Friday, 28 February 2014

Thank you Mummy

Dear my Hallowed Mummy

                               I know you will be scandalized and dumbfounded if I share you news of my significant day today but nothing new mummy, just your belief and our education believe made the differences on you. Do you remember your day when you had cried loudly? Do you remember the day that you have asked help for whole world? Do you remember the day when you were made reprehensible with your own blood? Do you remember the day when you had experienced the real doom in your life? That day was today’s date the 28th February of the New Year may be the day had been Sunday, Where you gave me right to live on life and freedom to crawl on this mundane world. Mummy, now I am 21 in my age and stepping the new step from today. “Today is my birthday” I know you are still confused but mummy I am following Christian/English calendar to celebrate my birthday and to remember your greatest pain ever and what you are following is our Bhutanese calendar which I was borne on 15th  first month of the new year. Without you I wouldn’t have been breathing under your nose for this I wanted to thank you but confused in what way? How much and in which way? But mind on you is still alive and will be forever with me. 

28th February 1993, it was my day and was proven with the legal rights to privatize the day every year not to boost or poke but to wipe the tears of pain in my happiness. I was not born alone and I should not be died alone. When I was borne my mom cried for my pain the whole relatives  laughed creating the scene of puppet to my mom, so  when I died when my mom cry for me with her love my whole enemy will be happy on my descent of life.  Your tear on my pity soul is like blessed water to veil my ignorance.

Mummy I thought of writing more to you but scene was being disturbed by the upcoming examinations and I know your greatest trust on me is no other than getting me employed in government service so am trying my best to live your wishes and pray for your good health ahead and am breathing today and will be same tomorrow just all because of you. Thank you but it will be insufficient for you. Time is healer just be awaiting for that. Every Buddhism site belongs to you to make visit but I am on the way to discover it my mummy. Love you, your son. Thank you for your live and life on me.

Thank you
Yours loving son

Sangay Tshewang

Garden City College