Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Shadow’s words

 From the thousand of maids
I think I am the worst maid
From the million of servants
I think I am the sincere servant
I do what my object does and no other
Sometimes I feel I am the puppet after
Acting same as the object in no need also
Still I don’t have tears to cry my own so
I have to bear all the sadness on my own
I don’t have a friend to share my feeling on
If I have I will share more than you read here.
But I am the, who laugh with the object there,
I am the one who cry when object does
I do all what the object does accordingly lose
But for me he never cares on what I want
And how I feel, he is in his own world lent.
I am the shadow of course, without breathing
Cause by the light and you can’t see me shining-
In the absent of light and in mistaken darkness.
But I am still with you in all places and time mess.
In the darkness I follow you under your foot
Thinking if I come with you in equal size like root
You might get scared in the darkness by me.
But if you are really scared of darkness- And see
Using the light I am with you helping you to be bold.
I am shadow at the same time your best friend to hold.

I like being shadow in the line also hate some on times
Like and hate depends on the plan and of the object's tame
I like because when you eat I also get to eat with you
When you drink I will also drink and that is in mimic though
When you are in high profile I also get the name and fame
Of being your shadow- Still I get satisfied on it though-name
Whether the puppet we love nor the live we are in rough
But hate of being your shadow is always and in each through
When you fight I have to fight with my shadow friend-that
We have to do same like you in all actions even we hate.
In the world of shadow, we don’t have fighting.
Hate fighting and ours is of peace, always of peace lighting.
When you go war, we hate to see blood coming from body
Our body doesn’t contain blood and we hate seeing shady.
In that case we can’t help you by cleaning and healing sin
We feel sad of being your shadow. But what if you can shun-
Avoid the war and fight seeing on our world and of mercy?
That you can beg for no one to your perky
We like the plan of being human that you planed often
And for the betterment of your life has chosen
But, ways plan and the walk you take may be different
That desperate us and the living of being shadow in your rent
One day of course not the day you have chosen to be
We are faithful and the being of your secret friends in all be
But someday when fate of living dies on the hand of second
We would take the body of our own shadow and lone
That time will be different from your those times
And freedom of being shadow would grace us to tame,
The nature of being shadow will fly to see its fame.