids from government to the people to come up with the plan of the small scale firm to develop the basic living standard but it should be given with maximum training to reach their dreams in good result) rules and regulations for the private sectors in our country seems to reach at the imposing level, for these also government should revise the policy time and again according to the changes of the times. If our government fulfill with above suggestions in the direct connection I think private sectors will develop in our country with booming the economy and in the indirect bond developing the private sector means creating the more seats for the youth to indulge in the working activates.

When our country keeps on increasing the sizes of population, I suppose that developing and giving aids only to the private sectors wouldn't reach to the extreme rate of fully employed citizen. So to eradicate the unemployment hitch in our country, in the next step our government should not fail to develop the agriculture sectors of its nook and cranny location. Agriculture sector, since now it is consider as one of the most powerful backgrounds in the country’s economy providing maximum opportunities despite the age, qualification and rank of the education. I believe our government and private sectors will not produce the vacancies for the accommodation of whole citizen in the service, so to generate the balance in country’s economy, government should focus on development of agriculture sector by providing the vocational training for agriculture related fields, helping in finding the high-breed seeds and off-spring, connecting with quality farm roads, and giving agriculture loan will definitely helps to develop the agriculture sector to magnetize  the mind of youth.
Another important point to be noted is improving the education sites and its policy. Improving and education sites mean developing the different colleges in our country where it can also help in providing the good qualities of education. And most of the youth will engage in continuing their education after that with the least qualification of degree certificate they will face a less difficulties in getting job in different fields at the same time companies or job provider will feel more secure with the qualification of the employee. To get rid of the unemployment problem with youth in our country, different awareness and campaigns should be given to the youth during their breaks and it should be based on the basic skills like carving, paintings, sculptures, and drawing. By these activities it will help in solving the youth unemployment in long run.

I think our country have many job opportunities for the youth but lacking in the skills for youth to do that available jobs. Where ever I travel, every nook and cranny I saw the bridge builders, house builder, road builders, and machine operators are all foreigners. Here it shows that urgent need of large numbers of vocational institutes. So it will helps in reducing the immigration of foreign labour in our country. 

 Despite all, the main changes of the unemployment crises lay in the focus of youth themselves. No matter how the government tries hard on solving unemployment problems of the nation if the youth shows no reaction on it. So youth of our country should keep in mind that no needs to advertise food for hunger people, water for thirst and fire for cold people. Youth should be in a position to take all the jobs available in the placement cell but your determination of becoming dasho should not lose from your mind after having the qualification of becoming the dasho.  Time will be healer; this is where I want to end my thesis by aiming that starts your journey from difficult tasks ere you enjoy the sophisticated air from peak.