Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another Maid

(written with the tears of maid by the way they were treated by the master of the house in the absent of his wife related to all the societies in this world)

 She went to market in the crack of dawn
Bought the bunch of sag and other too
She picked up the sugarcane and counted the money
Thinking it as expensive she left just asking the cost
Continued the steps imagining the crunch
When we place betwixt our teeth
After completing the shopping of in list
She came back carrying the bag full of fresh vegetables
In the house masters were still in the middle of their dream
Without disturbing them, with extra cares she continued with her works
Begun to clean all rooms and washed her face
Then went to kitchen "the place where she was destined"
Washed all the plates and mugs
Made a fire in oven and started cooking the meal one
All done and ready to serve for the masters
By clock it was eight and half of the ante meridiem
The master woke up and followed by all members
Washing their faces then came for the meal one
Taking their share and left the plates and mugs on the floor
Maid! Busy collecting all the stuffs          
Then in the corner of the kitchen took her share

Without taking any rest in peace
She started cleaning the rooms and stuffs
mopped the rooms with water
Then started preparing for the meal two
By completing all works before time
She has more hours to wait for the masters
Took her diary from the pillow
And started scribbling on her notes with black pen
“I was borne from poor family
That was my good luck and best destiny I got
I had been free in the house of poor
With the freedom to do what I like
Now am placed in rich house
No freedom to use my wits
No right to talk my matter of human being
Placing in rich house was my ever bad luck
I missed my poor house of much freedom”
Rolling the tears closed her book and lunch time was ready
Took their share and found the curry was cold
And got the scolding on her misfortune
No voice to represent her own voice just a tear rolling from poor girl
She had done with the second meal
Left the last meal to prepare ere the eyes close to peace world
And she went to bath room
Where she saw bucket full of clothes to be washed
Made busy herself in washing the masters’ clothes
Washed with singing the song from her heart
“If the world belongs to me
I will leave all girls free
If the day belongs to me
I will pray for god to leave all human free”
Then started cooking with the last meal of a day
With chopping the vegetables
And cutting the meat with big knife
Taking a pain of cutting it into pieces
After the great effort she has done with cutting
And prepared the last meal like earlier
Eagerly waiting for the masters to come
Felt slept on the sofa she seated
Ringing of the bell awakes her
With the great normality she could
She went to open the door

Master coming in drunken mood
His wife was left in friend’s house
Served the dinner without fail and water too
She made the bed for master
And went to her bed after a long hours in kitchen
Knocking the door of her room! It was 12 noon
Went to open the door with high heart beats
It was master “I want to sleep with you” (whisper)
Voice from the lips of master
She can’t do anything
Just entertained inside her room
If she couldn't let him to enter her room
Surely he will beat and create the violence
She could not think the way her master acted
Slept the night together under a same blanket
Share the blood of maid with master
Created the sound of losing the virgin
Forcefully thunderbolt won the security of her privacy
That was the day she lose virginity with her master
Whom she thought he was her dad
Now no more treasure inside her heart

The day became worst when her belly filled with another belly
Masters’ wife came to knew her condition
Unluckily she got the catalyst betwixt the peaceful couple
Firstly wife brought the quarrel with her husband
The words were all that demand the room to be toilet
Maid with fears and can’t do anything
Then wife picked the topic with her
“You shameful prostitute
I don’t need your help now
I will do all works inside my house
Now you can leave this house”
These were the words from the masters’ wife
Without any second thoughts
She left the house and went to her poor house
Waiting for the nine months to the son of master to come
Born to bear the pain of poor with her
“Another maid” bearing the sound of small child
Child borne to bear the problem of poor
Censes first with her child without the name of father
Schooling the second without the censes
Problem with maid with master and a problem of “another maid”