Monday, 17 November 2014

Words of dressing

"You may remember the story from Kenya about a woman who was publicly stripped by a crowd of men for wearing a "provocative" mini-skirt. On Monday, a women's march is planned in Nairobi in support of their right to wear what they want. We'd like to hear your thoughts." Source BBC World Service. (My Thought on it)

The world has changed with many evidences in the events of living account. The history has proven the way of living had changed from the past centuries and our grandparents had narrated the way of living was changed within the sporadic time of their being. By the account of changes in many inscriptions of human living now we are living in the world of "Sexy Model". When every living prefers to live in sexy design everything around us will change into sexy looks. No matter with whom and in what relationship we live, we never concern on it because our concern is in sexy looks with the consideration of extreme importance on it. Happiness is not that comes from ethic living for the present youth, instead by the culture of evergreen thought, wild in the sexy is only the root of happiness for our age, might be sexy era we can define for our eve.

In the donkey’s ears after the human civilization, the human living in the half naked were also considered as shameful and coward because the age was with the decent living in all surroundings. The respect for the surrounding relationship was been one of the important consideration, by this it led to the perfection of human realm from the animals. No matter where they go the proper coverage of their body was one of the main indispensable cares they took. But as we compare to our age and the era we live nothing last what our parent had practiced. Due to the human perfection into the fool living with combination of modern education and westernization we changed on the change we made. No matter when we live and where we goes and who is with us the only concern is on the catching of eyes of other on our own costumes.

This is first decade of 21st century, the decade we live and the years we are living. Nothing is as same as the age of last two decades; of course the sameness we can see is we are all human on it I do admit, apart from it nothing matches with our past years. We live with family, we live with the contact of family through social media though we are destined in overseas, we live with relatives and we live with our parent but the way we live with our relation is somewhat scandalizing for our forbears. The most we prefer is to live with revealing the half of our body to them. Father with sexy figure to his daughter and mother with sexy look to her own son, (oppositely children with their sexy dressing to their parent) these are what our relationship progressed into. In the news bulletin of thousand channels the headline will be covered with the sex intercourse within the family relationship and the court will be filled with family members contending between families only.  We have no space left to put blame because this is the way of living in our age with our family and relatives.

The practice of finding the woman walking in the street with sexy dressing and get insulted from the boys and the boy walking alone in the street with sexy clothing and get insulted from the girls is one of the major problems facing between the girls and boys in human right revolution. But in reality nothing has to deal with human right the loopholes here is on the way of living. When the walking woman of street with sexy dressing(short skirt, short paint, etc) get insulted from the boys and going in the court to fight for women right seems to be going to court in finding the puppet of their life. No matter what other thinks and talk about you what the boys does is according to the way you seems in the eyes of boys. If the girl looks in sexy she will be surely insulted and she knew that while she takes her dressing only, by knowingly women does that because they wants more number of boys following with calling her a beautiful lady in the street.

While talking about boys one should also know the nature of boys while in youth and aged. The most prominent one is to fulfill the desire of having sex.  No matter what age does the man will be the nature of having sex is for all. Particularly youth for boy mean wild because the mind of having sex is so high, even the girl walking with the decent dressing can bring them a hyper sex in their mind, but for such girls they can consider and hide their lips words, boys love to respect to the girls accordingly to the way they are and way they live. If the girls are walking with the prone dressing man will not see who they are and what they are because she had already disturbed the sexual mind in the desire of man, also which seems it is very difficult to control their enlarged flash. So fighting for the right by women for disturbing their right of dressing by man is not in the right time while making the protest on it. In this case did you see any reason of finding “right of dressing” in improper dressing of the girls?

Why do you think boys rape the girls? Don’t you think the reason might be due to the dressing of the girls? Though it is very difficult to fathom the certain answer the expected reason might be because of dressing made by girls in front of boys.  Rape is the most relate problem cause by boys though girls used to do in minor causes because the dressing is the main problem that lead to the rape issue which is mostly made changes by the girl. While the news reach in the summit of every country the solution for such problem will be wearing the decent dressing covering all the passion body, it might reduce however the case of cases of this world related with rape.  Safety of the girls lies in the dressing of the girls. This world is not a free world to take our own beloved love in walk at late night if you need happiness and safety home is the best place to dwell. It is not important how we live the life to live is more important. 

Imagine the style we live and compare with the olden age people and the way they lived, with the same time think what our children will live on with their living style.  During our parent’s age they lived with the decent dressing covering their all body and on seeing in our age, the way we are living with sexy half dressing so what our children will live on? May be with same and perfect dressing or might be with naked walking on the street without any concern. The more important concern is we will not give our children to reveal their body on the street, what is really going to happen if we don't take care today but if we continue to live in what we are living we can’t do that to our children. Changes will take into deep changes. That time our children may ask us questions like, why don’t you take step to change the dressing of this world? We are feeling uncomfortable to live with such living or one might be what you were doing when you are in your age?  Other possible words that our children can give to us will be “Thank you dad and mom for your changes” while they find the photos of our age in the old magazine for them. For that we should work for the last option in words from our children. World has already changed beyond our expectation and the next changes will be beyond our thinking. There is American famous proverb saying, “If you want to go quick go alone, we you want to go far go in group” coining this words so let’s walk in group make the world of our children out of sex words and give them the world of best dressing that makes them smart to live.