Monday, 14 October 2013

With great power comes the great responsibility

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speaks, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”- Winston Churchill
In a pair of scissors which side of scissor is responsible for cutting more number of hairs or to the couple who is responsible to give birth to a lass or lad? Likewise in our lives, power and responsibilities are always concurrent to each other affecting us positively. For that if I toss a question to you all, did you ever axiom a man without power taking the great responsibilities? Undoubtedly answer will be no, because power is the pillar of responsibilities.

When Barack Obama was born, he was not born with responsibility to rule USA but because of his power as USA president he is taking his responsibilities to rule USA. Similarly kings, presidents, prime ministers of different countries are utilizing their great responsibilities on development of their own countries and happiness of their nations. Do you know why they are doing so? This is because responsibilities of their great power were meant to focus on those events. Corresponding to that, even in school context, when principal is cogitating on growth of school, why not other teachers? This is because he or she was installed as principal and a responsibility is to heart on growth of school and students’ matter too.

Presently, we all know that we are on the highest echelon of learning, for that we should take our responsibilities with sincerity. Being as student we are targeted from different angles. Our teachers, parents and government have a great expectation from us as a nation builder. To execute their dreams we should firstly know our power than only we should act consequently. We should be shrewd in the use of our power that we should not waste our time by sharing information in hocus-pocus way. We should always keep in mind that time and tide wait for none, so work accordingly.

At the same time, we should show an epitome of good behaviour to the public by respecting, sharing good knowledge and helping them so that will emulate us, as we are educated citizens. Read as much as you can, reading will not cause tomfoolery on us, instead it will lend a helping hand to us in thousand ways. Taking care of government properties like our belongings is another responsibility of student directly or indirectly creating to the way to good citizen. So let’s do all with deep feelings from our heart. We should respect to our elders, care for younger and trust to all friends at the time we should always guide by our self discipline where ever we live. If we do so, for that there will be grand backing in our power as a student but we should endeavor to attain the best. For that a quotation says it all “Buddha’s father had conquered a kingdom because of his little hard work but Buddha had conquered whole world because of his great hard work” with this I end here with thought for our entire life that has been told to us by Ralph Waldo Emerson “do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trial”.