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The Last Love


What is “love affairs?”                                                                                                             
What is love? According to the Cambridge dictionary it is, “to like something very much”. From here we can get a clear cut meaning of love, which means it is a sensational feeling from the heart of all living beings despite its realm, develop through the expression. Basically love develops from the very beginning of our life from the home itself, but it cannot be considered as love affairs. We love mother, father, sister and brother but this love is not other than the bond of family reason by the feeling of love and cares within the realm of brotherhood. But when we talks about the matter of love affairs, it is a noun which mean it can be something, someone or a name. According to the Cambridge dictionary, love affairs it is “a romantic and sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other.” These meaning can be applied to the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend of the modern days.                   
When I bring the “love” as my subject matter, I know you will not like to read anymore beyond its’ topic, and more over you all might be having the excess wits on love affairs, because it is the rooted theme on your heart from very early from the beginning of your schooling with your friends.  Ere I get into the main focus, shall I ask you with several questions to be answered silently? If am permitted, then, since now to how many girls or boys you had fallen in love? What is the rank of your present lover? How many girls or boys you had proposed but got rejected? And do you know why all these happened to you and other unprivileged human? These are the common phenomenon of the living beings, to love, to hate and to hurt our own environment. Love affairs, the relationship of the romantic youth but aged too. First develop with the love and by time it will turn to the later word “affairs” happened in well design manner by their great hard works of sensation. Love to see your romance world when you are in partner-dance and walks. But do you know who is acting as the catalyst in your metabolism affairs and how it process? When I toss these questions, another topic of lord cupid should be our obligatory area to be discussed.
Love and love affairs are different subject often we get confuse, but when we go deep thinking in these two words one can just act as a surface meaning of feeling and later one will bring the real meaning of love with your affairs. “Love is blind” many used to say but love is not blind rather than the love affair is blind. We often used to lost or worsen our relation with the realm of brotherhood taking to the extreme possibilities of ending the contact with our brother, sister or other by the small matter of inconveniences, in these case do u consider love is blind? But the later one, your love with your lover, where the world will be owned by your romance seems you are the flawless person selected from the human. Where definitely, your love affairs will be blinded across your relationship is strong.
When the marriage is happen through the strong sensation of love, in the middle of their lives you might have experienced or heard the stories of divorce case. So, to this reaction do you have any idea? Or you can consider as our fate? No choice if you do not have perfect wits of romance, love and love affairs to choose one soon or later. This is happening just to one man or unseen man plan in our affairs; he is not other than lord cupid. A love affair is blind because lord of love (cupid) is blind. Again you may wonder how this blind man is acting in our love affairs relationship.
In the affairs of love, it all depends upon the reaction of lord cupid.  First of all, lord cupid does not possess eyes, so he is blind. So our love affairs occur in random from the wanders of women in the different domiciles. He possessed bow, arrow but absent of target. But target is considered to be our lover. It is also believed that the position of the lord cupid is in a very different position from the other gods. He always used to stay in the shooting position, ready with his bow and arrow selecting the target. So when he shoots in his random selection, and sends his arrow in search of target, it hits to the heart of human and resulting in our heart as our respective lover. Actually it is not our lover but whom we felt love is our lord cupid target.
We love someone, for that we planned to have our lives together, sometime it does not happen and on the way we get breaks up or misunderstand and force to end our relation, it is happen due to the metabolism of your cupid not your mind nor heart. We come to an ends of our relation with our affairs because the arrow once thrown or shoots by the cupid doesn’t hit strongly with that target, so when time keeps on roll it fall easily resulting in breaking and ending in relationship of two affairs. On the other side you might have seen many duos brought up by the love marriage, so in this case it is consider as an arrow is unable to remove from them by this they are enjoying the fruit of the affairs from the cupid. With this I end here by sharing, love is not blind but the love affair is blind. Wish you all the best to your lives in these romantic worlds of sarcasm or cynicism based. 

Chapter One                                                                                                                                      It was in December 2012, after my grade twelve examinations where I was left as if in the callow of unearthed world.  The days for me were seemed all neither exhausted without any work to do nor on the works I was assigned by my mother i was unable to gave her the pleasing satisfaction by my works. Do you ever think that working in the field was simple as studying inside the classroom? For me working under the scorching sun was much easier than studying inside the classroom, working means only the physical force we have to show but in case of studying it need both physical strength and mental capability to adjust in any surrounding. In those days I used to think on one subject from different angles when human mind was in full of dilemma, tension, sadness and worries and still some left without words to describe. I never felt the present of my mind with body. Always with the tension of result that was going to be declared soon or later, I thought my body was like an emperor to my mind.  I still remember those days every morning I used to share my dream to my mother and being related it with the omen, and is there anyone doing like me in this mundane world? I guess no one just me a ordinary living but extraordinary sometimes however it had really helped me to get rid of nervousness when I saw a dreamlike of climbing mountains, isn’t it same for you? But such paradox had also brought the sadness in reality. I used to throw stone targeting the small tree as a target just with some prayers, if I hit that tree I would have scored good marks if not will be failed these were the times I spent when I was been awaiting for my result that was to be declared in uncertain time. Next day, it was on 28th January of the new year 2013, I woke up early in the morning as rooster had awaken me early from my normal timing, then I started cleaning each room and followed by offering pure water to the altar room, at that elapsed my mom had already woken up and completed preparing the meal one. After completing my works I went to meet my mom to narrate my last dreamt that I had, it was in the spring season, and I was in the new world I saw. The house I had was very peculiar from others and I even can’t see any house in this world on reality with such great architectures. It was built on the peak of huge mountain and to reach my house someone has to cross hundredth and one step. With me I also got a family comprising the children but without wife. I was just climbing the steps of my house with the concern of having children and without any rest in peace I had managed to reach their and when I reach at my domicile I saw a big moon shining with its speeding rotation. I gazed for moon very clearly at last I could see a Buddha on it and his followers by his around I was lucky to be blessed by the Buddha. But in the middle of my dream I was disturbed by the sound of my locale alarm the roosting sound. For that dream which i had narrated to her she was so impressed and she told that my result will be excellent and she started cooking me the best cuisine of her mind. That day we never went anywhere and been chatting about my further studies if I don’t qualify. “Om a hung baza guru pema see dhee hung” (Guru’s mantra) the tone from my phone rang it was my friend John. ‘Hello’ I received the call. ‘Hi boss, our result is out today’ replied my friend in sudden. I was shocked to know that however I haven’t failed to answer my friend “can you help me to check my result?” I asked him. “Yes certainly I will do why not, text your index number” it was his replied for me.
 I gave him my index number and after some times he was calling me again. “Yes brother have you done that?” I enquired him. “Sangay, you have scored good marks, wish for your career ahead”. It was the replied I got from my childhood friend. Thanks god, I ran towards my mother and narrated about my results to her. She was bit happier to hear my words and continues flow of ringtones rang on my phone; these were all from the family and my friends i had, calling to wish my career ahead. After a week my mother had decided to send me where our cousin stays and to do away with my online works and as per her decision I went there and been with brother like his pet. When i was with him I had undergone the same care from him like my mom used to do for me with lots of freedom and I like to be with him ever and by one thing I still wanted to live with him today also but I will let you know why, while you go on reading this novellas. It was almost two months with him at Wangdue, where my brother stayed. I had done with my online works and it was all with the helped of him. I was been in good rank for professional scholarship student and i received the call from the department provost to report for the interview in next day at 9am sharp. I was readied to go and everything was on track after done with necessary arrangement we went to the club at night and had some drinks and enjoyed with some girls. We had sponsored all the things what they wanted to have and at last we took that group of ladies to our apartment. We enjoyed that winter night with good warmth from the body of those girls. I gave her to kiss wherever she liked to kiss and let her to suck where she wanted to be sucked. That night was even good experienced night where i lost my virginity with the whore. But in the next morning when i woke up it was 9am. I was supposed to reach Thimpu at 9am but in told time i was still in Wangdue. I missed the greatest opportunity of my fate. That lament was my life time regret.  I thought of going where my marks take my fate fortuitously i was selected as scholarship student to continue my studies on BA in Journalism, Tourism and History in India in my unfavoured destiny. During our togetherness, evening for us was been like obligatory to visit Drayang (the place where people were being entertained) and visiting club was also indispensible to us from there I met with many experiences and am full of such wits of those times.  It was on Saturday, brother and I went Thimphu (capital city of Bhutan), it was very late night when we started our journey from Wangdue but condition made worst while travelling 72 kilometres. We went there without any vital reason but for our self esteem and enjoying the youth ages but secret was my brother wanted me to come up from the mind of rural to urban with immediate effects. Yes I did certainly without his concerned I may not have known how to dance in the dim light; I may not have known how to walk in crowded vehicles jam for these I really loved my brother the way he lived. After three hours we reached there and started to gather his friends at the same time I was also introduced to his friends and after taking some discussions in a group we went inside the club hall. For me it was the first time to be experienced in such a big hall where I found the indifference between the sex of being male and female but I was not a coward man following them I too danced though I didn’t know the steps and cultures of very being in town.  With some profundity enjoyment I too gained a courage to find my partner but suddenly I saw a tall man which seems like my childhood friend and at first sight I didn’t give him any imperative look and as time passed by I could remember his actions of our togetherness which I found the similarities with that tall man, just by acting I approached near him in dancing motion, yes I was not mistaken in recognizing my childhood friend and he was my Rinchen only. Suddenly I shouted at the highest pitch, Rinchen!!!!!……. out of my satisfaction and excitement on missing him as I can’t stay long time without seeing him, by hearing my voice he came towards me in his imbalance state. He was supersized to see me inside the club because I didn’t have exposure knowledge and wits like others. I am from remote and rooted with the remotest very being of lives, at that night I just got his number and we came back to the place where we resides and it was almost 4am when we reached home and sleeping started to kill the eyes without taking out our own shoes from our legs and when we woke up it was almost 2pm Sunday. I was afraid if same behaviour happened to show in front of my mother I would have thrown away from his beloved son.  Then in the great missing I called my friend Rinchen and asked him to come to my place where i lived with my brother but from the other side as far as the nearest link we connect we are all close family for these he had agreed to come. Friends are like autumn leaves coming and pilling into huge group. Likewise because of him I too got more friends to spare my times at Wangdue. Rinchen was a good boy I had long time before but when I met with some gap in years I met with different Rinchen by his mind on same body however he was my ever best friend i had, I saw new ghastly habits rooted in his culture and I saw many town people with such practices but I didn’t expect my friend will go in such way finding some short term happiness on bad culture however changes are the human tendency due to their curiosity but I wouldn’t choose such culture though they promise to show me heaven. I like to have my friend with me ever for this when we meet once in a blue moon I must show great happiness from my heart nevertheless when my childhood friend came to stay with me my misfortunes happened on my life but who knows it might be the fortune also, beloved of my schooling times went with other lad finding more goodness than me. And I hope you knew how the pain of love is? My girlfriend, whom I loved much, was married with another man and I like her braveness because she informed me without any care. I didn’t expect she will do like this and even I didn’t dream in my dream what I planned about her was to end life my together as the recent happiest couple ever. But I wonder does she think of my pain when she goes out of my heart the one who love much? Might be my fate I blamed my god. Though I had a happiness of meeting my friend I had a pain of losing one whom I loved but Rinchen was not a worst friend, I have a reason to love him. In the absent of my heart he tried to lead me in good position by his best advices, at the same time he had been my psychotherapist in my schooling, thank you my lord for our friendship. Love is just what we can’t explain but not with my last love story. To this light of my last love story’s credit goes to all awaiting livings in this mundane world.  It is very different from other love stories because the love happened in different ways and nurtured in different cares from others but it doesn’t meant that my love story was from copied tale somewhere from the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It was after my fourth month stayed at Wangdue with my brother and I was accompanied by my childhood friend Rinchen after some months. To talk about Rinchen’s educational background till grade ten we had studied in same school and after ten we had changed our school as situation had forced us to do after that he went to Paro to continue his studies with his brother in private school of course while I was qualified in public school when I say like that I am not boosting on my education milieu these were all placed due to our own previous karma. With him he got another friend one of his class mates later of course mine friend too because of him. It was on great sunny day and I was totally distracted with the love battle and I was in the insulted condition I guessed, Rinchen went out of the room and after few minutes he was coming accompanied with his friend Namgay, at that time I was been sleeping unconditionally playing the sad music from the speaker. Suddenly they put off my music and didn’t let me to sleep and requested for my company to join with them, at first I didn’t respond them just refused to go “I don’t wanna go leave me free” I said to them. “In these moments it is very important to do away the thinking of your unfaithful girlfriend and better take care of your health, we have a friend here lets go and meet her she is beautiful that you will certainly fall in love with her so we are planning to take you there and I will help you” replied from Namgay.
“Don’t be like girls” another statement from Rinchen.      
 For their reply I just said “whoever comes in these worlds I will never fall in love” I just said in front of my two friends, but inside my hidden heart i am in urgent need of girlfriend to take revenge on my ex-mistress however I joined their group from doomed world.
Taking some distances by walk we reached to our destination that my two friends wanted to meet and there I was as if in the midst of seventh heaven not knowing where to face myself where I don’t know whom to talk. My two friends were enjoying the words of departure from school in their togetherness I was just missing my school days and been listening to them in their conversation.  After some hours with them I had requested to go back for my friends that time I was not other than self minded man thinking for my own benefits flouting their friendship’s happiness, I regretted how bad I had been that time when we reached home. According to my proposal they agreed to return back and on the way we came with creating some private talks of course about that girl teasing on me by my two friends. Whatever they said it was just like cutting the earthworms into pieces, I haven’t listened to their words and pranks I was on my own world. Though I was killed perfectly she was still as my beloved, my heart was still with her remembering our moments vividly in her absent. How I can forget soon the one whom I love most. I had been thinking only on one world, who knows I might be thought of killing that guy or maybe not, excluding all i was totally killed by myself with such unfaithfulness. I didn’t put blame only to her on the other hand it was my fault that I can’t keep her mind gluey with me. I regret myself for that mistake but I had showed my all love to her. At that time I just thought love was the greatest and dangerous diseases ever in the human mind that kills the human emotion within the fractions of time. I thought of hanging myself to the death but my mother’s pity left me in this world. I thought of killing myself to druggist world but my education left me to this remaining world now I had had experienced of the pain and I don’t wanted to be second victim and the same time I will never let others also. This is what I can consider as the dangerous ever. Thinking on her the day came to end by striking of rays in western mountains, the street were brighten with the street lights and people were still on the midst of roaming like busy ants. We directly went to our dwelling place and no sooner had we reached our house I had started preparing the dinner of course they helped me in pealing the potatoes and radish.  In these moments also very disgustingly they were on that girl’s talk as if she was like the specialist from group of specials I knew that why they are doing like these for me of course other may be they both love that girl or may not be, and how come both friends loving one girl and sharing together the good traits of a lady. I know their philosophy behind is to urge me in that girl’s mind but no chance I thought myself. By this I completed cooking and done with last free meals then I turned on my face book chat where I met my adored one online and started chatting with her.
 ‘‘Hi, how you do? Don’t you miss me? I really missed you” I sent her the first conversation within no time she sent me ‘Sangay I told you I am married please do whatever you like and please don’t interfere between our lives’’ it was really disheartening when one get reply like this after sharing the moments of happiness in our togetherness. Now I decided to find my own way and left her the reply on previous subject.
“Thank you for your care and love so far, I know the uncertainty of human love. I thought of giving my lives and soul to you and driving our life to an end together but you ruined everything. Hope his kissing will be not like mine. I know by lapses in one way or some day you will miss me that time I will be with another thirty two teeth. I planned everything for our togetherness starting from the sandal you desire to the religion I wish but for you it left as your dream and for me it was dump. Now you had chosen your own way finding the happiness by your own and it is your luck to be faithful and supportive to your husband. Please always be sickle to your knife, regards with care” after this I went to sleep.
 However “friend in need is friend indeed” my two friends were my two pillars. Now I decided to change and adapt the new world and to precede it. When I did it, it was not too difficult to bear and a cup of wine is enough to take away the blind sensation and passion on girls. If girls get the new world why boys can’t get? Boys world is like rooster world and ladies world like hen, when we divide it each rooster will get thousand of hen same here I applied with girls and boys world. As my two friends urged me to do indirectly I agreed myself in depth, hereto I am in her sensation. With deep thinking unconditionally from my mouth the word came like “Tshering is not a bad girl” suddenly Rinchen and Namgay lifted the talk of my unconditioned mind.
“I know you love her” said Rinchen and “I will help you Sangay” interestingly Namgay replied
But in love I don’t need any friend to help in my proposal, I can do by myself, and then laughter broke in our doom and continued explaining the details of their friend Tshering as per their wits. In my eyes also I found something special on her, she was calm and attractive but I never prefer the physical beauties of the girl. The whole character of human being can judge from two things, eyes and the way we talk.  I was really scandalized to see such girl and my friend Rinchen know better about me what other can judge about me. Time and again he kept on insisting me of course today also he used to ask about Tshering to me. She got the traits of my love on top her beauties are like angel in unexplored world. To describe about her eyes it is similar to the cat eyes with narrow shape, her mouth can be metaphor with the lotus with coral red lips, her smiling breaks the record of blossomed daffodils her body has softness of young baby and when she talk her way nothing compares to nightingale but she also got a heart of tiger to face her danger. By these possessions in her I was forced to get her call number from Namgay luckily Namgay had got her number and I too was lucky to get friend like him as per my requested proposal he gave me her number and called her.
 “Hello, who is this?” she replied my call.
 “Tshering this is me your unknown friend but I know you today when I came with your friends Namgay and Rinchen, is there any problem when I borrow your time?” I said, but at that time she was taking a class for the small children of her neighbours.
“No, but are you feeling comfortable to talk with me under such noises?” she replied.
 “If you are not guilty to talk with me in front of your student I will manage to hear myself” I said.
 “Ok than I will call you later” with chuckles she replied. I ended the call respecting her stipulation.
When I was calling to her my two friends were silently been listening eagerly to our conversations I don’t know what they got but they kept on teasing me. Does teasing each other can glue our relation and feelings? Of course for me it happened the more they teased more I loved her but I haven’t shared I love her. My two friends kept on talking about the merits of Tshering to me naturally who will be there who can’t fall in love to the good being? May be me may not be I don’t know but I love her more by thinking all about her.  By these now I promised with my two friends, if she love me I will give you dinner in one famous resort but minded that tomorrow you should take me to her place to talk with her. While we were on this promise I received the call from Tshering, it was 12 noon by our clock. With the soft beat in my heart beats I accepted her call,
“Hello, are you still there” I said with some uneasy mind and voice
 “Yes, now only I am done with teaching, sorry for the late call”
By seeing her conversation what kind of girls you can classify her? Maybe good and kind-hearted but for me she was really a good and passionate which I dreamt in my dream.
  “Ok Tshering, actually I should say sorry to you because I disturbed your time.”
 Nothing was there to say only forcing from my mind to say I love her, with hard time however I could save my dignity and reputation of being human.
“Why you called me earlier” she said when I was lost for sometimes.
“No reason as such but I wanna know you more” I was somewhat shy to reply instantaneously however slowly I could managed it.
“Ok what all you wanna know about me” she enquired me, “I don’t have anything special am like all mundane girls.”
I was confused for while without any answer, thinking on it I said “I don’t need any specialty from you but let me know where you are from? What your parent based on?”
“What you want to do with all those details are you journalist?”This was her first reply. “I am from Samdrup Jongkhar, Morong and my parent were cultivators now am staying with my cousin sister”
“Oh you are from my favourite place” I replied at ad-hoc without any second thoughts, I didn’t know how my mind could do that.
“Is it? Than do you want to go with me hehehehe, kidding” from here I could read her that she was a kind and frankly girl.
“Of course, I will if you are that kind-hearted” I replied and added “Tshering I have something to share with you, can i?”
Taking the advantages of her kindness I said, “Tshering! I wanna share one thing to you, may be confession to confess or may not be.” On this subject she replied with adding more “why not? You are heartily most welcome.” To reply her I was totally lost, lost in the room of timid from the love.     
Without hesitation I said, “What is meaning of love according to your philosophy? Urge me please”.
“I don’t know the real meaning of love and yet am on the way to finding it depth meaning, so far I knew was, today’s like that never last for tomorrow but minded as per my experiences and will you help me to find depth meaning of love?” she was not only good and kind-hearted but also an intelligent girl.
“Sure Tshering” was only answer left with me. But I told her that if she wants me to help her in finding its meaning she should do one thing for me than only I will tell her.
For these she replied “sure Sangay but want you wanna me to do?”
For the first time i had given the hint of my love in sarcastic way saying “Tshering think on the life of butterflies, always around the nectar of different species of flowers. Imagine how syrupy their life may possibly be. They can even spend their intact life on the flower”.
But Tshering was too intelligent to understand my words instead she said “these are in the realm of animals and without food they are being always around flower”. 
 However i had conveyed my intention in previous line “I love you Tshering if you love me I will give the real and depth meaning of love” with some hope I sent my words to her.
 I didn’t expect the direct acceptance from her but she was not like that, what we think when we propose the girl. I was in scary of being flop because I shared before the time and we also don’t know very much details each other just seen from hi to bye. With some hopes in my mind I had been pending on her reply. It was not too long time she took to think about my reply suddenly after healing long breath she said,
 “Sangay, first of all today you should know my all characters and behaviours than only you should have told me like this still than I found some goodness in your words and face more over your eyes are speaking all truth I saw it secretly on you, so I don’t have any regret to accept you as my lover ever and you will be my last love”, of course ‘the last love’ from her.
For her reply i can’t say anything rather than saying “Tshering in the petal of flower sometimes we find some butterflies drowned in its nectar and died in it with much desires of collecting the sweet likewise don’t kill me in your beauties” and added “Tshering tomorrow I will come and meet you” so we arranged to meet next day and ended the phone, it was almost 3 am.
“One goes thousand comes” is it true all the times? I don’t think it will be same to all, for me it was an accidently second loved I got but last love I promised as she said me “you are my last love ever” I can’t slept well still tried to close my eyes. On the other sides of my bed my two friends were already in the battles of great hallucination. I has been many girlfriends and was started in such world from grade seven if am not mistaken but my last love was rare as I compared with past. I had struggled to get immediate respond from my previous mistress and those were all cheated relation in beginning acting as tight and dignified girls at last not knowing where to sleep and with whom. For me once love means never meant to hurt in future and will love ever, but I had ended the relationship with many affairs when girl went with finding their own way disrespecting the fate and faith on me. May be if god is there he will speak the truth in reaction but may not be result of mine because I don’t have any bad feeling on them. For me love will never be the game rather than the pain of care and affection nevertheless sometimes love should be taken as a mean of sexual relationship when uncertainty of love plays on our heart and it sucks our life. My love is different nobody made it but my feeling and care for them does it. My loves is really what our parents used to give for us. If my lover asks me to get star from sky I will not go and get her because it is impractical for us those who says like this also they do not love you seriously. Indirectly they are killing you so considers her or him as unfaithful and curl, if your lover loves you they will never send you away from them. And also I will never promise them that I will bring star from sky and give you. These are all unbelievable love. Which I was cheated and others are also under same circumstances and future will also be on cheating.  These are the short wonders of our human wandering loves.

Chapter Two                                                                                                                                        The day was my luckiest day for me ever, it was Wednesday. The day was started by morning dawn with the full of blossoms in the garden bed. Dews were just stepping on the earth surface from the huge trees, from the east the sun had just started kissing the fresh mountains and lights were sparkling from the garden bed.  Every housewife in Wangdue by this time has woken up and started with offering the morning incense to their deities.  Slowly these incense smell extended the whole town of the locale. Such aroma and panorama gives me the day more significant. I woke up early in the morning and started preparing breakfast for my brother and done with before they awakes from their cosy bed. I was bit happy and unable to express outside but I acted as a poignant in front of my friends.
“How is your result Sangay?” with enthused mind enquired by Namgay.
 “I was rejected by your friend” answered the question.
But when I woke up I failed to take my mobile with me so very early in the breaks of dawn Tshering had texts me “are you coming Sangay?” so that message was being read by Rinchen so I can’t hide my truth. I said, “Yes Namgay I am going to meet her today.” In the middle of our conversation Rinchen said me, “you are asked to come and meet Tshering”. I went to meet Tshering at her house and been there for almost whole day talking with her. I don’t know what she is doing with her sister for my convenience and with great feeling of affection I asked her but her answer was not other than like of mine, she has also completed class 12 in commerce background, for meanwhile she was been doing computer course for certificate. And at the evening she was teaching for the children just as a poor contribution of her kind heart. She was peculiar I said earlier and these are proves for my verbal statement, who will be the teenage youth making busy themselves with teaching the unknown children?   She hardly spend her time playing with her age girls, despite she was brought up from the simple family and known to act as simple. She had completed grade twelve as my batch and done her best with good result but unqualified for her further studies. These were the information I had collected in my first day. It has really broken my heart and I was lucky enough in unlucky situation I thought. I got many knowledge from her “we are all teacher and student learning each other”.
She also shared me that she wants to continue her studies in India as a self finance student, “of course good idea” I told her toting up “but it is very important to know your present situation”. I was encouraged by her mind in education and was determined to study from her part also.
I said “Tshering, it is your good idea to continue your studies but it is very important to see the marks of your intermediates grade. To get employ after graduation we need minimum of sixties percent, so do your average is coming around it?” I enquired, she just chuckles looking directly to my eyes. I made myself clear by adding “though you have a mind of continuing your education first do repeat than only go for next if not it will be wastage on your parent’s capital” but I haven’t took it seriously.
She didn’t answer anything instead kept on listening me as if I was her father, teacher or advisor. To bring some laughter I asked her, “Tshering, I wanna marry with you, will you be waiting for me?” with lofty breathing.
“Then why you love me if you don’t want to marry me” replied with changing her colour of the eyes. “Sangay I had given my life on you so don’t leave me alone in this world” said with her soften vocal. Of course I loved her for one reason only that is to marry with her only.  “Don’t worry my dear I will be yours only, though this world comes to an end, ocean may dry my mind will never change, till death I will be loving you my dear” I replied giving her full trust.
With long hours ere the sun started to kiss the western hills I came back to my dwelling from her house.  I went home just thinking on her and doesn’t know how day came to an end. If we were placed always with our lover I think there wouldn’t be any sadness and tedious day in this rotation of second hand. I love to be with her the more I talk with her.  Love is danger when we think we want to love those who love by us. Love is easy going when we don’t know we are being cheated by other side of affairs my earlier loved was been just a later love, cheating on the poor heart. The moment I departed from her, my body was absent minded. In such condition we don’t know where we are going, even forget to take our own routine. I had many evidences of my subconscious mind. It was on dinner, and I was used to with eating by spoon nevertheless that evening my brother had arranged me a spoon also but I saw I was taking with my hand just keeping my spoon on plate. Is it a proof of absent minded?  Maybe you say yes, maybe no, to reveal my truth I was in her thoughts. I can’t abide the pain of my love that I love most. If I have one thing to confess you all now I wanted to tell you without her I am nothing in this humdrum world. After taking dinner we started to call each other but she was still teaching her children. Despite her work I had given double works to her only body. She received my call with teaching but she haven’t talk me rather than responding to my words only. The loves I gave to her and the loves she gave me were totally different in vast extend. In our togetherness during day I haven’t felt any sign of her loves but by the way she talks from the phone my love was nothing compared to hers’. That night she took classes for only 30minutes and had sacrificed for me where else in other cases she used to take more than 3hours a night. Yes love can do everything but I haven’t received such love from my previous affairs. She loved me more than what I deed to her that was the reason why I still love her. From that night we have started to share our core characters, personalities, behaviours and family background, of course in ocean depth and above the crest of mts Everest. From there I came to know that she was a short tempered girl but who loss her temper at very short span. She had eyes problem but refused to put glasses and what I thought about her was really correct, she was a Virgin, chaste in the unexplored world and she will be virgin till our marriage. It was really good time for me with her at Wangdue and will be my heart’s monument. When I say like that it is not that she is perfect in this world but her living is perfect for me, really perfect for all lads I guess if am not mistaken she was one of the girls who received highest number of proposals in her schooling in every school she attended. She had been counted boyfriends over her schoolings and I was not the first one to her but her love was first for me. She was a kind-hearted girl who knew the pain of every problem and her earlier boyfriends were made to keep them calm and that will be the first boy from the boys who was brave enough to propose her; she was really a Sharchop (tribe in Bhutan consider to be kind) girl who hate to see others pain. Does all Sharchops are same in their heart? Of course for me majority of them were with same possesses in their heart, acceptance of other pain but in the package of rice there will be some small stones likewise some Sharchops will be there who are really cunning by the looks only, like me.  Many people describes me as rare species in Sharchop, really I am rare species I guess because I can’t tolerant the words of busting world at the same time I am not a real Sharchop. Motherly am from kheng region and what I was adapted were all on mother’s blood and her costumes. Which you believe Khengpa will be with self-esteem minded, but am not with ego in this case i am supplementary educated with my dad’s moral fibre. My mind was always busy, busy like an ant all the times thinking on her. During day time I will be with her only as her majoring friend and at night my mind will make her real presence with me. Nothing makes difference by the colour of the day; night or day time at last for the mind of love they are same.
The love given by girls and boys are totally different from each other. Many of the boys preferred to share their loves at once so when they end their relationship also they will not have any sadness and guilty on their mind. In case of poor girls, they will love in slow motion but in depth situation. Once went or loved in depth means for girls nothing weight than love. But in real girls it is very difficult to find the meaning of love at once. The one who cry in our departures and kisses you always is not always a real girl of true love. They cry, they kiss, are doing so because they are goanna missed your sexual attraction. Real girl in true love means in our absent they will try to keep strong love alive by creating different ways of lover presence like drawing their lover pictures, maintaining the diary, weaving for lover with their favourite colours and all.  Did you find such girls? May be not but for me yes that is she, my Tshering.
It was third day after my proposal. Early in the morning Tshering had texts me, “Sangay, today I have computer classes, come and pick me, I trust your love.” She was staying bit far from the place where she does her course. After reading her message I went to get her it was only 6:30am. No sooner did she see me coming towards her, she had started her journey from her house. “Thank you Sangay, I thought you were not coming but you are the man who never fails other plan.” She said with her smiling on my eyes.
“What reason you thank me?” I asked her with some affection minded. “Because you come to pick me as I requested on you”, she answer my question. “Ok than it is your wish, I came here to pick my wife if you are not my wife you can thank me once again.” I asked again. “No, no Sangay, I am not goanna thank you”, hurriedly she replied me. [Broke the laughter]
“Sangay, our classes will starts by 10am only, for these many hours where we can stay. I came too early because I had been missing you. I wanted to see”, she was such a girl with full sacrifices in her mind.
I don’t have any alternatives rather than taking her to my brother’s house, but she refused to go. Then I took one of the knoll peace places below the road and above the road level. Where place were all covered by flying prayer flags this was a place where Namgay took me to snap photos with him. This place was somewhat hilly and with clean surrounding and this place become as our dating place ever. We had been there for more than 4hours talking of course in loving ways.  From here I knew she was getting depth into my love. Love does not have any extra magic but one will not know how times are passing. After being more than four hours she went to her computer class and I too accompanied with her till her doorstep. “Sangay, our class will be over by 12 sharp” she just informed me. “Ok I will come to pick you and do study well.” I said her with smiling.
After reaching her inside the classroom I went back to my house, of course my brother’s house was all equipped with modern facilities and time pass game also.  For two hours without being busy myself with other gadgets I had been writing one poem to her and kept printed ready to give her. I may not be good poet but I love arranging the words in poetic forms and now it was my habit. After two hours she called me. “Sangay my class is over where are you”, “Ya Tshering I am coming be there only…” I respond on her calls.   I went with taking piece of paper in my pocket. She was brave girl, but she was also a coward, with me she can do everything because she had a courage of love if not without me hardly came on walk. That time she took me from the middle of the town and bravely holding on my arm talking with me seriously. I was bit shyer but managed to do so. Does all love have that much power to the shyer people? Sometimes love can reach to the unimagined world safely. I thought she was a coward girl ever with me but “don’t judge the book by its cover” absolutely correct with human also. Despite going to her house directly we went to the place that we had been in morning. It was afternoon a good time and the windy day made more calm and romantic for us to enjoy our togetherness. After reaching there I had given my poem to read her which was written in random thoughts.
“I can’t compare thy beauties with
I can’t compare thy beauties with that of daffodils 
Though they are nurtured from the clean lake
Matured with the striking colours
Respected by all the people to offer for god
Because by nature they are unfaithful and
Flowers are the most unfaithful in nature
But thou! Never a character of daffodils
How I can make you unfaithful in this universe
I can’t compare yer beauties with that of Milky-way
Though they are at high sky on clean environment
With the twinkling of stars around them
Giving the stunning panorama on the Earth  
Because Milky-ways are the beauties of world
Up upon the sky giving the desire for whole world
If I compare with them you don’t have power
The power to brighten world of penury
And you are not immortal that can stay forever
Up upon the sky of whole world
I can’t compare thy beauties with that of moon
That shines giving the calm light on earth
Making this world better place to breath for all livings
Although it has got a strong love for us to live
Because brightness of the moon is due to sun
If there is no sun the beauties of the moon are in vain
In case of thou, beauties not made by arts of science
And whole world cannot love you in your possessed
I can’t compare your beauties with any beauty
And I can’t bring any metaphor on yer beauties
If I really wanna compare you with others
You are who you are now!
Your beauties match with you only
Nothing games with you in all wits
By birth you are made who you are today.”After reading my given poem with her simple looks ever she said, “Sangay how you can imagine all about me in this short span of times to these natures. May be you are going in wrong ways with me. I love you very much” adding “I didn’t know you have such talents” I had fathomed her beauties not only on her physical appearance but intelligent in accepting other sweats also. I said, “Tshering, this poem is nothing, if you promise to be with me ever I can write a novel on our ‘The Last Love’ but minded you have to be faithful in our love” without fail she promised to be with me until my last news of my marriage saying, “I will never marry ere you goes with other girls.” This was her replied. When your dearly loved girl or boy say like this to you how can you talk with them? I was just thinking on how to answer but nothing had been impossible, just reading matter of word “impossible” breaking into “I’m possible”. “Ok Tshering! Within three years of my stay at college I will bring into play my leisure times on writing about you” It was my immediate retort to her. With few other informal talks with our togetherness we closed the day and i had returned to my place after dropping her.
The day was been her midterm result day and was informed by her earlier. Without failed i went to get and drop her as regular. “Sangay i am scared of my result” she said on our way to her class. “Why you should? I know you are one of the toppers in your class” i said as my random words in her reply. “Who said? Don’t lie, i am really scared of my marks” to make her more thrill i said “you will be with good scored i had a dream of my good premonition” then she said “ok let’s see” i dropped her till her class and i was returned to my address. After two hours while we are going back i asked for her marks and she told that i was right and certainly she was the topper in the first rank.  
It was one fine morning and been the government holiday, the day was in full swing of rains and early in the morning brother and i went to the nearest ATM (Automatic Tailor Machine) to withdraw the cash from the personal shopping. It may be an accident in our love because we didn’t inform each other of visiting shops like me she also accompanied her sister in buying weaving threads or string at shops. That time i saw her when i was near to the ATM branch opposite side of the road calling someone, suddenly i received her calling. She had been calling me. I didn’t answer her call instead made busy and said Tsheyang at the pitch of my voice, the name i used to call her sometime. At the first call she was unable to hear me, again she had called me, in second time i responded her calls and said “Tshering i am near to you, i had shouted on you but you haven’t heard me now see opposite side of your road below.” Ended her call and again i shouted.
She got me anyway, after seeing me she came towards me in great smile increasingly and said “sorry i can’t see you.” Later it became my password to new day every morning thinking on her, even today. It was somewhat absurdity not seeing the nearest one that is also whom we loved much. But truth was that she has got a vision problem and i had promised her after our marriage i will look on it to give clear vision. That time i had showed her to my brother and said that i will be marrying with her. He said that she was not a bad girl by looks but should be good at heart. Furthermore when we reached home i had explained about her to him.
Love is lovelier when we are paired with unromantic, no sexual appearance, no romantic natter partner but with romantic day, time and surrounding to chasten opposite. Now for me it was become as my regular routine to pick and drop her everyday to her class and to her home. Every morning she used to call me and the very reason for her call was not other than asking my presence to pick her, with love on her i don’t have any answer form my body of getting tired and boredom, not once even not a twice but my whole stayed at Wangdue were completed by being with her all the time. After being with her came to learnt many things that which i supposed to be learnt earlier or later sooner. Girls are not only the creature that makes bed more comfortable, night cosier and kitchen more cleanly despite all they had their own way of helping the husband in all difficulties. Girls know how to bluff for boy but to help boys from all romantic or messed worlds. If men are borne with knife women were born with sickle if not it is unfair. The role plays by man and woman are in poles difference, may be the popularity of result may gain by man but secret of succeed was the unseen pillars of benevolent wife from unseen world. Women may differ in colour but their thinking may be at same ends.

Chapter Three                                                                                                                                  It was a May month where i was left with only a month to join in new college and that was also abroad from the country in the hub of inexperienced world, with my due date the consistent was her computer course was also been in the verge of completion, by first week of June she will be done with her studies but for me i have to start my regular schooling from that month. I loved her very much and i never want to lose her from my side. The more i think on her the depth i can see my love with her. I can’t think of going afar from her and don’t want to bring that topic in our natter ever. The only i made use of my time with her was talking about my marriage in serious way. Does loves lead to marriage or marriage leads to love? One confusing but both are important, both serve as a couple concern and for me loves lead to marriage of course later one also equally important to groom in this world as a happiest duo. I saw many couples after some many years in their togetherness due to some small problem leading to big and resulted in the ends of their togetherness. Why do you think they do so? May be because of their communication gap if not they were satisfied with their youth enjoyment. In love the commitment is very much needed without which we can’t nurture the love in long live marriage. Understanding is also a pillar of commitment, should know how to be in the realm of couples. When i talk about marriage i also want to share the immediate effects of the divorce of the parents lead to long run suffering of their children. I know the pain of widow child and am supplementary educated on it not by tutor and extra subject i took on my schooling but by my own live experiences. Tshering and i used to cover different subjects but all about our future. I am sure if i marry or enter in the couple world i will go with Tshering if not i can know how to take my own world of being single. As time pass by and day goes on, the tears of departure was been on my next to eyelash. I can’t talk more because the waves of departure had already stroked on me. In those moments, the only i can remained myself was being asking questions myself. Will she be really my lover ever? Will she be faithful in my education freelance? Will she be helpful to my mom? Some others too and answer was all yes, certainly yes from my mind with great love.
It was one evening when i had been preparing dinner i was alone but my mind was not lonely she had also been with me, suddenly in midst of romance in my mind knocking sound of the door disturbed my romantic monologue drama. It was my friend Namgay, coming from his C.E [continue education] classes. “Yes boss, get inside please” i requested him.
“Thank you” replied me adding “what are you doing now?”
“Nothing afar from normal schedule, what is the time?” i asked him
“It is 7o’clock man, what you wanna do?” however he went to his rented house to change is dress.
“Ok Namgay! Come here for your diner” i was in needed of his help to help me and his understand to understand me.
By 7.30 pm he reached back from his house and i did my cooking after that i went online from social networking media the Face book. No sooner did i log in the Face book i received the message from one of my friends “where you are planning to go tomorrow? Any special things to do?” i was scandalised without knowing the significant of the day i just replied “what is significant of tomorrow’s day?”
“Oh! You forgot that also, how come our prayer captain” continued typing from him “do you have calendar?”    
“Yes” i replied and very fast replied i received from my friend “try to check on the 25th of May and see its importance of the day”
I went through the calendar and it was the one of the important days in Buddhism religion “par nirvana day of Lord Buddha”  “i am Buddhist and i should do something for the well being of all livings”. It was my first thought on it.
“Thank you and yap i got it” i expressed my words to him and now i was left with only one way to convey my message to Tshering and making itinerates for the day.
Night was been so pleasant those days more over twinkling of stars made more beautiful with full moon shining from the eastern mountain very lately. The evening breezes of town and slow movement of high traffic made very special night that i can cling my day with others or bring the words “nostalgia”.
After reading the message on Face book i directly went out of its facilities and been depth in making some religious trips on tomorrow’s day. Making itinerates with our beloved one is very difficult with the trips i had managed to get some hours free to enjoy our togetherness and certainly we did it.
It was late night of course but love does not felt hesitate to call her in that very unearthly night instead it encouraged me to inform the trips or visiting sites to her and i called her disrespecting the time we possessed.
“Hello Tshering! I am going to share you the surprise news, will you accept it?”
“Yes Sangay, why not i will be in loved to hear anything from you and keep me speaking like this whole your lives” she replied.
“Tshering do you know what is the significant of the day tomorrow?” i thought of asking it very seriously but she knew ere i did.
“Yes Sangay, i am just waiting your call and expecting your plan to share with me” this was her answer may be short but in full swing of unseen phenomenon “The love” from her mind and pleasing heart.
“Tshering, for your kind information, i had prepared itinerates towards Punakha Dzong. Will you love it?”
Why are you asking all these things to me? You are making me so cruel Sangay” was her heart touching replied. I was not cunning her in any point but i had been looking to her happiness all the times. Her happiness becomes my dream that has to be fulfilled in my breathing.
“Ok than, i can’t ask you more darling and i think it will be my favour if we can start our journey by 8 o’clock sharp at morning” i had suggested the timing and the programmes of the day.
The spring night was too long on top thinking on love made longer and the love blanket didn’t brings the sleeping on time too. I was just thinking about her and it was like my indispensable routines, not only philosophy on her preparing for future also very important i could feel. I was glued only with her and will be her only within my safe breathing. There is no fate up on thinking about the dearest and nearest one in our heart the more we think the more it encourages us.  I never had a thought of getting ends up in our relation and what i thought about was just marrying with her and creating a small family much we love and care. Will it be all same in thinking? Definitely i guess no. In the realm of affairs the one who really loves you will think just to have sex in case of boys but in part of girls with trusting him more than her parent will lose their chasten in one simple night, it is the culture of love affairs, but did i ever think of it? Certainly no other than helping her parents, relatives and all livings those who where in desperate need of my hands this was my rare love to her.
i could not sleep well that night however in the midst of my depth thinking on her i had managed to sleep but in weak and in unknown time. Thinking on her made my night too long under safe blanket but no satisfaction still been thinking on her till the last twilight hour of my sleeping comes, i felt slept but don’t know by what time but when i woke up it was almost 7.30am, it was late and preparing the breakfast made too me late. While i was been preparing breakfast the door bell rang and i went to open it. Surprised but the awaiting person outside the door and ringing bell was not other than my darling Tshering.
She came early in the morning been waiting for me in my house and was accompanied by her school mate Demi, one of her interesting friends and from my side, of course sure Namgay. We are four but in pair just two.
Ere we start our journey towards our destination we did some shopping but excluding me. I had given all my money to Namgay thinking that he will be better than me in shopping. May be some oil, insane, pabulum and our eatable things compromised the shopping list and no sooner had we done with shopping we had headed towards our day programme by Alto taxi, Namgay on single seat with driver, me and Tshering at the back seat with her only friend with us. Of course Tshering was next to my seat. It was great pleasure to be with her and more over playing the music inside the taxi gave the happiest moment in our group and openly romantic song played inside gave us great pleasure.
I was seated very close with Tshering that i can even see the small bacteria moving from her face but luckily could not happen. Her face was all covered by the dots and it added me more beauties in her face. I don’t know what happen to her that time, might be came in full hurried in my care or careless in herself, her ears wasn’t cleaned as it should be and when i saw it of course my duty of love and i did without any sense of guilty on her because love had acted as all courage but i am not insulting her rather than sharing my simple love from very commencement of the day.
After one and half hour we could reach there at our destination. Before we take direct route to the Dzong we went nearby shop to do with small shopping again. As we went by walk i saw some imperfect walking style in my mistress may be wearing of hill sandals or some inconveniences in her legs. With much eagerness to know i asked her, “what happen to your legs Tshering, i saw some imperfect walking style?” at the point she was unable to tell me direct answer instead turned her pain saying “nothing, i wear this new hill sandal so am feeling uncomfortable” at first i didn’t give her damn thinking it will be her right answer nevertheless while we kept more times on walking she showed more problems and difficulties to walk. I was not rude in any way so with force i caught her legs while we took rest on side of the road wall; it were the blisters that discouraged her to walk. Not only with one blister have been three on the same leg. Who will be without pain even one will be difficult to bear the pain, by seeing it immediately i went to the shop for the first aids however her friend Demi was also kind-hearted enough to put their sandal in change. “Thank you Demi”, the thought inside my poor heart evolved but couldn’t express. After covering her wound with the bandage condition of my Tshering’s leg got better from earlier, then we followed the way inside the dzong wearing our own Kabney and Rachu in well dignified manner. We were not only the one who went there, many devotees were being gathered with their solitary mind and purified heart but we went to offer just our simple devotion. To begin with our devoting on religion on the significant day we had started ourselves protracting from the main door of the small temple in the dzong area followed by offering or lightening butter lamp. But what will be the prayers of goodness on that day for us? I can’t explain others internal prayers but mine was self minded, after counting the Guru’s chant for three times i had prayed inside my mind “my peerless god, i am on your trust all the times and i do respect you in all ways but in this very significant of the religious day i want to make some few promises that can help me by your kind considerations, the woman who came with me today with full love should be my wife, if you can arrange us as the happiest duo by your highest possible way of your zodiac we will be helping on the pathetic conditions of all livings, dharma will be continued practising from our altar room and keep on blessing us when i will be on education freelance” these were my prayers to be fulfilled that i prayed in that day.
I was given with some significant money by my uncle lama [religious person], which will help me in difficult times of scary world by its blessing; despite keeping with me i had offered it to the statute of the dzong on belief. But i am not doing unfaithful to my uncle rather than respecting the virginity on being blessed money with me on my impure mind. Of course we were lacked in the fractional amount inside so while when Tshering was asked me for some small unit amount on that i could pass her my valued money i had, excluding i don’t know what was her wishes to be fulfilled on that day she made. We had visited all the internal unlocked rooms with miniature offering and to be revealed it was my first time visited in that historical monument Dzong.
The next to the Dzong there was a prayer wheel with many devotees around it. Soon we also went there to turn the prayer wheel after we did with the internal offering. Namgay and Demi did their best understanding on us. They two went out from the place purposefully creating the unlisted event in itinerates we had. Of course we enjoyed the absent of two friends and i had started asking some questions to my sweetheart.
“How did you pray today?” i know she will not answer me still than for my satisfaction i asked her.
“Sangay i will not say this instead i will say i made all my prayers to our relationship.” This was her answer, so sweet to hear.
“Tshering, i think i am not going in wrong world with you rather than seeing heaven on live in your world, from today i had given my life with my soul, my emptiness should not be taken as my unfaithful till my last breath i will love you”. Just turning the prayer wheel i told her with great love and affections.  
And she never failed to respond my love saying “Sangay, don’t treat me like other girls by my nature i am different from them. No need to worry i will be waiting for you only, no matter how many years you take to finish your studies i am faithful till your last step to my parents door.”    
After making offering inside all rooms as per their importance and nearby its sites we went outside the dzong and been for sometimes there clicking our own happiness and cheating on our boom of friendship acting as the greatest paparazzi and paparazzo among ourselves. Her friend Demi was also an interesting friend possessed with good crew of characters and i don’t want to compare between two. I came to knew something about her friend Demi but not in ocean depth slowly when days pass by on weeks she also became my friend. After being together with enough time sharing a good laughter in our togetherness we went back to our place with full of reminisces on the day. That day was not only the important day for Buddhism it matters a lots for me especially for Tshering and my Last love story. It was the day where i had given my heart trusting in full strength on her. I made several promises from that day which will guide me from the other entire affairs world. Moreover, more importantly i promised i will never be unfaithful throughout my lives with my relationship. Tshering will be my wife as she had agreed me in my informal talks and calls and believe some miracles will also helps us in our love to place us in the same zone. The day was also the moment of reminisces on peace and happiness amid Tshering and me and a museum of intangible monuments in our love.
After being long day together sharing our own thoughts each other, by evening we had decided to go for the party. “Party” the forum of love expression. Making ourselves beautiful and smart with party jersey we went inside the party hall, at that time Rinchen had also joined with us. I was teetotal but at that evening i thought of taking some weak alcohol. When i get inside the party bar inside its hall itself i asked for Tshering “do you want to take some drinks?”
“No Sangay i never used to take and today also i don’t want to drink please Sangay.” Respecting her principles of life i had also decided not to force her instead i also don’t wanted to make habit and said her, “Tshering i am also teetotal so far if you don’t want to take ok i will also not drink darling.”
Without drinking anything we directly went to dance inside the events, the songs were played all romantic and my partner made me more romantic in the world of romance vestibule. Just holding our body each other without counting our own time, it was 12:55am by the wall clock. Only 5minutes to go 1am the closing time of the club. I thought the day will not come to an end but nothing could last too long. I thought i will never depart from Tshering but no one is independent. I thought tears will not fall but we are not too strong to control ourselves from sadness. Love does not need departure. Love does not need tears. Only thing that made me strong was on her trust. Though we had enjoyed till the unearthly hours we haven’t spent our night in the same blanket i respected her trust and   love, so we dropped Demi and Tshering to her house because Demi was bit far from the town area. After reaching them till their house we came back to our place at late night but love was been powerful.
By these hours i know you might be wondering what will be our romance events at the same time you may also think that author had hidden many truths of their romance. Of course you all were right, and got a good question because romance events are one of the important parts of all affairs world. I love romantic world and all human including physically challenged human desire to have as much as more sex. I said i am ordinary man sometime extraordinary, yes i dreamt for having kissed with all girls, having sex and all these are the habits of mundane world but to her in the last love i was totally distracted with the beauties she possessed not that she was most beautiful girl in this world but she knows how to be acted beautiful. To be frank i haven’t thought of having sex and kissing her instead caring her was my focal slogan. I do care all livings but not like to her. Love never exist the battle of sex but the words of caring, more over she knew all about it on me. i haven’t kissed her for once also but after our marriage will be both our sharing play. Passion on her was being killed by my true love and her strong trust on me.  

ChapterFour                                                                                                                                        It was 26th of the May month, as regular i went early in the morning to pick her to the classes and followed by my regular schedule. Nothing seems stranger but we made different that day. Despite concentrating on her class Tshering kept on texting me the messages and like her i also did my best to reply her.  Now she got a strong love on me, i guessed. In the middle of our interesting love conversation through messaging, i received the call that was from new number with the code 03’ i know it was from capital by its code number, when i received It was department of education saying that i am supposed to come at Department of Adult and Higher Education office at capital next day to get some counselling about my education and my placement. So i had forwarded this news to Tshering immediately. “Delivered to Tsheyang” responded by my phone after sending her message.
  Yes she read this and after taking some time to think she had replied “Sangay i am coming bunking from the classes, i will tell you how i bluff my teacher when i reach to you.”
“No Tshering you should not do like this be in class only we will meet later when your classes are over” i replied her text.
“I missed you Sangay, don’t you appreciate my courage of being simple woman? Or don’t you love me? i have decided and it is your rights to accept me or not, after class i will directly go my house.” Replied i got from my darling.
No alternative left to reply her i was too harsh to hurt all human the only answer left with me was asking or accepting her to come. Yes i did and sent her “come Tshering, i will be waiting you outside. Love you”. As fast as i could, after sending message i went out of my house to congregate Tshering. I don’t have any other means than making her happy. The more i meet her the more i should make our day or events memorisable in my departure.
When i reached at her door step of her class, she had been waiting me over there like a lonely girl no one to talk and accompany her, i was totally distracted by seeing her alone and speeded my steps to hold her hand.
“Sorry Tshering, i was bit late.”  I said on her pity face.
“No need to say sorry Sangay, i just came right now only” the voice from her weak heart.
Then we had started our journey that was resulted from her bunking classes. Of course love had gone everything for us. As earlier the dating place was always same for us be it sunny or rainy at least for some minutes we have go there and share our words of core love.
 I asked her “why you bunk your classes today?” adding “it is not the way of good student”
“Why are you asking me Sangay?” instead of answering me she put her doubt “don’t you love to be with me?” another line i got. “i came because i know the day of our departure is nearing like striking of summer lightening so i don’t wanna regret later thinking on our love.” Made myself clear and i was left with the internal tears to wipe by my heart.
“Thank you Tshering, the only reason i got to stay in this world is all because of you. Where ever i do live your love and care will never be forgotten from my heart. My success will build our love in live” i said her not as a reply but as a love. “Tshering you said earlier that you will tell me the way you bluff your teacher. Can i hear that? Laughter broke between us
“Yes Sangay, i have been waiting to tell you but time didn’t permit us” and she explained “my teacher went out of the class to get our assignment chart paper within these short span of time i had acted as suffering from headache and been sleeping on the table. When teacher came inside the class getting some chart paper after seeing me he told me to go out of the class and take rest” than.... with laughing on my face said “i came  out of the class and succeeded in bluffing.” And she asked me “am i not a good cheater what you think on me Sangay?  
When she asked me the last question i don’t have answer to say yes you are the best cheater, as an alternative i said “you are not best cheater but a strong lover on me. You haven’t cheated your teacher but you played an important role on our love. Thank you for everything Tshering” it was my replied. I wasn’t been in the position to control my sensation more over her love made me more weak, yes i did under the brightness of huge sun in front of my Tshering slowly thinking on my love i rolled my tears as if i am weak and coward guy. May be coward character i got but this was my rare love in last love.
 When i had been wiping my tears of my sadness seeing on my pity tears she said “Sangay i know the suffering of your tears on me but for our sake of limited time please let’s share something more lovable words, stop crying Sangay please” wiped my tears by her soften hand ever.
What is love? The very question for those who entered the love before than my world and what is care for my follower? Might be same but in vast different in silent. Some may say love is blind but i don’t agree to that answer. Some may say love is happiness it is also not real. But answer is not other than from my experiences. In love it can be explained in various ideas but simple is love is disease at the same time it is the medicine of its disease. Care is just a surface feeling on nature and relationship of living beings. All livings have sense of love and care but expression of their words and feelings are different.
In the story of love and interesting events rapid ongoing of time is our enemy. When we are reading the interesting book by the legendary author we complete it within short span of time despite its volume. When we celebrate the important day with our friend night comes so fast. When we date with our girlfriend time will pass in striking way. Sometimes nature creates us its wonders. But in the lonely world night is too far from us. In the desperate missing of someone time is too long. These are the tongue in cheek events on our human world by our own nature of mind. Though she bunked the classes on my favour i didn’t feel any extra time being with her. The word that has been prepared in my house was not finished sharing with her. The love i had given her wasn’t completed explaining her. Time in love was always been limited for us. The night had already covered us on the place where we stayed; still our words never finished sharing. But i can’t keep her too long with me. She had a caring sister and if i keep her with me till unearthly night her sister will be wondering on her care, respecting her privacy i dropped her and then returned back to my place on Taxi.
When i reached back to my domicile, my regular task of preparing dinner was already completed and brother was been waiting for me to take his dinner. No sooner did i reach there we started with taking the last meal and the room wasn’t been silent. The questions on me came like shooting stars from every direction. Some may had felt that i was as if in the battle of interviews on one dignified job but nothing seemed as it was in informal way. As far as we are alive our talking will never ends. No matter what will be the topic the conclusion will be same bringing laughter in the men’s world with us even the simple topic can be modified into laughter drama this was in our world when the world was being filled by all same rights in gender. I left my opportunity on chatting with my friends instead i went to prepare bed for the last rest. It was too easy to do and finished within no time. After completing the necessary arrangement i was in dilemma whether to go and chat with my brother or making call to Tshering. At this confusing state of my mind, accidently i received the call from her. I thought i was really having fate with her in my lives more over when it happens like this it glues me more in her heart. In her first called i haven’t received instead made it busy not that i don’t want to talk with her or perfectly busy, every second with her is my favour and don’t want to let pass it, very soon i could do, i called her back i had rejected her first called because i had a enough balance which my brother had recharged very late evening only as i asked him that want to call Tshering.     
“Hello Tshering” i gave her the first wish.
Without taking any time on my greeting i got direct words that kills the heart of poor girl, she said “what happen Sangay? Why don’t you receive my call?” then she was silent for sometime
“Tshering i don’t have any problem, i rejected your first call because i had recharged now only” i said but she was too hard to refused my words and ended my call.
It was a great pain in the wounded heart when our lover does like this in our love. I can’t get heated and sad very easily so i called her again. “The number you are trying to call is currently busy” the immediate respond from my phone. I was confused for some minutes but not lately after my called to her, only some seconds passed i received her called. “Hello, with whom you had been busy?” the line from the mouth of my mistress i also didn’t missed the chance to say “with whom you had been busy for short time?” first i answered “i was talking with the computer call she said “the number you are trying to call is busy” then the answer i got from Tshering was with long laughter with hasty voice “same here Sangay” my partner was saying “the boy you are missing to talk is talking with another girl rite now call him after some time.” she changed the sentence of same computer into her thought. Both had been busy calling each other in desperate missing at the same time. It really happens in the affairs world.
She said “Sangay i was scared that you got angry on me, please pardon me” it was not a hurting action from my mistress really. The care and love to me was unexplainable from her side. If she was a good writer who keeps on writing i think “The last love story” will have different love events from her too, in needed god doesn’t blessed her with talents and habits.
I said “no need to say like this Tshering, you have known me as poor boy so you are doing like this knowingly, sacrificing my balance instead of getting angry i should say thank you” it was somewhat sarcastic action to me from her but i gave her sarcasm words. I was not always bad in replying any kind of relates. If they are giving water i have known how to reply with water and if they give me anger i have learnt to reply with anger.  But i don’t have mind of getting anger to her, instead her love gave me everything to do way with haphazard reaction of the human heart.
That night we called for more than 5hours but after 12noon the cost was exclusively low which had prolonged our calls despite limited balance. We haven’t completed our balance not even reached to negative balance in both calls but on our interesting conversation battery doesn’t bear our too long hours of talks. My phone went switch off in the middle of my words “Tshering, i know you are the great artist in weaving and my favourite colours are green, blue, pink and yellow, so if you really love me please....” the word please haven’t sustained to its continuation. I thought of asking “weave me a gho out of your tears with those colours”. No alternatives it was almost 3am i could not disturb my brother by requesting his mobile instead i charged my phone very shortly. After charging battery for 3% i came back and called her. “It is switch off” the responded from my phone when i called on her number. No other means to do other than leaving message, i sent her message saying “Good Night, we will meet tomorrow. Buddha blesses you Tshering. Love you.” With this text i went to sleep.  
The night had been so beautiful with the full moon over the people’s head. The twinkling of stars had made more beautiful on the panorama of the night sky, more over Buddhist stupa with white washed colour made the area brighter than ever. Unlike others odd day, inside my room on the bed also her bitter sweet memory made my night so tight with love. Early in the cock-crow  of day the tune from the heart of nightingale synchronising with the drum of cook coo made more emotional and throe to the world of new couple. In such a starting of the day i like to be with Tshering but couldn’t wish on it. Early in the morning from the midst of pleasing environment i went to capital (Thimphu) as the information made yesterday.
Thimphu was not a too bad capital of Bhutan; by population it had the largest number and by westernization it was gone too far from the expected time in the heart of our senior citizen. Every branded of the world was their culture of dressing every problem of the world was their habits and way of living. The day was just a day of light with sun no other concern on their habits. Summer and winter was just been a wonder of season no changes in dwelling. It was far from today’s world, now Thimphu can be described as the heart of Shangri-La with dignified lad and lass as per the latest news of functioning in home. During my visited at capital the beautiful girls haven’t gave me a sense of love more over hardly i could see any girl better than the world of my Tshering.  
 The meeting at the Department on Adult and Higher Education was only for half an hour and it was finished before 12noon. The meeting had alerted me from the time i was left to be with Tshering and we are supposed to go by 2nd June of new the year where admission will be conducted on 7th June in their college. I was hurried but got one work to be done off course of our love. I went to the photo shop or one of the printing shops at capital to print something that can glue our relationship in our absent. The printing material was not other than taking out the photo of our togetherness that was clicked at Punakha dzong in our significant visited. It was printed in both sides of the paper from the front side colourful image of Tshering and me was printed and from the backside i had rewritten some wording which breaks the heart of loneliness in my absent to her.  In which i had written “This is not a monument of our forebears’ and it should not be respected by all human but it is a memorial of two, you and I the talks of a day which decided our whole elements of our lives. I am sure this will split and grasps the faith of two lovers who didn’t get much time to share our internal sensation of love so care it in my absent.  I know life is short because we cannot predict our last doom day and our immense death but have to swallow once by all living beings after the circle of our birth illumination. So in the short span of our karmic life I have decided to arrange my destiny with you so that I’m very much pretty sure to say my adaption on four human changes with four seasons will be very much helpful despite the second of our lives. ‘’Love is blind’’ all the human who entered in the world of romance used to share but failed to say when question has been asked, why? For me also certainly and indubitably I can say love is blind, on top of that it is deaf and dumb too. The pillars to support my foremost points are; love is blind because your love on me made me blind to give love to other in case of affairs.  On addition, love is deaf it is because your love made me deaf to hear and accept all the suit words of loving me from others.  Love is also dumb, dumb in the sense that your love and care regrets me to say ‘I love you’ to others.  At the entire cost, Lord Cupid, he is blind and innocent of love and you are the meaning and definition of love to me. I know love cost nothing but time, heart and faith of two, at the end; our entire mind is made out of it. Though the love is cost of all, our love affairs should not be at the cost of our parents. Trust me and my words I will always be waiting on you till our last agreement day to come. Time is healer, our concord due is not too far to reach by our time I hope. But you should not be dishonest to our time of love. Love does not have miles distance to cover. Love does not have vast in time gap. It is all cover by our true faith of affairs respecting each other, having trust and giving time.  So distance of miles and time gap of century is covered within a second. This is how we can safe and sounds our love between you and me. I implore to be with you to help all sentient beings and to acquire my dreams; I will always be with you in anytime. My wishes are always to append with your parent as a new family member. Help me to help you although it is not in desperate need. Love you till the last second of my breath.”  Without taking anything just because of missing my Tshering immediately after the conference and done with small task i went back to Wangdue and when i reached there it was almost 1pm. Knowing the limited time left with me to meet her i didn’t go home to change my dress instead i was bother-less on my body decoration at those moments more over i was concerned to her only in every time and seconds in my heart. I don’t know what was her thinking on me at last minutes but i felt her pain in my heart the word that she used to share me was “Sangay you will forget me when you reach at your college because you will find more girls superior than me still than i will love you my dear” this was her continual phrase on me.
I dropped at the zero point and started walking toward my resident. Just few minutes when i was about to reach at her house i called her “come on Tshering, get outside and see who is coming” i was bit famished but sense of love current forgot my pain. It was under the scorching sun while walking but love made it too cool that i can bear to walk. Love did everything but nothing to health; pain might be unexplainable by doctors too but will be easy if she come in my sickness. She came out of the house and started looking me outside. I tried to hide but love showed me in barren road so i can’t hide from my love though i tried. With smiling on my reflective face she came down from the steps to the secure place of our togetherness. That time she wore the blue coloured T-shirt and a quarterly designed paint with ash coloured. Blue was her too which signifies the virgin world but am not sure why she like blue only i knew blue was her favourite.  That time we lived beside her house and scene wasn’t been peace and romantic as in earlier place.  The true words were being disturbed by the movement of her students and playing around us. However she had managed to send her children on officially declared holiday saying “today we don’t have classes because i am not feeling well” when i shared the last date of my togetherness with her. “Ok Miss, be well soon. Thank you Miss” this was the replied from her students. Conceding leave to her children made the environment more calm, peace and sensational to be with her. Like the happiness for her children by declaring leave i had a happiness of our privacy under the huge sky. 

Chaper Five                                                                                                                                             The most interesting time will be limited and guarded by the nature, but boring time should be managed by us.  It was that evening in same date to earlier chapter. During the day I wasn’t in the position to tell my exact date of departure any choice i shared my reporting date at college and the admission too. I was with my brother not blood wise but in the nearest link. Before i go to college i should visit my only mother. I thought of sharing but my emotion could not do that i thought of hiding it but my beauties could not do that.  The only matter was that i was unable to tell her through my vocal. I knew what will be the pain from my departure to her because for her too i was been like her pet.  Now the time left with me was through message in pages. I thought of going to meet her taking Namgay but my tears were been above my nose so it discouraged me of going. The whole world went dark and i was as if in the bottom of narrowed doom. The pain of hell on the live the live in pain of hell, love created me such world. If we know how to love the love we will be better off on love, if we know how to love on true love we will be better off on emotion. Love went everything in this contemporary world not only between human but other livings too. I gave her true love in return she gave me pain; she gave me strong love in turn i gave her strong faith at last we both were on future. When i was been thinking on her wits i received the message from her, it was “what are you doing Sangay? Had your dinner?” written in her own dialect.
“Tshering i have been thinking on your wits till now but it was my luck to receive your message, yes i had completed my meal and you?” this was my replied.
“i too done with and am also missing you” adding “Sangay, i don’t know what happen to me these days am not feeling well”
I said “i know why you are not feeling well because you had given your love in full swing and you don’t want to lose me ever, am i right?”
“You are the doctor of my heart, if you don’t know why i am sick who will cure my disease hehe...” she replied but triggering on my life as her doctor who failed at science regularly of course by love.
I replied her saying “Tshering i got some confession to be confessed to you so i want to confess you now”
“Yes Sangay, why not” i know she had expected something good news as i used to share her all the time like same i started with my used to.
“Tshering tomorrow i will come and meet you ok, and i have something to give you”. Nothing special but the photo i had printed last day at capital.  
“I will be getting gift also now hehehehe... how lucky of i am with you” i know she was kidding when i was taking seriously in the drama of love.
“Tshering, i thought of not sharing to you this news but i could not do, pardon on my limited time and nurture our love to marriage, i am going to my village after three days” with my pain but with in courage i sent her.
“Sangay don’t play a horror with me i am already in weak” she couldn’t believe me at first to continue our conversation she called me.
“Are you really serious Sangay?” she said.
“i can’t jock you any more Tshering i am saying what is in my heart” i replied her sweet words. “i know what will be the pain in your heart like you i am also undergoing here darling, please respect our time”.
With her highest lessen possible vocal ever with me she replied “Sangay, i am not satisfied with your time on our love, i haven’t showed off my love to you so far in depth but i really love you Sangay, i will give my soul and ready to offer my body whenever you want to handle it but i am not whore hope you will not make me too” if i where her sexual minded partner i got the chance but was not knife who sever the head of public. I respect girls not for their virginity but for their pain, first for mother itself and second for our lives. She gave all trust thinking i will be good and helpful to her. Yes i was always respected in the trust of other. Responsibility of trust and love is more important.
“Tshering, when i am going it is not that i will be vanishing from this earth. My heart will always be with your soul and i will never lose your trust anywhere.” i wanted to share more but empathy couldn’t give its flow.
“Sangay, wherever i do live my love will always be after you” she said with the block of her voice in middle.  Slowly i got she was crying.
 I can’t prolong my time much more talking with her after reading the tears in her eyes instead we opted to continue our remaining times by messaging.
“Sangay, yesterday also i cried when you shared you will be going Capital, today i thought of not crying but tears are unconditioned for me now” she had texted me.
“Tshering, no need to feel sad, consider it as all our fate and am sure after my education i will get you back from all your sufferings. Keep trust and faith”. I sent her just to wipe her tears in emotion nonetheless i was also been in the great depression and the sensational feeling of love.
“I wanna control my tears but am weak to do so, loving you doesn’t have any regret to tears my eyes to its finish” the question is will her parent accept us?
In the starting of my love with her i said my mother “i will be coming with new member in our family” she said “it is your wish if she does good for you it will be best for you at last you are the one who going to stay for whole life with her” may be my mom was right in case of my marriage.  
With pertaining to concern i asked her “will your parent allow us to marry Tshering?”
“Sangay, do you think my parents are like tigers and lions? I am sure they will let us but i can’t face with my marriage topic to them instead i will inform my sister and then she will tell my parents but Sangay i am sure they are not harsh that is my weakness to bring topic in middle of them”.  Adding more “i will let you know when i share our topic to my sister.”
There were no words of any rejection in my mind “whenever and wherever i do live i will be pending on your news.” This was my replied.
Till how many hours the lover can hold on night? Though we loved to chat more we had a time of our own limitation, we haven’t stayed beyond 3am in any night so by these hours it was 3am exactly. Saying the last word of blanket, may be private or may not be we closed our love not away from mind but from hours.   
As promised yesterday i went early in the morning of the day to meet Tshering, it may be the third last day to meet with her if something happens may be still more. I took my printed photo with me wrapped in coyly way in my madness to her.  The road had been in less traffic and some unprivileged students had already started walking to their school carrying their carrier on back. It really revealed my days at my schooling and at that time i was also one of the unprivileged students always giving burden to mom asking money all the morning.
Like them i also continued my journey in saunter way how fast i could do, as i walked faster i was approaching near to my darling house by her current i still wanted to move faster than ever but am matured so i kept my dignity of being decent. As i run at my speedy the passer-by mates might think i was a mad man or also misunderstand in total way. As i went on walking it was just few meters left to reach her house from there i called her. “Tshering i reach the place where i can see you if you come out from your room.” She was so pleased to see me coming very early in the morning and immediately when she heard my voice she came out of the room and shouted me “Sangay!!!” she had completed with dressing herself and been ready to go for computer class. After reaching there we came towards her class and as earlier we haven’t been or visited at our regular dating place instead i took her to my place. That time I was brave enough to take Tshering in my house because my brother went capital for his official work that morning. My two friends, Rinchen and Namgay too went to Namgay’s house as i had requested them to vacant room because i was in needed of peace and silent environment to talk with her at last moment. Everything went in the best way. 
When someone or somebody visits our own house the culture had practiced us that we have to show our best hospitality but i haven’t showed her in its place i asked her “if you are feeling uncomfortable please let me know. Consider like your own house here.”
“Tshering, time had already proven my depth love on you but still our faith should be nurtured from both sides. I love you and will be in you only.”  I said her searching something from my box.
I don’t know what she had replied but i understood from her stammered vocal that “my real meaning of love is on you so i should be alive with you” what it meant? I was confused for the first time later however asking her for further explanations i could understand that she meant to say her whole lives will be loving on me all her hours.
There wasn’t a satisfaction in talking with her. We had been whole day sharing our words and that day she also skipped going to the class that was me who spoiled her career. After lunch, we went for the walk towards the way to Punakha. The day had been so peace with chilly winds over the area. The road had been out of traffic and that time it was the pedestrian day at Bhutan as per the new constitution.
We enjoyed every step of our walks and sharing the hocus-pocus had given more enjoyment to us. May be because of being last hours at her or love itself was eternal between us. I had loved her than everything in this world i can’t die or sacrifice for religion, i will capitulate at it. I will surrender no more for her love i must not make sacrifice of my life for religion. Love was my maturely adapted religion, i could die for that, i could die for Tshering in her loving. 
From there we directly went to her house, it was almost near to the darkness of the day. When we were about to reach her house we stopped for a while and i had given my photo to her. And i said, “Tshering, your love had made me egotistical and blind of love, I cannot continue living without your love. I am absentminded of every event but seeing you again. My Life seems to stop here with you on your craziness and I can’t see any future further, you had absorbed me on your love. I will be elegantly wretched without the hope of seeing you presently”.  Unconditional tears but my fast hug on her hasn’t showed her. Taking my printed she went inside the house and I was left as if in the bitch of hell.
True love is nothing other than making sacrifices for love. I love to sacrifices on love and I did my best. Now what we had left was only to trust on fate and our previous karma. Love had given me second life to love live on peace and happiness but with her. Thinking on various topics I went back to my house.  
When I reached home the door was still locked without getting inside I went to Namgay’s house. Rinchen and Namgay had been playing cards later I too joined with them the bet was for wine. They had got some wine and cigarettes too by this they prolonged their time on playing cards with maximum happiness and joy. When I joined with them they were already in the verge of drunken world.  They two had known about me that I can’t drink so they had promise me the cool drinks. But I am not totally teetotal man ever, when I was at home I used to drink but not to the world of drunken joy. I regret to drink with spending the money on alcohol and I hate taking the pain of sufferings in wine, what I drank was all about our home made alcohols. 
 We played the card and bet was kept cash but they can’t win from me. Ever since from my play they haven’t won the matches for once also, if I were rude enough that time I would have had gotten more than 1000 plus but considering the bond of friendship I had excused them from bet instead I asked them to leave to my brother’s house. As per my requested they had agreed to set off and when we reached home by these times they were totally out of balance.  Thinking that brother will come home I had done with preparing the dinner and been awaited for his arrival. Lastly but not too lately he reached back at our domicile from one day official work where he was also been in the drunken state. Unlike Rinchen and Namgay, my brother had a balance to his possible position. I asked him to take dinner and we were only two with the battle of last meal. However I can’t defeat my brother because of his imbalance mind he had gotten a great courage to take more food but I don’t know where he was taking all those quantities. After serving dinner and doing with necessary arrangement in bedding I took my brother to his room at left him to sleep. That day the room was all occupied by the drunken men may be been interesting to hear their talks but unless I was drunk I hate to talk with them. I kept water above their head thinking that thirst will be their task because I too had an experienced of drinking but not in presently.
After doing with all tasks with them I went to my bed-room and started messaging to Tshering “are you still there Tshering?” I was in her thought every minute in my hour’s hand. Her love was my joy that last for continually and remembered for eternally.
After sometimes I received “sorry Sangay, I had been taking bath inside wash room. What are you doing now?”
“I am sleeping thinking on you” I replied her. The environment of calling with me had been favourable because I can’t disturb anyone inside the room, even if I shout at high pitch they can’t hear anything. “Tshering I wanted to called you will you favour me?” i texts her.
“Ok let us do call i am also far from my sister bed” it was her pleasing or matching replied i got.
Nga gee choe lu ma song zer lap che wai” (i said you please don’t go away from me) the caller tune in her number.  It was really a heart touching song she kept also relating to me and in my departure.
“Hello” she said     
Hi! I am missing you; i can’t stay too long without hearing your sweet voice” was my reason for calling her late night.
“I think your love given to me was very special, sometime i felt very lucky to get husband like you.” she replied, but “husband” how dearly she could say later taking some times to understand conversely now she was glued on my beauties.  By such answer it really killed the heart of doubts in my future.  
“Thank you Tshering” i said but she aye refused to accept my thanks. Whenever and wherever i express the word of love in thanks she always felt guilty to accept on it. Is there any meaning of Thanks in love world? May be to my Tshering if not all will be same.
I asked her “why you always refuse to accept my thanks?
“Sangay thanks will never finish in our conversation at the same time it is not the word to be used between couple” this was the replied from the simple lovely girl in my wits.
She failed but she was a great philosopher in her own life. What is the use of education for the people who doesn’t know how to act in educated place and what is the meaning of education for the people who doesn’t go school and has a reputation in the public? After all human possession of its values is considered as important.
Talking some informal conversation of our love world we closed the day of second last day ere my departure.
“Good night Tshering, see you tomorrow. Buddha blesses you and your family. For us too” sent the last message after voice conversation with some love emoticons.  
I haven’t slept that night thinking on her made my night shorter than always. Feelings were been different and left without to describe on it they only i can express was pain. Departure is the nature of birth illumination in this living realm but her departure was great pain not because of love but of care. I didn’t feel the changes in hours however it brightness gave me the truth of my sleepless night. On ‘True love’ my understanding was beyond its meaning may be because of being last love.
In the morning i went to Punakha to meet another brother who dwelled there and by making second visit to the Punakha dzong with him i came back to Wangdue. It was my second last day to meet them including from the friends, relatives and Tshering. After coming back from Punakha i went to meet Tshering at her house. As earlier i did the same only different was i haven’t called her or informed her that i was coming. I thought of giving her surprise but she had expected me to come so been looking from her window towards my house. Nothing i made her what i planned. After few hours i returned back to my house thinking some works left to be done. I said “Tshering i wanna go now, i got some packing to be done, and my brother is sending parcel to his parent and relatives at village. Tomorrow i will come early in the morning to meet you believe me please.”
By looking her i knew she was almost lost in the sadness of love tears, to feel better i said “i will call you when i am done with my works”
As a reply on my words she said, “Sangay i thought of staying with you how much hours you wanted to stay today, i thought of being whole night talking with you under your warm arms” adding “anyway i love you so much”. Though i loved to live in her wishes i also need to see the problems of my brother. I must not kill the heart of any living. I knew if i go am killing Tshering’s heart of love if i didn’t go am killing my brother’s mind of trust so i decided to stay further more hours with her so where i can balance with both. If time is there we can do everything because of limited time in the rights of living beings they fail to do their duties on time which the fail can bring to the ultimate result of sadness. Ere the night changes to its full darkness i left Tshering place and went home that night we haven’t yakked anymore like even hours instead requested to be together whole day in coming day.

Chapte Six                                                                                                                                           It was the twilight day for me at the environment of Wangdue moreover regretted to say twilight hours for my Tshering. When i loved her from the beginning of our togetherness i haven’t thought of our twilight day and departure non twilight year. I never thought that we will depart someday; the only i thought of was we will be together forever. When departure came to the unprepared mind of loves it was really been a tough time to tolerate its pain.  The day was started by morning dawn as customary with full of sweet memories of our love togetherness. When time passed by on its rotation sun began to shine from the eastern mountains of Himalayas. Slowly but in steady it severed the unblemished dignity of the nature drinking it’s freshly dews from every tip of the leaves. Before the morning shadows of eastern hills vanish from our place i reached to the heart of my lover to break the virgin words from her very mouth.
“Good morning Tshering”
“Good morning come inside Sangay i will prepare some tea and snacks for you” she replied.
After taking the banquet at her house i asked her time to go with me. Without any rejection from her heart she decided to go with me wherever my mind wished to go.
Firstly we went to our normal romantic place and been there for some hours.
“Tshering whenever i come to Wangdue in my future my first place to visit will be this hill station, and in my future this place will be reminisces place of our love.” I said her.
“In your absent, i will make visit to this place every day without fail, and it will be source of my tears” she replied with her customary looks.
After that we went to the town and took the route towards Punakha. We went till our legs showed the last energy to walk than returned back to her house.
We visited all the places we had been earlier in our togetherness and those were the twilight tour we made in twilight day.  
As promised we had been whole day together, at that moment we didn’t express any sadness of my departure as if no feelings at all. But when the time kept on moving on its second hand and sun keep on shifting towards the western hills the scene made more depressing on us. We completed all tour towards our memorable place of our togetherness and now it was at her house.
We had been talking for the whole day and the evening talks were very different from other events. The wretchedness of my departure had already given the current of tears to her moreover the setting of the sun to western hills made more painful. Talking seemed to be all from the core of heart for us. Despite all we made our best to talk in worthwhile manner but can’t do that.
“Tshering, what are my tremendous things left with you so that you can think on me in my departure” i asked her.
“Everyday coming to pick and drop me was your monument left in my heart, Punakha trip was another, from all i will never forget one action from my heart ever that is clearing my sinistral ear inside the taxi while we are going towards Punakha dzong.” She said.
I might have been the best in her heart who gave best love ever in her affairs world. On the other side for me too she wasn’t a bad girl like said by my brother. She had given more contribution on my museum of heart. The way she smile and the way she talk to me was my ever unforgettable events from her.
With great concern i asked her “i think you will forget me and marry soon after my departure more over every love saga says women heart are considered to be butter heart.”
 “Sangay don’t put your blind doubts on me, before i marry i should do something worthy for my parents than only i will choose the world you said with you trust me.” She had cleared my doubt. 
As i said earlier she was a parent dedicated girl, yes she was no doubt. She doesn’t have basic information to settle herself with good job but she got a strong mind of her parent’s suffering.
 “How you can help your parent without proper job on yourself first?” it might be direct doubt for me but she has the best explanation that made me very clear on her helping parents. 
“To help our parent we doesn’t need job to support capital. I can do help my parent in different ways Sangay.” She was right, our parent doesn’t need money and money does not have happiness to them, what they dreamt for was only for their happiness, so ultimate means of happiness was through close family relationship only. I was educated and valued too after being with her. “Thank you Tshering for everything.” patient inside my closed heart which failed to expressed because she had an allergic to it. 
Than i said, “Tshering i want to help you to help our parents”
“You are pleasingly welcomed and i confer, i too need your helps to my live in my happiness.” Might be replied on me, for me this was her trust on my love given in all respect.
Furthermore, she added, “Sangay college life will be full of beautiful flowers like in spring with full of nectar. You can enjoy with them if you wanted to do i will be loving you till my last breath but know the limit, sometimes we might  find the bees drowned in the nectar and ended their young life.” Does she attend the college life? The question came in my mind. No but created by imagination world in her mind. I was confused to reply her.
The love has gone too far from both hearts. Moreover it had guaranteed our future in togetherness. Tshering will be my wife if not i might be predestined to stay as bachelor with its certificate by fate. These two were only choices left with me.    
The day might have been twilight day but thinking on her doesn’t have any twilight hours or a day. Meeting with her might have been twilight day but talking wasn’t been. We will be talking through the medium of different communications. Science had proven its advancement. We are not too late to be borne. We were born at the end of 20th century; our love was started from very beginning decades of the 21st century and will be eternal on this world till earth ends by its doom day under the huge seven suns.
“Tshering, now time has already proven us to depart lets respect our time” i said her.
“Ok Sangay, safe journey tomorrow, doesn’t lose your faith and trust on me, i will love you all the times.
After giving her a warmest hug we had departed from that place and who knows will be departed forever until our marriage. Future is always unpredictable but we can form our own images of our future. The future i had drawn was, after completing my degree education i will marry her than find a stable job for our own growth followed by having three children and ending life in full happiness. If not if i can’t marry her, i will be educating on the remote societies of every nook and cranny of our country and staying without faith on marriage and will be solitary forever. I had gone too depth in love with her. World seemed to be dark ceaselessly beneath the brightness of huge sun. Night will seemed to be too long to sleepless eyes under the unwelcoming bedspread. No matter what will be the problem and fame of Tshering in my absent, my love will never give up the ghost. She has one thing with me that museum of my heart is full of her monument.  If i forget missing her that time will be my death. If i stop talking about her that time will be when i hear she got married but love never dies seriously.
That night i haven’t slept as it should be not that i had been busy talking with Tshering but i was farewell by my mates at Wangdue. Like them i had the tears of exodus however i haven’t expressed it. The night was made busy with singing some heart touching songs from the vocal of my friends
“Sangay, my parent may say i should marry with their choice, my friends may say i must marry with their friend, my sister may say i will be marring with her husband’s brother and my relatives may share i cannot marry with my own choice but nobody will decide my marriage, if my parent want their choice with me i will share your care and love to me. If my friends ask me to marry with their friend i will explain your love. If my sisters like her husband’s brother i will share my love to you with her. If my relatives barricade my choice i will go and settle with you. I have to decide my life and after seeing you i had decided on it not in single day but in whole love. If i have pain now you should solve me, if i have tears now you should wipe me. If i have desire you should fulfil me, if i have passion you should kill it. In your way now i will be obstacle in some hours i will also help you silently but i will never block your passage.” The pages and pages of message she had written me.
 After reading her message i was absolutely recommended to reply her, “Tshering, i have a mom who always concern about my marriage, i have a grandparent who always pray for my successful life, i have a brother and sister too who encourages me to work harder, i have a father who knew my name, i have a heart that love you, i have a heart that sympathies your pain, i have a religion that cut the word discrimination. Now i will be having wife, who love me in silent, i will be having wife who trust on me, i will be having wife who keep the strong faith in my absent that is not other than my wife ‘you’” i replied her message very lately.
By that late time also she didn’t sleep, again i received her message, “my word will not satisfied your love, my action will not encourage you to love me everlastingly, i might be having attitude problem to those who hate me but these are my habits, love had been very simple with ex, yours love is different, explanation is difficult, expression is so cute. Daddy i am missing you from today itself” she sent with tears emoticons.  
I know the depth love she had given to me over the short span of time but i am not sure how long it will last. For me last love ever loves in my heart. She will be only my love out of great satisfaction i have. After replying her message, “Tshering good night and have a great day in my absent with great care on your health” i went to sleep.
From my sinistral side Rinchen and Namgay in the dextral we opted to catnap and it was the last night with them. We kept on talking till the last minute of our sleepiness comes however interesting on the sadness of twilight made more memorable of our friendship prolonging the last night. No matter how bad we had been in the courses of our stayed at last friend means hero without end in relationship. If i am going to miss the place of my existence i will be missing that place.  If i am going to miss the time of my lapses i will be missing those times. If i will be missing on my enjoyment events in my life i will be certainly missing those events. 

ChapterSeven                                                                                                                                     “Sorry for the day i left you alone” rang the alarm tune from my phone, the very emotional song from Akon.  I woke up early in the morning and started to pray for my well being for the day. The day had been cleared with peaceful dawn but when i went on reading the Buddhist holy book from the middle of my prayer it started to rains. I thought that the natures had also known my departure and they were sad of my missing. I guessed it may not be true. After completing my morning prayers i made a call to Tshering but i was too early to call her, she didn’t respond my call. Then following i went to the bus station and made ready for the departure however i was accompanied by my two friends Namgay and Rinchen.  “Don’t worry about Tshering she will be yours only all the time, i know better than you about Tshering more over to keep her happy you should be responsible enough and study heard but smartly.” Rinchen pleased me.
“Thank you Rinchen, till now and then you had been my best friend and i believe in your all words”. I said him as a reply.
Though Namgay was a newly added friend in its realm he was a good friend and advisor too. He gave the most unforgettable words that encouraged me to be with Tshering. “She was one of my bench mates at school; she cares all people around her. She has a strong heart, unyielding characters and mad about innocent” Ya, she was in such traits i knew over the last three months.  By that time the bus had already started to gear up its engine. I went inside and made comfortable on my seat.
“Sangay, i heard your calling but i haven’t received it purposefully thinking that as i talk with you i will roll my tears, you are inside the bus right. I had been seeing on you still i am seeing your bus. Sangay, see how pitifully Namgay and Rinchen left in your exodus, right now also i am looking at your station from my casement.” I got the message and it was from Tsheyang (the name i had saved in Tshering’s number).
“Ok Tshering, i respect you, do good and aim for the best, i will call you when i reach in every significant place over my journey.” I replied her message.
The bus has already started to move then when i look outside from my windowpane i saw Rinchen and Namgay raising their hands and saying goodbye to me. Without fail i too did taking out my hand from the windowpane and showed my hand movements like them. The pain of departure was been beyond its words to explain.  Without looking any more outside i seated to be normal like other passengers.
The journey had been miserable thinking on the love i left in pain. The world had brightness under the rays of sun during the day and moonlight in the night but inside the hidden world ignorance of love hasn’t brightened its world.  Earth has many gadgets to brighten its darkness moreover technologies had proven it but in the extreme corner, out of technologies reach inside our human mind our darkness cannot be lightened if once darken by our own emotion.  My mind was busy all journey thinking on her. The external brightness hasn’t proven the day in peace because i got my own brightness out of love which was been absent that moment. Thinking on her i even failed to see the place i left in my way of odyssey.
In the midst of her thinking i just came to knew that we reached at our last bus station which was my destination too. From there i went to my father place keeping my luggage at the station room and purchased the ticket for my next day journey towards my home. 
She knew everything about me very well because i had explained about myself to her in all details. Of course my dad, i should felt happy of meeting him but i was always reminded of suffering on my mom so i acted of being always simple with speechless and coward one. That time because of desperate missing of Tshering i kept photo of Tshering and mine as my phone screen saver and i forgot to change it. In the due courses of time my dad had known my photo in our togetherness than started to ask me questions. I thought of telling lie to my dad but my truth was been powerful. I thought of crooking stories but my faith with Tshering couldn’t do that without struggling myself much i told him everything about her and our relationship.
In my explanation what he said was, “Tshewang, i respect your relationship with her but in the courses of your marriage you should also look for the cast she was from, i know you will not know where we are coming from and it was my late information to share you. To look our grandparent, we are coming from the high caste origin mixtures of “Dungkhar Choejee” and “Kholong Chojee” [high caste or superior caste in Bhutanese consideration]. To have successful marriage in your life your wife will decide our lineage in following. Your wife cannot be from the low caste, your wife cannot be from unfaithful parent”. My dad was much concerned about me but now too late to inform me. i do respect him in all ways but in case of my marriage he don’t have any right to barricades on it. What will be the colour of blood inside the low caste flash and high caste people? After all human means all same with feelings and blood of pain. When we came in this world all came in same formula, with unaware of this world, just with necked and senseless of its sense to express. Caste systems were made by the tendency of human education and civilisation to act superior after neglecting the pain of inferior.  If she is from low caste how i can ignore her in my love, i can’t do any sacrifice in our love but i can sacrifice all too. These were my thoughts inside the silent world.
I said to my dad, “we are from the high caste but it is not to make superior ourselves in ranking in our society. How much we can act for society we will be dishonoured in level by them. As we are from good caste we have to help them in educating and breaking the barricades of caste. Blood will be same if we cut different castes flash and put their bloods into the same bowl; we can’t separate it into any caste, so we should think in such a way dad. You were born at early century and i am born on latest world we have different believe in same world and different practices on same clock.”
I think human caste will add us nothing just breaking the social relationship. Of course it might have been helpful during donkeys’ ears. This world is no more made for the caste dwelling it is for peace living. i might be from high caste but am concern less on it. If i felt love on my servant and have a right to marry i should marry her.
While i was been talking about caste topic with dad, i received her message, “Sangay what are you doing? You might be feeling happy with your dad i am with your poor pain, come here and lets always stay together.” 
“Tshering, i will call you after sometime, now am talking with dad, please exonerate on me”. i replied her.
Just acting like going for wash room in front of my dad i went out of the room and called her. In case of my marriage i didn’t have any predicament with my mom, she will be happier if i marry with my own love. She hardly interferes in my life partner moreover she knew everything about Tshering and my love. In the call i had explained all the problems of my dad to her. In my words what she said was, “Sangay, the world we brought up was so different, i don’t know what my caste is, before it known to you please get out of my life, who knows i might be from low caste that your dad hates but am sure i am not from high caste like you. Your world should be nurtured by high caste couple. I may not be your right choice” this was her replied on my ever disappointing statement to her.
I had given the same replied to her what i had replied to my dad, but she was not in a position to accept it so casually. I took my promise respecting all gods and goddess still she can’t believe me. At that moment last choice left with me was revealing my truth “i am a divorce youth” from my parents. I said, “i met with my father only after 19years old of my ages, ere i haven’t seen him too. I hardly go to meet him if you wanted me to start hating my dad you can leave me alone remained i will love you every moment.”   
I shared all hidden truths thinking so she will be my last woman. I shared the reason of my parents divorced, thinking on it she was cooled to accept my truth in accepting my love evenly.  After making clear about the problems with Tshering i went inside the room. Still my dad had been waiting me to come. Without talking for any more time i asked for the bedstead reasoning that i was totally in dead beat for my stepmother.  As per my requested she had prepared all necessary things and i went to sleep.
In Wangdue i wasn’t been sleeping by that time, i might have been chatting from the internet or i might have been preparing ceremonial dinner. Sleeping had not come but i acted before they put off the light but luckily in the middle of night, power went off because of heavy raining of the monsoon season. No sooner did the light went off we started to chat through messages.
“Tshering, i know by these times also you will be thinking on my caste issue, whatever he say i will never listen, we are made for each other, my promises will be promise ever.” I sent her to start our conversation.
“i trust you Sangay but it is your wish to accept it or not my heart is given to you”. She replied on my message.  
I said, “Don’t worry darling, i will tell in details about our affairs to my mom and she will reject all views and concerns from dad to me, moreover my mom is my life.” i was brought up with my mom and her loved were really beyond the words of my expressions.
“i want to see your mom very soon” i got the immediate replied from her.
“Tshering when i say like that it is not that my mom is heavenly blessed woman for all, i think your mom will be far better than mine, still i love her very much. If you go and meet her she will be very much happy to see you. Any time is yours to meet her.” I replied her message.
In very kidding way she sent me “i am coming tomorrow morning wait for me, ok Sangay.” She wants to deceive me but i can’t be.
Instead i replied her, “You come bit late than me; i will go home first and wait you there, and i will bring my mom for your reception on the way, it will be ok, No?” i knew what she wanted to know about me.
“Sangay i can’t defeat you in any matter, you will be always winner in our conversation but as a loser please don’t criticize me badly ever.”
I was always been the best debater in my schooling with my friends wherever rights were with me. On other sides i will know how to defeat but in a cheering way only if i have less information on the topic or false information i got to debate if not i will don’t  let others to go easily with their dirty feet.
I replied her, “Tshering i may not be always winner i am loser too, try to put the topic that you knew more in that case i will surely defeat and that time please don’t insult me shoddily.”
As we go depth in chitchat we had been always forgotten to check out the time. 3am had always been the best time to close our love for a while inside heart. As same as earlier it was the 3am so we had respected our love principle and after sending the last wishes of the day as usual i had closed the day under the huge blanket placing the head on pivot pillow.
As usual i woke up early in the morning but before me my dad had woken earlier than me. He had prepared everything for me including from the purified water from the cranium with some religious pabulums adding on it which believed to purify our mind and body. I don’t know what will be advantages of that still putting some hopes on it I took that water and i can’t be blasphemy in my nature. After completing all the events we went to the bus station and when we reached their bus had already vacated its station, unlucky i thought but i had been lucky i guessed. i got the standard vehicle towards my home town with free of cost, i was instantaneous with the officials going for duty on local government election. I was excused from all expenditure on my way, as if i was their boss but they were really good officers i met. They had reached me till my house, how fortunate i was been in wretched situation. Heart of gratitude with its words is always in my lips to express them from my poor world.
It was very late when i reached my village; the night was already in the verge of the fullest darkness but in the middle of fearsome night my mom was been eagerly waiting for me with her readied meal. After reaching my house i took bath first and then ate my dinner. I was happier in one world to be with my mom but sad in another world. The pain of love had been increasingly flaming in my departure.  
What is a love affair in the actual meaning from one’s mind? The real meaning will never come unless we are separated in different places. For me the love affairs got different meaning not from surface meaning with casual understanding but came with pain and tears of its feeling. If dictionary had been given for each couple to write the meaning of love affairs, who knows the word might have highest meaning but i am very much certain to say that each one will have different meanings to share. “Love affairs” it is a relationship out of pain, pain out of tears, tears out of missing, missing out of care, care out of love, love out of feeling, feelings out of emotion, and emotion out of relationship, relationship out of love affairs.
I was left only few days to go to my college nevertheless I haven’t got any emotional likeness to join in my studies any further, the only i wanted to dwell was marrying with Tshering, getting of education has a great danger of losing my life partner, i can’t trust myself for any relationship because i was cheated very recently only. The importance of education was seemed very low compared to her. Before i go to college i decided to go and meet her once.
It was one fine morning and to be counted on my remaining days to join college it was left only two weeks to get set go. I had been in depth missing of Tshering, calling her cannot satisfied me in any extend and i wanted to talk the matters to my mom about going to visit Tshering but i couldn’t bring the matters directly to my mom instead i twisted the topic and said her, “mom i wanted to share you something about my life” i said her with stammered words.
She had already known what i meant to say on my words she replied, “i will never perturb on your life partner, decide on our love by yourself, but i insist you to marry with the Sharchop (race in Bhutan).”
“Mom, i will certainly marry with Sharchop, and she will be that girl only the one i said you earlier and which i kept her photo as my laptop wallpaper. She wanted to come here next year and i will be marrying her that time.” i said her in very polite way.
“It is your choice” she said.        
“Mom, if you really love me very much please send me Wangdue once again, i wanted to meet her before i go to college, i love you mom.” I had polished her in very sympathetic way.
At first she was unable to accept my proposal, she denied my plan totally but i knew very well about my mom. She cares me more than other human in this world, she loves me more than Tshering, and she also doesn’t want me to lose from her warmth.
“Mom i know you love me very much more than Tshering and i too love you more than her to you, but who knows Tshering will get marry before my studies changing her on the sweetest words given by any playboy. Women mind doesn’t have any certainty. I didn’t leave her any memorable moment with her and if you let me to go and meet her last i will give my faviroute book to her.  I think it will grasp our relation”. I said her with my strong emotion and pain of love.
Our mother will not be rude to us whenever we look from any angle. I was lucky to be born under her motherhood; she was uneducated in any language but she got the knowledge of every educated human being. She was uneducated but knew all pain of every suffering and living. On my earlier emotional words by forgiving me she said, “Sorry my dear son, i know the pain of your love and i called Tshering several times, she would be good girl and love to see your happiness soon. Tomorrow you can leave Wangdue but don’t stay more than three days. You have to come back soon to get prepared for your education.”
“Thank you mummy” i said her in my local dialect.
After i got the news from mom to send me back to Wangdue despite my limited time of stays, the moment of my internal happiness was above the words of description. Though we were poor those eras my mother never concerned on spending her income on my happiness. She never failed my plan so far and will never fail in future too. Immediately i called her and shared the news of meeting again. She was so excited to hear my news, like her mine was also beyond its expressions as said earlier. The day wasn’t her present had been so difficult to accept my mood on my day, never concerned on my own health. If love is so strong it will only be strong on feelings if not what i had expressed to Tshering was all through my care. I haven’t expressed her any love word but given the words of care keeping the speciality of her character as my desired wife’s traits. I wanted her to be my wife, my mom wanted her to befall as her daughter in law, my relatives wanted her to become their helper and my younger wanted her to become their sister in law. Like me she got a love from my village.
I went to meet her though the time had been so short to spend with her. I took the book of my heart which inspires the youth to be prolific in their time of living (Living with Honour).
The three days had been so enjoying for us, i don’t know how it came to the last day. The days were fully engaged in talking our private conversation but don’t misunderstand on our secret conversation that we haven’t talked on the issue of the honeymoon i swear.  We were lover but not in the world of romantic words. I had given my book with some words penned with tears of affairs. Tshering, my education freelance will be not the ending distance in our departure, it is not end of my love too, wherever i go i love you and will be loving you. I am giving you this book and for your kind information i had been caring this book from my grade three, this was my first collection of book i made. I had been reading this book every year that is also on my birthday time because it got a tendency to change our human mind, now am leaving it to you with my tears, read this book on your birthday it will really gives you some changes and also i had added some points on it. You came keep it with great care and i need back this book during our marriage party. If not if we are not predestined to live together under the realm of happy couple please give this book to your first son or daughter. When your son or daughter use the language of that book i will came to know that is your sibling. Please don’t lose it darling, from your crossed heart, Sangay. Love you”. It was the written words given to Tshering with my book.
After three days as said by my mom i returned back to my house. I was satisfied with my love, sharing with her. As said my love was rare now it will be really rare in all the times, sharing from different worlds and times.

ChapterEight                                                                                                                                       It was on first week of July 2013; the summer had been already started in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Heavy monsoon rainfall was another feature of summer in Bhutan with the hot climate. The whole country’s news was been covered by the natural disaster prone. Blockage of roads, landslide was and prominent news outlived in the every headline of news bulletin in the country. Above all, my problem had been another risky and dangerous one, hardly the news will be known but problems were been all the times, the way to the main gate of Bhutan from my village was being blocked time and again but unknown to the news. My parents were concerned on my journey so to reduce their tensions i had started my journey before time towards the gate and been their more than the week waiting for my friends to come. The day from my departure from Tshering, i haven’t missed even a single day without calling her like me she also been addicted on me, this was how true love should be nurtured.
After few days of my arrival i was met by my all friends for first time and we were the friends who were to live forever together in a group like the chicken who lost their hen to eagle. Everything was been strange, staring each other at the first sight, not knowing how to start the conversation among the friends also. But with me i got the skill of influencing people and being friendly with them. I asked them for their times to go with me for shopping, and it had done a great for us where we had started to talks more than our own childhood friends while we were choosing the jersey of our own. We shared everything that has to be shared and left with nothing i guess. While we had been in the series of meeting among ourselves i received the call that lasted for more than the hours which gave them the forum of doubts to ask me. Without any alternative beyond the truth of my affairs, the life of engaged i had revealed with them. At first they were scandalised to accept it but after showing all her photos and in our togetherness they were easily fooled to accept it. By these incidents i was being respected for my maturity from my friends and the matter of any decision was taken into action in group only after my notification during our togetherness.
It was during first time of our journey while taking the route towards the train station from the main gate of our own country. For some of us it has been first time to be departed from their parents and on its missing the tears of exodus had already started to be stricken from their eyes. It was not been first time for me to head off away from the warmth of my mother, i had been experiencing such tears since from my early age but going away in the distance of miles from beloved one was been the bitter challenges for me. i thought of not wiping my tears in silent however i couldn’t do that, more we covered the distance bitter the pain of love i got inside. There wasn’t a thought of unfaithfulness from both but thinking on her simplicity made me to rolled it like a dizzily rains. After being some hours waiting for the train, not lately we had started heading towards Bangalore on Guwahati-Bangalore Express and travelling on train was also been the new chapter in one’s life account.
The moment of travelling inside the same train in same apartment with same face looking each other for three days was been so boring and thinking on Tshering made me in more boredom on it. The day i wished for was to have Indian number (SIM-card) or an Indian friend with me because i was been in desperately in need of it to call Tshering. But wish left as wish only, no miracle happened. The experiences was however been good rather than none idea or reading ideas on it.
Three days inside the movement of train without contact with Tshering and parents made more missing on them. After reaching Bangalore we had been in very much in need of phone but couldn’t find it. We searched for all nook and cranny of the local area but our wits had been insufficient to meet it. No friends no relatives no known people at last money had also been useless in such situation. I thought of calling disrespecting the cost of calls but In such a well developed state or a region it will be very difficult to find fix line as well to call for immediate needed person, everything that find in remote will not be seen in the middle of cosmopolitan city. The days at new place out of contact with our parents and beloved one and more over freedom less, right less and speechless made us more saddened in nature. The surroundings around us were been all new with new cultures; the language we used to talk was been incommunicable with them. The food they used to eat was been tasteless to us and missing of our own home made us less desire for food or dieted by our own emotions.   After three days at new world we had done all the process of admission at the college and luckily gotten the Indian SIM-card too, happier at the same time the irony was, i made a first called to Tshering from my first number after recharging with 100rupees, despite calling my mom in first meet i had showed most important on her but 100rupess was a worth of only 8minutes in the middle of our conversation after 8minutes my balance was unsupported to call it further. When we called among ourselves, within its country’s 10rupess recharged can be lasted for more than the half an hour. That time the only thought came in my mind was, if Tshering was in India i would have shared everything by call only. From the day i got the Indian number i haven’t missed any chance of calling her. I called her and shared her every moment with me and my love though it hasn’t lasted for an hour with prolonging in day. 
At the beginning I can’t make any satisfaction from the calls i made on missing her, more i called her more i had been missing her in every minutes. As time is healer, with understanding the nature of pain however i made some adjustment on it. I called everyday and gone like my daily routine. Though i didn’t have balance i will have a balance to go ring on her number every time. She knew very well about the cost of calling between the two countries after a week my call was been like alert tone for her. I used to called her but the ring on her phone rang from my number she used to make it busy but in unconditional busy. After that she used to call me back. I don’t know where she got the income to recharge her phone to call me and more the part her calls used to last for more than 35minutes. Our loved had nurtured in strong, true, flawless and faithful ways.
Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city in India next to its capital Delhi and Mumbai. People of the different worlds get together in Bangalore and started getting links in contact too making this earth into one world of different greeneries. No gender discrimination in its migration we can see both male and female from different worlds dwelling in different place. In such a midst of vast city of world cosmopolitan there was a cosmopolitan college, Garden City College. Gathering the students from 74countries empowering their lives by education. It was during my first fresher’s day, where i met with many countries mates coming to study at the same college. I was encouraged too to study hard to achieve my dreams more over i was enthused by the heart left with Tshering by missing her schooling. My love was lost from my heart on the extreme beauties from my own poor heart. I saw many beautiful ladies in campus wearing the latest branded jersey but was blind on it and it was made my Tshering’s love and care.  My eyes didn’t see any best on features and he will never see, my ears never heard any sweet words and will never hear i oath, and my nose hasn’t smelled any sweet fragrance and will never, my hand never touched any soften body than my mistress and will never be than her with any girl. Love with me was love that never dies and will never form my heart to others, other than my Tshering.  

Chapter Nine                                                                                                                                    It was almost two months away from her and my home but missing on her had never changed, the love was known that it will never be ended. The more number of days added on my love more i had been missing her. Everyday had been in account to proof in love. The larger numbers of my friends saw the brighter world with outmost figure ladies in college it had given me more words to criticize on them and certainly i had done my share in biting them with all flaws of words.  I was gossipmonger from the mongers respecting the rooted love i got. But nothing and no one i found with the resemblance characters with my mistress. There wasn’t been any other alternatives to relief the pain of missing her rather than calling each other on each day. Like me she had also been under the same pang. Despite in the miles of distance between us we had been in good relationship giving the forum to my friends to trust on our love. This was what love was in darkening world.
As revealed earlier about Tshering, she was staying with her sister, who had been working at telecommunication division office at Wangdue; due to her dedicated moving parts at office she got an official tour to visit capital of India, Delhi for three months on official purposes, of course. For these reason she had shifted her resident to Punakha, where her cousin brother stayed. Every moment every day I had been updated with all kinds of news with her and like her i also used to share all my hot and soft news too.
It was during the odyssey to get the blessing from the Buddha’s relics brought from the Thailand in Bhutan. Early in the morning she called me, as i responded her call she said, “Sangay, i am going to Tsirang (one of the southern districts of Bhutan) to get blessing from the Buddha’s relics with my brother and his family”.
“It is good for your life and lives but take care of yourself and siblings of your brother in crowd” i replied her.
“i am not going for my own benefit, every moment of my prayer goes to our togetherness after your graduation” was her replied with echoed vocal.
I was stuck on her replied and i didn’t get the words to reply still from the scarcity i oath myself i will never left her in such a horror world with tears of suffering with the smell of sweet in dream. My happiness belongs to her, my career feel right to her tears of this mundane world.
Can her blessing will be helpful in love relationship? And who all were blessed and will be blessing further? But should believe our own philosophy of different religions and should not think it as the circle of bondage. If praying really helps it will help us to be together always as she made in her prayers.
When she said like these i was encouraged to prepare myself for my unseen future much stronger with her. What i saw with my couple live were all in extreme happiness and joy.
We used to call every single day, value and cost of call between countries in love was been nothing. Love was only important than all others important.
As the time passed by, without any fruitful works with her brother and sister she had just decided to go back to village and help her parents with some small works as per her ability to serve them. She got a strong helping mind that is to help her parents first than other helps. When i used to talk about our early marriage she had promised me that she wouldn’t marry ere she does some fruitful works to her parents. Not even with me. How pretty was it?
It was in the middle of the autumn season; she had informed me that she will be leaving at her village by sooner or later but not sure of her date. When she informed me i said her, “it was good idea, i also thought on it when you were at Wangdue only but i couldn’t express it to you.” Adding “Tshering, when you go your village it is a place of happiness and sadness too. First experience and get the lesson but remember your life should not end there with new starts.”
“You still don’t trust me right Sangay? Promise i will be yours and you will not forget from my heart though i die” she made me clear by saying in sympathetic words with her emotion in vocal.
“I trust you Tshering, but am doing it with true love and care to you” i said her. Within these conversations the balance of her phone finished. When i checked on my own it was only 3rupees without hesitation i called her back, i forgot to imagine the duration of my 3rupess call, which was also on international boundaries. In the first rang of my call she made it busy again i called her then only she received. Because we made a condition that during the first call of respective ring on phone, busy was the first respond we preferred. “Hello you had completed your”...... balance rite. I said her. Without clearing the first word properly and giving her imperfect sentence, mine balance was also finished. Instead of asking her, i had finished myself.  
I had had been many words to share her but balance couldn’t sustain it to share all. Just pending on calling her back i went to check on my Maestro card just outside the hostel. When i proceed on it the respond was again “your transaction is exceeded”. I was left without any alternative on it. Then i went to ask my friends but they were not in the position to help me. All had been in same condition but solution never ended. I went on asking every known friend and requested for my friends to do favour for me, despite their nationalities.  At last luck has been with someone else I don’t know his or her name but i was blessed on that emergency. While i was walking from hostel to outside i had founded 100rupess just in front of my eyes and under my foot. I was relieved from all eagerness. “Thanks god” i thanked myself for it. Taking this 100rupees note i went to recharge my phone and after coming back to hostel i called her back. I haven’t shared my worst news to her instead continued with remaining topics. But by the balance of hundred rupee’s note lasted only for 10 minutes and again i was unsatisfied in calling her.
I thought of going Wangdue in break but she had already decided to go home. From that i had been pretty sure that i will not meet her for coming gaps till our mirrage date. The moment i thought on love the heart of poor imagination had its own words to express. When i finished my balance i don’t meant that i had completed thinking on her. When phone has been in negative balance mind had been in full of her swung.

Chapter Ten                                                                                                                                        It was during the mid of my first year in college. I had been in dilemma to keep my love in strong feelings. When balance of each phone couldn’t hold to talk more and time didn’t permit us to think more each other by our own schedule. I was totally lost not known to do anything at any hour. The more i kept without contact with her the situation has been going likely to get worst. The words on my health were all about drastic weight losses including from my friends to lectures. My sickness was not other than the love sick. One day it was inside the class where our English syllabus covered the Shakespeare Sonnet of his fraught love. I had been inside the class senselessly listening to the lecturer but could not understand anything because my mind was taken by the absent of my love. I haven’t called for several times and weeks, and problem was been out of balance on it. After explaining the sonnet we got five minutes gap before starts with next topic that time i haven’t took the break instead been reading that sonnet. Yes i got the meaning and idea too. The sonnet written for his mistress and from then i had decided to write Lovenet.  Nothing extraordinary with my love i had been doing what others had done for their mistress.
Lovenet was written with the idea from the Shakespeare sonnet and its name was derived from the combination of two words, love and sonnet, coined as lovenet which was intentionally written to keep strong bond of my love and It was basically written for the relief of pain from distance love occurred on me.
Lovenet which I used to share all the times to my friends it is a literary prose under poetry which explains my loves, cares and feelings to my distance love. It is like my personal diary but I don’t have any regret to show to all because the world will also gaze on the pain of love to my mistress.
As same as sonnet my lovenet was also principally divided into two parts, they were like octave and heptave which means first part of lovenet will content eight lines and heptave will contain seven lines, and heptave was further divided into two parts they were quadratave and tritave which mean four lines and three lines. In all lovenet was written with fifteen lines.
The whole lovenet was divided according to my mistress name, Tshering Yang-zom, her first name contains eight elements and second seven elements but with two syllabics so made by four and three words respectively. 
The first eight lines explain my desperate missing of my mistress and heptave will explains the imagination problems with my mistress but it will see only in four lines and last three will shows my strong love to her despite my imaginations and doubt in distance love.
 Since the origin of my lovenet language is being English, I have chosen to write up to the last elements of the English language. Like lovenet a, lovenet b……. till lovenet z.
The rhymes pattern will be AA, BB, CC…..… last three lines will have GGG.
If poetry is the expression of internal emotions, how we can reach to other sense? So keep on writing and playing until it comes to last synchronization of your words.

Chapter Eleven  
Lovenet, A
An Apple, her eyes are not as that of Milky Way
Her dressing is not as good of rosily costume bay
She does not have any description of Fanny in Bright Stars
Harmonizing hum of nightingale she does not have any steer  
I saw a peacock, colours does not match with my mistress
If goddess are kind hearted, why then her mind is malicious
Her weavings are not as perfectly good as of rich brocade
I know her body is fully covered by the grimy cakes
And body does not have an aroma of rosy fragrance
And I know she is not from millinery environment
But I concur I never saw a guardian angel in this world
Beautiful girls are there than my mistress in the world
But I believe, by cupid, my love is glued with her
And nobody can break my next of kin here                                                                                                            
Unless the world screams on our fair
Bay- ever green tree        
Brocade- cloth made out of gold and silver
Cupid- god of love  
Lovenet, B
Not a psyche nor an angel or a goddess
Does my lover have in her loveliness?
I desire to have my consort like angel
But she is a secular o’ chic from any angle
I prefer the heart o’ my lover that o’ goddess
By the less her mind lacks in the end goodness
Like a psyche for the cupid in his intangible heart
I want my lover to be immortal with me in my cart
Other than, our living lives o’ all livings are not eternal
We cannot verbal the last destination of human natural
Certainly death is like a shadow in one’s hypnotists
But why i find irresistible for her to the love hypothesis
Psyche, angel and goddess are the beauty's wonders 
But am not a Endymion so my love don’t want to wander
And I shall not create the history of love blunder
Endymion- handsome man loved by the moon goddess Selene    
Lovenet, C
I brought this rose for thou darling
Not to weight against ye in thy loving
However there is no resemblance with yer cheeks
How finicky these petals are arranged in the store of leek?
I brought the dresses of western cultures to make ye rose
But nothing affix in yer magnificence to the pose
Redness of thy lips zilch match with that rose shade
And I brought the lips glue to formulate thou in red
Last than thy natural nil add on thy charming facade
Twinkling of yer eyes doesn't go with the gleam of that seed
In the human realms ye are not the heavenly blessed lass
Rose will be the sign of romance unless falls on the land
I agree, roses are beautiful but are with disloyalties
Except ye, by world ye are always with heart of loyalty
Building the secure home for our future eternity 
Lovenet, D
 Stars are still up upon the sky twinkling during the day time
Due to the brightness of the sun we are unable to see them
Moon is shinning without failing in its routine like a kite
Rotation around the huge earth made impossible to see at sky
Likewise my love is still with thou my dear mistress
But the distance of miles between us made you in stress
I have a word to share u, hope you will agree with me here
My sweetie, here I saw countless beautiful girls with rosily wear
Ye are nothing and left as a country girl of unexplored region
Even so, I can’t give trust as they are like the wonder of seasons
The westernization was rooted from the habit they eat
Creating the manic feeling in the mind of every lad    
Thou chaste by the nature and wonder of the humanity
Kind and passionless, creates the wonder of the society
My mistress, accepted by parents, duo known by divinity
Lovenet, E
Eternal soreness of the human invisible love
Keep a silence with the internal banter of your love
Everything senseless to the work I am doing
Reasonless for the journey that I am going
But with you am following onto your shadow
Black man, your lover was changed by your absent sorrow
Sometimes your vividness breaks the laughter of my calm
Nobody to cheer with me, missing you to be in my claim
But I wonder what policy thou might be playing in my deficient
I know you are the pitiable lass in the love in every efficient
But your policy in your calmness will change the whole world
You can also make the volcano between us to wreck our world
But ere you do, should not disregard to say farewell to me
And don’t miss the chance to collect the lovenet from me           
Before the world reveal my struggle to fetch ye amid me
Lovenet, F
Where the words of love are written in the unfilled mind
And what is the meaning of love when somebody can’t read
I mean to express my words of love but who will reach thou
No one I guess but my pleasure for the day on your thoughts  
Thinking on your wisdom, makes my day and night too long
And your dream vividly cuts my unearthly nights like noisy song
48 hours between us is not a matter of love to unwoo our relation
We can still put a faith on Milky Way at their unimagined location
Nevertheless on scene they were being block by the clouds and rains
We can expect the petite scrapes as they are not for the eternal pain
I can’t believe the happiest couple without the problems of tears
And I can’t promise we will be flawless without tears and fears
But act as blind, dump and deaf for others love
For me nothing value more than your love
My love is blind, deaf and dump seeing as your love
 Lovenet, G
 Life on thy missing is a life o’ parrot in cage
Always in the dream of our twilight in page
Something more to share on love but not deep
Just an idea o’ our glued relationship at peep
Because these paper will be insufficient
And the half points will be also inefficient
But just a surface for the relief o’ my mind
That can be carried to thou by the winds
Ere thou catches my wind of messages
If you’re with another love of your sagas
My winds will blow over your heads sky
And it will act as my faithful partner spy
But I will never be a tempered lacking on good judges
I don’t respect what they say on thou by distance guess
My truth is what I see and not what they suggest
Lovenet, H
Hero of your life with the desire in the highest perfection
From the world of patriarchal with your last 21 years in selection
Thou have chosen me as hero on yer life to clear thy sufferings
For yer refugee, I have decided to give you my golden ring
Now it is thorny bed for me to end the day with your vividness
The light from the sun can’t give me pleasing brightness
And nobody knows what the austerity inside my heart is
Only the bookworm of these lovenet will know what pain it is
But by distance of miles, I might be living beneath your fool
Giving my finest possibilities of the poor love in all pools
For the desire of your romance might be losing your chaste
On sympathy of other lads ye might be accepted their cast
But my love is fully deepen by your loves and cares
And Hope of love and faith is always with you there
You’re absent makes my heart cheerless here
Lovenet, I
In the midst of human love and care
I am missing your humble soul care
That you reprieved my hunger by pearl fruit
And quenched my thirst by juice of pearl fruit
From the line of lovely synchronizing music
I am remembering your words of favourite classic
That you used to sang me in my request
But now these are all gazing memories of past
Same like for me, to whom you are singing?
Is there who asks for the hose in scorching shining?
Might be showing your hospitality in time being 
God will only speaks the truth what you are doing
Nonetheless pain of missing is not for a day
It also lay in effects with all the dreaming days
And today also script with your emotions of a day
Lovenet, J
Some hours has been piled on our record of love
But love on ye is still in the account of prove
Every minute am with yer vibrant pictures
The senses from other loves are not as yours
Thinking on your love I can’t see any gorgeous
As if the meaning of love is lost in your genius
Silence in my classes made me to think on our future
Your Happiness, pleasing with our dreams is my tenure
But in the mid way accident of innocent devils
What our love story we can do for those evils?
If the god and goddess are unsatisfied with our love
What we can do to keep our relations in glued love?
These are the divergences of our human imagination
If our loves are with faith and trust still in migration
World for our love will be there with full of recreations
Lovenet, K
Karma, the philosophy of you and my religion
And love marriage as believe in our region
By these we preferred to be duo in this karma
Taking a time to get our previous karma
Respecting the rights of love betwixt each other
Chosen to come to an end of life in together
All predestined by our karmic philosophy-
Born to love each other by our verve philosophy
But if dowry belief is demand of my parent
And refused to give by your parent
If sati is practicing in our dwelling society
What you can do for our love security?
Oh! Darling don’t be serious know the world of stereotypes believe
We will edify our parents and yer spirits are my gift on that believe 
By karma, by philosophy we are borne to create the lively lives 

Chapter Twelve                                                                                                                            Every day and night i had been writing poems on lovenet to her. Without which the night doesn’t come in my eyes. “Heart is stronger than all parts in our body” all day and night was full of her memories strongly i believe my loved on her was faithful and in rare. Lovenet served me in some extends but not fully. Our time of togetherness was been not long but long enough to hold on our memories.

Chapter Thirteen   
Lovenet, L
Loneliness from the human heed and esteem
Taking the meaning of my own life with the team
Educating in my opinion to educate our siblings
With high possibilities of laughing where there is crying
Keeping hush in the hefty noise thinking about you
Heard were sweet but unheard are sweeter on thou
This glued me in our relation to be in strong weight
With the ever joy of respecting our own rights
So, have you ever seen a quarrel of couple?
Did you dig out the reasons of their couple?
How you feel when you see and hear their news?
And our quarrel will not be the immense and new
But our marriage will not be based on misery slogan
Achieving of happy family is our catchphrase to gain    
The true value on happiness will be from our giant
Lovenet, M
Museum of my unassuming heart
With the monument of your flamboyant heart
No respect with immense incense and pabulum
Even not have a glimpse on the monuments’ album
But in the silent of my heart, enjoying your beauties
With the respect of laughter outside the humanity
It constructs the aroma beyond the spread of incense
Gives the view of monument in my heart of nonsense
Love will be from the imagination world with you darling
Care will be after the nuptials day with our living
Scolding and debate with you will be like a winter rains
Only if you are faithful and loving all will ruins
But my Darling it is not to bring you in a fear
Unless separated by last, I wouldn’t go far,
Giving you a challenging life of horror
Lovenet, N
Nightmare of the Saturday night stuck me at unearthly night
Sun shining from the extreme east with the spectrum of the lights
Lotus blooming from the pound you made in blessed rainy day
Parents were with great contentment along with relatives on day
Numbers of people were gathered with the long white scarf
And the people with bell drum and flute with the red scarf
Only you out of tears and great noise in one small quarter
In all you were with the tears of new life in that quarter
I saw, in my illusion of Saturday night at pre Sunday day
Eagerly waiting for the day to come with good and soothing lay
But when I awaked it was almost break time in routine
Without failed in the dream I started to call with the ears like tine 
No respond, in total it was 20 dials from my phone a day
But I came to knew it was your best Sunday
With your clustered schedule on the weekend day
Lovenet, O
Open the window of your mind to the next world
Look at the lives they are dwelling in their own work
Tell me something that you dare, my dear mistress!
The things going to miss when you are with my stress 
Give me the perfect world that thou choose to live
I will try to attain it with a slogan throughout my life
Before I leave this universe by my sad doom
And world scream from their heart on me at high hum
But don’t ask me more than the human existence
I can’t get you star from the sky of far distance
I can’t build you a building in the core of atmosphere
And don’t expect the house beneath the hydrosphere
But this peaceful world of love belongs to us
To choose our peaceful live we can keep on focus
And whole world will be gazing on our love of lust 
Lovenet, P
Pain beneath the sympathy of poor boy
Beyond the limit of silence thinking in the bay
Not for the reason of any depression
But by the desperate loneliness of yer emotions
Crossing the Himalayan ranges I do reach in your place
All the day just hanging on the speed of wind in peace
I wish if you are following my footprints all the times
And I don’t have other than to be your shadow in the tame
 Sometimes when I go profound story into your history
I like to say a crying word in simple word “sorry”
Visions in my phantasm world get a picture of duo with you
Giving the immense poignant in my heart by thou
But my hallucination is my perfect love from my heart
Creating the brawny relation with you in this earth
Our Love beyond the world of human path 
Lovenet, Q
This lovenet the brocade between our distances
Speaking amid us to the world in every circumstances
 All written with the orchestrated feeling of your omit
Benevolent to the full hope on love by your faith
Love, fantastic feelings of all creatures in this universe
Giving the taste of romance to swing in own poetry verse
Thou, my mistress where the epic of my love lies
And the queen of my poor bankrupt heart lay
But how i can believe my love with you, dear mistress?
Whether ye are still on my weak love affairs
Is there something to prove yer love is my gorgeous?
And do ye believe my love through this lovenet my dearest?
Our distances create us to take in different imaginations
But our power of love shouldn’t go with the migration
Love me with yer qualm it will put our means of integration
Lovenet, R
My mistress, be the Queen of my heart
Having the great power like a British Queen on earth
Rule me; rule my wits when I am with your reservation
Speak me the truth of your realism without hesitation
So that, let’s cement our relation in love further
For the happiness of our unseen nearing future
Share me the pain from our distances of love
From the pain tell me the real meaning of your love
This is not beyond your ken to respond on my suspicion
I believe you will share with the great thud of your elation
But what shell I do if you slump my anticipation
Where this poor lovenet will stand with full of humiliations
So before we stand on the world of humorous
I promised, my world will be full of your glowing rose
Till the world end in the last kismet day of karmic trust
Lovenet, S
By the wall clock, it is almost the point of next day to start
With the raining weather here and i am still with your snap
A pen and a book continuing with my ending lovenet
Just waiting for the time to finish and wanted to prove on net
Giving the latest critique for the online readers to read
And making my heart more contented with the new feat
After a long day on your vivid unrealism moments
I could explore to the world of my new movements
With the full of desires to be with you in your missing
But I know you will not read this and it can’t be pleasing,
After all these words are written for you from all angles
From all chance it will act as a prove of my love to ye, my Angel
And that time will only be when I relief from the schooling
And for you when your parent gives a freedom on yer living
And from then world will never be late to decide our dwelling
 Lovenet, T
Everything on you is my treasure at very moment of loneliness
Place beneath the broken heart thinks on your emptiness
To hide from the threats of treachery in our relation
I made myself visor with all the bliss of human dominions
The smile from your face is the reflection of my treasure
That can sparkle for my complete life bestowing all my pleasures
The tears from your eyes are my blessed water to veil my grimes
Grimes that creates the gap of misunderstanding in human rims
These are my out most expression of my love to you
But I don’t know how it would be conveying in thou
Winning from all the doubts of your illusions on faith
Making the free-doubt couple of the era to the fate
Love is only unseen but expressed in thousand   ways
Giving the maximum times on your emotion to say
Yer return of my love is wish to be like Mediterranean bay
-Mediterranean bay- ever green tree with aromatic leaves
Lovenet, U
From the yearning of your parent, ye came as a godly daughter
Giving a respect on your life, without fail enrolled in learning centre
When you scream for yer beautiful stuffs in hub of the shop
In credit of your glee they had agreed you with great hope
They have given you a best education encouraging your failure
But your fate shows the end of your journey further
Now how can you tribute your parents? 
With this daze, I came as liable person to tribute yer rents
Nevertheless it is yer privileges to egg on me with all yer times
I suppose, I can come to the end of my life without yer tame
If you find more kinder than my love in this world of human realms
And your time being love in my heart will be my reminiscent beam 
But the pain of yer love is eternal in my heart
And going to be forever on this paper to the earth
Explaining the misery of love to the world of their Arts 
Lovenet, V
Beneath the guidance of concealed leader in my mind
The world of romance gain the fame like-of wind
By the brawny defence in our love faithfulness
Strengthen the love in the world of our blindness
Insulting all the surroundings within my sight
Taking the prettiness of your mistress to the light
Appreciating the world with you in my loneliness
Cheering with the tears of painlessness
But the Love, favour by the blind god
Ensued by the chance in our day mood
Wonder how depth you are caring our acquaintance 
When times are moving in different places of romance
Still put a faith and trust on our world
Before the end of this universe by lord
We can meet as a duo in this romance world
Lovenet, W
When the day turn into night
My eyes can flamboyantly see you without light
When my mind want to see you in yer absent
My close eyes bring you with me in my present
Wherever I heard the sweet melody   
My ears fix yer past conversations making it to parody
My mouth wants to break its silence
Without your reply I cannot make a license
When my wings create the world of imagination
I could see all about your limitations
Making my love like for pink cow
Assembling my feelings on you at low
But I will never and ever put a risk on our love
Insulting on the world of thoughts without proof
And my mistress, ye are my last love with prove
Lovenet, X
Another winter is on the way to come without wander
Crossing the spring, summer and autumn of the world wonder
But your love is still in the core of my home
Counting on months pending for the last December to come
Where in the absent of radiant
Darkness builds the image of your monument
Respecting for your senseless soul with my breath
I went in exploring for yer illusion in darkness wreath
But in the world of mind's eye in coward
Ye might be promoting yer new love rating from the crowd
Giving the maximum words of insult in my faith
And putting the vast blame in our fate
But in the mission of our marriage
I decided to put my ages on your arrange
Respecting for the rights of all in our ages 
Lovenet, Y
Yet another break to come in the world of our romance
After the long fissure in departure of our freelance
Eagerly waiting for the last exam to be done
My mind in these moments is always on the phone
 Looking for your slide show on your photos album
Collecting your collage to create our wedding album
Again another month yet to come for the last date
Ere the winter end I will be with you to cheat
But have a patient on your passion
Respect for the time of my expressions
And don’t let the rain to fall from yer white clouds
Last minutes are always filled with the bad omen they could
Nevertheless, love on thou never end easily in this epoch
Unless the evils sword strike on my heart with silly approach
If not, the world belong to us in these karmic porch
Lovenet, Z
I wish the sun could shine upon the sky forever
And sadness of the people would come never
But nothing could last for everlastingly in this universe
Even the soul and mind of the free verse,
By the great zealous on my parody
This is where I end my canto of melody
Three cheers for the light of my lovenet
The first for the god always being around my net
To prop up my heart of divinity in the humanity
Second for you, being faithful apart from your curiosity
And a cheer of last with the peerless mind, to my parents
Being the metallic pillar of my goal and after my prints
By these moments, wish love in the lovenet
To express from the world of sonnet
Though it was randomly scribbled in the poetic net           

Chapter Twenty Two                                                                      
Listening to the chronicle legend of poor Sangay, i was unconditionally forced to roll tears from my eyes. All human will have love story but always considered the lad as rude in breaking the affairs but in the “The Last Love” though Sangay tried to bring their loves in marriage by different plies result was out of his expectation. Love has pain but tears carried its pain, love has a hope but unseen wind took away. The story narrated by Sangay was related to me but in different ways. As soon as had he finished his story narrating to me the clear tears of truth rolled from his eyes, i can’t do anything moreover the pain of his love story was rooted in my heart.
With the full clinging of his eyes by tears he spoke me, “write my love story and give me one copy i want to give this book of my love to Tshering”.
When he requested me to write about his love i was scandalised at first but after thinking on it for a while, i found something special on his narration then i had chosen to write the words of his love but i haven’t agreed at first just replied him, “Sangay lets meet tomorrow once than i will tell you everything about your request and love” we departed from the place of commentary ground.
It was Sunday, the day where i can sleep more than 12hours lavishly as per all earlier experiences, but that Sunday i couldn’t sleep well thinking on his love and the sadness of love affairs on human heart. I was also a victim of all loves and all loves were not been in close to him but really glued to his story.  I woke up early in the morning and started to do my official works that left to be done in office. I am a journalist by profession and a watchdog of public when i had been doing my official works i received a call from my friend who was supposed to be anchor at live show in news bulletin of the day at evening requesting that i am supposed to substitute him because he got some works to be gone out of station for one week leave. With his inconveniences i had agreed to substitute him.  
The doorbell rang; it was Sangay with his pity face on ruined happiness. I welcomed him inside and gave him a coffee. Again he said me that with the word please to write his love story. I said that i will try to play with words of love selecting from his love and mine. After saying this i saw some smiling figures on his face.
“Today i am supposed to substitute my friend as news live anchor at evening i want to take you there at our “Meet the press” event to share about your pain of love in questions and answers session. Will you accompany me?” I just asked him.
“Thank you Sir” said haphazardly. After saying these words he went out of room in very hurriedly. I wondered why?
It was almost lunch time and the time of my programme had been nearing very slowly. Without taking any lunch i had decided to go for my work. When i had been wearing the gho, again i received the guess ringing the doorbell. It was a very smart guy in his traditional dresses, i was surprised to see but it was not other than my lovelorn friend Sangay.
I asked him “why you came in this dress?”
He said me smiling on my face, “sir told me that i will be having some programme on BBS live show, so i came in smart way.”
I was surprised to see him in such well dignified manner and at first i played a joke with him. “i thought that you will not come so i had arranged with one education director, so sorry Sangay.”  I said him.  
By hearing my words he was made totally silent to speak with me. i know the pain of love he got so i don’t wanted him to make his situation in worst by giving another panging pain. I made myself clear saying that i had been kidding with him.
However when i said that, with his long breath he replied me, “i never thought that you will do like this to me, i knew about you from the day i saw you, by knowing your goodness only i shared you my story” he might be making me so calm but i can’t be, i am always in the perfect world of my own consideration.
We started our journey from my house with my second hand car towards the BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service) centre. I took him inside my office and had been talking with him before the clock shows its hour’s hand on 7pm. Ever since i saw him; he became my best friend together with my time pass too.
It was 7.30 pm and i had done with giving news to public on live and now left with the interview on Sangay’s love story in the very entertainment events of “meet the press”. Sangay had called to his friend Namgay and Rinchen before he get into the stage of live show and informed them to watch and see him on the live programme and also asked for them to call Tshering about the event. They had done their best and informed Tshering to watch the programme and Sangay had sent a link on mail to his friends through Face book and other Medias.  
“Good evening”, “today i have invited special guest on Meet the press programme, hope you all will enjoy” commence the programme to the public through the live broadcast.  
Firstly i welcomed him on the stage and asked him to be seated on the comfortable breath.
I asked several questions and without failed Sangay had did his best to answer all in simple way that everyone can be able to understand. 
To kick off with I asked him, “What is your first view on love?”
He answered on my question, “the love is sensational feelings from all living including from animals realm but love in human realm should understand from different meaning of our own explanation. For me love is simply being loved and to love in strong emotional feelings with blind counter.”
“From which year have you started the understanding of the meaning of love?” i asked him.
“The very sense of love had stricken from the day i saw my mom and this was my parental love, the love and love affairs are different, i had entered the world of love affairs from as early as grade seven but been in random love without depth meaning and no emotional sensational further.”  He answers me pouring the smile on my face.
It was an interesting event with me as anchor on BBS and it was a first time interesting with me and hope will never be like with him in future too. To make more, i kept on asking more questions.
“What are your views on the last loved?”
“My last loved was nurtured from the clean world and should be clean ever in my heart. Though she got married, got children and aged also without my known, without my ears my love will never die, it was given for eternal and made by my own feelings of heart.  I had promised i will not tie the knot other than Tshering so i should respect my promised, which i made at the historical monument’s dzong at Punakha.” 
“Why you are so depth in love with her? Though she didn’t concern on you even by a small feeling?” I asked him.
“Yes, it is sure that she never concerns me now, but i read during our togetherness at Wangdue that she loves me more than my mom. She taught me values of being faithful, she had given me life to live, love with girls are uncertain because problems with them are triple from boys. I know if we meet again she will speak me truth of her mistake from other mistakes.  So i should respect her.” The answer was with strong faith still with him.
“What will be your first words if you meet your Tshering again?” i enquired him.
“Please sir doesn’t use “yours Tshering”; if she was married it might be problematic in her relation of peace. I don’t know and it will be unprepared words because if we meet also we might meet in accident, so it refers with the time, situation, and the era we meet.” He answered me very decently.
“Whose mistake will you say in the end of your relation?
“The mistakes were all mine, i agree, the blame should not go for her in any case. And i request to the world that put all blames on me i am ready to accept it. I couldn’t give her the love she wished but from my world i had expressed all. It was my fault that i couldn’t glue her with me, so any inhuman blame should be responsible with me.”
“Will you marry with her if she comes in your life and asks you to marry?” i asked him.
“Most awaited scene will be this, the words from her mouth, “i want to marry with you”. Yes i need her in any age and any situation. And i will be waiting on it ever. Though she was a widowed woman now i need her. Though she was a whored i need her. I will marry with her. My loved was not given at her beauties all her ugliest parts were also been my beauties and are mine too. I loved her and i love her.”
It was almost an hour asking questions with Sangay. Lastly I asked him, “What you want to share with public about love?”
“Thank you for your last offer, i don’t have any supplementary wits about love but, if god is here at world i want him to help me to arrange my Tshering with me. If cupid is here i want him to rearrange Tshering with me by his miracle. If love is truth give my Tshering back.” He replied.
I was touched by his loved and said him, “Hope human gods will help you to meet your love and dreams”.
Love is uncertain but its pain is certain to pang at any time and again.

After meeting with Sangay, they became very close friend and author also got the same love with the narrator Sangay.  Both of them decided not to marry unless they got their lover back.  
It was on valentine day, early in the morning Sangay received an alarm phone, it was from unknown and new one, Sangay received it however, “hello” “i am Tshering, you might have forgotten me but i may not, i had watched your last live show at BBS, but when i am calling you it is not that i wanted to say “i love you” but know that i am also leading my world with what i said in the first day of our love . If you give me time i have lots to share you”. She hung up the phone.
“Does your love work to marriage? If it is working please nurture well, you all are special”.