Monday, 14 October 2013

Is your father or babysitter?

A donkey ears has passed with leaving the sterling epitome to us and our following years should be passed by gratifying our forebear parents, but everything got changed in sporadic times. Thank you for your changes and our revolution. Now the days have come for us to think on the days about which nobody should ever worry these are the days of yesterday and tomorrow. The old man in my house with my baby on his back is my father or babysitter? The time to ask question had come for us. In every household in every place especially in the town the living style have changed now, we see the parents and children living together with the strong bond of their family glued to each other, this is really a scandalizing seen for all of us to follow them. But the styles of living are really beyond our expectations, the daughters wearing tide jeans, romantic and dressing all that are prone to the sex criminals, these types of dressing really cause the manic feelings among the family, the time of causing criminal of sex had come and it was driven by the god to us but we had forced the god to have us by the crew of our westernization development. At last we put all blames to our fate but in reality it is the great sinning to us by ourselves.

Bhutan is not a city or a country as it was in 19th century, there are lots of developments but the planned of developments were not to become city rather than becoming utopia. For me city is such a place were full of robberies and criminals exist. Our great king, government and parents were doing great jobs towards achieving utopia, for that, different methods are there to help our youth who are going out of the track. Gross National Happiness is one of such activities but the youth shows the pace method on it. No regret on it, our leaders are trying on it with great enthusiasm, but from us we don’t have any word to describe their force on us still than we can simply metaphor to the tree of “paksam shing” in heaven. Now this is a flow of our off track youth to think before their single action plan turn to work. No matter how you live but your actions should be based on our guiding philosophy, Gross National Happiness ushered by our fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

According to our Bhutanese forebears believed “a dasho outside may be the attendant inside to his mother” but now the day has changed, the sweeper of the dzong can even get a servant but his servants were his parents, why not those dashos can also do that? It is all same. When children are matured and parents enter the old age of cage this is a time for them to make visit around the temples, chhortens and religious sites as per Buddhism believe. But it was obstructed by their own son and daughter despite helping them; this is so pity on our human revolution.

Anyway this is a common practice in our country, which is keeping our parents as a babysitter, by this it shows the care towards our parents when we are with great happiness. When the father and mother of a child enjoy, the grandfather of a child should bear his loud and noisy crying in spite of all the grandfather should also bear the squander of the child which is beyond the expectation of our living culture. Now should you think your babysitter is my father or babysitter?

Despite all, Thimphu has become the place of beggar for the aged Bhutanese parents. It was during my first visit to the capital when I was in 19, where I noticed that old people were queued to ask for the money. It was really a great dumbfounded on my sight because I never think that Thimphu will have such condition. To think about them I should be a great man from well to do parents. Still I am not that rude so they were as if in the hell of real life nobody to help since they were helpless people. To ask them I am sure that they will have their children but they are ignored by them. Why these are present in Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness, the center of Buddhism? All should do something for our homeless parents who were ignored by their selfish children.

 If our country continues to be in such conditions and government happen to act as inelastic to such situation all tigers should be ruled by the tortoise hiding from the shield. So government should add your ears, eyes and mouth of helping speech but minimize your mouth of corruption. Your actions are urgent before they die on the pavement of Thimphu town and start to smell.