Wednesday, 15 October 2014

1. Parabolic Poetry

It is an genre of poems might be first to be introduced in early decades of 21st century in the poetic world from the college student. The parabolic poetry develops mainly to give understanding on the nature of this world and its denizens, basically the way human lives with the life of other livings.

Now the people in this world are seems to go like in animal living (killing eachother). When the transformers wanted to change the action of our people, with the respect of equality they shares everything indirectly, might be relating to nature or animal with human but the effort from the destination of the transformer seems with zero change.
so my thought also bring that the human are changing into animal. By this abstract the parabolic poetry speaks direct meaning to the first reader without any suspection in meaning.

The poetry speaks very direct meaning of the lines with two words, which will give the good imagination with the expectation of bad. I might be the one to bring idea first but second one is yours to play with my idea....

The Human

The human are the wise living than other creatures-
But  we live in unwise action of barbarian.
The day we remember about our birth_
We have a duty to remember about our death.
But nothing is going to change our habit,
The habit of brutality into Kindness-
Not even by education nor the religion:
sometimes secular are better than in being human.

We_ as a human tries to become famous-
but gets by infamous action.
We look for fame in every work we does,
nevertheless we defame ourselves in every step we look.
Nothing help us to be in peaceful world,
we had changed our world into danger tame.
The thing that we love can give us the great tears.

Using the greatest intelligentsia;
we make a tall building in the piles of year
but a second is enough to make short to the ground level.
We tries to believe happiness is in sky'
but sky do not have have oxygen
And angels are dying in unhappiness tomorrow.
From our heart we try to express our love to parent,
nonetheless we don't have a time to eat in one table 
It is aye left as word of unexpressed love

Happiness in where our heart is
_but heart is always on unattainable things.
the only way to describe as human for us is-
inhuman for our  every living.
The parabolic but in infinity ends in one end.