Friday, 17 October 2014

3. Parabolic Poetry

The Freedom

Freedom was got by the bloodshed battles,
when blood led as river we were not there.
We don't know anything about freedom
but we are free today without the true freedom

Fearless was the hero and is history to us
Many were dead and turned into ashes on finding freedom
But very few were written on the history
Those luckiest were the leaders of thousands
Guided a crew of numbers without name on account

King never fought for freedom nor commander'
Soldiers but common people were involved on their command
King died after thousand of lives when no alternatives were left
But false history never shy to account their name

Freedom the result of wars
Freedom the result of tears
Freedom the result of lies from leaders
Freedom the result of bravo people
Free the result of freedom but without freedom

Thousands were death on fighting for the freedom
Still it(leaders) never get real meaning
World is divided by different freedom
but unending wars are still alive
Today we hear the news of thousand wars
After season, how many will be dying day after tomorrow?

Nation fights for freedom
When they win the freedom
Citizen will be free to one
but real freedom will be in the head of nation.
People fights for freedom but leaders enjoy the real freedom.
Parabolic in nature and freedom is not aye free wings to fly.