Monday, 11 November 2013

Ode To The Four Seasons

Summer, autumn, spring and winter
Which one comes first in these wonders?
Maybe winter because world should be cleaned
Ere the living start with their elation
So winter wind will do first
Perhaps the summer, because to survive we need food
So to grow anything they need water
But water is available only in summer
Of course autumn and spring might be same
With the dilemma of this wonder
Which one I can put first!
Oh! What a fastidious sound I do hear
A voice from the heart of nightingale
Beds in the garden all filled with the blossomed flowers
And toddler crawling in the absent of cheers
Yes I got it now! It is spring that starts the season
Spring! A season of a calm mind
All covered by the young green
With the beauties of real nature like of youth
Were hairs will be with different designs
Applying the finest branded
Like a daffodil in the pool of human happiness
Their dressing will be with fancy styles
And love affairs will be for a day or another
Like of roses with many bees around their petals
Pleasure seems to overwhelmed the means
Our youth age is as same as that of spring
 Summer! A season of the busy stage
Were sky will be with full of activities
With the metabolism of pouring the rains
Nature around us are all grown strong
I see everywhere with the dense evergreen
But rare coloured flowers are still there
Were I can match with the human stage of adolescence
After crossing the youth, a phase of modification
Human are left to develop our own way of surviving
The world belongs to individual to be busy yourself
Human happiness decide from these period
In the service of agriculture “the utopian world of farmer”
This is a season with full of agriculture activities
But in this season “hard working” matters a lot
These ages will be full of activities
Activities that help you to lead happy living in the next seasons
Animals around human orbits will be in full swing
Catching for the food in travel with the “travail”
Storing for the next season to come
With the adolescent, busy with the works of wit
 Sacrificing the hours of late night
Taking the meaning of happiness with their suffering
(Suffer now to enjoy later)
Summer the season of sweat with sweet dreaming

Autumn! The season of falling leaves
Trees are all without dress standing alone
Farmers were happily collecting their crops
And field were all barren like a centre of Sahara desert
Oh! What a boring old age in human too
Always thinking about the youth age
Counting the lovers, admirers and enemies we had
Sometimes breaking the chuckles in loneliness
Regretting on the face we changed
Energy we possessed, and things we did wrong
The body will be full of wrinkles
Like a irrigation terrace in the watery land
Lessons are the another wit in old age
(Beauties are temporary, more the part mind is important)
Educating and story narrating are the main work in old age
After autumn, winter the age “ready to die” yet to come

Mountains are all cover by the huge snowfall
The lands are all change into the barren land
Human around are all dress with thick clothes
And animals are suffering from the green food
By the wonder of season it is now winter
A season of a “dry world”
Everything dried and eagerly waiting for the new spring
With the new happiness to come
In the human realm, as we are old
As if we are only waiting for our doom day
Counting the mantra at last moment
Sitting near the warm oven
Bed! Well prepared for ever
Always with the miseries of own youth era
Oh! What a connection of our human phase
With that of nature wonder
I wish spring would last forever
And I would stay as a youth evermore
The four seasons, the wonder of the nature
Human changes the wonder of the metabolism
But the connection of these two

Wonder of the “ode to the four seasons”