Saturday, 8 February 2014

On Education

Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through very process of teaching and learning especially at the school or other similar institutions, at the same time it is a gadget of our human brain which helps to differentiate the very name of being human and animal in this mundane world. In short it is a process of processes which drives the human from animalism in vast difference. Earth is flat but education made it round, sun is revolving around earth but education proved it is not sun is revolving around the earth but earth does it. Which means education is everything for educated man but am sure it can’t fool the fooled human in this world, what I meant to say is educated man can’t fool the uneducated man, they has their own way of living and their believes. The cultures they follow are very different from what educated man has learnt.

This is my 15years of schooling in various schools starting from my locale to the abroad country and today am on education, attending whole day on classes and spending whole night on studying, sacrificing the sleeping and taking the base meaning of education and still on great suffering of education. I like the way I am but I hate the process of my way by listening to the current battles of educated youth at my country, “Unemployment is the burning issue”. For education I trust I gained something what my parent missed, in education my parents are wiping the tears of absent heart, on education we have to settle like what our forebears practiced which means by education we are driving to the land where we borne. If our fate is on our parent’s farmland after education what is use of making fate on fate by education with great trust and investing much capital.

On education in suffering, on suffering in happiness, which means while studying we will neglect what of suffering it be thinking that goal is to achieve everybody’s goal and after education while we are on our goals we neglect what kind of sufferings and difficulties it may be thinking on the payment we get and definitely it is our happiness but what changed now it is not donkey’s ears where class eight can become chamberlain and lieutenant, today’s suffering for latest youth will be suffering forever and after educating ourselves and accumulating various certificates furthermore which means education really sucks our cool livings.

Trusting on education we spoil our own happiness, though we are employed with good recruitment our happiness is on tip of our own rotating chair.  We don’t know when this rotating chair will break and lost our seat in job today’s happiness is not tomorrow’s happiness rather than certain sadness in uncertain elapses. When I say like that it is not I am jealous in our leader post but pity on their services, if they happen to lose their job after coming to village what they will eat and fill their children’s plate, to work under scorching sun and heavy rain they don’t have buffalo’s skin to bear sun’s heats and cow’s skin to resist heavy rain, which means education spoiled them.
I am today’s student but tomorrow’s stray dog and you are today’s officer and tomorrow’s unemployed, which means education does not any certainty in providing job for us rather than being a pillar to your career, only a pillar, in the more side our behaviour counts lot. Don’t study education but study your values through value learn education; your education does not have any guarantee without your value and take pride of yourself and educate the prides you have.

 Problem of youth unemployment will never be solved unless the leader of country is in the hand of youth and it will not solve unless your eyes change into blind. It is not only our problem it is futures too. Though you are employed your children are unemployed but there are chances that today’s unemployed will not be jobless throughout his life like today’s employed will not be in service forever but keep faith on your culturally value. 

Nevertheless when I say like these don’t stop your luckiest chance of studying thinking of uncertainty in education your education is your third eye and also never stops studying after your gradation those who does were considered as uneducated. Education should be educated itself first and then only one should learn with its value.