Sunday, 29 March 2015

The perfect love

I don’t know how the love get starts in our human realm. If we are really love on by looking on the beautiful physical appearance then why not to all those who have possessed it? Why we love only for one despite numbers of described. If not if we are looking for the internal beauties like kindness, softness and sympathetic, why not to all those who shows it? I am confused but the thing is I can soon find it out. The best thing of being human being is that the god who has given us life has also given us power to think without limit. That is our merit.
Now in new career of learning in new college, the thing which has to clear first was about love, the most mysterious to all livings, even to the one who has just fallen in love by love.
This was a college, where I have studied my degree along with the friends from 74 nations across the world. After being for two months also I have never found any love in the college. Sometimes going to college and attending the whole classes were also been so boring but I should not miss the class because I was in the process of finding the meaning of real love from college life. I saw many friends coupled themselves from the very starting of the day in college, with the fruit what they have sowed. The love but not perfect as I thought, still sharing the happiness of love together while talking, chatting, kissing and even in fighting, all the time in togetherness. That was their love in college life.
But for me after being three months also I couldn’t find any sign of love matching with me- {looking at toilet mirror} “am I too ugly as compared to my friends?” {Applying the water on my hair} said myself - “no chance, all girls are crazy about me.” I thought god never send my lover yet. I prayed for god- “please god send my love now I am getting old.”  Had spoken to myself.
It was one morning while I was heading to the class as usual from the starting of the day. During that day I found a huge girl standing in front of me looking on me in much interested manner.  “Is that a girl you sent me my god? I asked back.”
“No chance my dear” without giving any damn I went to class. Of course she was beautiful but not to my eyes selection. Now I was almost to the done area of finding the love. “Love is not the lost cow that we can find somewhere grazing the grasses, we have to develop it”- said by one of my friends who recently joint in love.
It was Saturday morning when I opened my kitchen boxes I didn’t find anything to cook- by evening I went for shopping. From the thousands of shopping markets and places in cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, the best place I found always was “Reliance fresh”. I don’t know why but the possible answer might be because I was taken there for shopping by my auto diver during my first visit to Bangalore. But the real reason may because it is truly fresh in Cheap, comfortable in shopping and more convenience compared to others.   Not me only so many people preferred that only, but from many I was just a one regular costumer who had spent more than five thousand a month on it. Commodities were arranged in A to Z and it made choosing more comfortable and easy to find the goods we need. After reaching there I have almost done my shopping when I checked the items. i found I missed one that is “corn flake” and milk for morning tea. I went back to search it.
While walking around, eyes were busy on the needed commodities I got a dash which let the things on my hand to fall from my hand and was broken. I thought of beating and when I turn to the dashing person it was she, a woman. “Sorry” with her scared voice. To describe her, she was thin not too thin to break but in my eyes’ catchy. Short hairs from front and tied ponytail style from her back, which I like the most from the design. Slippers with simple bath room like without hill, dressing in my colour- dark green and black paint. It all matched with my likes and to her all it matched to the highest perfection. I saw her lips like rose shining from the garden during the early sunshine. After a while with deep looks on her, I said “it is ok Ma’am, I should tell first to you” I made myself in false position. Then I continued searching for my goods.
Lastly after a long search I found it. It was in the corner of the arrangement. While I was looking for the prize- I heard a woman voice calling “please can I have a one corn flake” behind me. When I look at her she was none other than that dash girl. But the corn flake was in only two numbers. Without answering her I took both of it and went driving my wheel chair to the cash counter.
The girl- excuse me sir. I came here to get corn flake but now it is finish, would you mind to give one for me sir?
Me- oh! How come? Did you check it well? So sorry “she looked in glad mood} but I like corn flake so much and I need it as a breakfast for my schoolings. {I prolong the dialogue and by the way she please it empathized me into sympathy.}
The girl- me too sir, I like to so much. If you don’t mind I will… I meant I will pay the both prizes of it and give me one sir.
Me- no need ma’am: if it is so you can take one. {I gave her one of my share}
The girl- thank you so much sir I like you.
With the great smile on her face she went to cash counter to pay the bill. I followed her line.
I thought she might be my result that god has sent me- as said couple should have some similarities. After paying the bill I went to my room carrying bag full of vegetables. 
She had disturbed by feeling and was a first girl to hurt my heart. “Corn flake we both like, colour on same as I like- of course the greatest matching. Thanks god I got your result” I thought myself in my room that evening.
It was Monday, inside the class we had a notice circulating by peon- says that “today for the students those who were interested in joining the Indian cinema can join the actor selection after the class over.” “Indian cinema” shouted all inside the class. “I don’t have any interest in acting and the reason might be lack of my talent in acting.” And continued thinking “moreover actor need actress- I don’t have that too.”
I thought acting was a very difficult scene for me to produce but not an impossible one. After the class over most of the student turned up for the selection, all the audiences were the participants. It was almost to the end when I reach in the hall. No sooner had I entered the hall I saw a girl whom I met at shopping place, a dashing girl with half face turned towards the door I entered. When I saw her something directly came in my mind like inspiration. Then I went to the back stage to register my name. I was the last to perform-they called my name on stage.
They enquired me- are you really interested in acting?
Me- of course I do dream of it always.
Team- then its ok- let check his talent.
Team anchor- firstly let’s checks how well you are in crying. Are you ready?
Me- yes sir! {Anchor sign off]
Here I closed my eyes and covered it with my hands and made a sound of crying than it naturally fall the tears {all this happen thinking on that girl, thinking of her in serious case of hospital helped me to do what I did}.
I cried and it was really like real scene of crying- I wiped my tears. It was a miracle.
Anchor- thank you, now your turn is on laughing.
It was so easy, easier than the eating. Everybody under this sky can know how to laugh. I did it.
Anchor- thank you gentle man now goes with your sad emotion.
It was a very difficult and so hard. I didn’t experience it so far but any way to get through I have to show my emotion.
At first tried I could not do that but later in remembrance of her death it naturally turned into sad and soundless tears. It was fabulous.
Anchor- now is with your fighting.
{It was one of the jobs of men only. No problem I did it like I used to do in my real life.}
Anchor- the last of your test it will be now- turn on the music and dance.
Me- I was not a dancer in stage however I used to go party in weekends it helped me a lot to show when time was in needed of my dance.
Now completed with my task and while I gave a short glimpse on her the woman sitting in front of my eyes she was looking at me in her bright eyes, like a daffodil blossomed in the lake.
“For some people of this world she might be their sister, friend and even enemy and for me now she is my girl, I found my home in her heart. I must say her that I love her before she goes out of this college gate. “It was the only thought arose in the hall.
After a short break in finding the average of the selection they declared the result of the best from the bests, and will be going to Mumbai for movie shooting “The perfect love.” The top average name revealed mine- Tenzing Phuntshok. It was my happiest moment of my life so far I had. I even couldn’t eat well because of the achievement I had made from the mass. The only line I had was “I have found my love.”
Next day I was taken to Mumbai with them for shooting. I left my studies and went for the shooting. The only important I found was catching the angel flying in front of my eyes. Mumbai was not a place you have seen in other regions. It is not as simple as we are where everyone can adjust to dwell their life. To make their living some have to work without rest to come up with the line of sliver and to narrow their gap of wealth. They have to work harder than the life in village. To be civil servant in Mumbai is far more batter to be cowboy at the remote village. Without tension of living and survive but the life is not what I thought for all.
For the baggers it is very simple and the easiest to feed their live without hunger. If they would have collected the money of their bagging they would have been even richer than Ambani. We Indian don’t know where to invest and when to use money. Everyday millions of people are walking from the street of baggers and at least some sympathetic tourist and the walkers are giving them a sum of ten rupee that in collection in day they could make around thousands of rupees. But the sad of donor is no use of giving them; they are using the money they had bagged for buying alcohol.  It becomes the routine of every people in Mumbai.
At the same time it is a unique place for the people who think uniquely and who wanted to share their love to someone who dearly love, particularly to start the new relationship. The places and things at Mumbai are the catalyst of the love between lovers. Some places are really like in heaven to go for walk with our lover. After reaching Mumbai I thought it was very easy to express my love to her with many compression examples. But the question is, is she single? However that was not important, to express my love was in most prior than all. I had spoken to myself.
It was during the first morning at Mumbai- the day was as usual but the feeling made it more significant and wonderful moment of life each hour adding with new discoveries. {Knocked the door}
“Come in please” I allowed him. He was our team leader.
Team leader- to know you two each other I have decided to give one month break and arranged a car too. Hope you know how to drive it.
Me- For sure sir! {Stammered my voice out of happiness}
Team leader- but I am giving for the betterment of our film. Take it serious boy.
It was another day with great remark counted in my life ever, a car for free of charge for one month. {I could not think on it}
“Everything will be done before the time of done” I thought myself. The word difficult was made easy.
“Hi” she was already dressed up and was ever read to go with me as instructed by the leader. She said, “Are you ready now?”
Me- yes I am. Sorry for making you late.
{a coffee was served they were outside the veranda.]
She continued to talk. “We have known each other from the day I asked you for one Corn flake in Reliance Fresh if I am not mistaken.”
Me- no you are right. {I thought she also kept that moment within her of our meeting- I gained some courage too} after some time, we are updated from that important place right!
The girl- of course! While thinking about our starting of our meeting… she continued, by the way it is my turn to introduce myself to you. Ok my name is Nima Dema. I am from Ladhak. I have been in film industry for at least decade year’s back- since from my age seven but not in big cinema or Bollyhood, I was in my local series. This will be my first time in Hindi movie screening. {She looked at me and continued} I know your name but tell me where you are from.
Me- ok I am from Tripura- eastern side of this country. I hate acting in reality but I made me in it.
Taking a sip of tea I asked her to go. Like me she was also first time in Mumbai.
Me-where we will go?
Nima- to the place you like.
Me- I am first and new to this place.
Nima- either me too!
Then we were confused to choose which direction to go. To get her wish fulfill first and to put her importance higher than mine I asked-which direction do you like to visit most?
Nima- obviously north but it is my place I have known everything of it. I always like to go east- so prefer east.
Me- then fine let’s go towards east direction. Suddenly I changed the direction and focused towards the east. 
We went driving to the unlimited direction, after certain kilometers away from our hotel we reached to the temple site. We went inside and had given our prayers.
After that coming out of temple we went outside the movement of people suddenly Nima asked me. “Do you believe in god?” I answered, “No! But believe in all religions. Buddha is not a god; he was an ordinary human like us but achieved the extraordinary truth. He was now example to us. There is no god but religion and its father. Like Jesus for Christian, Buddha for Buddhist, Mohammad for Islam. They were all human not a god but came up with new philosophy of living to make this world good place to live. They are not god but founder of the respective religion.
She was strong believer of god because of the myth and saga from her parents. After sometime we turned back at late evening to our hotel.
The next plane was for south. It was planned together while we were at dining table.  Though we sleep separately the place we eat, talk and meet was always in one point. Not far from the country but far from the Mumbai we had planned for southern part of India.
We went first at Kanyakumari a small island connected by the kilometers of bridge. It was a Hindu temple on it and the offering prayer with her was mandatory. She has to go, go for the temple of her sight to put some offer. {I thought of sharing my love to her there but could not because I was afraid of losing our friendship.  We took a ship ride around it and without stop we took a tour at Andaman Island.
The isolated but most beautiful place with the tribal people living there made a break very different from others day at other places. We sang, danced a shared our words with them. It was a best time with those innocent people there. We had spent five days there with them and the experienced of time moving was so fast.  We sleep, we eat and we play with them.
It was that morning in that place when I got relieved from the pain of love. I woke up very early in the morning and went to the ocean bank side. The sun has started heating the earth from 6 am and the first rays were reflected on my eyes from the water. I could not see anything for a moment. Then it was a great warm with the mixture of breeze and later Nima had joint me. The scene was so romantic and it was the blessed chance to express all inside our heart in such nature’s help.
I said to Nima- I want to go toilet.
I went out of her leaving her on my place. But I went to collect some flowers and after some time I joint her placing my flowers in my back. Then I said.
Me- Nima look at the day how romantic it is and look at my face don’t you see me anything on my face like a words of my heart? Don’t you see your name written on my red face now? I am coward.
Nima- she replied- I saw the day very different from other days. It is so romantic but when I look at your face I see all mirages of tears and I heard something like harsh movement of your heart beat.
Me- I have a dream one day I will be playing with my children, I will be laughing with my wife and I will be sleeping with my children and wife sharing my love with them but I wish if my dream comes true with the person who have seen the mirages of tears and who heard the music of heart beat in the most romantic day. If today is the last day for me to live before the mirages of tears comes tomorrow {I have taken my flower from the back side and shown her} today is my responsibility to tell you that I love you. {she took my flower and I have given my right hand to her and when she gave hers  I pulled her towards me and kept my one hand on her shoulder then slowly started to kiss. The tribal people have seen us kissing and with many flowers and beautiful creatures of nature they started dancing and we joint too. She raised her words I love you to. You are my perfect lover.
For every human being
There will be their love story
But the love they express is different
Not like ours in perfect love.

In the eyes of fish
Water is their home
In the eyes of human being
It is just a water and for the other animals
It is a element that satisfy their thirst
But for us it is a thing of love.
I wonder from where our love gets starts

 I wonder why love is only for one
But when we get our own love
The wonder I wondered was just a question of not being in loved.
For every human being
There will be their love story
But the love they express is different
Not like ours in perfect love.

The sky have seen us our love
And the sun has been us in all together
Before the sun set into its home in west
Let’s say goodbye by our fresh kiss
And the night will be our home of love to go rude.

For every human being
There will be their love story
But the love they express is different
Not like ours in perfect love.

After that we came back to Mumbai. But our events never end. It was in Mumbai beach.  A beautiful beach always busy with inflow of visitors and on that day I we were also the addition to visitors of that beach. After dressing with the swimming jersey we both went inside the water. She shared about everything about our future and started to sleep together also.
While we are having the conversation suddenly she asked me “in future how will you keep me as you wife?”
It wasn’t a tough question, “not in future- from right now only I will keep you with the world that you never experienced and never think of it. My love world is different. I confirmed-
“This is what I called as perfect love world. Everyday till my death I will start the day with kissing and for love kissing is a much more than love. The love you are experiencing now will be till my last without any change in down but progressing. I will never deny you plan and interest we are now in one plan, interest and desire. Your hands are now mine I will never let you go away from me and happiness is our slogan. Is it ok for you?”
Nima- more than all!
Me- than share me yours!
Nima- I will do whatever you ask me to do, moreover my soul belongs to you.  She concluded with some sadness. I saw it and felt it.
Me- what happen to you darling? - tell me what happen? I enquired- did my words hurt you?
She answered- nothing. Nothing as such- I love your dream of love to keep me in such a world of joy, so that lead me to fall tears unconditionally. {Concluded cleaning her eyes, I helped her.}
{Scene Hotel}
Nima- Baby I wanted to go to visit the slump area of this place and wanted to spend a night with them in their house, but in the poorest house.
Me- Ok! I also like to visit such places.                         
I went to take permission from our boss and as always he granted.
We went for shopping in Reliance Fresh again and collected some vegetables and the food items to take for them. Taking all those necessary items we went to the slump in Mumbai. By evening but not too lately we reached there. By the helped of slump boos we could make out the poorest from the poor and went to that house.
When we asked about the poor family in the area he said all were poor but the poorest was located in the middle of the clustered.
While going to the poorest house when leader asked for our stay with them they said that they have only one room and no extra room. They the sum of four members they were staying in one small room. We said we are not looking for the good house to stay. Then they have accepted us. We cooked for them, washed their house and given some clothes. It was a lovely day with them too. Total for a night we were six in small single room sleeping like a family in single line. I loved that so much. No television, no music just an old fan moving so fast with great noise.
We had been there for whole day arranging their things in good position and pasted some posters and made the room bit clean than what they had been to. After doing all these we went back to our place.
After reaching in our room taking rest for a while she went outside veranda in night dress and it was been full moon night. I have followed her.
She said to me. “See upon the sky it is full moon night, how lovely is it? - We have to be like it, which have a ability to attract all the heart of living. Nobody under this sky will hate the moon I mean full moon shining today. Our character should be like this.  Without giving heat and cold for people, you are my full moon. And she continued- the only nature of human have is we hate each other. That is the biggest sin of being human. In cold place people hates snow and love and wish for sun heat. In heats comes after getting much they will complain for sun heats. People dreams of rain but when rain comes they will start hating rain. Ridiculous of being human, Gods are getting confused for us. The only element on sky that gets all love is the moon. After I die also you should be like full moon of this world.”
Me- how do you know that you will die first Nima? Death is the decision of god. Who knows I may die tomorrow? If so I want you to be full moon of this world for innocent people.
Nima- Phuntshok it is not like that…. She thought of revealing her truth but could not instead she suddenly stopped.
I enquired her- “what not like this?”
Nima- nothing {she said other words} you are the full moon of this world. I want to kiss you Phuntshok under the judgment of full moon. {She asked for kiss because she wanted to hide her tears.}
“I have sent you your pocket money” early in the morning I received a message from my mother. Then I made a plan secretly.
I went to shopping Mall and without taking her. While I was in Mall she called me “where are you?” she said.
I am coming baby- I said.
After sometime I came back thinking she might be feeling lonely. I bought her a party dress with blue in colour and a flower. I knocked the door of room.
Come in- she said. I gave her a gift and by evening we went to party. We drank wine and after sometime started dancing. She was actually a good dancer better than the women of this world.
I was full drunk and even I could not drive the car while we reached room under guidance of her help in driving. She narrated all the stories of the party and at that moment she jumped on me and said- you all always good, good while you are drunk also. And she kissed me.
Now slowly we are getting toward the end of break. Beyond knowing each other we were in loved by then, one month had done everything for us. Before we start with our new film Nima asked me take her in one Temple to offer her prayer.  I agreed with her and we went.
Probably it was the last day before our business gets start. We offered butter lump and milk as Hindu culture does. And put our words to the gods. After coming back from temple we were directly called by our boss and given brief about the film.
I was confused of acting in front of camera and asked her for help to help me while in acting. She agreed laughingly and something ridiculed her. In laughing she said- “My love will never change Tenzing. In my next generation also I want you. But I had a dream that this generation we will not have perfect love lives, but for sure next generation we will be the happiest couple of this world.”
Me- hey don’t say like that. If something like barriers happens to us I will break and come towards you.
Nima- what than about my death?  I said I will speak to the god of death and bring her back to live.
Nima- then I was blessed to be you lover and my love will always be looking you- in the dark season also. So keep your prayers on me all the time.
{She had given me her ring, the Golden Ring}
She talked something very different that day, she asked me that she wanted to sleep alone and reasoned out that she wanted to think about acting. I agreed on that.
In the morning we all gathered in courtyard and Nima was like an angel dressed to the best dressing of my eyes. I was left fathom looking at her only. We were on the front and with the focus of camera. Director directing us- suddenly she felt ill- catching her chest she asked for help and was taken to hospital.
I was outside waiting for her to come back putting all my prayers to her. When I was in so director came and gave me a paper.

“Reading the letter- Dear Tenzing, my beloved heart, I felt I am very much lucky to be with you for my short life. I will never forget that and all yours good deeds I will inform it to the god of death to put it all in your merits. I love you very much. But about our shooting it was all planned. I am very sorry Tenzing.
{Girl’s story}
I was sick almost for a year suffering from leukemia and when doctor had given up his hope on my life my parent was there still with unsatisfied mind. However I was discharged from the hospital and taken to home. I was soul on senseless body flying over the sky. But my parent never loses their hope on my recovery. When science could not do anything the hope was there with religion and after reaching home I was done with many big rituals and it heals for some pain and put the sense on my body. When my health showed some improvement more on that my parent started to search for very big religious person and at last they got one greatest astrologer from Swaziland. He came to our house and given me a life of thirty days. He increased my life from ten days guaranteed lives by doctor to thirty days.  For that reason only I believe in god. He proved me that I was unable to die because I haven’t met with my lover. So to die myself peacefully I have to meet that boy, who was you. The astrologer have prophesied everything including from your name, your name of the college, your age, your place and everything based on you.  So we came to your college with pre planned idea. He said I am made for you but not in this life but in next generation, but to meet in next life I have to meet you once this life so to meet you only he had given me a days to stay with you. It was you who have extended my life to live for that thank you very much mu love. It was my fault giving you a pain and I thought of telling you several times about all if I remember once in beach and one during full moon time, but I thought it will give you a pain of departure as I feel inside of my love with you so I could not tell.
I love you more than you did and I wanted to share it but remembering of my pain and death I could not do that also but remember what astrologer said “the next life”. When ten days were passed meeting you I was much happier than ever so from that I asked you to visit temple and I believe more on gods. So today I am dying without any regret.”
She died.
After her death he have collected all the photos of their togetherness and her childhood too and made a museum “the perfect love” in her village Ladhake writing every words of love and dialogue of their togetherness and remembering some loves best words he used to fall his tears. His remaining lives was finished visiting more temples, visiting Nima’s parent, educating the youth and never married because he too believe in next life. While he was too old around him many groups of young people used to come and let him to tell his story of being unmarried, while he starts his story, the love story he used to begin with…
Once upon a time there lived a man who was in search of love…..
When he completes his narration the youth used to tell his love story as a “The Perfect Love Story” ever heard in this world. After his death and now his Museum is the source of love wording for many new lovers…. More than thousands of people used to visit their museum every day.

The end.