Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hero with Zero Eyes

The last of all even events
In the heart of zero eyes
Still triggering for loveable
With the highest level of able
From the unknown mundane world
On thy mess up and enigma words
Posing here to there till its melody
With the fluent sequence in parody
“Last love” I had promised in my faith
But broken by the truth of lust fate
Not as of seeing on your beauty
And sin will not be on your county
Promise me with the word of your ‘yes’
I will build the hero of thousand eyes
In the chapter of one poor heart
With the pen by movement of breath
I will sketch the nest of nightingale
And will scribble the yarn of archangel
That behold the night of our togetherness
That flop the legend of their keenness
On the interest of legend of zero eyes
But of the hero made by yer syrupy “yes”