Saturday, 20 June 2015

Something is misunderstood

I was studying for my examination that day
Waking early in the morning from the normal time
Like usual the rays had fallen and warm has come,
Onto the head of every living and other creatures
It was Friday, a good Friday of course holy Friday.
The day was peace, more than the words I describe
 Without much human disturbance to the nature
Without noise, without sound only with the creeping
From the dancing birds of swirling sky
Suddenly everything stopped in between
When the loud sound broke from nowhere
From the box, sound of war alike and
A sound of flaming debate I felt, that was so rude.
I didn’t understand the meaning even I tried
But the accent I heard was so rude
I was listener-of course, by no other means.
The sound later I knew it was- It was a prayer to the god
For the mystery and its faith of people on it
The prayer for the god, who loves us,
The prayer for the goddess who care us
And the prayer for the god and goddess who punishes us-
By the sound of the prayer, when smooth was absent
It chase away the creeping birds of my sky
By the noise of prayer for me-
It disturbed the concentration of my half learning
“What if god forgives us? – “I wanted to get pass”.
Make the prayer and accept the prayer
That prays from inside with devotion.”
No- we are wrong-wrong for the faith.
God is within us, not seen but understand
We are wrong-praying for mystery- mystery
Deserve mystery so- unseen is equal to unheard.
That is god unseen and- that is prayer unheard.
That prayer I heard was not a prayer for I consider
But the pollution I heard to the one who heard
And the disturbance for the children-student
Of course irritating for the passer-by
Nevertheless time-pass to the one who prayed.
I thought the prayers I heard was-
Something is misunderstood by human.