Sunday, 16 November 2014

Letter to Prime Minister of Bhutan

Dear my Hallowed Mr. Prime Minister,

                                   I respect you as much as I did to our former Prime Minister, Jigme Y Thinley and I like you as much as I like your ideology. For some of us you are already included in their ideal’s name. By that it shows how much your people love you and trust you on your reign. Nevertheless your election had proven it the best. Thank you Your Excellency.

Today I am here to thank you for your changes brought in the country so far and with the words of congratulation you have also something that you can do as a Prime Minister of Bhutan (small country) for the welfare of people and in the achievement of our Kings vision of Gross National Happiness. By the great respect from the people you have a great responsibility for them. Here, by the connection of social media I am going to put some points as my suggestion and I am very much pleased to say if you could kindly take into your kind consideration as a Prime Minister of the country named as “The Last Shangri-la.”

Yes, without any doubt Bhutan can be described as a name given by my travelers through their experiences as “The Last Shangri-La” and the name itself have boomed the location and beauties of country to the world. But as a true citizen of Bhutan I am still unsatisfied with the very name given to our country. Year by year in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu, we observe the number of beggars increasing, mostly with the old people considered to be homeless because they are useless to their children, they can't do what their children want so left as homeless. Despite Thimphu, now it is becoming popular in other towns like Phuntsholing, Wangdue Bajo, and Gelephu. It might be unseen for the high profile people like you and your related post but they remain on the place of themselves only.  It is not everyone’s concern but I led this concern on my Blog and my concern is becoming burning issue in our country. By such beggars increasing in number, I think for the people who describe Bhutan as “The Last Shangri-la” will have the great regret and as a Buddhist country who follows the truth by its philosophy it will be uneasy to look for them as they live, while one enjoy in a great luxury one with begging for the food. But the solution is there from the people only but initiative should be from your throne. As my suggestion not for mandatory, what will be if we construct one home for these people? What it would be if we could return them to their proper house?  How it will be if we could give one home near to Monastery so they can chant for their life and well-being of our people?
Yes, consideration will be always problem. The reason might be ‘Lack of budget for constructing the home for them’.  Apart from this others will also be in acceptance but the best solution will be strict rules for those people if not your solution will always be better from ours idea while you are on high profile. I know you want to change our country but starts will be the best from them. 

In the short term of your ruling government so far, people of Bhutan gained many advantages, example like for my village less electricity bill for us, reduce in fuel price and many others too. In the town also many are there as a favour for the happiness of people that you did, so Thank you Your Excellency , in the writing history of our country we will never forget you as a dynamic leader the country have. “You are the leader of voice in action” I can describe you not in one goes slowly you can do it what your party had manifested because you have good starts. So your government will always be in our prayers.

The next will be ban on import of second hand vehicles, for this live bill I would like to say that if you could totally do a ban on such import because it is the mismatch between the policies we follows with our environment. On the other hands it is also risky for the lives of our people.

Therefore if Your Excellency could take into your kind consideration on the Beggars issue we the people of Bhutan will be very much grateful for your step forward in our voice, and I am not sure it must be solved also since I am writing from abroad college. Thank you Your Excellency

Thank you
Concern Citizen
Sangay Tshewang.

P.S only my views.... God bless you