Friday, 17 October 2014

2. Parabolic Potery

The Religion

The religion is what we have by birth,
but what we do is all irreligious.
All gods love all livings, no matter where we are from,
nonetheless why human hates other's religion?
The religion it gives us the ethic of past,
What we do as a religious mind is all Unethical.
 (The works of blasphemy)

Religion is the path of heaven.
Due but we are clearing the way to hell.
Then religion become as a source of dislike,
but religion is the theory of like and kindness.
Human have everything in mind,
at the same time nothing with value.

Religion is the broad-way to humanity with truth
Nevertheless our action made it to the narrow of perfection
It is good to have no religion in this presence,
What is use of religion when nobody trust in truth?
kill as much as you want and take no life of rebirth in future.

If we believe in religion, all religions have a way to their heaven.
There is nothing more to do as religious living
One feeling in your heart with love and brotherhood is enough.
But giving love seems too hard to give in brotherhood.
Now what we do is the deed of blasphemy.
Still hope is there, the hope that god will never hate us.
but believe between two(birth and death) there is parabolic.