Tuesday, 13 May 2014

World in Words

I wonder why this world is in green when someone hardly bothers in cutting the numbers of unlimited trees. I still wonder why this world is in good relationship when every country is trying their best in inventing the best weapon of devastating the living lives. We are getting into the fool of one’s fool. I may ask why but I don’t need any definite answer. Of course should i?
After learning how to live in this world by our own experiences, starting from the day of going out of our own realm of parenthood and brotherhood finding our own circle with our own wife and children, this world have more sarcasm to literate our literate people.  More humor to respect our great genius people and more truth to be revealed for our poor people. But many wonder why this is why?

In the “present world” the word present is become as mundane now and then, every human being consider this earth is the “Eden of flower”, in the writing of smart boy who always dream to be genius writer one day, in his writing also will be described this earth as “Eden” but what is in real about our mother earth? The most polluted earth is our own world. The most mess up area is under our own step. We feel bad to walk in dirty polluted places but who is that dirty-marker, we feel uncomfortable to breathe in bad smelling area but more than that the smelling from our armpit is so bad even too bad. But the truth is we will always wait for the next chance to put blame.

 From the day we are able to wear our own clothing we choose for the better jersey and outlive with branded clothes. We change they change and they wish and we desire, but we never think of the pathetic condition of the poor people. How you will feel if you were born under the unprivileged parents, who never effort for your better education, good living and even gadgets?    And what is your view on them when you accident with them? Might be pity because you and we all got the heart to empathize but have you ever thought from the mirror of poor?   If you have the heart of empathize you should have the heart of sympathize.  Poverty is not the problem of legendary and hereditary but a problem cause by total ignorant on them. Beggar may beg for anything but the purpose of begging will be secret. They can’t share and we should not ask in depth, the results will be in rolling tears.  We search god in temples, mosques and church by various offering but real god is in the word of “sympathy”.

We donate for the name of various ideals and gods, we even donate in the name of name but our ideals of donation will never eat and fill their belly from our donation. Some people go rich by receiving donation, some by parent’s hard work and some by their own hard work.  But nobody wanted to go poor and poorer. Now the richness has become the extreme goal that paid more than our own life. We desire to become rich because richness has the dignity of post that make more supreme.  The era of Mother Teresa has gone too far from our reach but all wanted be famous like her.  

This world is only for two people, kinds like poor and rich. Poor wishes for becoming rich and rich for richer. But we all fail to think that life is just what it manifests by its own karma. Rich people love donating but for richer on the credit of fame and becoming more renounce. If they meet with the baggers on their way they are bothering less, because god is not in their goal with such people. But poor have a heart of poor. They wants to become rich because they had a goal to make this world all same.  They wish if they were rich they will solve the problem of world’s poverty. But hardly god blesses them. When pity people can think in such way, why not the rich? The earth is green just because of poor, isn’t it? In our look and hear, the ratio of this world is greater in rich one but all in sarcasm. This world is in words of sarcasm with less humor on reality but huge on paper by witty people.