Monday, 11 November 2013

Ode To The Clouds

The hero from the blind world
Leading to the battle of east
Hastening for the destination of success
Following the prints of chief commander 
With the arsenal on the right hand
Left hand pointing for the foe they targeted
The world with the full of pollution
The Mors with the full of ecstasy
On the number of drudges they receive from the earth

The children in house wiping their countenance by the tears
Growling of the tiger inside their tummy
Ready to devour even a small rat
Shouting with the melancholy of worship to their parents
One, two, three…..huts
Another house with the moan of orphan
God, time is yours, fate is ours but you are creator
Create us the good fate
Give us the better place to live where world is free of war

With the strong fortitude
Acting as a blind for their planned
Senseless for their sense they have
All covered by the red, dark red colour
Still fighting for the better world!
These are how are parents struggled for our freedom
Freedom in the free world
With the sparkling of lights into fourteen colours
Oh! For our jingoistic hallowed ancestors 
Million of offerings were made for your patriotic death
Wishing for your soul to be rested in peace

In the movement of the cloud
I am sending my poor rhyme to you
Rhyme from the silent world
That creates the wonder by your warier