Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I can’t compare thy beauties with

I can’t compare thy beauties with that of daffodils 
Though they are nurtured from the clean lake
Matured with the striking colours
Respected by all the people to offer for god
Because by nature they are unfaithful and
Flowers are the most unfaithful in nature
But thou! Never a character of daffodils
How I can make you unfaithful in this universe

I can’t compare yer beauties with that of Milky-way
Though they are at high sky on clean environment
With the twinkling of stars around them
Giving the stunning panorama on the Earth  
Because Milky-ways are the beauties of world
Up upon the sky giving the desire for whole world
If I compare with them you don’t have power
The power to brighten world of penury
And you are not immortal that can stay forever
Up upon the sky of whole world

I can’t compare thy beauties with that of moon
That shines giving the calm light on earth
Making this world better place to breath for all livings
Although it has got a strong love for us to live
Because brightness of the moon is due to sun
If there is no sun the beauties of the moon are in vain
In case of thou, beauties not made by arts of science
And whole world cannot love you in your possessed

I can’t compare your beauties with any beauty
And I can’t bring any metaphor on yer beauties
If I really wanna compare you with others
You are who you are now!
Your beauties match with you only
Nothing games with you in all wits
By birth you are made who you are today