Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ode To Keats

How wonderful it is that Keats came to this earth
 How wonderful it is that simple man became the youngest poet
How wonderful it is that Keats had been the best poet
How wonderful it is that Keats got the fame at young age;
I know you are not present in the mundane world
But your name was vividly written in your poems-
And we can know how wonderful you had been in this world_
And I came to know you when I was in grade eight
When I read your poem of “four seasons”
I like it as much as you take a time to write it.
I know you love very much to your mistress
But does Fanny had been witty like you to write in words
I like the way you loved your mistress
And am following the way of your love to my mistress
Where are you Keats?
Why don’t you come in front of us when we read your name?
Your poems were very simple but nobody can explain it
Why you left this world without caring the lives of Fanny
Oh! Is my mistress is your Fanny?
But let me be your Fanny’s husband
Passing your all wits -wits of wisdom to write
Like you did as long you breathe in this world
Bless me to continue your love today