Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Boring Class

Empty seats to my sinistral and dextral  
Some few presented and were to and fro
All pivot their head on desk of respect
That is supposed to keep book on it
No teacher, further made the boredom
Boring class I can describe ever in mind
Wastage of day without any prolific works
Works of account on my daily diary
Ever lucky for those who were absent
Narrowed the gap on attendance of poor
Love the boring class if I got your warmth
But you were also not presented
Just sleeping on odd hour ended the class
The class of boring period ever in lever
In the interesting eve of my degree
In the college of where ‘emphasis is on life’
Garden city, garden inside the class
With the flowers of sleeping students
Under the brightness of huge sun
No more luck on the day of boredom
But at the very end of unlucky day
Friend came, came to accompany me
Then hilarity bust in the one’s loneliness