Friday, 24 July 2015

We are the one

“Slogan of live”

“The death is the mysterious highway where everyone has to go once irrespective of age and time. But the question of our nerve is how to die depends on how you live today. Yesterday was your enjoyment day and tomorrow will be your last day to live, so today is your deciding day to choose the way of heaven and hell.” -Auth Sangay Tshewang.

The word may be written by a number or the elements of the language, the ‘one’ always gives us a singular sense in our mind. No matter how we try to make it into plural the listeners and readers will never accept our words-although one got thousands of opinions to prove that ideology. From the thousands of people proving on it, I am the one who always think that one is never a ‘one’ in its meaning. Say it, written by the words or a number. Might be the reason I wasn’t being too good at math. While the one is written by the language of mathematics, it is a singular (1) but to make that number, the word or number is made out of combination, adding and sum of infinity points. Should be saying like adding of point one, point two, point three and so on. After adding of millions of points it becomes one, which touches my mind to say one contains infinity.

If we try to write it by the language and its elements, it has the combination of few elements more than two words. For the supporting line if we try to write it by English elements it is the combination of three elements o, n and e. So the line supports to be one as plural.
Of course, it will make us in supplementary confusion if we try to gather each and every perspective on the supporting lines of changing ‘one’ into plural but I am not here to go against the rules of its lexicon rather than proving about the words, “we are the one” in this universe.
In the outmost understanding from the other senses about the topic which I have entitled, ‘we’ is the combination, addition and involvement of you and I, if wanted even they. ‘We’ in the understanding nature of its very meaning, it gives us a people in a group or anything in group, and more convincingly I am talking about the people’s group in my reference of ‘we’. But universal truth is that the group I mentioned is ‘we are just a one’.  So again let me not forget in saying once again aloud “we are the one”.

The earth which we consider as one have many truth, even the most beautiful truths are yet unrevealed to us about its formation and the emergence. It is often true that religion says earth is created by god, and we should believe on it because religion divides us into group, which are also the beauties of this world in ethnicity.  On the other hands science says it is created by the collection of particles and energies, which is also unforgettable truth that we should believe equally, because we have limited knowledge and unlimited wisdom.  Science proves but always fails in its fates to reason about ideologically.

From all the truth, we have to believe the most is on the truth I reveal today that our earth is created by the best ‘relationship’ among the things our earth have. The truth given by religion is so true but also a wrong prophecy. Because nobody has seen god, the one in which people consider as gods were all once upon a time human like you and me, came on this earth not before the formation of this earth but after the emergence of this earth like we do. Without earth gods also don’t have a place to dwell.
If someone is stronger in believing that the earth is created by god then let me not defeat myself by giving you a vogue reason. If earth is created by god then question that have to put is also relating to other planets. If gods have the power to create world and even everything, then why not live in other planets? That is easy to prove but more and very hard to believe. Mother brought us in this world but the unseen god got the name of creator for our live. Unfair but also fair we can’t see the god.
And if science is in stronger believes why not all the particles and energies don’t share in same proportion among the other planets that can hold living like our earth do?  We are fooled for thousand years and still fooling us and now it depends on whether you believe or not.
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Now for the maximum believes of my ideology, earth is created by the relationship of all things on our earth. Say like relationship of needed proportions of water, air, soil, stone, heat and all other elements on this earth to support the live.  If not if relationship doesn’t been matched our earth would have been like other related planets on its own orbit. So for the connection, relationship has created this world so relationship should again create “we are the one in our consideration” to support this earth in supporting living for more undated years in future. When the relationship doesn’t match in future or fails to match by human civilization like by one portion of element getting higher than needed or lower than needed, no matter what we try to do to protect our earth we can’t protect its decision of coming to an end. On it if we want to protect this earth for our unending generations we should believe in two; ours and theirs relationship of living in oneness.

We are the one, it is so true, we share life in one planet, we have one live, we have same needs and wants, we have the same sun seeing and basking on its rays, and we share same air, same planet, same water and same heat. But apart from our oneness we are never into a one living, care and love by our thinking that we think. So for the common goal I am sharing a love and care of brotherhood on the words “we are the one”. So rather than saying do not despair I must say don’t stop reading the lines of oneness that I loved, cared and shared today.

The earth is round and we consider it as one but it has seven continents, more than two hundreds countries, more than thousand of tribes living on one but in different latitudes and longitudes. Even seven can go eight, two hundreds into three hundreds and thousands into more thousands, this world is divided but the ultimate truth is one cannot go two; if it goes then one can go to the halves or in more particles. That is our concern on it now.

We are human, with the tender of tenderness to go beyond what we think as limit. Whenever we think of this world, we should not forget one is that this world is discriminated and also a fair world we can consider. Because some countries are too big and some are too small, some are blessed and other not blessed. Some are rich and some are poor, still living our life. By such glimpses we see on our earth we should consider the world as discriminated. At the sometime this world is also fair world we can consider because hard works make that so. If one really works hard they can become on what they dreamt of and it gives the space to show our talents. But what we not known and knows are that the world we live is the world we lost the meaning of living.
Google; Legs of different people showing oneness 

We can see because we have seen, we can look because we have eyes, if we can’t look we have ears to listen, if we can’t hear we have a mouth to talk, if we can’t talk we have a nose to smell, if we can’t smell we have a brain to think, if we can’t think we have a heart to feel, if we don’t have heart we are not a living being, we are all connected. Because of all senses we have, we have seen and we have smelled, we have heard and we have talked. People sleeping on the street without home and also seen desperate home without people to fill all rooms. We have seen people without hope at the same time hope without people. Seeing, smelling, hearing and talking we can’t stop it if we never share our hands to change on the conditions we dislikes. If we share our hands joining each other hands and make an unending line we can cover this earth by the two ends; starting and ending ends and prove that earth is round. From that we can see all in same, standing and smelling. Nevertheless we never consider and concern on of being in relationship of human being.

If we see inside the earths’ wills we will find many worlds and made out of different words. Every world having different parts of world again with different believes and the way of existence. People with power and people without power, people with money and people without money, people without love and people with love but all living in the same country, same continent and in same planet. People who have power giving the order for the people who don’t have power to make their own benefit, and without refusal weak have to do. Living is at least better than being death; people with money making the servant of those who doesn’t have money and exploitation of labour’s rules by money. These are all beauties of our earth that are at all not the beauty of life and its living.

When the world dreams of unity and the earth dreams of being in peace, one should not forget about the word ‘change’. For the good change we had been looking for the thousands of unaccounted years. Not we but our forebears who lived in this earth before us, and the people who fought for the change were all died with the banners on their hands of written words; change, freedom, liberty and justice. And now in our era we have more people with extra courage to hide behind and compliant for the change. No matter who we are but we are the one divided into thousands.

We have just one habit rooted, which is the habit of making ourselves as a prestigious one. If you have power then you are not the one to order people for your benefits instead guide them and help the weak to become stronger. Power never forgets about empowering other. If you are rich don’t make poor people servant to you instead ask their service and never forgets to pay the wage of their service before the sweat gets dry, we are the one we have to be in one, helping each other in every good relationship that we can hold. After all relationship is the best creator of all creatures.

The world cannot be changed by the people who dreams of change. More than that the dreamers’ dream, the one who never dream should work hard although the potentiality of change is in great anticipation. This earth is further divided by the partition of its beauties into continents and countries; some with big, some big enough and some very small. And every country has a great leaders ruling country and its people. So we need relationship twixt the continents and among the countries, the relationship to help each other’s beauties in beautifying even more. When we say relationship between countries it is a relationship between its people. Hiding the different colours we see, caste we measure and the wealth we enjoy. Countries are just a country more in the way people made into countries.

From the human history we have heard the wars fought among the nation but directly between the people. From the history we have also heard some countries being colonized by others, even captured and invaded. The history taught us but never an answer that satisfy all questions. Which I am saying now it was because of the failure of relationship among the leaders. Like history has taught us the time of seeing blood is coming but not today. Relationships between the countries are falling gradually just because of the greed we have. We need change a change to make relationship better.
I am glad that we are living in the peaceful world today but also sad when I think more because in the world which we consider that have a peace doesn’t have happiness at the same time we are living in the world of happiness but the absent of the peace. When the day of relation of countries and continents get worse, naturally we have to see the war of smoke and a noise of cry and water of blood, like it never happened before. Likewise in the failure of relationship between countries and continents, if we relate it to the context of our earth, when the proportion of one element gets greater than others, earth will end its function from supporting the lives of livings.
World is coming to the end. Remember it. Some says earth will ends by its snow. Some says it will ends by water and some by wars and some even focused on the fire and heat. But all of the ends will never come as we think. No predict on the life of others without knowing the predictions. So end of the earth depends on the relationship of its elements and we are the one who should be balancing it to sustain it more and it depends on our way of living. I must say that the ending of the world on supporting lives will depends on it relationships. If proportion of snow goes beyond the needed relationship of earth then our earth will ends by snow. If the proportion of airs get higher or lesser it will ends by the airs. Same like those, if water gets higher than earth will end by water. When we know the partial of earth coming to its ends one also should not forget the human are driving towards its destiny; by our action towards our mother earth. We need to protect and the way of protection is to focus on our own relationship between the people in maintaining the balance of its elements relationship. Like of cleansing of earth by making free pollutions, that is what we can do but we never concern on it. Wastes are the waste without the fate to go in proper place though they have a destiny to go to their destination. Our relationship is the way that can take wastes to their destination in pit our dumping areas.

From the thousands of ideologies on endings and predictions of ending our world in supporting our living, one that has maximum chances of coming it in true is: yes our world has a chance of coming to its end by the force of snow. It was during B.C.E where the earth had experienced the avalanche of snow killing thousands of lives. Those times development wasn’t been by the way of industries and technologies. So the proportion of snow might have gone higher than the earth can hold.  But now coming the end of earth by snow is just a dream instead we need it. Snow caps are melting and heat of the earth is increasing. Slowly the relationship of snow is losing from our earth in great proportion, which may cause the effects on our earth. Beyond then the shocked given by snow more are untold but in preparations to take action on us and to our earth.

We are scared but by the scares we made. We are scared of our death and it is the truth of life once we live. But every step we take we make an alarm of death.  If we think deep there is no need of scares on it. It is just a change of figure or a next transformation. And that is not a question I am talking about scare-beyond the death’s scare we have to face is on the place we die. Are we sure enough to say that we will die in front of our beloved one with the last words of love sharing each other? I am scare of it thinking we may not get that chance, even a small time to say goodbye for the persons whom we love and consider as precious. I am scare whether we will get a time to leave a last message to our children when we die. Most of the biggest I am scared of is thinking our family death bed will be in same time by the same disaster or sickness. World is ours but decision is in others control.

Day by day with every single minute our world is getting into the zone of pollutions. These are the scares we made by our civil actions. And by days the numbers of the livings using the energy are increasing but no increase in the size of earth. I wish could even the earth too have a size to increase more and in bigger. So will the resources of this fix world will be sufficient for all livings? We never share and only we do is we receive. We are the good receiver but not a good sharer. We have thinking that my family should be the best from all other people. Sometime when we have a time to select the things for the better of family also think, when will my death come? Where will be my death bed? And create the answer by our own thought, will it be under the snow or water, on wars battle or on fire. This is a time to think more acts less. This is a time to think about the end of this world and also a time to act accordingly.   When we have a time to think create also a time to reacts.
When we think on the reason of our earth coming to its ends, one we have to wait no more in time of, our world have a high possibilities of coming to its ends by water (sometime with shortage or even by excess). This world has already faced the problems related to the water. In some parts of the world people are dying just because of draught. Not even getting a drop of water to quench the thirst. In some parts with the continuous rainfall people are dying in flood and lands are getting under the ocean. We can’t do anything to stop raining rain.  But we can act before it starts; only the relationship of people is good enough to act towards nature, to our mother earth. Poles are started melting, equatorial are burning. In some places deformation of the land has started and animals are dying helplessly. When these are happenings in front of our own eyes we can’t do anything rather than blinking our eyes with empathy, even without a time to feel sympathy. If the relationship of the earth breaks then our relationship to stay in this world will naturally be broken. Preserving of natural environment, maintaining of clean water sources and clean river valley only can’t help to prevent our earth. If we focus only on it who knows our world may one day come under water, so all relationship should be maintained equally to balance the proportions of all elements of this Earth.

The next menace we see in our earth is it may come to its end the excess of unwanted airs. We have seen and heard of many powerful countries in this world got their name as powerful by industries. But while gaining the power and name along with fame of it we forget to see what the industries are producing; Unwanted airs for the live. Daily our human friends are suffering with the air related diseases in some parts of the countries, especially in the country where industries are given much focused and we are never afraid of such diseases because profits are gone so high in its measurement. For the sickness of our human friends we are all responsible for each other because we are the one sharing one earth. Human share the same pain, what will you thinks if the same painful disease catches you?  Despite industry is being producing the harmful airs it is also consider as one of the biggest contributors for the wastes on this earth. Daily industries are producing tons and tons of waste, polluting every area of freshness that our earth have. One day but in some day whole world will come under the unwanted airs and wastes covering each and every space of this world with it.
Despite all the biggest intimidations from the earth we can consider is poverty and its starvation. And they are coming on their fastness.
Industrialization led to pollution,
Development led to pollution,
Civilization led to pollution.

At last pollutions are leading us to the best solution “the death” of by poverty and starvation. In the market the space for green vegetables are losing in its growth and being replaced by the industrial foods. And by the excessive use of industries it is leading to the production of acid rain, harmful rays and polluted breathing air. We can’t grow the green it’s not because of the seeds being infected but the transformation of land into the fertile of infertile chemical at the we are the one who will be losing everything someday to our fate.

 The day has started giving its signal to act into our goodness. Ozone layer had deflected with holes and harmful rays are coming causing uncivilized diseases beyond the intelligentsia of our human experts. Slowly but in mass, in this world one day or another day there wouldn’t be even a single living without the pain of suffering each day.

Yes human are deep into the focus of preserving our clean area and we focus on maintaining clean air, for it achievement advertisements are gone so far. We can read in every product we use say it like in matchsticks box, well said phrase, “don’t cut the tree, save our environment.” And the irony we see is matchsticks are made from the cutting tress directly or indirectly. We are jealous of our own demands. We can also see on the cover of cigarette written, “Cigarettes kills, or smoking kills”.  But human never stop smoking and industries never stop producing it. We care each other but care to kill each other. We are living in the world of irony that we have made.

“We are the one” the time to act in one, move in one and civilize in one has come. Be it in the time of sickness or in the laughter, be it the time of happiness or sadness, we have to act in one and it is our purpose to live on this earth. The time has proven the most needs of our oneness in totality from the people, who can think and talk to change. So let’s do something for the betterment of our tomorrow’s world. “Say it aloud-we are the one, moving for the better future.