Sunday, 10 August 2014

Freedom of speech and expression

From the thousand of banners hung on the sky during the late 20th century i could only remember the word used in it was “The Freedom” and from the thousand of deceased leaders i could only remember Mahatma Ghandi walking at the Dhandi beach along banner written with the word “freedom”.  The history had fallen on the epoch of war; the war that truly demanded the freedom from the free leaders but still people doesn’t have freedom though we are free by the written words on the constitution.

We have more freedom of speech but less freedom of expression. One can write and think on the truth of truth but it will always remain under the unearth mind of the innocent body. We don’t have a freedom of expression in what we think and thought of. Plutocracy and the autocracy has become the formation of government in this world in the name of living democracy. We don’t have the freedom of expression though we are free on it unless if our speech contain with the word “Think”. Which means our speech should contain with truth, helpful, important, necessary and kind.

Remember on what we talk with our friend and family is not consider as a freedom of speech and it can’t be considered as human have a freedom of speech to speak on what we like. That is not a freedom of speech but the freedom of relationship. Here the word freedom of speech means a way to talk freely about the country’s scenarios, political issues and our own like and dislike with the society but what we called as freedom of speech was forbidden before our birth and now one cannot change the changed of our forebears easily.

Truly human have a freedom but not to be free with expression. It is gone same like inside the jail the prisoner has a freedom to be free as a prisoner but not to free from the cage of human barbarism.  Likewise we have a freedom of speech and expression but not on what we thought about. If our speeches have to enjoy the freedom of expression we have to talk about the goodness of what we are talking and those who speaks such good in all bad are consider as the best speaker under the corrupted government.
Freedom is not free in the expression of our speech. The speech of truth tales are burning under the fire of one’s power and intelligent orator are dying under the dome of free-less-word of freedom. Many more good speakers were condemned while sharing the truth and how many good speakers to come in this world will die under the same circumstances? In the freedom of speech and expression who share the truth is gone like as same as risking our life in the hook of death. Sometimes i think we are gone to the far innocent world than the world of animal. We are truly enjoying the freedom of speech but not on the free words of our own mind. In the short nap the dream has come on the freedom of speech and expression not on what we wanted to share but on the interest of what they wanted us to be shared in our speech has a more freedom.
Only one can change this hypocrisy that is you, if you are not afraid of those people who are going to kill this innocent body and if you act as a true journalist. Remember world is changing but we are shifting in our mind with its change.