Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Friendship is a relation between the friends, but if we go across the cavernous meaning, friendship means it is like a ship that carries all the friends together wherever and whenever the emergency occurs to the other friends. Friendship can be between girls and boys, old and young, new and old, animals and human, masters and the practitioners and will also be between nations or it is an unseen line between any living without the gender discrimination (sex, age), realm or a cast. But I wonder in these realms why friends are not always place together everlastingly? Maybe life should be come to an end by adding so many friends in one relationship or friendship itself is fulfill by certain norms (adding more number of friends).
dinner inside the train 

sonam pelden, dorji norbu and sangay  tshewang
These Photos were taken during the first journey towards Bangalore 
Anu serving for my hunger! thank u Anu!