Friday, 15 November 2013

Facebook and the Netizen

Thank you for the world technologies revolution, expertise rotation and people changes.

“Facebook” resulted from the world technologies revolution and came to live from the early 4th February 2004 and was defined as social networking by many people. Within these sporadic times Facebook has served as a finest social networking media where we can connect the people of different worlds. On the other hand Netizen is a new name given to the present people instead of citizen because of our reaction towards the internet service. To quote, if the people left without internet connection for a day is consider as human rights violation in many worlds because the internet is regard as one of the indispensable human rights.
Reader! Let not misunderstand, I am not here to explain whole about the history of Facebook instead I will directly drive you to the connection of Facebook to the present citizen. I believe many worlds are not that advanced with technology in the present centuries but soon let expect all world will step with the science advancement. (Time is healer) because people want more rest and less peace to be this world in long future. But Facebook one of the finest plus dangerous social networking in present era for the Netizen and its problems are rating in the burning candle issue in this world of relationship as well we can see many good relationship nurtured by the Facebooking world. For these let thanks all.

I saw many friends while chatting in their Facebook and sometime when I am with them it really brings my laughter by seeing the way they chat with their chat friends. First they will send hi! And definitely answer as hello! Then till the dream come true they will keep on chatting each other and at last when boy get the call number of a girl he will stop chatting and go for dinner. This is how many boys usually do certainly girls too I will join my lips to pronounce it. By calling each other they will come to the agreement of booking the room at expensive lodge, how lucky we could see in the fate of that girl getting a night to hold at expensive lodge. But let not talk who will be the loser. This is the Facebook with Netizen. But good thing about Facebook as a social network is that, people from the different worlds will build the strong relationship through chatting and help the difficulties each other, I think this is scandalizing wonder of the Facebook. It really serves the function of social media.

The worst things in Facebooking we can see is a wife looking for the new boyfriend from chats despite the beauties of her husband. These are extreme drawbacks of Facebooking the world is experiencing lastly resulting in divorce between two flawless relationship holders. But many are there in the lens of happiness too, a successful marriage resulted from the Facebooking but hope you are not the one. These are the issues of the Facebook to the Netizen today.

As per the Facebook meaning, it is a social network meant to connect with the people whom you knew each other like friends, family and acquaintances. In these cases we all do without fail but despite spending much time with families and friends, we, Netizen usually go more for the unknown friends trying to become new friends each other. So if I toss a question regarding this case to my hallowed readers, how many friends are there in your Facebook friend list, how many are known and unknown to you? Which one is in more weight? Hope my expectation will not be wrong with you.