Saturday, 20 June 2015

I will fly

I will fly someday over your head
Without the shadow, without the wings
But I don’t know when I will fly-
And still I will fly over your head.
It is not my prophecy
But I doubt it must be my destiny.
 Wherever my life leads no matter-
I will fly one day and forever
I will fly up upon the sky-
Without the feathers but with my hands-
Without the fur but my hairs
I am ordinary and I am certain I will fly.
When I fly I will fly-
 Till the line of crest cloud
And construct my own home
Where the peace is without war
When I fly I will carry the message-
 -Message that stop the war
Any try to make this world peace for all
Without the red liquid on land
Without the  tears from the twinkling eyes.
I wanted to fly and was my dream
Because this world is so dirty
If I fly I will collect all the litters
And make the world cleaner
 Like that of mysterious heaven
I will fly still in rain
If I don’t fly flood is going to kill me
I will collect every droplet of the rain and
 Make the pool to swim.
That heals the disease of whole world.
I will fly but-
Without shadow and I will keep on flying
Nobody will see me but all will hear me
When you discover my shadow I will be death.