Sunday, 10 August 2014

The love

From the thousand of words written in the dictionary and from the millions of books written by the different plethora of writers, the only one word used i can remember vividly is the love.  Without the word love the English and other languages has gone in the world of incomplete meaning.  But what is love? Is it the feeling that needs courage to express or is it the word that needs value to be valued? I need more time to fathom on it. The love is now gone to the extreme side of human perfection. If we ask ourselves about when we come to knew about the word love nobody will be readied to answer but if we ask what is love each and every individual will reach to the point of composition of our own lexicon about love. But it has more meaning than to be bothered about it. Take it to the extreme imaginative power of our own mind and try to give the best meaning on it, after all it is what it does{love is what love does, this is called as love}.

The change is the human tendency with the highest curiosity to adapt in the new places but is love can be described as the change of our human mind? I can’t believe. It is not a change except the shifts of our own thinking from one beauty to another which is the freedom of our own human mind.
The meaning of love for me was been unearthed until i had learnt it from my class after taking the meaning of very word with the experienced judgement. It was the season of the spring with full of blossomed flowers and some were still in the stage of buds in the garden of every nature lover. When my alarm started to chuckle from my pillow it was eight forty five in the morning left with fifteen minutes to go nine. It wasn’t been Sunday though i tried to dream on it. By any means i should attend the classes at least i can get some lesson if not i will die out of boredom inside my room alone, this was the thought elevated inside my weary mind. It was been better to go class though i will be late to attend on it. When i reached at classroom i was ten minutes late from the kick off hour however i was not known by any friend even my best friend as a ‘late comer’ because absent of the teacher blessed me more. I had seated in the last bench of the class as the first rows were all been occupied by the on timer of the class.

I can’t express it all what happened that day but it was been so easy to say i felt different from my usual days. My heart started to be experienced with unusual heart beats, my eyes began to be focused on the thing that i never had a habit of looking on it.  When i recollected from such abnormalities i saw i was strangely focusing on one of the lady classmates inside the classroom. She came with well combed hair in her newly short engraved hair as usual wearing the ordinary eyeglasses. She haven’t applied or made any special cosmetic thing on her beauties to give temptation to the desired lad but i don’t know why i was mad at her that day. I can’t ruin her at the same time i didn’t know that was the wind of love coming out from the chaste man’s world and when i knew it, it was been too late to get rid of it.
I knew her very well but not that i was interested in learning one’s background but she was the only student coming from Aerok country of the Aisa continent at the same time i was the only student from the Drukyul country of course from the same continent. We two were the famous in our identity. But question is why i should love her when love itself doesn’t know the reason.   

From that day i had founded the new feeling that I didn’t know how to explain it and truly i kept it as secret as i do. The classes were went as normal nobody was wise enough to know my feelings to Marry and i was in dilemma of her answer if i tell something to her about my feelings.  She used to seat just in front of me and when somebody came and occupied her seat i have to shift a step back to her bench.  When such practices went inside the class i got the permanent seat at last bench and her was just in front of me, certainly the second last row.  When the teacher came and starts his teaching i will be in absent of my mind with my body, however it shows the present of human being. Sometime i will be in the middle of Himalayas range with her, sometime in the depth of Pacific Ocean. Wherever i went clinging in my emotion, presence of her image was been mandatory along with me though she even didn’t know i loved her.

By such feelings inside the unearthed heart it went on compiling the weeks and later to the month with same emotion.  I thought of telling something to her but we haven’t started talking also for past two years, not because she was the rude in nature but my weakness to face her. Whoever talk with her she used to give good company and the only way with me to talk was giving smile when she come in front of class to give some presentation and as same she used to give her smile when my turn was. Sometime when she gave me a smile i thought she also had the feeling on me but let’s not misunderstand her good trend of smiling.  She wouldn’t be having the same feeling on me like what i did for her and i don’t know how many years i will love her but i wish till my last breath.
I was last to attend the class. When i reach inside the class i saw some debate on process about the lady Marry.
Mind; Hey!  Whom you are thinking about?
 Involvement of the mind when heart was trying to focus on the vague meaning of love with that girl disturbed the feeling of chaste heart.
Heart; I don’t know what i am doing i am with strange emotion these days.
Mind; let me help you but what is your strange emotion?
Heart; These days when i eat i am not finding any taste on it. When i sleep also the sleepiness is not coming.  I have to bear the pain of hell in live only. My heart is always out of station from my body on the beauties that that girl, Marry.
Mind; don’t worry my boy this is called as love. I know you are new to such feelings but i insist you should avoid it. It is better to be not experienced with the bad lesson of experiences.
Heart; What is love? And how it will change our human heart?
Mind; love is just a feeling of your body growth. It is not that comes from middle of our growth but by the help of Lord Cupid.
Heart: Lord Cupid? Who is that lord?
Mind; listen carefully my dear boy. Lord Cupid is not that the god we can see and we can draw the image. Nobody has seen him or meets him but it is in the heart of all human.  Remember love is always blind because lord cupid himself is in blind. He will be in the form of targeting the arrow to the target and that target will be the one whom we fall in love. How we fall in love means when Lord Cupid shoot his arrow in blind eyes it hit with the person whom we loved.  So process of love went on. The one who experiences their affairs in ending relationship is due to improper hit of the arrow so it is very easy to take out and resulting in the end of relationship.
Heart; but where it will be located?
Mind: Of course in human heart.
Heart; how dare you could say that, cupid will be in heart?
Mind; It is the heart that starts with the love so it will be in heart.
Heart: But what about the mind.  He is the king of whole human body.  Why you don’t take care of your belonging?
Mind:  Heart is there to take care on the source of human emotion.
While they were in the high point of argument the teacher came inside the class and started his teaching. I managed to keep my attention with the teaching after knowing the word ‘love’ from the lesson debate of Mind and Heart.

Author within Author
It is the type of story writing where author will try to divide his work and develop the author within his mind to make story more interesting and to share the hidden meaning of what author really wanted to share. In the story of Author within author the main living author will put all his risky feeling in the name of new developed author within his mind so it risk very less to the life of living author.  It is usually written to speak more words of criticism, love and satire in the point of other view from the same author where he fails to express it lively. Here in the story of “The Love” author tried to explain his love with his classmate who was from Aerok country and he had developed the feeling from another man point of view called Mind.
By Auth Sangay Tshewang. {myself}