Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The tune from the Orphan

“What is your father name child?
What is your mother name?
Where are you coming from?
Bring nu. 10 each tomorrow “
Asked by the teacher in the school;
I love my teacher if he never asks me
To tell my father’s name inside the mates
I respect my teacher if he never asks
My mother name and her details
My teacher is my god if he never asks me
 To bring ngultrum when I don’t have chetrum
He is my best teacher if he never asks my details
The thoughts in the mind of orphanage
What is father’s name when I don’t know myself?
What I will respond when my teacher asks me
To tell my mother’s name when mother is only title
O! I must ask for my lord
Hollowed lord, what is my father name?
Sorry child, I don’t know _i brought you here
 Because i felt pity on you
When I saw crying on the side of road
Oh! I might be orphan
Where I must go now better left the school
If I go school my teacher will scold me
If I fail to answer the question
And he will surly ask my father name
Thinking like this I left schooling
But my hopes are still on new education
But I wanna please my teachers by following words
I know for your convenience you must ask
Ask on student’s parent name
But are you remembering all those names
At once in their introductory when you fail to eat well
And for your cares to student you ask their details
Isn’t it more convenience by going to student’s details?
But I know you want more publicity in class
Why are you asking our parents name inside the class?
Are you thinking that students will be from animal’s parent?
Why are you asking our place name?
Do you have any doubt we will be coming from ocean or space?
Isn’t it good for you when you ask our name only?
I know being as teacher you have right to enquire your students
But don’t you feel pity on our read face?
Or do you think red face is apple so wanna ripen it more_
If not if you are my favorite teacher ask my name please
My father is not coming to study here and mother too
I think you don’t need their name when you ask question
This is me who am going to answer you, ask my name only
You are good teacher only if you don’t ask my details
In case go to my student details and get more details
My verbal details will not satisfy you my teacher.