Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Terrorism

A decade years ago when the World Trade Center was leveled into the ground level I just thought watching on the television that, “if I were a great person borne with the enough supernatural power I would have killed that person in front of the world.” And from that moment I have been praying for god that he would show me a way to accomplish my dream. As I think on it from now I was really been with childish thinking and truly was on my mother’s seat. The one who deed this was a human with same pain I do have, now I realized that god will never give me a power but I got a tune of influencing other people.

I have a purpose to write about the Terrorism and we have a purpose to know about the terrorism in our world. At the same time after knowing them we have to bring them into a good citizen with our knowledge, with seeing them we have a responsibility to guide them. Now world is getting into the doom of terrorism very slowly. From the beginning itself before I describe the terrorist as a people, is there any information that says they are from alien world? If the answer is yes I will suggest you to stop reading my following lines from here, if not I want to say do not disappear from reading this topic and at same way after reading lets walk together to reach far distance in making this world free of terrorist.  Walking alone talks about the quickness and together can measure the far distance. Now we need is distance, individual walks are not important let’s walk together and bring the changes together.
Every person in this world desire to be in peaceful world and starts to find where the peace is but it is too far to reach from today’s point. For the people who desire to be in peace, they should find whether the community they live is safe or not. If they think they are in safety it shows they are in danger.  Peace will never come and it is not far from our own community. If we have a doubt on safety we have to clear that doubt by peace resolution. Then only peace will be established as a result of mass movement.

But the topic of Terrorism is very different in the present world. I wonder why these groups exist in some areas as a peace hunter of the community. Not a few years it has been in this world from the day laws were enacted by the powerful leaders.  But when maximum people accepted the laws why they can’t? It was not the problem of laws but their problem to accept the common rules. If they are human why they can’t act as human?  When others love to be in peace why they should disturb the peace? After all we are all living being and expert animal sent by god to live in this world by helping each other.

Here, I am talking to you my dear, Terrorist. We are all human with same breathing, same thinking power and same feeling. So far your group has done everything that other felt guilty to do. We accept it, as it was gone and done. But how many more you want to do as same like of burning of World Trade Center? And which all group of monuments you want to destroy in future? We appreciate your obliteration of blind thinking and your plan. But what is the benefit to you from those actions to you when millions of things were gone crushed, when hundreds of lives were buried under the debris and when millions of family lost their goof relationship? Yes you can do everything because you are doing everything clandestinely. We don’t know who you are and why you do this. Only thing is that when you plan more you are losing the future scope of our youth, they can’t get the chance to enjoy what our forebears had gotten and slowly beauties of this world are losing into your plan. You may have a child like we do have, they are innocent and for them we are making dark world. 

Why are you doing all those we never wish of doing it?  Are you doing in the name of religion or in the name of your god? I think your religion is also what we follow in some parts of this world. If you are doing in the name of religion please don’t let others to hate your religion, and don’t build the crush in your religion. All religions are the way of lives and it teaches us the ethic. We love all religions though it is a Jew or others which were disliked in the mid of 20th century during the Hitler’s epoch. If you really want to destroy the monuments please destroy it when there is no one inside it. Don’t hurt human being they have a pain like you. They don’t want to die without the goodbye words to their beloved one.

If you are unsatisfied with your government plan why you should hate other people? Human have a heart both brave and coward, then why you have to choose for the coward, act as brave and go forward to the government and raise your voice of right. If your right was condemned by the lawyers let us know we will also fight for your right and if you are weak we will support for your weakness and if you are strong we will also grant a help from you, let live this life with the expectation made by god for us, all in brotherhood.  

If you are activist in terrorism join in the nearest community and let’s work for the reinforcement of the peace, which all people desire to live. Nobody will refuse you from the society we want you to be good citizen with good value of human. No matter what you have done, future is always fairy land for you and your life. Human always have good and the best benefits in being good citizen.  Stop your plan of making the map to destroy and killing the life of innocent people. The one you already killed were all with life like you who desired to live more in this world and have a pain like you if it is hurting. The one you are planning to kill are also the human with many dreams of changing this world into better place to live. So respect them and you can also be same like them in establishing the peace. Being terrorist can’t give you peace or to your children.