Thursday, 24 September 2015

Prayers for the Refugees and the Migrants

I have been watching the news and that is my regular practices which rooted into my habit, rather than calling it as my life principle I must confess it as my time pass while I don’t have anything to do inside my room. Of course going to the BBC news channel in the evening hour of my schedule is my habit according to my accessibility to it, being far way from the home and staying without the care of parent in the mid of Deccan Plateau, sometime getting subscribe to the news channel is also unaffordable I do. So regularity of watching the news is also not regularity as per my account.  So money is a guide of our happiness sometime.

I don’t know since whence it has started broadcasting the news of European Refugees and the migrants but I have been watching it since from long days back. It is interesting of course to get updates with such scenarios of this world but I am unfair if I can’t share my words of tears in their struggles. On top, being journalism student without knowing the revolution of its people on this earth is like eating the bone to fill my belly. So I am connected but to the news of my tears on their pain and for the news being shared by the British Broadcasting Co-operation I would really share my unending gratitude with their souls of untiring research. Your teams are the one who walks in the flood when nobody could do that, who works in the desert when nobody can resist the blistering heat and who climbs the Everest in the deep winter when all people are afraid of avalanche, Thank you once again.

 But today I am here sharing my words for the people who are walking miles of distance in search of better place and hope and I would also appreciate on their determination of finding the good destination. At the same time I am also arranging my words for the people who are watching their struggles to join me in creating the new world for them by our prayers and giving them the best hope on their lives. By that I am force to say that don’t give up for the people who are working hard in the issue and for those who have seen them do not leave the channel without sending your god with them. We are one and lets walk in one not by physical involvement, nevertheless by the love we share.

Life is a simple line between two ends,          
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The line of death and a birth of body-
Every birth has its own death in two times
May be in the time of present and future
We are living but it will change all to past
Based on the past we have lived on it
History will teach us to our children
But the history will become our story
When times keep on dying on years
Our history will change into his story,
Be it his story or history in the future,
The words will only be our story in book
So lets be the center of all topic today.

When the touch of the news keep on broadcasting about their lives and on the difficulties they faces, it is of course something that can be done help for them by money but what can the person without money can do? So I am on the later one just sending my words with them and sharing my love in words. After all words are the best solution to all problems, believing on it I have a hope on the word change, change may be to help their lives in their views of their perfection.

“Future is always our fairyland” how difficult our lives will be, the hope on future will never fade away from our mind, because we love on what we love to protect for our new generation. We human have a consideration of making our future more superlative in the peace as of now. As of flow when the crisis doesn’t allow the peace to restore in the place we hoped for home than the alternatives of the home will have a habit of losing one on finding the new, so they are doing so to formulate the living in better place. No matter how difficult it is on your way, your future is always your own fairyland. Hope for your future and walk with the determination on finding the perfect place, where you have freedom to do what you feel likes to do.

‘Life is a journey towards the mysterious destination, our life is also the driver on the pram of our own body; drive it till the place we think it as our fate’. Considering this line, human have a habit of accepting the fate, be it to the consideration of good or bad because we think god is the creator of our own life. But god will never have bad destination planned for his devotees.  Hope is the greatest victory of every decision we plan. So hope for the better future where we can hope for better posthumous for our children. For the people who are struggling to live and showing in the news channel of thousand coverage, i must say may the union of gods help with their power of spirituality in giving them the best place to rest ever.

Dream is another greatest gold that living creatures have. No matter who we are and from where we come from, dream is always a thing that all people have. A poor have the best dream of becoming rich one day, a rich have  a dream of acquiring the best thing some days. So in the consideration of dream there is no compression in the living status. Even the poorest man have a good dream like of richest man. But the way to dream has always changed from its destination, human prefer to accomplish our dream by cutting our way of it to shortcut, but the shortcuts we consider to achieve are dreams are always opposite to the law we follows. Remember law and the justice are always opposite, which we consider as justice is not as per the law conduct, in which the law consider it has justice it will not be our justice. For the easy understanding say like in action of animal and human, a tiger has killed a man but tiger isn’t guilty of his killing by the law, in other case, man liked the tiger and the man who took the action of killing the tiger for the vendetta of dead man then the man is guilty of being in law’s function, which means the person have to go for jail. That is how our reality works with our own reality.

When the context of dream build in ones mind, i must remember the people who had suffered with the guilty of law with the migrants people recently. I can figure out that how difficult the journey had been to reach certain distance, without shelter to rest, without water to drink, with money to buy things, without food to eat and without love to care, be my god of sympathy with you. When the difficulties of human body reach to the certain limit of it’s suffering, it is nature to cut the longer way to shorter distance so by doing illegal action to attain small happiness. In this philosophy and ideology i had heard the migrant people involved in the drugs smuggling and being caught by the concern authority. Though you have visited the prison of your unexpected journey no matter, you have done to achieved your dream of getting better shelter, food and water on your way to the unplanned destination. But i would suggest never do it again, better go for begging and asking for the help there are more people who shares the sympathy with your struggles.

When the touch of news keep on more researches and the movement of people on migrants keep on increasing, some countries had already started acting their brutal action on refugees. I may not share the countries name because it is unfair for my love for them, for the people i meant. But i would suggest and prefer to visit the BBC channel and others who shares the news of them. Yes, the ideology started from the religion ones follow, mismatch of the religions we follows. But to the realm of truth and living, we are all human with same desire, dream, wants and need. Religions are only the way of living. When one country refuse to accept your petition never get hopeless and loss your dream, world need you and we want you to live in better place, the world is ours and lets make it our belonging. So love your suffering think the day of happiness would come day ahead.

We hear your children crying,
We see you sweating under sun;
We feel your dreams inside and,
We always pray for your safety.
God bless you aye.