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“The Greenery”

-A novella of the student who sold his land.
-Sometime it is important to ask yourself why I am here on this Earth.
-Auth Sangay Tshewang

Introduction on the book

Education is the process of changing human mind of barbarism to the humanism by the development of human values in one’s life. But the source of education is very difficult to find what human had expected to be. In the book, the advancement occurred to the illiterate person after coming to Garden City College on the suggestion made by his friend. Although the first day of his schooling was been difficult, when time passed by he became one of the most talented students in the college.
“Garden City College is a college of greenery in this world. A student with the desire of competition in his mind and the practitioners who wanted to go green should not be mistaken in choosing the institution of greenery” he had described after completing his three years course.
He had founded the greenery of this world in which other colleges missed to have it. The greenery in his word referred to the perfectness of the college in giving aids to the students without considering the time, sex and colour of people on this world.
In his words some of the greeneries he described in the book were social greenery, academic greenery, environmental greenery, ethical greenery, instinctual greenery, and moral greenery in the college.
He shared about the imperative link of the college between the human surrounding and the nature around us. That persuades us in getting a good value and excellence education; the value of moral human being. Moreover the book explained about the truth of his life while in the college.
Going with the deep reading of the novella we can also get the truth of how difficulties in the human life without education and more over he shared more about the values that have to be valued in our life. He expressed his own philosophy that helps us to become successful person with less duty on our life.
“Education is not only for us to make ourselves rich, if you are educated you have more duty to change this world into more peace” with this word he had ended his novella giving us the more space to think on this world.

Chapter One 
If we looked upon our life, the first we see is our birth. But the stories of our birth are so different from other livings. We are spiritual and we are wiser so when we come or go we have a habit of feeling pain of losing one and love of adding one in numbers. We are born but in different styles. This world has gazed on us with thousands of smiles and named us with beautiful reasons. From the day we are entitled with our own identity we have a reason to explain why we are here. Our dad and mom as creators were the first two people to put faith in our life then followed by the teachers as their apprentice because teachers will also have the feeling of sons and daughters to their students. These are the changes we feel on our own life but human life has other wonders too to narrate. Life does not come with the instructions manual. Every man and woman is released into this world in the same way - naked and unaware, we are left to find our own way of understanding the mysteries and hidden parts of our own existence and life.

Once we were grown and have learnt enough with better education from different fonts, we naturally starts asking questions, like how did the world come into existence? Why am I here?   What is my purpose? We began to search for the answers very early in the courses of our human civilization. But those were done by the wise men that came to be known as great masters, scientists and the extraordinary people. But ordinary people like us; we have a habit of clinging to the past. We love nostalgia, we love drawing compressions between yesterday and the today, they if we criticize but in reality we all do the same. So it is the common phenomenon to love on days that which is gone and it lead to the dissatisfaction with the present living.

Education is the process of changing the human minds of barbarism to the humanism with the well development in all the human values. In diminutive meaning education is a process of humanizing on the way of our own existence. In my speculation education can be also a passport to the human exposures to the next world, without which we can be considered as a somnambulist in a real life. Through education we have known how to cover our naked body and we are able to change our own unawareness mind to the aware of our own existence and surrounding. In a nutshell, education is what we see from a window to the next world. Greenery is nothing other than being rich in resources. People of this world are born under the different kudos or status but we need the same need, we all need the education in our living.

Apart from the physical greenery the hidden meaning talks more on it. In olden days during the time of Lord Buddha, Virgil and Kalidasa, their writing cultures has manifested an abiding peace with natural background, by writing on the beauties of flora and fauna, rivers and farms.  They were all classified into “nature lovers”. In these present eras nothing is left other than the word itself “green”. No more live description on the beauties of nature but human had changed this ‘green’ into the reach of our own imaginative mind. We love in destroying the beauties of our nature as much as we could do without considering their attractiveness. To believe more let’s read the brief story of how the Sahara desert was formed.

Scientists and geologists had proven that the once where the Sahara desert was there had been an ocean on it. Due to the fast human civilization and by cutting down the nearest trees mercilessly like miracle happens and deforestation of rich environment by our forebears they made into such a desolated land condition, that is what we see now and future is unpredictable. So they named as Saharus Oceanus. As told by Will Durant, “civilization is not destroyed by barbarian invasion from without, but it is destroyed by barbarian multiplication within.”
When we do our important works we usually forgets to look on it from different angles as we have the habit of doing things without much love to them and doing it thinking that we have to do it within sporadic time. We are doing everything under the compulsion of someone or our own mind without interest. At the last we blame for our fate when misfortune happens. Doesn’t put blame on your fate, fate have a better faith on us the problem is we never love the things we do. Cherish yourself first you do start with your work and learn to love the place where you are and what you do. Work without love lead to dissatisfaction in your ends, it will give you less happiness on your own architecture. Afterwards you are the one who makes your own happiness through the satisfaction of doing something with love.

The greenery which means beauty of being beautiful lies in the way you do like the greenery of the racing horse lies in how fast he could race, the beauties of the knife lies in how far it could cut well and beauties of human being lies in the beauties of our own values, that individual have. But what lies in the hidden world? It is when we do race with horse we forget to check the strength of our own horse, we fail to check whether the horse has eaten with enough foodstuffs or not. Same like that when we cut the tree with our knife without a break or rest in peace we fail to check the sharpness of knife. What lies inside your mind should match with what lies in the heart of other thing. Even the machines need rest to heal from its excessive load. In this world nothing can be achieved without the helping hands of your nearest partner. We should depend on the greenery of other sides and it is what we are supposed to do once we realised of our own life. But our hands should be stronger than others. We are like crap. To come out from the doom of our own darkness we need the hands of others to pull or push from it as craps used to do when they were placed in the bucketful of water.
Everyone wants to become engineer, doctor, lawyer and pilot, that is the life we choose to live but we neglect to check our own ability to become on what the fate had decided on us and what we wanted to be. We are totally dependent on our swing-wish of our habited mind without knowing the definite strength of our own body and ability to do on what we had wished for, of course capability too. We fail and we succeed after all these are the two ultimate results of our day, but at last all desires are for huge money, tall building and beautiful partner. We are considering the value of money above our life. What is money? The answer is what the money does when other can’t do is called money and what goes out from our human hands is only a piece of papers or a gram of metals. Now it has gone everything for this life. If we think with deep meaning on it, money is a thing of pride that weight greater than the life and that doesn’t have more value to be valued but on it we are gone so mad. To illustrate, if we take out the thousand dollar currency and tear it from the middle, value of money is gone; gone for forever as valueless. The value of that dollar is same to the piece of paper lying on the ground. It is nothing other than the piece of paper. Now what is money? It is just a paper but we need it to serve our life. We need money to run commerce apart from it money is not everything for us and never consider it as everything. Because it makes you selfish, it put you together with the jealousy after all the most desire people on money are the most selfish people left in this world. If you don’t know how to work for yourself, you are not born to be selfish.

We all forget to test out what are we good for? My daughter wanted to become doctor but she was interested in taekwondo arts and her mother wanted her to become engineer, so what will she do? As a responsible father, I should not disturb my daughter’s career instead I was her pillar to support whatever she liked to be. I should know her greenery, I should teach her where to look but not what to see. I should teach her the values but not in application, which was only the duty of father after all. At last she should take care of her sole responsibilities to feed her belly in the end and finding her own happiness.
Parents and teachers are the only guide in difficult situations. They can’t reach their son or student to the moon but they can teach the way to it. The beauty of our lives is in our own beauties. Greenery is the ornament of individual life that rich and poor can wear without bigotry. A guide may give theory but it is your pleasure to do it in practice or not. Those who blessed are the one who work knowing their greenery. Now we are all blessed.

Human greenery doesn’t meant painting the whole human body with all green colour and coming in public at the same time. It is also not the physical greenery we have. It means the one that comes from our internal heart to save this world and turn it into the better place than ever. Can you do that? The purpose of your education lies not only on your own prosperous along with it you have “something hidden goal” with it. But we failed on it and we have lost the way for it, the way to the humanity.  The main desire of education while students are at learning residency it is to make this world widely understandable about the changes of this “fallen eve.” So we ignored what we are not supposed to be ignored and value the thing that we are not suppose to be valued.
The earth has reserved us the worst pain than our highest experienced pain we had and that is what we can give as prediction even though not as spiritual living. Something hidden goal of our very education meant that the value of our education taught by process of educating from different sources. Education never taught to harm others and will never value us in such abhorrence in following undated years to come. And the greatest fear of education is in understanding of its meaning in misinterpretation world by the educated living. It has a fear in “fallen eve”, the world in the collapse of human lives by human only. And it is not too far yet as close as per their predestination but we had propounded it to our own epoch.  It is gone like we love in making this world into red by the hidden colour of our own body. Killing each other lives are gone like our human practices without the mercy of our own sympathy. Now we must know that we are staying in the fallen eve or falling eve because we are living in the era of thousands of bloodshed in battles and we made it in together at the same time we will regret at the same fault when we reach to the reserved pain of this earth.  We should be scared of “fallen eve” of this world together and have to make our own share of fulfilment in postponing its date only through our own life greenery. Make green yourself first with better education and try to tame your nearest one with the philosophy of your education. Remember sand is not a mighty land when we try to take it out from pond.

Chapter Two
Journey towards Greenery                                                                                                
It was in the meeting of high officials in one of the important communication forums of the country conducted by the new elected government. All distinguished officials were gathered in meeting and some expertise from foreign countries too. He was one of this country’s most distinguished trial anchors in the BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service) who always used to speak in his own national language Dzongkha. He was also well known official for the thirty-thousand-ngultrum per month framed as for his extraordinary filament of people’s attention victory in listening news. Thirty thousand was much more than enough to have in a country which the highest currency was less than hundred notes. He was loved by all citizens of the country by his frankness in revealing the truth from the high democratic officials. I was there focusing on his speech next to his seat. I didn’t know much about him although we had been working in the same office almost for a year. The speech was really fantastic and flawless in our own language, nobody could disagree him if one could describe as orator. He has that capability and potentiality but not had that language. After his speech the questions started to pose for us and the questions were all in English and slowly my friend started to behave like dumb and deaf. I don’t know what happened to him. However I cleared all the doubts of the day and ended without any flaw on the event.  It was 12 o’clock of the day. I went directly to my daughter’s school to pick her for lunch thinking as my wife will be waiting on our arrival with her readied lunch. I was confused by my friend’s responded while in an important meeting and silently time and again it appeared on my mind. “He is not a good guy” I described him. While we were at family dining table busily taking our lunch I received the message tone but refused to open immediately because I don’t have the habit of making busier in busy position. After I had done with my lunch I opened the inbox from my gadget, It was from my friend written, “sorry Sangay, don’t misunderstand me, I will share you something in office and i will be happy if you could come bit faster than your time”. Everything seemed to move in dawdling motion from that point. I dropped my daughter till her school and went as fast as I could as per my friend requested me to come fast. It was thirty minutes earlier from the office time. When I reached there I saw him in summer house with some cool drinks in front of him. “Good after noon” I greeted. He just smiled and that was his replied. Getting near I seated next to him and he offered me some drinks and started to share the reasons for his silence in the forum of distinguish officials. He pleased me with many sorry words but I was not annoyed either. He said, “The reason for being silence in such a high official meeting earlier was that I don’t know perfect English to convey them and all questions were all in English. My education milieu was from our traditional college.  I have studied English till my grade eight so I was confused and ashamed to hold on the question but am lucky to have friend like you today.” He added me, “I was flunked today”. I was confused too and left with nothing to do. I just kept on thinking what sarcastic news I got. I didn’t believe at his first explanation however I knew he was revealing the truth. When I looked on him his face was covered by the light red colour which shows the internal truth of human being. As a reply I said, “give some times on English, you will learn so easily.” The answer was “I should find some alternatives.”  At those moments time hasn’t lasted too long to talk, we resumed with our own office works.

The very reason for the conference that was conducted by the new government was to take a revenge for the country’s best journalist, who loved by whole citizen. It was during their manifesto’s time that he had taken full concern in revealing the best person and party to the people by revealing every truth from the members. So for him the act of revenge was been reserved in the egoistic mind of every party’s leader. However the journalism history of the country would never forget him and his courage.

In the next day after dropping my daughter at her school I went to office and the correspondingly it was been my turn to anchor the morning news in English. I was first to reach at office in the crack of dawn. Directly I went to the server room and started with the news programme to gather from the different reporters. Slowly not in lately all reached in time except Zames. Everyone was searching him for the reason of being not coming to office. I called him but the replied was he will be coming lately because he got some personal works to be done that day.  I informed to my friends and everyone was calmed down for a while. We were the best set of friends in the small office. We loved each other and cherish for the work we do. But the department was always busy. We hardly get time to come together to show our love and care, we hardly talk each other beyond the office topic. Those times were one of the busiest times I guessed because of new elected government’s activities and journalism being a public watchdog. We were all busy with our own engagements of our works and more over as said working in the communication department was one of the most difficult tasks, being next to teaching as a profession. We forgot to wait on his agreement, without his present in the office, it was almost lunch hour. I called him again but he refused to accept it.  Everyone came back from lunch and Zames too. He was the first person to come in office after lunch hours.

“Why are you absent?” I asked him
“I was busy with my personal work; I will tell you when it reaches the final day” he told me.
“Final day?” i wondered.

I was eager to know and I can’t live with that anticipation for knowing his reason. I asked repeatedly but he had turned down to share. “I will tell you one day” same answer whenever I asked him.  That one day was not after one day but after the close of whole chapter in the history.
Day by day he lost his interest to work in the communication office. Once who was been the greatest ideal person for the new recruitments, best officer for the public, trusted official for the government and my best friend in the office. He never came to the server room to take initiative as an anchor anymore. The BBS websites were full of questions about his absence in news reading forum and from every nook and cranny people were enquiring about him. I insisted that he have to come on the news stage and read some news but he had refused on it.  After being with such informalities now he took an official leave to visit his village for a month.

He was not from the silver spoon if we look into his parental background they can’t afford to nourish him well for a month also if he lives at home with his parent. They earned their living by small poultry farm which hardly earn ngultrum hundred a day by selling the eggs and chicken. In such a horrific situation he had been helping his parent by sending his share of income to them, without him his parents would not have hung on the remaining lives with peaceful living. He was their backbone, beyond from backbone he was their breath too. When he reached at his village his parents were surprised to see him and suspected some misfortunes have happened to him. But nothing was what they had thought on him by his parents. He narrated all the reasons for visiting his village in ad hoc time and he brought the topic of continuing his education abroad to his parent. His parents were also good enough to be agreed on his idea and in all they had agreed to deal with their land for his education. Though his parents were poor they were never poor in the share of land holding. They were the biggest land holder in the society. So they came to the conclusion of selling some acres of land to make some addition in cash with his deposited made from his service in past ten years. He narrated the stories of how difficulties being in the high post with single language as per the experienced from his past communication meeting. On the other hands value of education was seen from different angles by Zames those days. Making some conclusion he went back to resume his office before the due date of his granted leave was over. In village without day and night in the month of February he started with searching the finest college which can help him the best. In some odd hours he used to come in my house and talk about the finest colleges of the world. When he shared about all these things I was fooled under his wits.  I never thought of his plan in continuing education. But I shared him about my brother’s past college in India, where my brother was shaped into such post and reputation in the realm of this educated world. “Garden City College”, I shared him only a name of my brother’s college but the science and technology has grown too far from the human reach. “Science can help; science can kill that depends on our use.”  He made out all details of the college and was inspired to go there. About his education and plans it was kept secret from all mates even to his best friend like for me.

One day I went to his room with him, of course he was a bachelor nonetheless have had many internal house gadgets, that time his infill system computer was not there. I asked him, “where is your computer?” he answered me, “I sold it to my friends, because I am planning to buy laptop.” The room was not as it was before. “Something strange is going to happen” it was the only line inside my mind.

In the month of May he had come up with decision to sale his i20 new model car also.  I didn’t get the real reason for his deals so far while i was with him. It was the mysterious for all his friends. However his car was purchased by one of our office mates. Of course he sold it for cheap deals. Everyone in the office used to talk on his based topics, by that time he had almost done with his necessity arrangements for his career. I saw him all the times busy, making busy himself with many others typing and collecting information.  On his vogue works what I thought was one day he will become as one of the world geniuses in communication field.

It was during the farewell party of our communication director, who retired his service after serving thirty-three years as government profile in communication department. Everyone was gathered and all were busied enjoying the party of rocking floor. Even Zames was drunk that time. I don’t know how he got drunk and I haven’t seen him drinking seriously at any corner. I went to the CCTV server room and checked the action of every room to get prove but couldn’t find. He might be drunk from outside only, I didn’t get any confession about him inside the room. At that time he shared me, “Sangay next farewell will be mine” added more, “I am also planning to stay at my village helping with my parents.” I was surprised but I didn’t believe too because he was drunk and the mouth of drunken man will have many words to expose.
Next morning I saw him coming to the office caring one rolled paper on his hand. He wasn’t on the uniform of our ethnicity, of course with national dress. I went to talk with him. “What are you planning to do?”
“As I said earlier I am going to forward this application to the director.”

What he said in the drunken state was been the truth next morning. I shared him many regret words on him but he never listened. It was gone like pouring the rain on the desert or cutting the tree by the wooden knife. His plan of going was been sure but only the date wasn’t been fixed those moments. Hearing his words, i felt the greatest lost in my heart. Not for me but for the people to lose the one who loved the most however faith has their own plan for us. We are like basketball player inside the ground playing the game without knowing the rules. Everything on our lives depends on our secret world of living, written somewhere in the illusion mind.
Taking his application which was on his hand he went to the director office. I was waiting on him outside and I didn’t go office to. It wasn’t a long enough of our togetherness but It was really a long enough in our memory of existence. Some moments of our togetherness were rooted as monuments in our heart.
After two hours he came back from the director office and I saw him coming at the end of his tether emotion. He was coming towards me like a wrecked man. I didn’t see any braveness on his face, once who had been one of the greatest officials in the communication department who have a power to frisson the country’s prime minister and ministers too. If he resigns from the job I was sure country will take more time to find recruit like him. If they put faith on me I hate killing one’s heart for my sake.

I asked him, “What he is saying?”
“Nothing” added “he is not allowing me to resign” said in sadistic stammered.
“I think what our director said was based on your benefit and for our government sake. They and we all are regretting to lose you from the job. Our country needed you and we need to boom our department in good governance.” I added on his words.
“I am in impasse now” “I like to work here and it was my first interested job I got but condition forced me to go.” After our short conversation we had departed from the place and I went inside the office. In the department all were shocked to see his moment and decision suddenly with him. He hasn’t discussed with any one and it was only one man planned. In some parts I was sure that he will not go as said by director.

Next day also he was absent; I called him but founded as “switch off” on his number. I thought that he would be busy with his other works I didn’t visit his house also. At that moment it was more or less a week for him being absent from the office, taking his self-declared holiday. I called him every day but always found switch off, all the time switch off. At the same time I was also busy because I had admitted my wife at hospital. However god blessed me and she was in normal health and sent back from the hospital within four days. But it was one week without contact with him. With some eagerness in my friendship I went at his house thinking that he must be there. When I reached there his house was locked by a big lock. I went next day too but could not find. Now it was in third day, again I found in same locked, so by that time with some doubted I asked the house owner about him. The answer was “Zames had vacated the room before nine days” “he went to village”. Adding said by house owner, “Are you Sangay? The best friend of him?” he enquired me.
“Yes landlord” I replied. “What he said?”
“He left you an envelope with me, i was told to give you by Zames.” He gave me a red covered envelope. I was lost for some time and lost to tell him thanks also. He made me hopeless in my strong hoped of human friend.

Taking the envelope in my pocket I went back to my residence from his place, the place emptied by my friend. I was ruined at the hope of our friendship. Zames had been my best friend ever. Now from the faith of friendship I was left with many sad memories to be cried in the Sunday morning or in the deep middle of the night. I was a man who often become bored without his presence and found very hard to wake up to go to office in morning. On the other hand, I was a man with the thousand of happy memories made out of friendship and, who knew that life is worthwhile in friendship and liked to experience more in the remaining lives.
He went home and his reason was to stay with his parents. In the love of our friendship I had planned to take my family tour one winter at his village but it was different. He went home and did many secret works to bring his dream in live. He sold his land in pathetic condition of land price. He did advertisement in many social websites but nobody was readied to buy. In the last minutes of his deals when everything went in full confirmation about his further education, his land gave him a discouraging mood. He haven’t found anyone to buy his land, so without any alternative he sold the land at very low price and it was bought by the one of the poorest villagers in his society. At that time if he has told me I would have bought his land at the double price of his buyer. I loved to be at the nearest place as i could be with him.
After reaching at my house I had opened the red envelope given by the landlord. It was a letter from my best friend,

“Dear Sangay,
I don’t know where you will be at the time of reading my words and by what time you will read this letter but am sure you are in good health and doing great with your family. I salute for your helps so far for me and will be pending more in my life. You had given me a true meaning of friendship but I could not hold on it ever with you though I loved to be with you. From the every nook and cranny I will be looking on your well being and hope our true seed of friendship that we sowed will never die. I am going far away from you finding some long way on myself but not that we will not meet again. Earth is round and its flatness will never wall on us to meet. I give you the words one fine day I will come and tell you the real meaning of life to you.
From your loving friend
P.S don’t mind me I have a secret reason to leave my interested job. Pray for your good heath and Buddha blesses you ever.”
It was written on our own language. Thinking on our lovable days of our togetherness remaining months and seasons were also ended in very fast. It was winter, as I promised earlier to visit his village to meet him, along with my family we went there. It was located in the remote part of the country and road connections were on live growth. The settlement was made in such a way that was given by god. Small plain area attachment with the foot of rocky mountain, gloomy soil best fit for farming. The houses were all built in nicely planned structure with two lines. Upper lines with eight and lower with eight numbers. Zames was in upper line and his was directly connected with the foothill of the mountain. In the lower line they have a direct connection to the river. In the centre of the village there was a temple and old, aged, youth and children used to go there and give their prayers for the god as believe. From the temple village was being played with smooth music every morning and evening continuation with the prayers. For the children people had made a small play ground and the youth over there used to play very well in football. During hot seasons people of the village usually go to the river crossing the lower line and during winter people of the lower line will go to the mountain to collect the firewood. These were the connection of the people in Zames village.  A very few shops and the prices were too high, even double of what was in the retail price. However people have to buy whatever may be the cost. We went there asking every people and we didn’t find even a one who never heard of his name. Every people including from the children knew him very well and they were all with helpful mind. Might be being anchor in the news or by his good deeds at village too. We reached at his house lastly but not lately. The old aged parent I saw feeding the chicken and cleaning their house. I was in doubted, how come the parents of the highest paid journalist feeding with poultry farm? Wasn’t he good for his parent like he used to do for us? However I managed to greet them first, “kuzu zangpo” meaning wishing for the first meeting. I asked them, “aren’t you Zames’ parent?”
“Yes sir” I got the replied from them.
“What happen to my son?” enquired by the dad.
I thought what on earth is it? After sometime I said, “I am coming here to meet him, is he at here?”
“Zames is not here; he went to study in India, now almost running one year.” His mom replied. I was shocked at him. When he reasoned me he said he wanted to leave the job just because of one reason that was to help his parent but it was beyond his words from the mouth. I trusted him and never thought of his continuing education. At that moment I remembered the meeting of high officials at our togetherness.
“How you all are coming here?” enquired further by the dad.
After some time I was recognized by his parent and said by his dad, “you are the one who used to come live in BBS right?”
Without any alternative I said, “Yes dad.”
After recognizing me, we were invited inside the house and I saw my photos which were snapped together with him displayed in the wall of his room. “I deceived you Sangay, but I don’t have any alternative. Please forgive me.” I saw these written lines in one of my single photos. Under his lines I had written “I can understand your problem but I am sorry I can’t help you” just below that I had signed with my signature. I am sure though he forgets me and my image; he will never forget my signature because we had practiced our signature in the same day in the same book and table.
I spent my family trip at his village more than a week. After getting the basic information about him we went back to our place. I was respected to be myself educated with many languages i could do now, I understood by the way he did now at his age. It was right that even the old needed the education and education is the only jewellery that rich and poor can wear without prejudice. I am proud of being with that ornament though I lacked in materials wealth. He found more cost at the place value of education as compared to his land. Yes it is. Everything is in the reach of our mind if we have the education to educate ourselves. Now what I had expected from him was the name and fame of the small country to the outside world. He will not be a good student but the smart student of this world. The only thing left with me, I can remember about him was by seeing the empty chair next to my seat.
It was in the conference room while all the officials from the communication department were gathered in informal meeting. We had been sharing our own experiences over the week and it was on Saturday. Everyone was engaged in talks and with some drinks too. In the middle of our hot discussion I shared about Zames, who headed off to India with some expectations. Who sold his land, his things and even took a loan for his education. “Zames is Indian college student” I thought.
As those three years were passed, I changed from young and inexperienced anchor to the well-spoken one, somewhat older from earlier with moustaches on my face, wrinkles with small path for unseen living on my face and white hairs on my head with little gray on it, hairs on my body and glasses to my eyes.  My wife Yangzom and I had added a number in our family. Eventually, I began to understand my own meaning of life. With adding the number in family they fundamentally changed the way I saw the each world and role on it. My mom said it best when she shared me when I acted immaturely in front of her, “Sangay, father should know the role of all family.” So I have started spending little more time in home with my family compared to the past three years. I stopped visiting the evening party or club instead I made my own party from my own time with my children and wife, engaging them in the happiest world of family with me. I had settled in more appealing world with my kids and wife. I joined the Tour Club and spent more times on visiting parks and different places on Sunday to keep my partners happy. But I should tell you; in my happiest moment with my family I often thought of my friend Zames and questioned what had become of him in those gone years since we had surprisingly parted from the same organization.
Maybe he had settled down in somewhere middle of this cache world after completing his studies. Or perhaps he might be studying enthusiastically to clear the previous year’s backed papers? Or might be married with beautiful Indian lady? One thing on my mind was certain, He had not returned to the journalist profession. No one had seen him and heard about him since he left the bureau of communication, even his closed and seat mate as well. In his absent, I was the one who took most of the trial with officials in front of public in the live press. I was one who used to sit in his seat. I have to take all his works in office after his vanished and by gone in time I proved to be the desired person to the people and I won the idea how to win the friends and influence them under my ideas.
A bell of my door at evening hours had cleared the doubt of my past three years and then. It was late night of course; I asked some questions ere I open it to meet the awaiting person. “Who are you?” I asked unknowingly but showed no sign of answering on it. I asked repeatedly still no answer. I went back to my room without opening my door. Again the door bell rang.  Now without questioning, acting myself more forgiving on it I opened the door. It was a stranger with long hairs and in a black dress. Like a leader of new gang at capital city. He smiled me. When I saw him, he remained me of gang group that I have seen when I was at college. He remained me of the client that caught by police last week from the midst of marijuana grasses. Despite talking with him I was scared to see him on his rude appearance but he kept on focusing his eyes on my pupil directly. He kept on looking on my forehead as if targeting me to kill on spot. I thought of calling police but later saw no used in it. I thought oh my god, why he is staring at me? In these lost stamina he spoke me to my surprised, “Hi, is this a way how you proceed to your visitor, Sangay?” He knew my name also.  I was wondered in my silent suspicion and he added more, “If I should have kept secret of my details to myself.” He said with the loud laughter.  From his sweet-voice I could remember my lost friend before three years ago without any information left behind. But I was on doubted with his vividness. I asked inside my silent world with disbelieve, if he was my lost friend, he can’t be with such arrogant designs, but what a matching voice he got? Anyway I welcomed him inside and given him the best hospitality as my wife could do.
I asked him, “Are you Zames?” “Are you really my lost friend?” added more inside my mind but unconditionally it came out from my vocal.  When I asked him he kept on laughing me keeping his eyes as the crow flies on my forehead. “Lost friend...!” He laughed more and more as if I had done something that ridiculed him. “Can’t you recognize me? The one who used to sit near to your seat before three years, I am that man” he answered me in full laughingly.
I was surprised to see him. He had totally changed from the past three years. Physically he was with long hairs, huge body and seemed like of the film’s stars. The men with the long hairs in this country can be described as the robberies, thieves, teenager rapper, of course the master of all dreadful deeds though they can’t be to.  I thought he was changed into such world with the full of gossip from other worlds. There wasn’t any certainty on my suspicions mind about him. Still I was in silent disbelieves about him.
I took him inside the room and asked him to be seated at the guest room. I went inside the family room where my wife was been teaching to my daughter and asked her to come in the guest room with coffee. Even she also didn’t recognize him too. I asked her, “Do you remember him?” she said “no.” When my wife and I were been discussing in some corner, some voice came from Zames that helped her to reveal about him, “Oh my god”, “I don’t believe you” she said. The laughter broke in my small guest room. All excited to see each other off course I was the one with deep thirst of seeing him back since from the day he left three years ago.  We were with a cup of tea in front of us.
I was flabbergasted on the way he looked. “How he could someone who looked like a decent man to the upcoming youth few past years now he looks so cruel and dead man?” I questioned in my suspicion. “Was it some magical mind got entered in his aged mind?” I questioned myself. Yangzom went inside the study room to help our daughter in her studying as examinations for her were also been in the next importance in my family.
Zames was first to speak me. He told me that importance of the education and the differences of knowing the second language. He also cleared me that his purpose of keeping long hairs was to make some surprise on me with his new changes and he promised me to cut his hair by next day. He said, “We should know how to act as roman when we are at Rome.” Which means this country will never trust in the head of long hairs and he said that that was not the problem of individual. One should change with the revolution of this mother earth.  This era is known as modern era with the fastest development than the happiness. One should not judge the characters by the way he looks. As told the best “never judge the book by its cover”. He also said that nothing will do by the length of hairs. “This country’s believe is going in orthodox styles, we are still in primitive age”. He mentioned. I thought what he said was always right and will be right ever. Youth means young; they wanted to live in wild world with wild age. They will fight among themselves but never with the mind to die because their age is in the age of malicious. And these are not the problem of one country but revolution of this world. A man can do a work unless physical illness forces them to stay backward. I had met with my friends who completed his degree from Government College recently but left without job because of his tattooed hand with words “Apa I love you” (daddy I love you). Reason for his tattooed hand was that, his father left this earth when he was nine years old; i meant deceased, for the love of his father he had tattooed his hand. But what was the justice when he did for the love of his dad and beloved one? Is religious country should do like this for best justice? I didn’t fathom any justice for them. Sometime what Benjamin Disraeli said was right, “justice is truth in the action”. When our youth fight we never think why they are doing so but they are doing because they demand justice by action in combat.
I was eager to know what he meant to empathize and forwarded him, “why and how this county is still in primitive age?”
He replied simplifying the scenarios of the country in very sarcastic ways.  Our country left many more capable youth without proper job because of their tattooed body, long hairs, western rooted cultures and all. Because we are practiced by the sagas of disbelieve on such denizens. Actually what can their tattoos and long hairs do in the swing of their job? “Nothing” I said. He said “nothing is the problem.” Our people understand or think “nothing” as it can do nothing in job” because of that ‘nothing’ consideration our capable youth are left with nothing. The word “nothing” should be understood from two angles, they are “positive and negative.” ‘Tattoo can do no harm in the employment of one’s career’ which is positive ‘nothing’ because he or she with tattooed body have a scope of building the happiness and ‘with tattooed man can do nothing which is negative ‘nothing’ which spoils the future of country because we spoiled our present youth. Just one step of our government in love and care for youth can change this world, through changing our people.
Taking the last sip of coffee we went to the bed. I kept on thinking about him and his changes across the past three years by Indian education on the background of his single language. I can’t bring my eyes to the sleepiness that night. I wanted to know his all stories from Indian education. I wanted to ask more about his education background and the college he studied. Thinking on him, under the warm blanket of my wife touching her most secret relics of the woman body and putting my relics too in her that was warmer than the warmth of winter blanket and taking some sturdy breathe and making a voice of hyper emotion for some hours on her passion I made myself calm to sleep.

Chapter Three
Environmental-Greenery                                                                                                                       These worlds have more to think than what you had thought. Those who never think of what they are going to do will never fulfil with the good result on the thing they are going to do. Think as much as you can and elevate with new ideas on your old one with new thinking every moment. It was in the cracked of dawn. I was bit late to wake up from my cosy bed because of the game of passion with my wife under her heat of two legs. Roosting of the rooster had awakened us from our cosy bed. I went directly to my altar room to make the offering for the day as usual. Zames was already awakened before my time and I saw him chanting the mantra. By these times my wife had done preparing with morning coffee. Luckily it was Sunday. It was on dining table inside my room. We had awakened before our normal time. Everything went bit earlier than my customary time that day. We had sacrificed our day schedule of visiting the amusing park with other families on the cost of my friendship. Nothing valued than the value of our friendship. The day wasn’t been significant but we made it the most memorable from all other days to mesmerize. There wasn’t been an additional beauties from the nature but we had experienced it very differently from our normal days. The warm morning summer sun rays in the high altitude zone had given us the chilly morning. Summer was not only been for summer. Refraction of Its rays from my small windowpanes inside the dining room and its reflection of the rays from our coffee cups had given us the artificial rainbows inside the room. The aroma from the small altar room slowly gave the sweet fragrance in the whole rooms of the apartment. Moreover smile on each face after long period of our exodus had given us the more external happiness on the day. It was as if that we were going to live forever together like it was a last day for us to live and truly we lived on it. Zames and I with the cup of coffee in front of us talking each other of course i was the one busy with listening to his stories and throwing the question of eagerness to him.
I shared about the sudden disappearance of his present in the office and the tour of my family to his village. He didn’t go to his village it was his direct way from his college to my house. He had rooted with that much of our friendship. Everything i found on him was very strange from his past three years.
I asked him, “Are you satisfied with your education now Zames?”
“Of course, but in education now I don’t have any satisfaction, I want to learn more and find the way of my salvation through education only.” He shared his stories about the difficulties he faced at the first few months. “If I have the cheers I will cheer one for my college” he said. “I can’t imagine what kind of students I’d have changed in those three years without yours helped in teaching me the way. Although I was like deaf and dumb for first few months at college i had learnt it very easily; all the students were from different countries using the means of communication as English which I knew nothing.  I had studied day and night vigorously and I did my best to learn as fast as possible on top I had chosen the best college I guessed. First few days i was like a man who placed in the big desert finding for the way to get out from it. However people whom i gave my trust, they helped me in different fields. Now what I can share in this world is there is no short cut in learning other than our own hard work. Fate is following you but good fate will come when you do good work through sweat and bad fate is all fate in equal that every human do have. Above all frankly teachers helped me more to confess what I thought.”  “Thank you Sangay for your support”. He mentioned my name also.
“What support?” I asked him
“Don’t you remember once you shared me your brother’s college? From that I had chosen that college.”
“Oh meant Garden City College?” i had given him the answer in my surprised.
Now when I met my friend after three years he was not a Zames that I had before who speaks only our language, which seated near to my sit, which practiced signature in same table and who talk nonsense topics in leisure. His mind was totally changed from the way he used to be. He has founded the depth meaning of education, true meaning of life and the best way of living with his values. The man who doesn’t know any English language had now reached to the composition of lexicon. I believe nothing is impossible in our plans unless we add word possible with “im” by ourselves which is not in the word of dictionary.  Adding the prefix word with “im” at any word is dangerous; it shows the languor of one’s character. It shows the lack of courage in our mind. It also reveals the truth of people. Word important should break into “I’m portent man” in achieving my goals. Word impossible should be divided into “I’m always possible” with my mind. And word impatience as “I’m patience” man to accept every sweat in my way. I’m perfect but if we join we will get “imperfect”. Negative sound of word “im” and adding the word “im” will always show your weakness. Be mind of every adjective, noun and verb that describe about you.  You have courage to say loudly i don’t deserve ‘im’ as in my prefix.
He asked me, “When are you planning to do your Master degree?”
“I don’t have any plan yet still miles to go. Before I do I should teach some values to my kids.” I answered. I know the importance of education but more than that I have a value of my son and daughter to be valued. I have a plan for them to make best children in this world. I have my wife who cares me a lot and i have untiring love for her. I have kids who cry in my absent. Now I was only one left without the mind of continuing my further education in this country. These three people were my precious things I got in this world.
“I know how much you love your family” added “I’d say your education should not stop here. What Nelson Mandela said was said best “education is the greatest engine for personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a simple farmer becomes a doctor, the son of mine workers becomes a head of the mining company, and a child of farmer becomes a prime minister.””He taught me about online studying process and insisted me to do it. Whatsoever I was not readied i never had a plan of leaving my family in horror. The times left with me were now more important for me to spend with my family.  People of this world have had enough news like on related topic of fighting with father and son, mother with daughter, brother with brother and sister with sister, drugs, street fight and rape. “Why do you think it happen?” the answer is all because of lack of advice from the parent to children. This world is busy and the people on it are busier, they even can’t get a time to share among the family while in meal also. That time of situation we have reached in our era, era of our own world.
Our earth’s denizens {including human} have more desire than their abilities, capabilities and lives. But no one achieve fully on their dreams and desires ere their last battle of lives come. A human desire comes like the summer rainfall, speed like a gustily wind and strong like a summer rays. Same happened with my friend few years ago. He had accomplished his first dream of buying new car after getting a job now he is looking for new design car with latest design of course for the Land rover. When i said him about the infinity in the human desire he ignored my words. The Warriors die on their battle field, travellers on their way and business man on their meeting. For these reason of jealousy, ego, desire and power we die apart from our family. Some dies on their way without the last words from their beloved one. Some during their celebration, these are all evils of our goals. There is nothing happiness than making our own family happy in reality with our simple available appliances.  Even the empty coca cola boatel is the source of happiness in the family.
By these hours, Yangzom had done with preparing breakfast and served us with her delicious meal ever. And I asked him, “Don’t you want to eat meal like this from your most beloved soul mate?”
“I always dream about my marriage and eating hot meals like this but now what is use of marrying when I step to the door of death by my age. I preferred to be with my parents.” Laughingly he said and continued with his line.
“I don’t want to marry. I wanted to keep my parental lineage here till with me. By hearing the news and problems of family, among the parent and children i felt hopeless. What is the use of giving birth to the child who will become the enemy of father, who kill their parent? This world has thousand of living desperately trying to lead their live alone and decided to stay alone without the marriage, from that one is me from our country.” That was interesting of course but i think it depends on the care we give to our children.
After the meal we went to cut his hair in the hair salon. On our way to salon we met many students busy carrying with farmers’ tools on their pen’s hand. I asked one of the students about their planned and it was June second “The Social Forestry Day”. That was the day of planning trees in this small country, of course to be celebrated in every school and department were all candidates can make a bit contribution to our own beauties of this mother earth. For our own sake I asked Zames to plant some seedlings in front of my house however he was too painless to follow my words, he agreed to plant the trees with my proposed. Very shortly we reached to the salon shop and I was confused in his hair cut so I asked him to cut his hair like he used to keep three years ago while he was with me. He was so easy enough to listen what I said. Keeping him inside the salon I went out to get some toys for my kids and vegetables but the main motivation was to get the plantlets. I should take the responsibility of a good father to my kids and the best husband for my wife so I didn’t forget to bring their needs and wants. When I came back from the market I saw my Zames same like of past three years in front of the salon smiling on my face. After that we went back. My wife was also surprised to see him. Now we got the same Zames who vanished in the middle of his career before three years.
No sooner did we reach back to my house we went outside taking my wife’s flower gardening tools. We had in total four seedlings of the new Asoka Tree. The seedling was well known to be one of the evergreen trees. It was reminisces day of our school days. “I have planted one seedling in my college in the first day of the fresher days” he remained me of his contribution to his college. “Did your tree grow well?”  I asked him. “It bear in my mind that during my stayed at college for three years it was one of the best growing trees from all mates but now my tree must be in lovelorn no one to take care of him. I have planted the tree with my dedications, the dedication to go green myself with the best education with possessing all human values. I assured myself to be pure like the virginity of the tree. By my education I had promised to help this world making into better place to walk alone.  I have promised to help these denizens of a world through my education like the trees used to help other living beings by giving shelter, oxygen and beauty.” The sun had already started giving his blistering rays. After planting our seedling we went inside the room.
As earlier we had taken the same seat in the dining table and continued with our conversations. I asked him to share about his college and the lives over there during his three years in the new place. I was eager to know from him more he could explain, the one who hardly writes the sentence properly in English. “It is not an easy task”. He recommended.
He said that the lives of college will hold opposing views from one student to another. “For me it was really the most memorable day to be mesmerized in my life.” He shared me the whole things about the college and supplemented more about the beauties of his college.
He said, “it was covered with full of environmental greeneries”
“En-viron-men-tal greenery...! What is it?” I asked him.
“This world is green by environment, every side we face we will see green but green is not only the colour that we see. It talks more about internal greenery that we have. It has many more to be understood from the field of philosophically. Those green things help us in many ways. In the process of helping us by our environment they lost their greenery gradually. Human activities are gone too far on the profit from the struggled nature. Sustainable environment we human are making it on shaky ground within one day. Now we should go green ourselves like of nature’s greenery. This world should keep green by full of greenery. Greenery here means knowing how to connect our mundane life with the nature. By knowing it we should help each life of this world to go green like our nature. Environment is the source of knowledge and wisdom likewise one should try for our own greenery with the wisdom of helping others. Did I mention you about greenery?” he continued.
“The way you act decently is your greenery, the education you possessed was your greenery, the value in your life is your greenery but these are your internal greenery that speaks more than your physical greenery” continued with his experiences.
“Environmental greenery doesn’t mean that college should be covered with thick or densely forest but should have an environment to give the finest surrounding to the students to study at any hours and periods without any disturbance. Here we should understand environment from three sides, one is richness of college facilities, external greenery and other the surrounding of the college. You might have come across the words “Indus Valley Civilization” was a greatest civilization in the world. Why do think? It was because that the sites they had chosen to settle were far better than the other world’s civilization sites. How well and best we are we need our surrounding to be like we desired. Dreams we all have to be accomplished but we have to work smartly rather than working  so hard, while working smartly we need safe surrounding with peace environment that encourages us to focus on our work. That peace environment is known as environmental greenery.”
“How your college severed you in such a way?”  I enquired him. I was like questioner to him asking every doubt that I have.
“I still retained some information on the environmental greenery of the college. Library was one of the silent places to study with sufficient materials and gadgets for me.” We should keep in mind that Zames was blind towards English literature. What he knows was only his national language which was not known by others and it was in depth studies. Will his language will be helpful in abroad country? I guess no, a big No. Our language to them will be like a word of animal like we felt from new speaker.
“I have visited many colleges nearby and couldn’t find such that can give the best environment to study. Cleanness was one of the attractions in the college and the meeting with high officials from the government departments and by their nightingale words that have a power to tame the young blood gave the students to focus on their own studies. I was one of them who never missed any college programme during my days.” He said.
He also focused environmental greenery on well designed lap and with advanced equipment in it. Numbers of library books and research works, spring full of flowers throughout the seasons around the campus, internet facilities computer lab and the freedom of speech with each department. “These were the main sources of education, which is called facilities greenery”. He concluded.
The main root of perfect learning for the students, what was taught by their teacher was due to “perfect relationship between teacher and student”. The word “perfect relationship” doesn’t mean being in affairs between student and teacher, doing bias and other informalities. The idea here applies the attitude of teacher; teacher should be with the same attitude of teaching, interested, encouraging, enthusiastic and clean mood.  I remembered the best teacher in my world of schooling, there was one teacher from teachers, who never missed the class, who never delayed his teaching and his work. Who concerned more on his student same like his children, and who taught his student with lots of compassion. He will beat but not with his anger, when he beat it never felt like beating. Imagine what kind of teacher was he?
“Even if we are thirsty inside the room water was available at any time”. He poked the smile on me.
When I looked onto our cups the last coffee was done with bottom sip and I came to knew that he was thirsty, so I asked Yangzom to give us some drinks from the refrigerator.
“Thank you”
“Anytime our pleasure to be served you” I replied.
“Now can I tell something about external greenery?” he asked me.
“Yes I am ever ready to follow you” I replied on his request. The more i heard from him the more i wanted to hear the remaining.
He shared that the present youth have nothing good ideas about the parent or elder advice but they try to tame others before they tame themselves. What they knew was only about the colour of money with less of value on it.  Yes I had seen many such people including from my eldest daughter. She knew the value of every ngultrum by its colour. But secret of this money is my tears and the sweat of her mother. “Today’s youth never lack in currencies in their pocket but on the values and good advice to tame themselves into good citizens” he said me time and again as if this one was the most important of all his words.
“External greenery means link of the college with outside campus, distinguish officials from outside coming to college and reminding the youth with different situations with their helpful words in advice.  Advice and the good words are like fuel for car. The car will run only by fuel same like that human should be possessed with good words to handle this world in what we desire.”
Added more, “college had conducted many short term trainings for the locale people, seminars, social service, awareness and meeting with distinguish officials and I am pretty sure that they will keep such trends in future as well. By these events it helped the students to groom themselves into capable youth of this world in near future following the foot prints of the leaders.”
“Do you agree with me?” He enquired me.
“Yes” I should say but I didn’t answer any word. Sometime i felt that advice and tame are more valuable than money to our youth. I think failure of the youth in their career will also show the character of their parent. As many expertises had proven that human carries same grab hold of brain according to the respective age. And I say that this fixed size of brain need repeated advice from elders, parents and the leaders. The youth who spend much of their lives with money will not get money easily in their old age and the youth who spend much life on advice and tame will get money easily when they get old. These are the two differences of the tame and money. I remembered once my relative said me who had been working in Drungpa {chamberlain of the region} those days, “I will not give you money because your mom and dad are giving you at huge amount whenever you need and ask them but I will give you a piece of advice that helps throughout your lives.”  His advice was listed below, “Don’t fight with your friends; friends are your pillars to lift you up. Don’t go against with your parent, they are your iron backbone. Help those needy one, one day they will measure your smile. Do whatever your teacher says, they will never poison you.” I was too young to understand what he said. Instead of doing all what he said I was exasperated to him, I thought silently “being as officer, he don’t have money to give me, instead he change his courage by giving advice”.  Thinking after twenty year from now on it, what he said was wise enough for me to lead my own world today. I think if he had given me money I’d have completed that day only buying marble or some toys but reflecting on his advice I still remembered where he said, in what time and words vividly. What he said was right, absolutely right in all ways.
It was during my high school time when i was as a hosteller. Of course I was been far from my parent reach. I used to felt sick time and again when I was with them only. I wasn’t a strong boy or healthy as a lad. Unfortunately I had suffered from the chronic illness in hostel. That time the one who put the hand on my forehead like my mom used to do in home was my friends, the one who spooned me a food was my friends, no relatives, no brother, not even a one whom i thought.  From that only I knew the real meaning of friends. At the same time they will be with you when you are at the happiest moment to cheer you. Friends can be changed when we change the place and time but each friend has their own memory left each other to be remembered. Though it was a friends from black, white, dark or any part, your each friend have a part to play in your life.
“It was during my fresher’s day at college. Some few students were selected to plant the plantlet from there I was one in their elite. We planted the trees and that was the first day of student greenery at college. Our human life has stages like that of tree. We will grow like how the tree used to grow. We planted trees to make environment beautiful but secret reason was if we plant trees we are helping this world in different ways.” Zames remained me not only about his college days but was mine too.
“Do you know the secret of while planting trees?” He questioned me.
I said, “No”.
“Tree carries the life like human and other denizens. It teaches us but not through vocal that human used to do, that animal used to clamour. When you plant the trees it is same like you are helping this world to become peace, it teaches you the value of being faithful. It teaches human to be understanding and flexible each other. In the forest say it, in small area of the land numbers of different species of plants will be grown together supporting each other.  Be truthful to ourselves and to our surroundings. A tree also teaches us to stand alone but together with good relationship, they grow alone but in together, that shows their relationship in nature; be fearless and long-suffering, with time we will grow. And when it blossom the flowers it teaches us to be the modest, simple beautiful and loving. Respect for the small thing and from the entire lessons flower teaches us beauty of humility and that human have to do every day. At last it teaches us that love ourselves as we are and it opens the door to change. Change ourselves first then to change this earth in together by the practice of acceptance and love.”  Now once who had been the best journalist in the country have become the best adviser and philosopher within those sporadic years. Might the Indian education have changed him a lot? Or some prophecy had been prophesied him?
“Not tree only Sangay even the other environmental beauties does that same including the animals.” He said. “Even the ants do but give your time on them.”
When he said that, it gave me to be the broader minded to the lesson of our environment, in the nature’s beauties. “Nature are the best teacher the world ever had”, yes they do, as told by William Wordsworth, “A presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts.” Every living and non-living beauties of our mother earth has its own way of giving messages, educating and loving. But many of us, we are living king; don’t know how to relate it. For us it left as a mysterious knowledge. It was in my house, I was bit late to wake up, the sun had already started to heat up my blanket and my bed was covered by the movements of ants in a line like the Dandi salt March of India during freedom struggle time headed by Gandhi. I watched on them very carefully taking a time what it really meant. I noticed that the movement of ants like in same way or in a pathway giving one kiss each on the way. I took a deep thought on finding their language; I went to goggle but wasn’t satisfied by the answer i got, lastly I knew that their kiss was just a passing of stink of the last traveller to next follower because it helps them to take the same route of earlier. Sense of their smelling is ever sensitive than the other animals. They do all works by their stink and those ants do not have the vision eyes. An ant teaches us to be in team work. They show us the power in weak, small and poor if we work in team for same goal. Nevertheless we are much bother-less on learning from other. We are egoistic living being on this planet.
It had given my mind to recollect some of my school day’s events, planting the seedling at social forestry day, probably on June second. Since from the grade three I have been planting tree in my school every year. But none of them were alive these days with beautiful flowers blossoming, rich fruit and with other hidden treasures. Of course I didn’t care of it as well. All my previous schools where I studied were located in the middle of the huge trees and I was not valued with the values of tree other than cutting them without any thought. Was I been a good student? No I guessed.  Now in the midst of desert I need a shade to hide myself from the blistering sun heat, in the midst of snow cape I need firewood to keep myself warm from freezing. Where ever I go fate is following with me like shadow. Natures are taking revenge on me as said the darkest place is reserved somewhere in the uncertain future. It is true that the value of our mother will miss when we see the empty chair in our house.
“When we study we need the best surrounding to be focused on our one thing or the work we do and has to been done. Our human mind can’t do two things at the same time. Those disturbances are the evils of our goals. These evils will be with us all time in all places but choosing the best place to achieve your goals is important. To site an example, you might have heard the story of Lord Buddha, who was born at Kapalivastu, Nepal and enlightened at Bodh Gaya in India under the bodhi-tree, meditating for six years. Why he had chosen this place? Debatable question but answer was not other than due to the presence of peace environment, the environment which was been isolated from the human civilisation with the free of disturbances. Choosing your best environment in education will also help you to achieve your goals.” Zames was sure of his college as the best in giving the aids to the learners, dreamers and achievers across the world.
“It was during the one late evening at college. I was accompanied by my few friends. We went to college from hostel coincidentally it was been one of the African days in the college campus functioning that evening.  I was scandalized to watch the scenario of the college campus. The whole buildings were lighted with zigzag lights. The college was as if like a great monuments structure. The fountains with spectrum of lights and more than thousands of people gathered with snapping and making more fun of college’s environment. But in the midst of busy celebrities very few were busy studying and later I also joined to study in such panorama. Don’t you believe that studying needs good surroundings?” He needed me to be involved with him to talk I knew it.
Certainly I said. “Doom is what we all hate.”
Taking the advantage of my interest, he kept on sharing that the environment needed for different types of people. “The gang stars of a country will be available at the town areas, robberies in cities because towns and cities are the best places for them to dwell”. As I gave a second thought on it, what he said was right. We can hardly find any youth got spoiled at the villages and then remote places. Most of the youth get spoils at the town when they find the best environment to get spoil themselves. It is not he or she wanted to get spoil but season of the place force them to be. But if one can know how to live in the costumes of cities there is no better place than being in town. Cities are the best sources of advanced education.  Likewise a great saint chooses for the lonely places to their solitary retreat as the scientist does their work in laboratory.
After the three years of schooling in the college Zames had really gained the true wisdom of his teachers and friends. With the beautiful scenarios of the college he had changed beyond what we expected. But true tales lies in the sweat of one’s hard work. The environmental greenery will helps you in giving the best assistance whenever you need but faith should be from us. One will have a dream to climb mountain Everest or even set to climb on it but expedition should be led by the dreamer. Zames was same like uneducated but the turn of his three years had done great for him. He had accomplished the dream of becoming what he had dreamt during the first day of his dream in continuing education. There was no regret for selling his land and worthier properties, what he had had now were the worthiest of all.

Chapter Four
My brother has studied in the same college of Zames, Garden City College, two years earlier than him. After completing his degree from India he had been doing a part time job in a country as a social reformer. He had done the Royal Civil Servant Examination in the country, which was considered as the greatest test of the career after degree education. It was one evening while listening to the news channel of a country from different regions. During that course I heard the news in headline about RCSE result being out. To that news whole family gathered and we were listening on it even Mr. Zames next to me. Now given the main news after being eagerly waiting and in the name of toppers come Mr. John April Tshewang, my brother’s name. “John April Tshewang! It is my brother name” I said to Zames. We were all shocked when the news delivered our family’s name. He was the one of the gold medallists of the college I knew it. But RCSE will not be that easy. At first news I haven’t agreed with that news i thought some technical error occurred however I made a call to my brother. Lastly it was true that the name goes to my brother only.
Everyone in the room was very happy by that news. From all I was the one who had lost the sense of regret on my investment made on him. I don’t had any regret on my expenditure made to him during his studies, what I felt was if I had spent bit more than what I did I‘d have been the best brother to him.
One and all will have a hope on our representative. I had a hope for my brother to groom himself in the bright future but I haven’t expected him to the seat of hero from the thousand heads. The achievement one had made in academic field is known the greatest gift to their own parent and teacher. So my brother had done on it. Now in following years my hope lies in my trusted friend. “Zames it is your turn now” I said him.
I had had off pat (remembered) the best from my school days. The pride in achieving academic excellence in the society that money can’t buy. The happiness that whole world will cheer but money can’t value on it. And the name and fame will fly over the crest of every mountain through the chilly winds that architecture cannot design. I was one of the toppers during my schoolings now it was all my memories to be cherished. I could narrate the whole story of my life to my kids which gave them the pride of being with me. Sometimes it helped me to give some cherishment to my kids.
Academic greenery is achieving our university’s or institution dreams and parent desire with our own cheers. The way the good academic performance is through the best environmental greenery and the work you do with love. In the first day of your schooling in the pre-primary school your dad and mom were the two livings who had put you the greatest faith on you. Not the faith of constructing the tallest building to them, they will not dream in dream also. Not the faith of giving them your beautiful partner but the faith of academic excellence, the faith of your life living better than others.
In the first day of our schooling everyone will have the dream of being topper in the year but hardly their dreams come to alive. I remembered vividly one of my friends saying that he will be the best student with hundred percent attendance when it come to last he was one of the worst students with regular bluffing to his teachers. What he dreamt was a dream of evils in his mind.
All and sundry will dream to become somebody, someone and so popular. I was one from them. When we are dealing about the word “DREAM” we should keep in mind that it cannot be achieved without perseverance, enthusiasm and action. Even the frog can have a dream of killing tiger. But if you want your dream to come true one should put his physical gesture into action gradually. The dream is only your dream if you can put it into your action. The foolish person can dream as many as he could but wise can dream one from different ways. Some of the steps you should follow if you wanted to bring your dream true and alive they are; enthusiasm, perseverance, sincerity, teamwork, punctuality, obedient, and patient.
Enthusiasm, it is a feeling of unending interest in a particular subject with the eagerness to be involved in it. The main way to your dream is the enthusiasm. I saw many people who failed just because of their first failed. Life should take with some risk without it one cannot get the true experience of its experiences. Experience comes from taking risk in your life. The one who is coward can fail before he fails. I had committed to my memory with the vivid hidden story once told by my teacher in my school about the pharmacist who made paracetamol in his pharmacy lab. I don’t believe how real it has been but it was a good example of the word enthusiasm. The pharmacist and his wife got seven children with them. On the experiences of his medicine he had killed his own six children and it was reach with the last child, the luckiest one. He gave his last child to test the effectiveness of the medicine luckily the child was alive and the live of paracetamol medicine came to live to save millions of lives after killing his six children. Which weight more, the six children or million lives? Life is always ups and downs but what we needed is only enthusiasm. The dream of making his drug was fulfilled. He hasn’t regretted on killing his children because of his dream in saving the lives of living human every minutes. What make it so different of him? Of course his enthusiasm towards his dream but also with his loved in his work, he had been doing. You may fail in achieving your dream but it should not take as an end or a last chance.
The simple example of the word enthusiasm is after asking the question after your prayer. Is there someone who hears my prayer? Is there someone who responds to my prayers? The certain answer you get is “yes” there is god who hears and responds your prayers but where? Another question we have to consider. The next answer will be “wait” because human have a patient on waiting for the god till we die. “I will show the god one day”.  That one day will never come but the day of prayer never ends.
We human have a strong enthusiasm on finding god, believing god and trusting on it, something that never happen. Some religions do their prayers more than five times a day but useless, some even a whole day. Instead of praying and making busy of your own schedule we must think that religion is something that deals with prayers but have to follow with our ethics and daily action. Religion is to guide our innocent mind in doing things well and in correct ways.
Perseverance can be defined as continues effort and determination on your work. If you have a dream you should work on it with a great perseverance. Without which you cannot be called as your dream that you dreamt on. It is related with the hard work of small crawling baby who was eager to walk like their mother. Firstly crawling baby tries to stand up despite several times of his failures, still with great effort and on it he will keep on trying. After learning how to stand up they will try to step forward with his imbalance leg, many times he will fail still he has a love in what he is doing, lastly the true fruit of his perseverance will come and know how to walk. On our dream we should be like a baby who is learning to walk with his immature legs. No matter how you failed and how many times you failed, what is needed is the perseverance from your mind.
It was according to the Buddhist saga. It was during the time of great civilization in Buddhist architecture in the Himalayan regions, there was the greatest carpenter in the village but without proper house for himself. He always dreamt of building the huge house in unique design. Once it was vision by the greatest Buddhist saint and told him to construct a beautiful building for great saint. The carpenter had completed the construction and asked the saint to take consecration, as told the saint came and after consecration the house was given to carpenter by the saint. To this bestowed carpenter had regretted on his sincerity. Because he haven’t constructed what he dreamt to construct for himself. Veracity wasn’t been in his mind. He hasn’t showed his talents sincerely thinking that house was not for his own dwelling. Lastly it was the source of his life to be in full of self apologetic. Your sincerity is must in all kinds of your works. Sincerity it means honesty, doing things without pretending or lying. Sincerity is most needed step while working towards your dream. You should be sincere to yourself first and then to your neighbours. The result of your sincerity at your work will come at the end of your work which leads to the dissatisfaction on your effort. Give your dedication to your work naturally by the unseen force it will help you to show your sincere effort on what you are doing. First do what you love and love what you are doing than sincerity will be the catalyst on it. Remember always to be yourself and don’t pretend on the thing what you are doing.
Teamwork is another important practical word in achieving the dream. It means working together in the same goal. The goal has two types personal and the group goal. But the teamwork is needed in both the goals. Human has a great sense of humour while working together; we try to find the false and flaw each other we never bother the hard work of each candidate.  If you want to influence people first thing we have to keep in mind is respecting their words and respecting their ideas remember if you are good listener you are capable of being good communicator . Human have to learn from animal sometime, the best example is from the ants and bees. They are small living creatures but they can kill the elephants not by individual but by the contribution of each effort. They have a great spirit of working together. They are animal but the denizens of this world who teaches us the best value of teamwork.
Punctuality comes from following one watch that is your watch’s time. It is of doing thing in correct time and as expected. Toads and frogs can crock throughout the day and night, but no one pays attention to them. When the rooster crows at certain time of night it wakes up everyone near top his voice. These are the two differences of the time. Punctuality is the best principle that measures your whole strength and character. Dreamer can dream all kinds of dreams but time management on it is very important. Each dreams need action if you have a wish to bring live but that action needs time to be accomplished. Work with the time of your watch and remember that two watches never give exact time. Time is the greatest gift of your watch. That gives you by nobody and an important gift of your life.
Obedient it is the willingness to do what you are told to do by your mind, or by your next person. One should be obedient to his target; it is just like a set of rules that guide your own interest. Once you have settled with your dream setting you have to start putting it into action. Until it comes to your satisfaction your willingness to work on it should not change. Your mind may say anything whatsoever the action should be determined in your dream. Our mind does not have any certainty it is like the winds of desert blowing from every nook and cranny changing its directions. You are the servant of your own mind and your sense. You are told to do on your dream by your mind so you should do it with showing your obedient.
Patience is an ability to wait without complaining. We speak the words beyond we practice. All says have patience, when it comes to its practical hardly one will follow. In the depth meaning there is nothing hard in practicing patience, only used the words “this world belongs to all, my needs are their needs, let’s all work together”. It is like mantra to practice patience on your strangeness. Without patience dream will not come true. If you have patience to wait one day you will see purple cow on this earth, just wait and see.
These are the main keys to bring one’s dream alive. If you study with the presence of above words there is no doubt in securing the academic excellence, and it is what every learner dreams. After all dream itself speaks more than all. Don’t dream if you are not active. Remember dream needs full effort and time. Enjoy with sweat and sweet memories. Aye remember your dream, one day memories of your dream will be the honey of your living.
Now Zames shared me the truth of his college. “The college has supremacy in fulfilling the academic greenery by discovering the loveliness of great ideas and thoughts of many people from different countries and as ushered by the leaders in college helps to do any activity with great success. However the college is helping in producing the best future leader with finest opportunity given to them”.
Academic greenery means discovering the loveliness of great ideas and thought of the student from various angles. Academic greenery is not the result of one man or one service it include the service from the teacher in teaching, facilities in giving aids to the needy students and the opportunities given to the students to discover the hidden talents of their each loveliness. Every college or a school even an institution will have a target of making their centre famous through best academic performance. For this aim they work tirelessly under the same goal. Here teamwork is much needed. With the small contribution from all candidates can make the dream comes true. At last it is call as academic greenery.
“I was lucky to be studied under the leadership of Garden City College. Most of the mates were from the best academic background and many were with scholarship from their own government and some with on college offers. The teachers over there were not a lecturer but a teacher and your parent. They can’t lecture you but teaches like their own children.” He shared me of his time in the college.
Teacher and lecturer! What is difference? It gave me the forum to think beyond his words.
Teacher it is a profession to teach in a school and the Lecturer it is a profession who teaches at the college or university. Both deals with teaching as their profession but their differences will be in the way they teach and the way they guide their learners.
“The one who taught me were the well experienced teachers with more than decades of experiences in their teaching career” he concluded on the topic i was confused.
Is that only the responsibility of teacher who made the student in toppers line?
I don’t believe. As said that if one fails to achieve superiority on his own other cannot help him. The work of teacher is only thirty percent and the rest should be done by the student. The teachers are the only guide for the student. For example, remember you have a nice knife and the big tree in front of you, no matter how sharpness is in your knife, if you don’t start cutting the tree you will not finish or bring the tree to the ground. It is same for teacher and student relationship. No matter how excellence may be in the teaching of teacher if student doesn’t have any sense of interest and willingness to study the result will be worst, worst below the sea level. But false of teacher will be revealed by the marks of the students, by the failure of student. We try to blame teacher as they are the architectures of student life. In case of academic excellence hardly the name of teachers can be revealed. The fault of the sculptures can be hidden by the wax, the fault of the carpenter can be hidden by the painting but the fault of teacher can never be hidden at the same time success for them is not seen along with the pride of student.
I asked my brother what was the secret of his success.
What he said was god never helps the man who doesn’t act brave in absent of sympathy. He said that if one dream to become the topper one should know how to act accordingly. “Grace with your presence in the class regularly. Go beyond the reach of text book. Do not study hard but know how to work smartly”. Are these only the words from the moral student who topped the country’s civil examination? I was unsatisfied by the answer he gave me.
Work smartly? “What it meant?” I asked him back.
“Take an example of two farmers; one farmer is doing agriculture work vigorously throughout the seasons. But at time of yielding his product he got only little of his effort. Another farmer also used to do work untiringly and he follows the crop rotation during cultivation. By this step he could make enough income by selling his product. What is difference on it?” he asked me.
Likewise, while studying we should know how to manage our limited time. In the institution there will be many students with different learning capacities with different studying process. While studying you should know the best time of your brain. Studying day and night and studying for the certain period of time has a distinction marks difference and the way they live. Our brain is not a machine we should know that and can’t keep on work for twenty four hours. Working hard means studying whole hours and later one it means studying in certain period of your time.
I asked Zames about the academic performances of the college.
As my reply what he said was, “college was the one of the best institutions of a country. It was universally renowned education centre as many as from more than seventy countries of a globe. The students of the college have also a history of doing the academic excellence from the University of Bangalore in several years and in 2008 the college was given as grade ‘A’ university by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) of India. The entire students were with the heart of true dedication towards education from different countries.” He added, “I am waiting for my result.” Zames ended his topic.
“Your result....? Do you have some expectation in your result?” I asked him.
“College had given me the best aids for my education; from the second semester of first year onwards. I was given scholarship by the institution for the credit of scoring the distinction marks in examinations and holding the first rank from the university. From my first career to last I was one of the greatest expectations of my teachers and friends. I can’t guarantee you but I promise I will be one from them?” then began to giggle looking on my face.
“Was that stupidity?” I asked carefully myself. “Then why he is laughing?”
No, other than that the humour comes when he shared his internal truth of being waiting for the result silently. Let’s wait and hear Zames result no sooner.
I was thinking on how far the students of Garden City College were doing well in all fields. How long the college will be serving the students of world with desired education. If I join with Indian education can I also be the one out of thousand in one seat. I doubted. Some tears should accept before we come on the golden throne.
The one who studied in that college i knew was my brother who has topped the country’s greatest trail and soon he will be with the highest rank in the new recruitment. And another one whom I knew was my friend; Zames was now eagerly waiting for his topped result of the university to be declared.  If college had promised in their mission why I should miss the opportunity… why I can’t be one like my brother and friend Zames? I thought on myself.
Now the man who planned to discontinue his education broke the promises, the man who dreamt on giving more time with family was changed to education. Of course my wife was not a simple woman with basic education she had also completed with degree education. My life was on uncertainty of continuing the education.
It was on Sunday, I went to the park with my eldest daughter. Visiting the park was one of the greatest times I spent with my family. Unluckily Yangzom and the youngest one left home because we were made visited by her parents. My eldest daughter was almost nine years old, I don’t know how far she will do well in her studies as she goes higher and higher in her grade but as of speaking time she was the topper of her class. I was explaining about the importance of education to her as age had proven her to get green with the value of education as usual in the middle she picked up the topic but was on affairs. “Dad did you made any girlfriend in your schooling times?” She asked me in drastic changed of her face. It was shocking question from her immature age. “Why are you asking my dear? Did any boy have proposed you?” I asked her back. “No but my friends have boyfriend”. She answered.
I shared what I did in my schooling; the answer was yes I had. And it was my experience, the experience which I regretted the most from all. I wish I’d have been not involved in such affairs world. When I answered her “yes I had” she said, “dad don’t you think that making girlfriend and boyfriend is as simple and easy as changing our clothes?”
When she kept on asking me repeated question I had doubted on her life of relationship. It was not that I was rude to my daughter but if she is going in wrong track I should know her. I have had bitter-sweet experiences of it. It is always good to have experiences once but on bad things it is always good to have had not experienced at all. When I was going deep in her topic my daughter had cleared my doubt, she told me to look upon the clear sky and i did on what she had requested me to do. Taking a deep heal she said, “Dad I will promise you two that till i bring to an end of asking money from you i will never indulge myself in the love affairs world. I promise that it is not because of you two, my beloved dad and mom, you haven’t stopped it on me yet so far, I like your freedom on me and wish to the be like my friends but if I make boyfriend I will be missing something and going to lose my friends including my best friend, so I am scared of it. I am going to lose my time of helping my little sister; i am eldest from your soul. I love mom because she is tears of all my sufferings. Dad I love only one group of people, they are in four numbers….,” She listed all family members.
How wise of my cute daughter, I never thought of losing friends in one relationship but what my beloved had observed and thought was right. That time I wished if we’d have with Yangzom’s presence, her mother it will be her first way to successful life in front of her parent. A youth are greener than old.
Day by day my mind was with Indian education. I have had one desire that is to continue my education which i never had dreamt before. What they shared and told me was like a piece of advice that inspired me.  I thought of sharing my wish to my wife but I could not do by seeing the condition of my kids. My children need father’s presence and my wife needs me to help her life. I don’t wanted to give her the pain of widow before i die and even i don’t wanted to give her a cold winter night under the single blanket. My life was full of dilemma. It was one evening I shared my wife about my wish to be fulfilled in front of her. I shared about continuing my education but not seriously. On that what she told was she insisted me to do and she will be joining in the recruitment for two years. She encouraged me with her fullest strength. I thought she wouldn’t allow me to take step on my wish and dream because time had shown more opportunity cost on my family needs of father’s presence with them at the same time I was scared too that time not of her arrogance and her rudeness but of breaking her heart and happiness of being with me.
The one who never thought of the education has changed his mind in continuing his education. I had decided to go for further studies leaving the full trust of my children to my trusted wife.  A sooner or later I will be the student of new greenery. I saw Zames coming towards me laughingly. I thought something was happened to him. On doubted I asked him, “What happen? I saw some beautiful stars on your face twinkling.”
“My result was out today”
I asked, “How is your result then?”
“Eureka” he shouted as like engine started.
“What you want from me as a treat?”
“Congratulation Zames from my family and from our office side too.”
“Really.....?” I asked him back.
“Why not....? It is our culture”
Then I asked for one bottle of K5 lavender. As he promised after five minutes he came with that big bottle of wine on his hand. We had been talking about my plans toward Garden City College to do my Master in communication. “Are you mad now?” he disguised on my plan.  “Of course, but are you feeling green-eyed about me?” broke the laughter between the two old friends with a bottle of wine in front us.
My wife always used stops me from drinking wine since I marry with her a decade years ago. We were the result of love from grade seven of our schooling. We had shared our night together from the last grade eight winter vacations; so far our love had never died, not even for once, that was our love. Drinking of wine was like I had stopped it totally and at the same time I never force myself to drink such intoxicant with other friends also.  I knew it was evil for the family. That day I asked permission to Yangzom, “Can I try this wine?” At first she said, “No”. Later on she granted me a permission to take, but only for that day. I promised her what she liked me to be in front of her.
As we opened the bottle of the wine, the first cheer goes to god for being with us all the time, second for Zames succeeds and last cheer for his college, making my friend unique in the new society. We drank without knowing the limit of our own body. I was in full tipsy and could not complete with bottom sip. I asked my wife to help me in drinking, “be it sad or happy or bad or good we will always be together. I am yours and you are mine.” She came forward and drank my wine. We were three in a bottle of wine. A little sip of wine was enough for her to get drunk. She felt her head on my shoulder and before I get myself into the worst condition of its tipsy I took her in bed room and let her sleep well. Of course it was the first drink with her and mine after our marriage. Looking on us our two daughters were laughing on the puppet show of their mom and dad. But she wasn’t in free of her sense I was supposed to be with her all hours. I loved her not because of her great beauties, I was sure I’d have gotten a more beautiful girl than her also. At the same time she would have also gotten the most handsome boy than me. The one that kept my love undying with her was her beautiful character.  That time it was my turn to keep her more secure and I did my best. She wasn’t a bad woman in drunken also I loved her more in tipsy. She expressed more love when she was drunk and was wise than ever.  She kept on giving lectures whole night that time I found different soul of Yangzom in the same body of my love.
The first thing that human has to possess after the birth, it is education. Without which there wouldn’t be any way to travel in this world. This world is flat but education made it round. Sun is moving around the earth but education made with proves that the earth is moving around the sun. People can go far beyond the sky and discover the planets more they can, we can also go beyond the depth of ocean and invent the nuclear weapon and missile under it. At last these are all results of education. But ordinary human can’t do these with our education unless we turn to extraordinary with extra believes. We are all human but word “extra” made a big difference between us. If you want to become extraordinary you should do something “extra” from ordinary people but should be understandable by the common people. They are doing more practical than the theory from their education. That made them extraordinary from us.
Zames had topped the university examinations and he was the gold medallist of the college. My brother has the supremacy on his life by his result and now I was left without the great achievement in my life. If the college is really helping in producing the moral students I had a seed sowed on it. I was been one of the active students while i thought on my school days and from now I can’t believe on my activeness because it was too long tales to be remembered from here on my school days.
Leaving behind the loving family i went looking on my own merits to study, giving up the best offered job i went for further education without any trust in the next recruit. Without the best jollification of autumn’s freshly fruits with my wife i went for the breezy plateau of southern India. I loved my country much as i do but keeping the hope of my life in god in far autumn season i went into the depth of secularism country. It was the month of August when i first joined the college. The college i had never been before was same like i have been there for several times. The structures were what i saw in Zames photos and the environment greenery was exact what he shared me. The verbal aids of my friend Zames had helped me more than the description made by the institution. However i wasn’t an alone that time, with me Zames was there. He had completed his three years course from the college now he had come with me to collect his merits and official documents. In the meanwhile he had taken me to visit every side of the college. There i saw the photos of university’s topper pasted on the wall of the building that everyone can have a look on it. I went on reading those names in the middle i saw “Pema Choden Wangdi” in the fourth rank who had done Master in Tourism Administration, with my national dress. I could recognise her by the name only. She was from Bhutan.  I asked my friend, “where is your name Zames?”
“These names were the toppers of past three years; they will change after every three years.”   He answered my question. By seeing those toppers photos i was encouraged to be one of them after the two years. My mind was full of excitement on the studies from the kick of day in the college.
While we had been on discovering the new looks of college, we reached at one of the office sides. The movement of the students were been bit faster than others. It was where Zames can collect his documents. We went inside the office and after some time i don’t felt like to be inside so i came outside and been reading some notices from the notice board. “This is to be informed that Mr. Zames Lonely who has pursued his degree in BA, journalism department has conferred to study Master degree in Oxford University, London, for two years by the order from Chairman of Garden City College.”  I had been reading it time and again as if i was addicted on it.
My friend who never knew English before had now was selected to study under the world best university. I had been waiting him to come out but never turned on it. He was buried by the process of documentation to his new university. It was almost three hours later when he came outside. I had covered his eyes and took him to the notice board and showed his pride on the board.  It was not the new news for him.
It was the last night for me to be with Zames. Next day he will be going back to Bhutan to get some documents. We haven’t slept at hostel for some reason instead we had chosen to spend our last night at hotel with some more fun to remember in each absent. I have to be presented at the class all the time from next day onward and purpose of being away from my family i should prove my ability and capability. Zames was selected in Oxford University but mine dream was Harvard University. If i will be the one of what Zames had done during his stayed i might have a chance to fulfil my dream of Harvard. Now what were left with me were only the books and the pens to handle. Come rain or shine i should focus on what i meant to do.
The environmental greenery was what he had explained me some months ago. Staffs were friendlier than i had seen in my country. But it was only inside the college. Everything had a vast difference, i meant outside and inside the campus. Clean areas, friendly staffs, helping friends were seen only inside the college; out of it was very different. Road were so dirty with the shits of all living and all kinds of waste. Air more polluted even very hard to take in the breath. India i thought myself, “one of the most polluted and dirty countries in the world, one of the biggest and under developing countries, everything came on my mind were so fast and so equal to other parts.”
People never concern about their life, they do shit in front of the people on their side and they don’t necessarily need a toilet to do shit. They were very close to the age of civilization in modern world. If the people wanted to go green what people can do to improve first is they have to ban paper advertisement on the road side and on the tree they see. If it could stop from the grass root level with strict minding the country will witness the much better condition of clean area. Focus for the greenery means focus the life of change but when change is seen far from the place than the greenery will also see less in its hope. World needs to change but the change have to make from the people, starting from your own way of living.
Steps towards Academic Greenery
1.      Enthusiasm
2.      Perseverance
3.      Sincerity
4.      Teamwork
5.      Obedient
6.      Patient

Chapter Five
Social Greenery                                                                                                                                       It was during the first day of my schooling. I woke up early in the morning from the usual time and started to match myself with my new way of my clothing. After i had done with my preparation i went to take some banquet outside the college mess and went college from the hostel. Now everything i have had left was to do by myself. I was not in the foothills of Himalayan Mountains. The climate i experienced and going to experience for the remaining days was been totally different. I was settled in the midst of Deccan plateau. Hostels were like homely equipped with every facility. The word home in the hostel remembered of five stars hotel. More than three times cleaning of every room. Well maintained flowers pots with full season blossomed. Well and under checked meals and with special request from the student. No man would have missed the home other than the friends, family and relatives while in hostel. That was the care of college to the students.
In the college when i reached, “emphasis is on life” with the tuning tune from the vocal of all mates started the day at Garden City College, with full of blossomed flowers near every step. In the front way of college figured the flags of different countries and in the middle the symbolism flag of institution. Of course my country’s flag with the white dragon in the middle of the yellow and orange flying in the heart of airstream of Deccan plateau. No friends no laughter around me, all strangers only with strange looked each other likely to provoke anger each day or no sooner. I got out of the college bus; a tall black man came with his long hand to give handshake to me, the symbol of friendship. A white man with my height came to say good morning to me. ‘I am new here, how they could talk with stranger?’ I thought from my innocent mind. I was brought up with the customary surrounding, isolated from the world of westernization.   “Please follow me my dear students, now we are moving to the admission block” added by the college provost. As per his words as commended, with my stranger friends we all followed his steps. We had been moving for the new admission in the topmost stair of the building. I was totally lost as if in the narrowed doom fallen from the green world. Though i got some views and thoughts to share among friends it was left only as the words inside. Sometime in this loneliness i missed my friend Zames’ presence.
After taking some steps we reached to the last destination which was the point told by college provost. I took the seat in the first row of the arranged chairs and after me many were there sitting tirelessly talking with their own language which was been mysterious for me. Those times I remembered vividly of my schooling days. It was in grade eight one of the English classes if i am not mistaken. My English teacher taught me that “no language is superior or inferior” and it was the syllabus to be taught in this way without accepting the truth in reality. To this point the question is, was it right? For me no, it was not the true and it wouldn’t be. No language is superior to our own language because our own language is the best language medium to convey the message. What is the use of language when it does not serve as a mode of communication? I wished that if i have some country-mate friends, i could at least say we are friends.  One by one in queue we were taken to admission office from the room we had been seated according to the seat numbers. “363” the sound from the speaker of the wall had spoken my seat number, which means i was supposed to go. With the help of the college attendant i was taken inside the admission room. After completing the first process i was again taken to the same room and asked to stay there for the remaining hours. The one who helped me was like my daughter sometimes it was bit bashful to follow their order. Just in front of my seat i saw a mother-like woman of course she was a girl whose age aged into the line of thirties and forties. She wore a dress similar to my country’s dress code. I thought she was from my country and taking the advantages that of dress similarities i talked her in my own language. “Kuzu zangpo” greeted her first. “A’am na yang alu su wa’ar whong yee ya la.” (Mother did you come here to admit your child?)
The replied i got from her was “what?”
I was shocked; I asked her, “Where you are from?” the one whom i trusted to be from my country was not from what i had guessed. I said sorry however, other than that no words left on me. She was from the northern India. Of course we were in same looks because of same Mongolians race in our forebears. But it is insufficient if i didn’t share the remaining stories of that Mother-like woman. She was the mother of my friend or classmate Marry. Everything was done in a week. Now we were the true bona fide student of the Garden City College.
Now the first day of fresher’s night was started in the college and in total there were ten days for the fresher’s night. In the first day of the night we had enjoyed with the unknown friends each other introducing and building the friendship in random. The main purpose of the fresher’s night was to keep student out of homesick and to give the way to build the new social network through the new friendship. The theme of the first night was “No raging in the world, Raging go down.” It was conducted by the team from the college under the ushered of the college provost and the senior students.
Raging i know it very well. It was like Galileo condemned when he declared the stationary genuineness of being sun and Jesus being crucified when he deplore the evils and Nelson Mandela imprisoned while fighting for people’s freedom.  I have experienced it from very early classes of my schoolings. It is a bullying of juniors by the seniors. Raging is like the main system exists in the most of the colleges of the world. It cuts the happiness of simple students. It build the extreme dislike among the human, it develops the arrogance among the students of the college or an institution.  Later on it brings the fight. I still remembered it vividly, in the high school time. We, I was one on it involved and we were made supposed to swim on the table, the water they had poured on it. No problem for swimming if they let us to swim in ocean or river i would have done it because i got the talent in swimming not by profession but how unlearned swimmer can swim in big, big river, and i must have showed them very proudly. But on their told we can’t do. They thrashed us like animal they despised us for nothing, luckily in my pocket i got the small blade; by it i took a chance to cut the one of their friends leg. That time god had done justice for us. For whole year we haven’t talked and i was the one who always abhorrence him. We had destroyed the chance of good social link and friendship with ourselves. Actually what is the reason of it putting our own life in other target? Why we should make terrible future while we are with good friends? I doubt raging is a game or an enjoyable times to be spent in college or institution.
In the ten days of fresher’s night i had noticed that the progress in the social relationship between many countries people. When my mates had been building the relationship among the friends i had been busy with knowing the college staffs and other officials. For my friends and class mates i was as if like their father by my age, sometime to be with them i felt guilty and preferred to enjoy with the college staffs. Not that i was coward but i have to show them decent way of my living through my more experiences compared to them. They had done best policy to bring the mind of different students in one goal. In those nights to make more memorable of the events they had arranged the cultural show from the different countries students. I had watched the cultural demonstration of South Korea in their classical dances. I was supposed to be presence all the nights in the college auditorium nevertheless being as the aged man from all i could not make adjustment in all shows with them. My ears get senseless to listen with swarming people, my body get restless to sit in the chair with innocent people, and my eyes get blind to watch beyond my own time. I was ordinary man but with full of life principles. It was very difficult to act as one when human category was made out of two; ages will be at variance in the human attitude.
The days of jollification had gone. At this moment what left were the times of sweat and the tears of suffering to follow. The times gone in college were all that went without attending the class officially; it was the first day in class to select our own seat, to know the lecturers and to introduce with the class mates. Everyone was presented, by the sum of hundred and fifty students made a class of Master in Communication. I was not the aged in the class and nor the youngest. Some were older by one realm than me and some were younger than my age by one circle.  The only friend from the class i knew was Marry; she was the youngest from all. I supposed her to be the topper of the class, at her age everything will be interesting and encouraging. Life at her age will be with full of bouncy nerves and cells. We introduced each other in the class. Most of my mates were from outside the periphery of India, we were international students. Some were come by scholarships and some from the silver spoon by born.
In those days I remembered Zames talking me all the time about greenery, but what did i find the greenery in same college?  When he had founded as many beauties why not me? Am i the worst or egoistic? Thought elevated from the sense of presence of scandalizing beauties. From the first day of my schooling yes i saw the social beauties between the many countries students. I saw the colour of black dissolved in the white and white into black. This world doesn’t have any race, caste or region. The problem of South Korea and North Korea unity was solved in the college. As said by G.B Shaw, “There is only one religion, though there are a hundred of versions of it.”  “Social greenery” or “community greenery” i must describe. Garden City College has an outstanding link with as many as seventy two countries, which helps to widen the social links with these many students by learning to live and learn together. Social greenery in here means the sharing of internal thoughts between the different people which helps us to grow superior in social network with the people of many countries and different location or the regions.
“Hi Sangay, try to be yourself and prove who you are. You can’t discover your next way without education so study hard and smartly, i am heading towards Oxford today, your friend Zames Lonely.”
He sent me a message, might be the last i thought but we had been in good contact with the help of advanced technologies. I called him as a reply of his message after some hours in gap. When i called on his number unluckily i found it was switch off. It showed that he had gone from the reach of network coverage. I should have had called him bit earlier I’d have grasped his last words.
A month had passed attending the classes; i was settled well i guessed as compared previous days. What i knew was their language Hindi to get a butter and bread. I could speak Hindi with those people who faced easier said than done to talk with me in English.  Sometimes i had taken a time to learn third language also from my class mates. ‘An nyung ha se yuo’ which means hello and good morning in Korean language, if i didn’t mention his name i might be failing in some courtesy absolutely he was my sit partner from South Korea Mr. Kim, who taught me his country’s vernacular with same tribute i had taught them the short words of my country. We had exchanged the basic words of each country.  In the middle of those passing months in the full swing of classes i was made supposed to explain about the uniqueness of my country during the Wednesday club hours.
“What makes your country so different?” it was my topic to be discussed. Of course the philosophy of Gross National Happiness under the pioneer of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyelpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk was the unique of all that made Bhutan so different from all other countries in the world. I knew the world had already known about the philosophy which focused on development of the country along with the happiness to the people. But youth were so blind on it. Might the whole leader have known about it? If i go in the office of President Barak Obama and ask him about the Gross National Happiness he may answer my question without any flaw but to his simple people who knows that it will be the first word from the many unheard melodies. This world is only for leaders of the different worlds. Leader may know all the countries of these continents but people were left on their own way of living.  During the time of great tsunami, the leader will be on the sky when people are struggling on the water. During the time of great fire on this world all leaders will go to the alien world and their people will die under the blistering heat of great fire. During the time of world-war leader will hide under the iron wall when people are dying under the bloodshed war, this world never experienced the true leader like of epic. Leaders, they don’t know that without people no leader will survive as leader. Laws are made for people to subdue them; in the justice of leaders there is no lawyer and court to weight them. I shared the outmost ideas of my country’s philosophy on GNH. “The essence of the philosophy of Gross National Happiness is peace and happiness of our people and the security and sovereign of the nation.” As told by the fifth Druk Gyelpo. I shared them the pillars of it which lifts the Bhutan on top of the map of whole world. Basically they are of four.
Sustainable and equitable socio-economic development, It is the basic principles of the Gross National Happiness. It focus on the development plan, be it social or economic welfare it should be with equal distribution in every nook and cranny of the country. It says that every government developmental plan should be based on sustainable development that can be used for the long run and it should help the people of country without discrimination. Here every region should be provided with the equal development facilities and all public welfare facilities it should take care by the people of the country after knowing it belongs to them. Every developmental plan should be based on long run effect.  Like the construction of school, hospital, bridges and road connection. Every people have a legal right to send their children with the free of cost to that school, to walk over the bridges and to go for free health facilities.  By this it draws down the power of money among the people. The children of the big company and the poor farmers will be best friends studying in same class and in same table. It can narrows the prestige of the wealthiest and broaden the proud of poor.
Conservation of the environment, Environment is considered as one of the greatest income facilitators. Today’s environment should hand over to our next generation in same coverage.  Present people should give a chance to enjoy the richness of environment of a country for the next generation without much lost. So one should maintain the environment while he knows how to cut and destroy the environment. Conservation of the environment focuses on maintaining the wildlife sanctuaries and parks under the control of government guidance. However country is facing problem on it. The major problems are like forest fire, road construction and hydro power construction. But question rises that “how it will give happiness?”  The natural environment has a thousand of unheard melodies “the thing of beauty is joy forever” told by Helen Keller. Environments give clean water with fewer hazards to the health. It gives freshly air to breath. By such hazardless water to drink without filter and freshly air to breathe give its people strong body immune system. All love without diseases, sickness and problem. The things that we are enjoying with the nature should last for our next generation with its beauty.
Preservation and promotion of the culture, Culture is the main identity of the country’s sovereignty. It is a way of life especially the customs and beliefs of a people. To last the independence of country forever we should take care of our own culture. We should preserve our culture from the extinction and promote it without the mislaid on its value. It includes like preservation and promotion of arts, music, clothing, festival, language, etc. By preserving it the identity of the nation will be without destroyed from the external threats or internal revolution. We got the national dress but it is not enough we should hand over to our children. We have learnt the national language but our turn is to go and teach our sons and grandsons. We have watched the festivals of the country now it is our responsibilities to show to our next generation. By these strict practices it helps country to enjoy with its people with following the same practices of cultures in future a thousand years from now.
Good governance, it is one of the world dreams to be achieved. The news bulletins are being occupied by the corruption news and civil war. The leaders are getting rich than ever after the term of their leadership. We serve for nation and its people but the ultimate goal is to serve our belly and to make it bigger. Good governance, it means the government free from the reach of corruptions act. To bring its effect the main thing is focused of the Transparency. Transparency on expenditure and bringing into the notice to common people on the plans made by the government and changes made on it. By such steps it helps country to minimize the act of corruption from government officials. Having good governance will help its country’s people to enjoy the government expenditure equally which give happiness equally with the same amount of satisfaction. We can practice it from our small daily life. When your mom asks you to buy the kitchen stuffs show her a bill. When you are place in the shoe of class monitor you will collect the small amount to buy class cleaning stuffs that is mandatory but to make your friends happy give evidence for them about the expenditure bills. If we are doing it we are born to be the good leader. Not late to practice from now.  Laughter broke from the audience.
Happiness never comes from the things what you get but it remains in what you give to others. When you give things and money to others it is sure you will get nothing but become poor day by day until you finish our resources. But from the money you gave and the things you donated other people will grow into happy family. From their happiness you will gain the satisfaction that you have made contributions to this world. That satisfaction is the long run happiness that never vanishes from your mind. The happiness on the face of your nearest one will count your own happiness. To illustrate; on the way to your office you meet with beggar all the time. Because of your bodhisattva mind you never ruined her trust so you have started giving hundred rupees a day.  After one month you saw that bagger wearing a beautiful sari a worth of 3000 rupees and she is looking you with her ever best smiling and she came towards you to salute or to say thank you. How do you feel? Of course you will roll the tears these tears are the tears of your immeasurable happiness from your satisfaction. In the human mind though the gratitude may not be expressed it will never fades from the heart. We all demand happy living but without the happiness in your neighbours you can’t become happy. Your neighbours will shout out of hunger in the middle of night and disturbs your sleep. The one that money can’t buy and the instruments can’t measure is your happiness.
By explaining it i could at least shared some little information of my country to my mates and the small contributions to the world i dwelled. These were the points i talked about my country. We lived under the same roof and we shared the same thing and all had worked in the same goal but we were from different believes, different zone and from different costumes. In the practical of our togetherness we worked as one. We fought as one, we learnt about Allah in one period, we learnt about Buddha in one class and we learnt about Jesus in same class and all these oneness shows the social greenery of the college and the world in more extend.
This world is no more of one. This world is no more of human only. Birds, insects, human, flora and fauna, we are all denizens of this world. Each living hands are required to make this world better place than ever.  If we loss this world human are not only the one who cry with tears, with us animals are there. If this word becomes more peace animals are not only one who becomes happy with their simple living on vogue communication we are also there with them to enjoy every side. Our world has a dream the dream of one world one nation and one people. Oneness is what we have to share. But oneness doesn’t mean that we have to make these seven continents into one country. We need country to be country only but shouldn’t create the like and dislike among the nations and its people.  The most beautiful part of this earth is not our nature, not its colour and not its love but the existence of the different kind of people in colours, costumes, tradition, and the way of living. The question is not are we same in colour, creed, tradition, and religion? The question we should have to ask is can they suffer with pain if i torture them?  That question you have to ask yourself first and the answer the whole world is expecting is they will suffer. Human have only one goal that is to make this world better place for their children, none other. So change needs all hands, minds and ideas.
“In the next week our college is having the grand day of Gardenia, I expect some items from this class.” informed by professor inside the class.  Every one began to stammer. I was one who thought with my silence intelligence that ‘if we could illustrate the dance with the remix of different nation styles and songs in one show.’ However i could not keep within my unlocked mind and sheared to the class. While practising since all were being from different country it was very hard to follow the steps of one man till last, which i got the chance to coin my classmates into my idea. All members of the class had accepted and in total we got nine countries steps in one show. First with welcome step by Bhutanese the sole responsibilities were on my shoes then followed by Nepal, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and the last from the son of India. The steps of the dance were with marvellous exhibition and at the last in the award programme our class had ranked in the number one rank.  In that day more than twelve colleges has presented the performing arts. By such polices taken by the college it helped within colleges and the students across the world to build their social link. Bangalore is not the Indian city it is a cosmopolitan city. Half of the population dwellings in the city are from outside country.
“Hope your studies are going fine and well. Try to be a man in what and how they expect from you. Best of luck for your midterm examinations your friend Zames.” It has been quite long time without the touch with social network gadget “Facebook” when i opened it i found the message from my friend Zames where he wasn’t been in online. Of course it was the time of mid-term exanimations in the college. The root of friendship between Zames and me was one of the world exemplary friendships to be demonstrated in this world. I believe though we die in the middle of the land of unknown world we will fine our own soul one day during our odyssey. No matter how far in miles we were, still our friendship was on the warmest current. I tried to do intranet chatting with him but i could not get him online. I had waited him for the whole night to come online luckily i got him in the morning hours here and might have been evening over his world. The one who had born in the same practice of night and day now has acted so different. We had nattered for the long hours until the last satisfaction in both missing come. Being on the force of passing days the midterm came to an end now left with the last two, preparatory and the final university exams of the first term.
After the midterm examinations the classes were in full swing. Everyone was in full busy with their own studies. Some students busy with taking tuition. In the middle of the busy ants i was the one thinking of my parents, family and of my friend. Of course i did with my preparation before the midterm only. Now i was waiting for the time of most awaited periods of a year. Exams we all fear but it doesn’t have any jeopardy to be frightened. It is like a pill that one has to take to pall oneself from the ignorance and the arrogance.  It is like a truth to reveal that you can vomit on your result of yours hard work in education. It is not important how much you gain the knowledge and wisdom. It is important how much you can do in practices in front of others eyes. Although we gain the knowledge from different sources at last we have to show it to others by converting it into values, human values. It is not important the post you get, the title you are throne, in the field of practical implementation what measures a lot means by your power of influencing the people.  Architecture can design the world best building in his paper however in reality if he doesn’t have the power to guide his labourer into his knowledge his design will not come what he had drawn on the paper. Knowledge is power but values are powerful. Kings who have knowledge can rule from his palace and kings who have human values can rule by travelling across his country.
We become prominent not because of the academic excellence it is because of the power you possessed to influence your friends and people. Just take an example, president of the United States of America Barack Obama, Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay, worldwide author Daniel Brown, and lately deceased politician Nelson Mandela, were they all had been academic toppers?  I doubted. Though they had been toppers their name and fame was due to the skill they got in influencing people, the intelligentsia, matching word to describe them. How excellence we are in education we need excellence in human values. If we meet with a tiger made out of wood on the way with its exact colours do we get frighten on it? Of course at first because of it colourful design we might but in next time after knowing its truth we hardly show the same expression of first impression. Why we are afraid of tiger? Not because of its colours but of his potency and the rudeness.
The remaining two months of after midterm examinations were also over gradually. We had done with university exams and now everyone went to their respective country and the place of where they come from. I went back to my country after six months being in Indian land. Everything i experienced was new at my place. Moreover my wife and eldest daughter were very much eager to see me all the times but reaction from my little daughter was different she was frightened to see me at the first day of my arrival. She even didn’t go out of her mother arms as if she was a mother dedicated daughter. She might have thought that i was the one who came to rape her mother.  However i loved her courage to protect her mother.
It was almost a half month being in break. I had started to miss some events and friends of the college. But not depth like i missed my daughters and wife while i was in college. I went into the intranet to meet my friends from my mobile phone. Numbers of messages i saw to be opened in my profile. Those were all from my classmate friends. Marry was the one who cared me a lot from all friends. I started chatting with her, as i go on chatting at suddenly my wife got angry. She was too intelligent to understand me, too wise to respect my friendship. I shared her everything about her but she could not listen easily. I knew what she thought about but on me she should not have thought in what she had thought.  I love this world to be loved because of her only, because of my siblings only. I wanted to be together from the togetherness with her only. She had gone too far from my love on that day. Time is healer of all; she was not a woman what other thought on her. She had discovered her fault and said me sorry with her ever best words in expression. She has a right to thought what she had thought because she cared and loved me more than other women do; she has a heart and pain of fear of losing me from her, whatsoever i can’t be. What she thought was all pain of her heart. I promised what i had promised when i met first with her. I made everything clear to her and the problem was healed.
Next was from Kim friend from South Korea, he didn’t go to his country during the first break of the semester because of some inconveniences in his way. “When are you coming to India Sangay?” He sent me a text. “I am going back at the end of the December.” I shared it at sudden to my wife then she had begun to cry like a small kid. Though she cried i didn’t have any alternative it was my due date, the reporting date of the college. In her tears she wrapped some parcel and eatable things for me. Those days i was been as if like the bravest from the brave without thinking on her i had left my wife in the tears of love, thoughts on that was my silent tears inside my fragile heart during her absent in college. I have friends athwart the world who can remember some of my memories of our togetherness in my absent. I had made up the good social link with various countries people not because of my talents but of my right college i had chosen. In the joyful moment of my life i wondered what my friend Zames might be doing. Every moment of my life i missed his presence with my breath.

Chapter Six
Ethnicity-Greenery                                                                                                                                           The vacation of one month duration has completed and everyone was backed from the holiday.  The classes were full of semantic noises sharing their own experiences of the short vacation each other, talking like as if they were not going to meet again in future. The first one week of the classes were all full of activity with listening and sharing the stories of different friends, after all the stories shared by each friend was same. But from all mines was different because i had arranged it in very different ways. As i remembered no sooner did i finish my exams i had started my journey towards my country by train, the longest caterpillar i can described on it. I didn’t get the ticket with proper seat number and my ticket was been on “waiting list number twenty-one”. Waiting list ticket didn’t stop my journey and those days what i needed was to reach my hometown as fast as possible. I went with full of hope that they will reach me safely. When i reached inside the train nothing was what i put in the first hope. Three days i went on standing across the day and night. I wondered will there be anyone who wanted to do like me and had done already. That was how i had struggled when i went from the college. After i reached my country i had enjoyed my vacation on teaching my two little daughters and taking family tour on different historical places of a country. I had managed my time to meet with my friends who were in communication bureau. When i come back i came without any tale. But i haven’t shared to anyone because it seemed like my underdog account compared to my friends. The classes went by finishing topic some topics onto chapter and the chapters onto units. But sharing of the each ethnic of the student doesn’t have any indication of satisfaction and finishing. They shared today, talked today but in the next day they used to talk more than the present day.
Within a week i have started to heart on my home in her remembrance I had opened the parcel that my wife wrapped in her tears. She sent me a set of Bhutanese national dress. “What i can do with this dresses?” i thought. I didn’t open it instead directly i placed it into my briefcase; in the college paint and shirt were the dress code according to its ethical practice.
“Welcome to our African day” i saw the leaflet pasted on the college coconut trees. “African day..!! What is it?” i asked to my classmate friend who was with me.  He even doesn’t know that. Inside the class we asked for the provost. He said that it was the celebrities’ day inside the college. During that time they will show the different ethics and costumes of their own country. “Better go and watch that show” said the provost.  All had been eagerly waiting for the day to come.
It was Saturday night. It was like a cultural bonanza “pay and watch” we didn’t regret to be paid one-fifty rupees to get that ticket. The hall was nicely decorated with different wordings and painted with the beautiful colours. Every student from the Africa studying across the nearby colleges has also come to perform the arts.  The audience in the hall were jammed packed shouting to the approval words in all stages. After the cultural events we were served with the ceremonial dinner with the style of their own countries. We felt like we had reached in the real land of Africa somewhere in the middle of Congo or in the midst of Sahara desert.
“Ethnicity it is a national or racial group of people.” This world is made out of seven continents but one earth with different racial group of people. We follow our own beliefs and disbelief, we live in different morals. When we talks about belief, it’s all believes comes from the religion. The Muslim protects for the pig and Hindu for cow, two believes but they are both under the consideration of religion. All religions deserve respect from all kinds of people but not practices from all in one religion. All religions are the beauties of this world, source of knowledge and wisdom, and the way of living for followers. This world should not have to be one under the belief of one religion by all people either in Christen, Hindu, Islam or Buddhism.  We have moral right given by our forebears that called as ethics and our own right we have individual interest to follow our own interested religion. The College has a great cares and love to the all ethics and cultures of each and individual student coming from different countries. Garden City College does respect to what the student have through their mind, body and speech of the individual student realizing the best of who they are. At the same time college was also an affluent of many cultures and ethics coming from different countries which gives the environment for student to appreciate the beauty of our mother earth’s partition.
“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter” it is not only the beauties of this earth lies in the nature but also the fullest appreciation and distinguish rest in the hidden ethnicity and ethics in the undiscovered world of one’s step. The beams of radiant of those unheard melodies are shed out through the meeting of different people from different regions in one point, that point is the training institution or a group of learning residency. During their musing they expose their beauties in the course of learning together by the tender novices in this enigmatic the human race.
“Are you planning to celebrate the Bhutanese day? If you are finding lack of Bhutanese student in your college go to the intranet site “Bhutanese student at Bangalore” leave a post and your number you will definitely get friends. In your college go to the under graduate block you will find some Bhutanese students from there.” It was the message from my friend Zames. We were like in extreme side of the world but he knew all the events of the college as if he was at my college. Everything was done through the website and science has gone too far from human arts reach.
As his requested i went to the under graduate block to find some more Bhutanese friends. So far so now i had been like in blind world. I haven’t thought of Bhutanese students will be taking degree or other courses at the same college. When i did as per his requested i found many students from the same country. Some of them were pursuing degree on the scholarship offered by the college and others by their own.  I had requested their help in celebrating the Bhutanese day in the college and all of them had agreed to give their mutual aid with me for that celebration.
“Thank you Zames, yes we are going to celebrate this year, i got many friends from under graduate and missing your presence here with me.” I sent him a message as his reply.
Despite the international days, there was also a state day’s celebration within its nation in the college. It was during the North-East states day. There they revealed their own way of living to the audience and showed the dances and the cultures they based on in the northern India.  India is a rich cultural nation. Every state of its nation follow the different ways of living either originated from the religion or other sources. Each state has own state language and the dresses they wear. In all it makes the India rich of ethnicity. The days of different states and the countries were almost in the verge of completion. The friends were eagerly waiting for my country’s day. Bhutan is a unique country because of its ethnicity; i thought everything should be unique from all.  The preparations were been in very serious.
The wives are always wiser from their husband and they will be the secret backbone for the success of their husband. It is right, I had removed the cover of her wrapped dresses, and the gho (Bhutanese traditional dress for man) was the one she had woven for me in my absent with her love and when i wear it i felt as if I’m wearing magic brocade. It was really a nice gho to wear in such grand celebration. And she had written a piece of words on it. “Baby i know you will reject it if I tell you to take this gho in college. But i was told by Zames to weave it for you to wear in your Bhutanese day at your college. Make the day big celebrity in my name, love you baby.” Now after reading those words i was optimistic to take extra care for the day.
We got the chance to show the ethnics of our own country to the people of whole world with the small audience. The first ethic of my country was to see the good day before every work get starts and to end in the best day with concluding ceremonies. So we did in such practices. It was on Saturday corresponding with the first sermon of Lord Buddha. The programme was started by the welcome dance and end with the concluding dance. We had arranged it around five hours show and at last by eleven thirty we had served with the Bhutanese unique groceries. Of course the prominent one was ‘Ama Dhatse well-known Bhutanese cuisine, ‘Ama meaning chilli and Dhatse meaning cheese in Bhutanese language. Evidently the night was been on its unearthly night.
In such a cosmopolitan institute we got the opportunity to learn about other worlds at the same time we got the equal opportunities to teach them the world we were born into the practised. By this we had learnt to love what is around us and within us with cheering each other. Respecting others mean respecting your own soul. Respecting on the ethnicity that one brought up will builds the social relationship through appreciating the creativeness of our forebears. It gives the beauties of these worlds beyond your reach in your odysseys. Here the college accomplished the extreme philosophy of one earth, one nation and one people.
“Outstanding demonstration, keep it up. I missed my present on that day; i wish I’d have been with you.” The words took into the wings from Oxford to the Garden City College from my friend Zames. Every moment what i did in college Zames was the one who reach me comment all the times. He encouraged me to become in what i don’t dreamt.
“Truth is beauty” the entire thing entries in the ethnicity are the true expressions on the way of living of our armature forebear’s experimentation and passed to the endless generation on the wingless air travel in the bizarre cellar of human mind's eyes. It teaches the way of our grandparent has dwelled and in what way we have to live. No matter what distance you had covered during your odyssey, in what latitude you sleep and in which longitude you stand show your ethic from there one can respect your ethnicity. To illustrate take an example of great Buddhist philosopher from Tibet, Dali Lama. He travels a lot across this globe teaching the truth of Buddhism wearing his red long clothes and in every nook and cranny of this world he was known as a great teacher, philosopher from Tibet unfortunately the country is not in the name of world countries list with flying flag. For many Tibetan their country is not a home for them and people never dies in raising their voice for the very nation and for their culture, and for their home. Though the country is not in the proud to raise its flag their ethnicity rise above the head of every world, Tibetan are still as Tibetan in this world and their cultures and ethics are still in the ways practiced by their forebears stored in the imagination cellar and passing it through the various generation.  Wherever they go in this earth unless their ethics of being as Tibetan forgets from their mind they will remains as Tibetan only.
In such a widely recognised college every student coming from various countries with the dream of accomplishing their university education with glorifying result they had showcased their own country’s rich ethnicity which made every student like they had travelled to their country , coining Theodore Roosevelt “a man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car but if he has a university he may steal the whole rail way” likewise in the process of achieving their own dreams human have a habit of choosing the best to follow as their own way of ethics whichever they seemed easy. The work ethics and the ethics you follow are the two steps that clear the way of your sweat. Our human ethics are like our own fate, where and in which angle you go it will follow in our heart like your shadow. From my entire words mom told me the best from all, “Ubiquitously you take step by your legs remember you got ethnicity, on your ethnicity remember you have ethics, from your ethics remember your god. Gods are unseen but they will follow you because your breath is unseen, the winds are unseen but they will still be with your body.” I asked the number of questions to the toppers about the secret treasure of their achievement. The answers from the various achievers were almost same to the points. Every topper said that concentration in the classes, going beyond the classes and apart from the teacher’s notes in collecting the information.  Smart hard work, one have to do work thinking god of success is only “smart hard work”.  Believe on it, trust on it and have faith on it. All toppers helped me by the same answers.
It was one Sunday and was in college hostel. I woke up early in the morning from my usual time because i got some assignments to be done that day. I went to my friend’s room who was my room neighbour from Afghanistan to get the guide book. His door was kept opened and i went inside without any guilty on my heart and shouted his name. But he had woken before me; he had completed more work than me. I saw him praying with prostrating to the empty sky facing to the west direction. I didn’t disturb him and went back to my room. After some time he came to my room shouting my name. Then i asked him for the reason he had prostrated in the unfilled sky. What he said was, “it was my religion ethic of my ethnicity.” I had known him very well that he was following Islam religion and he used to go mosque in occasion wearing the white clothes over his body and with white hat. We talked for more than the hours and i got many unheard knowledge from him. He said that the Mecca was their holy place which is located on the western direction. Which for them word god is only one and that was how they believe. They will not believe on any figured god as per their religion believe, because that was his religion.
This world would have ever been the best place under the sun that never saw a mercy of blood if we don’t have the misunderstanding on the division of each religion and on its deep meaning. The news is growing so hot in the coverage of religion division and on its dislike and like. I wondered why human are feeling so uncomfortable on one religion. After all, all religions focus on the moral ethics. All religions are to protect human from awful doing, they protect us from evils deeds. Mosque of Muslim, church of Christian, temple of Hindu, and monastery of Buddhism are the “place of god” but without god. They are the place where mass can go and do prayers to each other, how louder we could pray or how silent we pray one will never meet with god. Human are wise, even wises enough to believe on something that doesn’t exist.  So what will the god do if none religious person can visit their temple? The one who are asking blessing from Allah, Jesus, and Buddha are all the human being. Praying gods means just for life and live. No matter who prayed on god but ultimate need was for the one that is for perfect living. It was one evening in one of my friends’ room. We were called for the dinner as friendship dinner. That time we were all most of all religions gathered that was the friendship we had. Among us it was the talk of religion of course, one of our lady friends picked up the topic of religion, asking doubt on me, her Buddhist friend. “Is there a word in Buddhism written to kill the human following other religion?”
I said in wonder, “who said?”
She was asking me because she saw the news of religion crisis going on those times in another country. I said her that as per the truth of Buddhism any action that hurts the other livings is known as sin. Buddhism talks about compassion and love for all living and it focus on peace sharing our pain with other creatures. Buddha as a founder of religion never told us to kill any living and by these however i made myself clear of what she has thought. At last i said her, “my prayers are for you and them and hope you forgive my religion name.”
In the church Christian are the dominion like in temple as Hindu and monastery for the Buddhism. What is the big deal if non-Christian can join in their singing? After all if we cut our blood and test it with the religions experiment trial it won’t be written with our fate as Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist on one’s blood. It is just a way of lives of each ethnicity with own consideration of ethics. All religions are equal and doing their best because it teaches the human ethics if they won’t all religions should burry underneath the four walls of safety-tank in the shit of innocent human. This world is ours and it is all belonging as said earlier, the day we come to this world we came free which mean world should be free. In the love of god now people hate each other, they when they started to be hatred they don’t realize all god will love all people in the same way however its blessing will be for the one who had accepted in more coin words.
Being on the cache world with enjoying the glimpse of each ethic from different ethnicity corresponding with it the classes were also been in the depth swing of its syllabus. The months of jollification had gone and the days gone on were all with the hardship glimpses on the beauties of this divided world. The time had shown the more opportunity cost to be for the studies but more than lesson the college haven’t neglected the beauties of hidden countries.  It was the green beauties of this world from the bunch of student from Nepal.  (It remembered me of my school days that i used to expand Nepal as Never Eat Potato At Lunch. It was during the time of serious outbreak of neuropathy at school, everyone suspected that outbreak was due of excessive consumption of potato. Those times we used to write “never eat potato at lunch” in a postcard size and paste every notice board in the school.) I went to watch their country’s beauties with my friends. The entry was full packed with the audience and everyone was enjoying. Due to some accommodation problem i went outside from the hall after short time. I was talking with one Nepalese stranger friend from outside college. We shared everything about one’s nationality and even covered on the different topics. The presentation was been superb and they had revealed their country as rich in cultures and traditions practices. They shared the beauties of small nation with beautiful outlooks from the small group they had got.
Everything that we saw from each presentation was all the due presentation of the ethics they followed.  We learnt the heart of earth in one corner and cherished each other in same moment. We respected with the heart of love and mind of appreciation with the acceptance of all beauties of this world. We encouraged each other on the one’s mind of defamation and valued the life together.
Now no more days and the favours were left with the fate of students other than the decision that decided when days opened with new day of schooling in one’s mind. We spent the best times of happiness with joining the hands of different colours together and learnt how to twirl the tongue in one accent under the same source while in college. All were busy with turning the pages of the book to and fro and it was what i did like others. While i was in class after the working hours of the college i was notified with one notice which needed my presence in the office in coming day. After seeing that notice i was in dilemma more over i was hatred to count the cups and trophies inside the office. Without taking dinner i went to sleep in my room. In the morning i went to college office as notified in the previous day. I met with the provost and he gave me a red envelop written on its cover with “from Oxford University.” I knew it by looking on its cover and opened it without doubt. I thought it was from Zames only. Yes, devoid of any doubt it was from Zames written with his own hand.
“Dear Sangay,
Before i say i miss you so much let me share something that we missed when we were young. Hope it won’t be so prolonging, though it take more time than your schedule hope you would bear on me. Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through very process of teaching and learning especially at the school or other similar institutions, at the same time it is a gadget of our human brain which helps to differentiate the very name of being human and animal in this mundane world. In short it is a process of processes which drives the human from animalism in the vast difference. Which means education is everything for educated man but i am sure it can’t fool the fooled human of this world, what I meant to say is educated man can’t fool the uneducated man, they has their own way of living and their belief. The cultures they follow are very different from what educated man has learnt.
This is my fifteenth years of schooling in various schools starting from my locale to the abroad country and today am on education, attending whole day on classes and spending whole night on studies, sacrificing the sleepiness of my eyes and taking the basic meaning of education and still on great suffering of education. I like the way I am but I hate the process of my way by listening to the current battles of educated youth at our country, “Unemployment is the burning issue”. For education I trust and truly I gained something what my parent had missed in their age, for my education my parents are wiping the tears of absent heart, afterwards by education we have to settle on the world of what our forebears had practiced which means by education we are driving to the land of where we borne. If our fate is on our parent’s farmland after education what is the use of making fate on fate by the process of education with great trust and investing much capital.
On education in suffering, on suffering in happiness, which means while studying we have to neglect all kinds of suffering thinking that the goal is to achieve everybody’s goal and after education while we are on our goals we neglect all kind of sufferings and difficulties it comes, thinking on the payment we get and definitely it is our happiness but what changed now it is not donkey’s ears where class eight can become chamberlain and lieutenant, today’s suffering for latest youth will be suffering forever and after educating ourselves and accumulating various certificates furthermore which means education really underestimated our cool livings.
Trusting on education we spoil our own happiness, though we are employed with good recruitment our happiness is on tip of our own rotating chair.  We don’t know when this rotating chair will break and lost our seat in job, today’s happiness is not tomorrow’s happiness rather than the certain sadness in uncertain elapses. When I say like these words with uncivilized groom of wisdom it is not I am jealous in our leader post but pity on their services, if they happen to lose their job after coming to village what they will eat and fill their children’s plate, to work under the scorching sun and heavy rain they don’t have buffalo’s skin to bear sun’s heats and cow’s skin to resist heavy rainfall, which means education spoiled them.
We are today’s student but tomorrow’s stray dog and they are today’s officer and tomorrow’s unemployed, which means education does not have any certainty in providing job for us rather than being a pillar to your career, only a pillar, in the more side our behaviour counts a lot. Don’t study education but study your values through value learn education; your education does not have any guarantee without your value and take pride of yourself and educate the prides you have.
Problem of youth unemployment will never be solved unless the leader of country is in the hand of youth and it will not solve unless your eyes change into blind. It is not only our problem it is futures too. Though you are employed your children are unemployed but there are chances that today’s unemployed will not be jobless throughout his life like today’s employed will not be in the service forever but keep faith on your culturally values and ethics.
Nevertheless when I say like these don’t stop your luckiest chance of studying thinking on uncertainty in education, your education is your third eye and at the same time never stops studying after your graduation those who does were considered as uneducated. Grit your teeth to compete with all the best you have and for the best you look. Education should be educated itself first and then only one should learn with its value. If you don’t mind in practicing some excellent words that needed your practical are the words come from “SPORTS”. We need ourselves to be involved in sports to keep ourselves healthy apart from the medical aids. Likewise in education to prove ourselves as an educated man in the unfilled society we should work hard along with the words “SPORTS” (seriousness, prayer, openness, revision, tenderness and spirit.) these words are like the chain following in full system each other.
Seriousness- is serious about your surrounding no time of sharing hocus-pocus was left after you knew the reason of why you are here. Be serious for the thing that you are doing and try to win your time into your character and by the emotional catalyst like interest it will work to your habit by employing the heart of love. We fail just because we never give interest on your work, we don’t have interest in the thing we do because we never take it seriously. Seriousness is the first step of your success. Both failing and passing are the results of your own hard working that you made it as fate. How you can ignore your fail result and cherish the pass one, it is unfair. You are failed not because of you are not intelligent, you are intelligent by birth but you are not wise, wise enough to use your intelligent however being wise come from the things that you do with serious love and care.
Prayer- it is not necessary for many people but I saw it as very important gadget in one’s life. The time had changed more than all other changes. The praying god is considered with the lowest fame of wastage of time. Every saga of the god had changed into the legend of hypocrisy. Believe in god, he is within your breathe and you are praying him for every moment of your breathe. We are made out of two body and soul by birth; one body and soul is that you and your neighbours can see with their naked eyes and another type is your imaginary body and soul.  That living is beyond the confession of our eyes but it will be always along with us. We do every important thing with our pure and definite decision as far as possible considering it as good. In the process of your decision you might have experienced the hidden living helping in your decision with the words, “do it or don’t do it”. It is created by your second thought of course but that is your second body and soul. Yes it is true that we can’t see god because there is no god at all, but it is within yourself again as we think more intellectually, you can feel it. Your body is the temple where your god dwells. Your mind is a god that dwells in your body and your speech is the words of god delivering from the temple so it has to be soft and productive that put other interest in your words. We have to pray not for the salvation but to remind us of some mistakes in our life. Geneses may argue on the orthodox believe of god existence and its miracle but god is really existing. Take an example of your breathe, when you take it in and then release it out and look what you can see when you breathe in and out, nothing but you felt something and that something you will consider as breath. God is like this. Pray for the god they will certainly help you by their almighty blessing, reminding you in good decision.
Openness- we believe this world is open and we have a right to face every direction we like to face. Freedom we have and we are free to free ourselves. Don’t be under the penury of darkness. Share the doubts that leak on your mind don’t be scared of dying and the one who kills your body rather than one who kills your soul. To live in this open mother earth with extreme happiness firstly we should be opened to yourself in your mind. Consider everything around you is like your teacher though they can’t fulfil the certain needs and criteria of the word. Being openness has an advantage of enjoying with the elevated thought of our own mind. If you desire to be others people open to you first you should make yourself open in the mind of others. Let the world love you, this love will make others to feel free with you. Let’s give children to consider you as the best brother, let your friends to consider you as best friend, let society to consider as paradigm from their community and let your parent to consider you as best son. Naturally this world will credit you with greatest happiness on your soul.  Believe the word best is superlative and whole world is trying on it. The best should not end before your body grave into different ashes.
Revision-it is the best step to keep touch with the work you had done, our brain need repeated touch on the same topic. Take a short time to review on the time you had spent and try to recollect the whole process of your works before you go to sleep. It will reveal the mistake you had done and correct for the future days with same mistake.
Tenderness- with the much love on the things we do, sometime we forget to take look at our own health. We will keep on studying for the whole night and day without rest because we love to study and we have interest to do that, but in the process of studying we forget to give our time in our own health because nothing seem important than the work we do. Take the example of pen, while we are writing we forget to check the ink of the pen, when ink is finish we will left our writing incomplete. Life is same like an illustration made by pen. Take the whole pen as human, its cover as body and ink as life. If we don’t care ourselves with good excises, food and health it is same as working to the result of fail.  Love yourself and be on the good name to enjoy the pins and needles of your own suffering.
Spirit- if you have spirit in your mind there is a strength in your body, if there is strength in your body there will be a way to your spirit. Remember the one who die in the battle are not coward, they die in the wheel of their will. Spirit should come from inside that no one can defeat you. No matter what will be the colour of the day or night if you have spirit to do what you do it is just a talk of first step. In the way if someone comes and ask you, what are you doing? Don’t answer it instead keep on pending. If someone comes and ask you, what are you making? Give them gist, let them to think. After you achieve your goal ask them back for the one who had asked you in your process. What did i make? What i had been doing? If you have spirit from your mind you will easily get the answer back from the person who asked you a question in any hour.
These are the ways to your goal. I love to write more but let us respect the time limit of each world. Don’t take it as an order, i wish it would help you with all love and care.
Your friend
When i completed reading his words of wisdom, i was left alone inside the class and took a long breath. Class was over and the only movement i saw inside the class were the sweepers around me waiting me to go out of the class. When i got out of the class the sun had already hidden over the crest of western hills and night was on the way to its unearthly hours gradually getting into its complete darkness.  I was not only the one to grasp the last words of college radio, along with me some bookworms were also been to accompany me in listening the last notice of the fresh day to starts in next day. Taking all my materials without in proper arranged i went to the college bus station to go my hostel. Let’s say “good night” to the night and “good morning” to the morning starting from the close friend to the enemy we have. This is your breaking ethics.

Chapter Seven
Intellectual Greenery                                                                                                                               “Good morning friends” with the best words of wishing and encouraging each other the day was started in the college hostel. “Room service sir” the call from the knocking door had awakened me from my fairy land of the dream. I woke up from my bed and directly went to the washroom to make myself spanking new. I was bit late to wake up but waiting outside the washroom for more than half hour for the last man to come out it made me further late. It was the week later from the reunion of college days after the vacation of year close examination. The college was in full swing of activities giving the new opportunities for each and every student to show their hidden talents.  For an old man like me it was just like a gazing panorama for the brightest star from the stars. Intelligent are not only those who does the best in academic or studies other than that it include how you brought up with your own talents. Hardworking make us in topper place and intelligent place us in wiser throne, after wards being wise is the wisest of life. Let me share a story of my friend Cega. He was from Congo, the African country, of course the son of chairman of his country. He was the overall talented student in the college. I asked him about his secret of being talented. It was somewhat guilty to ask their secret but what is matter if one can hear the keys to success from successful people. He shared me his whole story of tears and wears during his teenage. He wasn’t been talented by birth, he failed in grade five for three years. Then from that point he had discovered that he wasn’t good at studies and changed his interest towards drawing. He took separate class in drawing investing huge capital. He had given total of his time in drawing and but later he founded it was not a great deal to make life powerful and what he dreamt was to get the idea of artistic world by his drawing. Then he changed his mind towards games and sports. His parents were like his next soul, they agreed every step taken by their son, and he has invested his time on games and had been as school player in every school he studied. In college he was the college games commander. On the way to his career with interest some evils had discouraged him to enjoy with games miracle. His leg was broken while playing countries friendly match in Brazil. From that point he gave up football not in grass root level but can’t play for long duration like he used to be played. Next career was interested for music. He had started his career towards music from very early age. He was a good singer everyone in his influence had known that. Of course he was a Christian; singing in the church might have made him too wise to be singer. Discovering his interest in music he had started learning the musical instrument. With his strong dedication towards the arts he had learnt within six months and started to get famous in his country. In college he was the musician in those times. After discovering his talents in various fields he had again started his interest towards studies.  Where we were destined to meet and i met him in a zone of friendship.  You won’t believe me but i met with him. When i shared a whole story of Cega, it is not that i wanted to boost our friendship but wanted to say we fail in somewhere or elsewhere while discovering our own talents. We fail in discovering our next talents. God had created us with same talents everyone including from the physically challenged human, we are given with equal blessed of talents which will be mysterious unless we discover it with our own interest. Think what the purpose of breathing in your breath is; the answer is to breathe out, at the same time what is the purpose of breathing out of your breath, to breathe in right? By these two purposes it gives your soul to make the purpose of your own life. If i ask you short question, what is the purpose of your life? To this question i had vividly remembered my friend saying me the purpose of this life, “To make peace and to die in peace.” Is it enough for you? If i am philosopher i should have directly told you “no, it is not enough.” Once you were born in this world, you have to think the purpose of your life into three purposes; the first for your life, life should be purpose for yourself. The second one is after knowing your own purpose of your life you have to make purpose for your parents and the last one is the purpose to this earth.
Place your right hand on -your left chest and keep on it for at least for two seconds then check your heart beats. Is it beating? It shows you have purpose on your life. God is keeping faith with you all the time. From many expectations on your life from entire world the one you should keep in mind is that god wanted you to take in his home at seventh heaven. So he is expecting from you to do some good things in your life. The first purpose of your life is to yourself. In the first breathing of this life we breathe the air with naked body, we came this world in naked, world has seen what you are trying to hide from your body. They have seen your secret relics, its sizes, its length and its power. To the things that were seen by god they gave their own blessing to each sense. Eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell and leg to move.  God had seen you first than ever, even from your mother. On us he blessed us with certain life expectancy and gave many talents to be discovered from the day when you are grown enough. So the first purpose of your life is for yourself. Try to discover the talents you have and make yourself into what the world had expected to be on you. To help others first you should help yourself. The next two purposes come from claiming on your first purpose.
Let me ask you some practical game here, close your eyes for fewer three minutes think on your life who gave this space to you? Who gave you home? Who cleaned your first shit? Who had placed the first hand on your forehead when you were sick? And who covered your naked body first? These were all done by our parents for us. Could there have been any blade of grass under the sun that never touches the morning dews by its pearly tip of a leaf? Likewise if we take it into the possibility of our thought, could there have been any child who had never been in their mother’s womb and breathing alive? I failed to account for that majesty in the prayer of gratitude to our parents. The second purpose of your life is for your parents.   You are purposefully brought into this world by your parent as a one from their desires. You are indebted for your parent not only for your lives but also for teaching what is good to practice and bad to shun. We love parent as much as we do but let me ask you a question, who will you save first if your dad and mom are drown on the river? If you go first for your father, your mother had been suffering from your pain since nine months. For your sake she had sacrificed her life. She had never scared for her doom looking for your living. Now she is only asking you small help from you to take her out from the water. But in the process of your love to your mom if you are late by second your father will die. Your father is equally important. He created on you a space to live save but in safer world, he had given you whatever you wanted and sacrificed many things for your wellbeing. For me i can definitely go for my mother because i have only her, in your case it should not be like this, your father and mother are equal of course for motherless answer will be father. I asked same question to my friend Marry, what she said was she will go for the nearest one to her. That was the unexpected answer from her on the expected answer.   Serving the purpose of your parent means being a true child of their heart. I remembered in my school days i used to ask my friends what they wanted to do in their lives. The answers were all to become engineer, doctor, lawyer and Architecture, some with the answer of serving the country. All were with big dream from dreams but sadly nobody had written “I wanted to serve my parents.” A donkey ears had passed with leaving the sterling epitome to us and ours following years should be passed by gratifying our forebear parents, but everything got changed in the sporadic times. Now the day has come for us to think on the days about which nobody should ever worry these are the days of yesterday and tomorrow. The old man in my house with my baby on his back is my father or babysitter? The time to ask question have come for us.  Anyway this is a common practices of this world, which is keeping our parents as a babysitter, by this it shows the care towards our parents when we are with great happiness. When the father and mother of a child enjoy, the grandfather of a child should put up with his loud and noisy crying in spite of all he should also tolerate with the squander of the grandson which is beyond the expectation of our living culture. Now should we think that our babysitter is our father or babysitter? Purpose of serving your parent is going like serving us by our parent.
And the last purpose of our life is purpose for this world or to this earth. This earth is not the permanent place for us to dwell forever. When we decease from this world as a tribute of thankfulness to her we should leave something, something that world can find difficult to defame your name. This earth is gone incredible like permanent place for devils and evils that has a potentiality in their life expectancy to expand life more than the thousand years. The one who love for peace and make peace has a different world to stay for permanently that is on seventh heaven. In the temporary settlement of this body on earth we have started to construct what shape we like and wanted to be made. We love to build tall building but forget to think why we need it to be constructed; no doubt one can continue for their family prestige.  To think carefully on it when we build any building or construction we are building it for the devils to be saved from their enemy. To exemplify, take an example of any hunted house or building near to you. After the few years of consecration ceremony of the house when it get old and lack in maintenance nobody will stay in that house after that devils will take the ownership and starts to influence the nearest one  with their harming spirit. If we take something in credit from shop the shopkeeper has a right to ask you the payment after some gaps likewise this world has a right to ask you what you did left for this world. Our life is like living in full of credit to this world that we have to clear this due when you leave this world. God gives you what you want through his blessing. So the purpose of life to this world means making this world ever preeminent place to dwell during the unpredicted lines of growing future.  You alone can’t change this world and if you desire to be changed we need the hands of leaders, friends and every people joining together. To bring all those people in one place it is another great difficult but not an impossible, we can do it within short period of time, only through the tag of all your friends to friends. First you have to convince your friends and by friends to other friends. After including all your friends between the friend one who started convincing, the link of first friend and who ended it will be friend though they are unknown to each other but through friend to friends. All unknown friends will become friends: adding friends to friends, at last president of United State America will be your friend, which is the power of friendship. So friends can work together and so let’s work together sharing our own ideology in changing this people for better change in this world.
“Come on boy... who will be the best debater from our class to represent the college with other colleges?” department professor came in my desk and asked me as if i was the leader of the class.
“Let him do sir, i found some specialities in his beauties.” Marry stood up and poked on my name.
When someone trusts us why we can’t help them, giving trust to someone is too dangerous and too hard as compared to doing onto what they had expected. If you have someone to trust you don’t ruin their trust, do what they wanted you to do, they wanted you to do their work only because they trust you more. I was in full of panic on their seldom hope. I went and i won the medal of best debater. Next event was the result day of first year exams. Everyone was with fast and high beats of their heart i knew from their stammered vocal as if their paper was written by someone. I went to the department to collect my result first from all my mates.
“Congratulation Sangay” then followed by the handshake with professor. “You did the best, keep it up; you are the elite of our department.” He gave my result. I was rewarded with the special scheme of scholarship from the college. The College have a policy of taking and giving the opportunities for the best academic toppers from the various countries and some support for the unprivileged background students who desire to continue their education. By these it helped in humanizing the society of our minds in different fields.
To be remembered from my unforgettable college day, it was during the fresher’s day. All were made to introduce our own details taking us in stage. What i did was all unique. I went on the stage when turn favoured me. I shared my name and other details too what other shared but the different was on my hobby. I shared my hobby as “Counting Vehicles” in front of the jammed packed audience. You might be committed to your memory if you were my batch. Everyone started laughing inside the hall. I was the hero of zero eyes. From the next day onward i was always with the question of my hobby from my listener but always dyed-in-the-wool myself to reveal the answer in public one day. That most awaiting one day is in the present day with the auspicious day of the best zodiacs significant after you reach here reading this book . Let me share my most demanded answer. Hobby, it is something that we love to use as a time pass in our free time.  What is your hobby? Will there be someone whose hobby is counting cars? I wondered. It will only happen as a fool dreams to stupid man and from the cache of their wise intellectual brain.  On that hobby i took more than a week to arrange on it and it was the hobby of more intellectual ripples. Vehicles show the era of development if we look upon the past few years. I was from one of the highly conservative countries in this world and with my conformist attitude. I don’t know how i said it as i was nervous that time; the only i knew was i said it to the public knowingly and purposefully.  The counting Vehicle to me means desire on my heart to go deep with development places and their cultures. It shows the tendency and curiosity of penny mind of orthodox style in erudition of new things with new believes.
Being on the sweetness of every new day we forgot to count on the most awaiting day from the first light of the college uniformity. “The Farewell Day”, every student and practitioner during their first day of the dream day they dream for twilight day of their dream while in schooling. Nobody will find the despondency place than the first day of new place in one life. I saw two years as a long gap of departure between me and my known people, i didn’t like to stay in the current of missing someone but nothing lasted so long than the life of this earth. “Today is the farewell day” i received the message from my friend Marry.   No sooner did i read the message i went to my place to get my dress changed.
It was five o’clock at evening. Everyone at the college campus was busy taking the snaps with their beloved one. That hour the day was presented by the many high officials of the country. When i was been finding for some friends i saw Cega, looking for someone until he met with me.
“Sangay I am looking for you, you are asked to meet with our department professor.”
“Why?” i said. He also doesn’t know what the reason was. Accompanied with him i went to the respective department.
“Come in Sangay” ordered by the professor.
“What i did wrong sir?” i asked him. “Don’t worry my boy, i want you to deliver the farewell speech today, can you do that as my favour?”
I was with negative response to my professor inside the core of my mind but i could not reveal it out as it was the disrespect reply for the trust of my peerless teacher instead i said, “I will do sir, thanks for your offer.”
Then i went to prepare for the opportunity i got. After two hours i came on the stage of thousand students and distinguish officials to deliver a speech. Everyone in the floor started to cheer with their cache meaning words. I was like hero with cherishing words from the hall full audience. I was like richest of all mates wearing the expensive suit which cost more than the five thousand US dollar. I was like great orator speaking with many senior citizens. After all i was also like the poorest person wearing the dresses of what other gifted me during my celebrities. From these many gifts someone might have thought one on me. Thinking on it i was speechless for some few minutes on the stage and when i came to knew it i was with all categories people ‘so i must not defame my soul’, it was my only thought that i elevated in my mind.
“Good evening my dearest wisher” started with the words of my freedom.
“I wish if i have one more year to study in the same college. This date was the most awaiting date in one’s schooling life and now it is here with us, but the question is how did we reach today? We don’t know how because we were all engaged in full activities of the college. When we are engaged in all the activities with full interest we fail to check our time, no matter how the time is the greatest enemy for the celebrities. When we first come into the Garden City College we were all innocent of our young curiosities mind and of its immature decision even though we had a great dream about our vogue future. We weren’t sure of what we were going to learn and encounter in these distance years. Thanks to the peerless teachers who led us and equipped us with profuse knowledge and values. Thanks to all encouraging friends who accompanied each other throughout the years with bitter and sweet memories. When we think about events this college represents us with our young and immature mind with its process of humanizing days, to think on it, it will give us the most wonderful days and times of our existence. From then onwards it is a time for us to equally spread our wings of education and chase on our own dreams and ambitions. Remember always, this world have only two kinds of people, “good and bad”. A good person does good and bad with bad deeds. You are the always expected to be good and hopefully you were registered to be good with your education and investment made on it. World is looking on each and every encounter with us. So before we go apart from our friendship lets think we are friends and say world is round.” Everybody started to wipe tears not because of my delivery supremacy or sweetness on it of its beauties but by the current of exodus from the ring of friendship.  Marry was the first girl to wipe the tears in front of my eyes. Enjoying the remaining hours for some minutes i went back to hostel.
“I was listening on your farewell speech it was really a fabulous performance. But i am so sorry to bother you i want to know more on Good and bad people.” It was the message from Mr. Zames again.
We are human, we are people, human or people it is same we are intellectual because we know how to reason out the question of how, we know how to think, we know about our own suffering and its causes and lastly we can go in common goal as one. In this world if we think intellectually we are only of one kind from two types of divisions, colour of our body doesn’t matter in what we do. Be it black or white we are same with the same heart of feeling neither the purple colour one with will not make the difference in feelings of godly heart. All of us under our clothes we have the weary heart to feel sympathy in the absent of god. Good and bad are the same components to the god and devils. A good person keeps on doing good and bad with bad. God and devils are the only two unseen souls living with human being in the identical realm. Likewise good people deals with the relationship of god and bad with the devils. We never realise the pain of other lives with our pain and we never cheer the happiness of others with our own. To do good one doesn’t need to be strong, rich and poor, a simple feeling of affection from our heart can make you change. Likewise to become the right son of god one doesn’t need to be from privilege background. For short and fast understanding Sogyal Rimpoche told us the best, “If you can’t help them at least don’t harm them.”
Did i mention you about the right son of god?
Yes i mentioned you about Right son of god. Being right son of god means getting closer to the kingdom of god with ‘their perfection’ within us. But how we can become right son of god? It is very simple phenomenon that we can achieve through the simple godly deeds. If you think intellectually help first to the nearest one to you then they will come to help you. Let me share you something about the ‘their perfection’. Here ‘their’ refers to the god and the word perfection can be understood as a habit they adopted, the character they have and after all gods are no more the figure of imagination so imagine how great they are in saving the lives of our lives.  For god we are his Right son but by our deeds we fail to make a way to his kingdom.
“Switch off the light boys” shouted by the hostel security. The night had already entered into its unearthly darkness. Not lately it was my time of bed.
The two years of my education freelance was completed within its waged but something had shortened my gaps, not the physical features but the imaginary elevation of sudden joy and the pang while in college disturbed my thought of irk. The emotion swollen out was different from the day i stepped into this place. I woke up earlier from all mates and started packing my luggage. It was the last day to be together in the ring of friendship with my friends. We had arranged the evening gathering inside the hostel among the friends to create some memories and really it was the interesting night. We drank the liquid of high content of alcohol that gave us the tipsy balance to dance in our own world. From all i was the first person to take the journey of departure as early from the break of dawn. Now everything was the story of real life that i experienced and that left with me after two years from the Indian education. Zames was not wrong in his words and he never gave me a space of regret after two years of my career in Indian college.
It was in my house back from the college. I was surrounded by my two daughters from both sides.  It was at evening hours of course after the dinner while we were at dining table listening to the news. Sometimes in some moment i missed the moments of my college days. Now it was the news hours the room started to be silent, a pin drop silent as usual. “Youth Unemployment” was the headline in the news bulletin. The more number of youth were educated with more than fifteen years of schooling but the more number of youth were left unemployed yet. What was that irony? I have completed my post graduate degree very recently in the hope of good employment. My parent had invested a lot on my schoolings thinking i will have better future than theirs. Will my parent agree when i stay as unemployed? Completing certain grade in education was been my greatest regret. I don’t know how far this regret has lasted with me.
It was at one evening the beat of drum from the speaker gradually rose into the hard music. A piano joined in, running softly with the resonance of the hard drum. My room was full of visitors, and coincidently we were all family members. Both the parents of the couple {me and my wife} were presented and my presence was been essential for them. It was the most lovable night we had after as long time of exodus from the family. We had prepared special dinner with the special drinks and it was the time to do cheers with the drink. By the time i had received the call from my friend Zames, who was in Oxford University. “I am coming tomorrow. Hope we will meet once.” He said. Next morning i directly went to pick him up at airport with my wife. Now we were in two numbers who had completed post graduate very recently and added in unemployed citizen number very lately. We went directly to my residence and in the same time we had decided to take new recruitment in the same department.  I was talking with my friend Zames in my guest room and in sudden my wife had shouted me, “Sangay it is now news hours.” We have a habit of listening news every day in the evening hour before we go to the respective bed. It was one of the families meeting hours too, every family or the house member {be it guest or kids} should listen news at least for the top most stories of the day. It was my wife practiced made into unavoidable practice in the house every evening. I reveal that it was the good practice that helps the whole family to keep in contact with the latest scenario of this world. Finishing with the world news we took the glimpse of the country’s news in headlines. “Youth unemployment problem” it was still the burning issue of the conservative country.
I asked Zames who was near to me, “What do you think the most prominent source of youth unemployment?”
He replied, “How do i know let find together.”
After the news hours we went to the respective bed. I was thinking on it and more i thought the more i found the questions coming like a shooting arrow in my mind without solution. I could not give a time to my wife to make ourselves warm of winter season instead the mind was fully disturbed by the news i heard in the evening. She tried her best to bring me in her passion and was useless. The heat that was between her legs was just a heat i hated to be that night. The more i think i had a question of family. What they will think of me? How a can care my family if i left unemployed? Such questions were new in my mind, the mind once which was been employed. That wasn’t the question when i leave my job two years back and i went for better education with thinking i would get better job. The hope i had given was the hope that was not in the hope list.
It was the morning hours and Zames was the first to speak me. He said, “I got the answer on your yesterday’s question.”
“What?” i was confused about his topic instead i said, “Which question you are talking about Zames?”
“The one you asked me about the causes of youth unemployment.” After remanding me of my words i remembered what topic he was talking about.  Then i asked him back, “how? Could you mind me to share some of your believes?”
“Youth unemployment will continuously be the whole world problem. That is also literary problem. Which means it will never come to an end unless you get employed. Actually it is not the country’s problem but the individual problem one should remember. If we talk about the youth unemployment in the country’s level it is only an economic problem which can affect only very little in some average calculation of the economy other than that individual youth should be employed ourselves in unemployed state. No life is created unemployed by birth if it is so god has done bias on our life. We are all employed because we have something to engage ourselves with fruitful activities everywhere we go and in each new dawn we experience. The main cause of youth unemployment is because youth don’t know how to use their small time that they have. They don’t know the value of happiness in the conservative areas. We have to show them.” With the answer he also gave some responsibilities to me in reducing the flaming alarm of youth unemployment in the country. But the question rose was, “What we can show them?”
“Don’t worry i am with you, i will show you but you should agree with me. Both of us will be social reformer.”
“What is social reformer?” i asked him back.
“The problem of unemployment had shaken the whole country into an economic problem. People seemed to weigh less on education. Let’s try to change this country’s youth and teach them with some lessons that help during their unemployment progress. We will go to some selected states and show them an example of worthwhile living. Education is not only that deals with getting job it also counts the way how you are living.”
Instead of saying what he had expected from me i was lost for some minutes thinking on his planned. However i had agreed to join with him. It was really a good idea inside Zames that touches my heart to lend a hand with him.  By these times we had been sure of going but sooner or later were yet not decided.

Chapter Eight
Moral Greenery                                                                
Once upon a time not even a long, long ago because history has brought us to too close to know what has been in olden years and science is showing us what will our future will be after some decades of years from now. The world has been totally different from what we are seeing now. Rich of being itself  as mother earth, with tick environment, rich deposit of goal and other minerals, clean and fresh air to breath. These are the nostalgia of our age from the history we read and have a wonder from the science we believe. From the day we believe that earth supported life the living has come but not known the meaning of life, eating what was in front them, slept wherever the big stones and trees they met and travelling without destination. Gradually taking a much time in civilizing they got civilized and took the era of civilization. Building home, using land for cultivation and making empire. Then the life came to live with meaning. But that wasn’t enough for living and religion came and gods were mistaken to human. Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad who were known to be gods for us but as we think deeply they were human like ordinary living but we have mistaken them into god. They were just a moral people and the founder of the religion believing themselves in god was there. They founded religion to create us into moral living with their ideology of living with other interest. But their living ideology doesn’t save us from being moral person. World is now polluted with without fresh air to breath, without clean space to live without pure water to drink, without good neighbour to trust. These are our world. We think of changing world into good place and we do put into action of it. Global warming, terrorist, and pollution were the main issues that makes life difficult to live and on it the more intelligentsia are coming with the best idea of protecting our world. We are seeing every step of making world better than we live for our future generation that is a love for our future. In spite of unending effort on it the changes we see are very less even in the quantity of very hard to feel the change from the effort they made to make this world better, they are changing world but not a people. We can’t see the change because world never change, if there is no living beings in earth this world would have been as same as of first date of its life. World is not changing but human force made it to change.  We will never make this world better place if we focus on the earth to change by our force, but if we pay a penny time in changing people world become on the dream of best people. This world has both good and bad people. Good people do good thing and bad people spoils the image of good. More important we should see to change this world is to change the people around you. “Moral person involves not just knowing what is right but choosing it as well.” Changes of this world depend in whole cooperation but it will starts from individual interest to step forward in changing this world in what we have dreamt because changes of our own life lay in our own step. Without the initiative of one whole cannot be one in a single group. But to get a moral leader, who can take initiative of uncountable trust? It is very thorny to find unless one take the initiative willingly.  It was the month of October. The winter breeze has already started to give its frosty winds and the sky had started to fall with the frozen snow starting from the doorstep of every house.  The whole societies of the northern hemisphere were with fire pot inside the house with its flaming fire for twenty-four hours. All loved to be as nearest as to the fire place. Despite the harshness of nature beauties we had started our journey inside the opened windowpane bus, me and Zames, heading for the same goal as a Social reformer to the undefined goal of our destination. Being employed at our own village was our theme, of course the self employment. After three days of continuous journey on the way we reached to our destination where i saw many people eagerly taking the glimpse of new face with strange looks. To judge them they were the local drop out students yet unemployed registered in the society simply with the name of educated citizen with their bona fide graduated certificate. Once reaching at our destination we were empathically encouraged to do what we were supposed to do with great love on it.
I went to forest nearby after reaching there to collect some firewood to keep my friend warm out of fire in long winter night. However i was accompanied by one young local unknown friend. We went finding for some more firewood in deep of the jungle and after getting into our load lately we reached back to our encampment place. I didn’t allow my stranger to go home counting for his kind hearted and helping mind with me in collecting the fire wood. “Don’t go my dear boy you will feel cold i think you don’t have fire wood in your house.” We were three that time.  I felt something different when i was with him and i started to ask him on his education milieu.
“When you have completed your degree?”
“He answered me, “what you want to do with?”
“Why do you think i am asking you?” i replied him.
“This is none of your business sir, i am here to keep you two warm” replying with this he went to make fire bigger than the existing one. I was eager to know him and it was after our dinner time. Three of us were near the fire pot protecting ourselves from the cold winter again started with the remaining words of pervious topic.
“If it is not my business then why you are here” again i asked him.
“If you ask me to go also i will never go now.”
“Then answer me” I said.
“Two years back. Are you satisfied with that?” he enquired me.
“No. Why i should be without your name and details? What is your good name?”
“My name is Robin; i have completed my degree from Bangkok, under Thailand University.  I was one of the scholarship students during our time and now i am unemployed not officially but i am interested to be like that and working for my own dream.”
“Then tell me your dream?”
“What you can do with my dream? I don’t a have habit of sharing my dream unless I achieve it.”
“If you need other hands on achieving your dream don’t you think my hands are clean and strong enough to help you?” I showed my hand to him.
“It is not that my dream can be achieved by clean and strong hands though i need the help. But what is your dream?” he asked me back.
“Why i am here this is my dream”
“That is my dream too but for the homeless people like me.”
“What it meant? Are you really homeless?”
He stammered.
“I am from divorced background. I was taken cared by my only mother and step-father from my very early age. At the age of eighteen i met with my blood father and from that era everything i got changed. I was proud to call upon my father name in my school very proudly with my mates and trusting on him beyond my step-father i respected him for everything. Later when i struggled in the middle of my university education abroad i lost my hope of father on him. He never turned me as his son and i lost the meaning of dad in far region when he refused to face on my problem as father when other father did on it.”
“What problem was it been?” i asked him.
“Love and care what other father did on their son. Now i am planning to help those homeless people with my love and care. I want to build orphanage house for the orphan and want to be the father for them. Are you really satisfied now?”
“I am not satisfied unless i can help you to bring your dream alive. Let’s work together from here.”
But the resources had been very limited for us sadistically, if we prolong too long on month there will be a chances of seepage of resource shortage, both of us were interested candidates without the help of any agent or department. So we had decided to spend at least for three months by our own at our interest.  After reaching there we had started to notify the people about our planned.
The life of very conservative tradition in the village was one of the most excellence practices following from the undated ancestors. The village was located in the middle of the four walls made by the Himalayan Mountains. When i gave more time in taking the breath of great beauties of those natures it seemed like the safest place to dwell without the threat of youth revolution and science advancement. Whole people of the community were very cooperative to each other and i experienced the life of unearthed lives in a small community with the countable number of houses and people dwelling on it. Not much influenced by urban costume and styles. What they were of what they were from their forebears age.  It was in one evening when the day we reached there. Almost all the house wives of the village had come with the bucketful of their traditional alcohol which was the tradition of their village in receiving the guest. It was the strange culture but which had been in practiced from undated human evolution. In town in modern world, in the place we live hardly we do that. Despite making the meeting with our own neighbours with dinner and other formalities we hardly talk with them, we hardly know who is living next our door.  These are the change, change that is beyond our interest.
Happiness is in the city and was overwhelmed by the sense of our own business, pride of wealth and ego of our own prestige. It is true that we go to moon and come back, climb the mountain Everest and get explore to poles but not visited the room of our next door. We know nothing but we know everything and we never concern of it too. We are the selfish living with the evils mind rooted in human bodies.
It was the first day of the process of our programme; we had met with the local leader of the community and asked him to help us with gathering his subjects. His helped was unforgettable.  Within the few turning hand of a minute he had called whole energetic men of the community as if we had asked him for soldiers for military training however we were glad to see the innocent mind of young and energetic people. That time we had shared only the theory and philosophy of the plan. All people were ready to do contribution for us.
During the estimated courses of uncounted months in our planned, we had done with our result beyond the words of our expectation and the trust. We had illustrated the life of villagers as a free life without the tension of any flaw. We had compared their life as peaceful denizens, the comparatively peaceful from all.
What do you think about the farmers’ life in the employment realm? Are they employed or unemployed? So far so gone, we considered the life of simple farmer as a jobless and they are poor but in the deep reality of this world the greatest position of the job is Farmer. Farmer is not a name of low prestige they are like the king of all employment.  They have freedom to do thing what they like. They have a freedom to make their life free whenever they do need to be free. Now who are they? Do they have a right to be called as unemployed citizens?
This life is not compulsory describe to make it into the good living by education and its best job.  We have more sides than education.  Trusting on education we had spoiled our own happiness, though we are employed with good recruitment our happiness is on tip of our own rotating chair.  We don’t know when the rotating chair will break and lost the seat in job. Our today’s happiness is not tomorrow’s happiness except than the certain sadness in uncertain date. When I say like that it is not I am jealous in our leader post but pity on their services, if they happen to lose their job after coming to village what they will eat and fill their children’s plate, to work under scorching sun and heavy rain they don’t have elephant’s skin to bear sun’s heats and cow’s skin to resist the heavy rain, which means education spoiled them.
That was the phrase i used to tell my uncle sometimes in informal meeting when i was the student, “I am student but tomorrow’s stray dog and you are officer but tomorrow’s unemployed”, which means education does not have any certainty rather than being a mainstay to your career, only a pillar, in the more side our behaviour counts lot. Don’t study education but study your values through value learn education; your education does not have any guarantee with date to provide you job but it is sure you will get one day if you wait with patience because you have qualification. During these gaps what you can do? Your life is in your control. Like a game of play station. To run or to jump its full control lies in your hand and you lose or you win it depends on the choice you took in a jump or run. But remember winning is always your life slogan in all games, indeed in your life too.
The life style of the present youth is fairly distinguished from the past two decades. Everyone as a student wanted to become what toppers of the class wanted to be.  The dullest student in the class has his dream to become engineer when he fails to achieve it the track of his life will diverge to the darkness of this life under the smoke of marijuana thinking that he got nothing to do. Once we are educated we are dependent very much on it, i believe. But it is nothing for those who failed in their dream because they have their own fate written with unseen words.  As a community we fail to educate our society with oral education to our youth. Villages are seen so far in the mind of present youth.
Bing with the common life of the society, we had forgotten to count the months of our interest. The long three months were over and still we wanted to work more and extend our hands for such programme and to the infinitum. When i was thinking about the extension of our own budget and plan my friend Zames was taken to the capital by the government official. I was scared too when he was dismissed from my friendship. After one week he came back with beg full of smile on his face. The reason was we got some support from the central government.  From that day onwards the sweat of hardship was veiled by the piece of happiness on his face.
We work as a social reformer for more than a year and we loved to continue it as long as we breathe on this life but nothing came what we had planned. After the day Zames and i were recognised with some country’s special prize of “The Happiness” we had experienced some tough schedule in every hours that discouraged us to love what we had loved in together.
It was a year after my graduation, when the abstract of mind has always been into the life of college days. Missing friends and missing everything on the events of schooling. I was really missing on my college days, moreover my time with the people of those areas. Who will be the living in this world that never misses his gone days? On it, with the greatest tears of pang i log in to my Facebook and in the Garden City College page i saw a photo of the institution’s chairman with the caption “proud to be GCC”. I read the lines of it and it was the proud of the receiving the prestigious Aryabatta Award for his contribution in the field of higher education. He was the great example of the moral greenery in the doom of college and that guide his students to the leader’s track with the maximum time sharing with the students in the time of his needed, furthermore he was the patron member of the prestigious Red Cross Society and by his untiring efforts on education has led to tie-up with the several countries in one goal by the student exchange programme which shows the world to realizes that the “greatness is in our own hand”.  For me being the part of gardenia was my right chosen journey of the life of competition.
The situation of the country was in crucial point. Every village was filled with the postcard of the different candidates starting from the trees to the electric pole. The government was being ruled by the interim government. The election was almost been near to its voting. Zames and i were in the remote area of the country with conservative living styles with its people.
It was during the time of social service ‘the mass cleaning of the community’. We had started it from the break of dawn and ended at last late hours of the day. I was totally tried with playing with my aged body. After taking bath directly i went to bed without any programme beyond it. I wanted to sleep as if i am going to die tomorrow and i planned to do what i wanted to do but calls from my wife and daughters didn’t let me to sleep well for whole night. She got some visitors in my name who wanted me to join their politician party.  I was thinking whole night on it.
I shared it to my friend and he insisted me to take my journey towards it. I discussed with the people of my community and every people were thinking on same topic before me. They all wanted me to be their trusted candidate and as they encouraged me i had agreed to be on their right thumb.  Later on Zames parent also got the same visitors of my wife but his parent’s visitors were asking him to be their president. Both Zames and i were on same party. The day had started as normal as earlier. But the action of every people has been different. The day was the Election Day the day where all the shops were close, a day without meeting and the offices closed for the “fairness” on the election of new government. From the crack of dawn people had started to get dress up for the election. As they come back from the election ground i saw their thumb finger with black running line form south to north which shows they had voted their vote. The election hours started from morning eight to the five evening. After five they had declared the result, Zames and me both elected as a ruling party for the new government. Now Zames was the new prime minister of the small country, and i was elected as a minister of education. I was providential.
The first achievement that we made after the election was the dream of Zames.  Many homeless people were made into the happiest family. Many uneducated were educated and from the world of tourism the country was known for the last Shangri-La in the world from every nook and cranny of this world measuring the happiness of this country by the happiness of the people and that it was.
As i sit on my chair and whenever i think back on it from now i have still left with one cheer that is for Garden City College. In Garden City College the emphasis was given on individual life in creating the moral leader in every society after the completion of their careers in college and as they promised they had made me into capable leader after my two years. So if you want to go green in your life please never fail to choose the college of your choice, a garden of greenery and a garden of where the brilliant species of flowers are enjoying the process of greening their lives.

This was the story of two friends. The friends weren’t by the childhood loved but met by a vacant of the chair in office and it was a story written by a friend to friend and also a story of tears without education. Whenever they talked about the gone days after their duty of politicians their talks brought them a loud laughter and the encouragement to save people along with this world. Sometimes i think as an author as i authored this book, fiction can really change the way of thousand livings, If that was the power of any fiction might the pain of this world fulfil my desire of helping people to change along with the world.