Friday, 11 September 2015

Same but the Different

I would rather starts my work with giving the examples of same because it always make my brothers and sisters to understand faster then their fastness while i am teaching them the values of family in the humanity, so let it be  easy here for all. The same i have seen the sameness is in a pair of shoes but no other in big compression.  By this let me say same is something that can always be together with the equal responsibilities of being in sameness. But while the touch of topic concerns more i am not deeply into the explanation of simple word like same rather than believing myself that same is also a different in ones ideology of explanation.

I shall be same 
I shall be different
At the same time i shall also be indifferent 
But the concern of my understanding is not your believing. 

With the hope in above lines i must starts my arrangement of few existing words by believing that though we are different we have the same description on our living that is Human, People, Men, Women and so on till the common name fit us to say one in a group or understand by the one name to the whole. But the mutual argument that rise in my mind is while same is acting as a goal of one why we should build our own difference?
Of course the money is the one that construct the line of difference in human but other than money what else it can be to make one superior and another inferior in the human realm? Colour which has been the prominent skeptical of difference  in human, cast system which is also the negativity of the human blood in making superior and the wealth which systematize the power of living. But the concentration is given well on them they are the gift of human by the god accordingly with the abilities of one life in making the human into human being. 

To be continued........