Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ode to Mors

The days are unhurriedly figuring towards you
With pilling the punch of sins in my fate
I know you have seen my all sinning in live
But are all when curiosities and powers are on young
Now nothing left on my coin to purchase gift for you
And am not brave enough to enter your door,
I saw much bereavement across my experiencing stays
Now times are nearing to me and my parents
But ere you love me and call me to yours world
Let me share my heart of achieving goals to you
I am poor but life in semi orphan made me in poorer
Like others I got dad but I am unsavory to his reputation
My mom, victim of all sins with the tears of all sufferings
Still in the world of penury disrespecting in her age
But my Mors! Her actions of sins are all because of me
So I will try my true dedication of son to my mom

My mom is Buddhist but knows not about Buddha
Her daily dedication through morning offering
 By simple water seems to be going in vain
But still she has a good faith on religion
Now this is my liability to teach her with ken
And reach her in the significant places
So before I draw to a close of my promise
 Please give me the extra light on world
I saw many death people facing the fire
 By their senseless body of fearless
Though I die I should go from the same step
But before I reach my mom to heaven on live
Give me a chance to teach her with few lines
With basic philosophy of Buddhism in depth
I know the places of Buddha and it’s significant
The places which my mom vividly dream
So this is my duty as a son to reach her
At the place where she likes to go
But always help us by giving your trust

I saw many children and aged
 Without the perfect cares of humanity
With the beauty of suffering in pain
When they are left without any alternative
For them my heart should share pity of human lives
 With the tears of soreness I must guide them to rest
So ere you love me, let me share the gist of lives
When sun start to shine from west
And my hair start to reflect white colour
I am ready to offer myself with no regards
But let me to reach my mom in seventh heaven
 To listen the gods’ preaching with her love
And before I die let me do something worthy…