Thursday, 3 March 2016

22 Lossage, iii

Modern, the period we live by,
Advancement in the gadgets we use-
Civilized on the age we grows
And the comfort we seek by our mind.
These are the happiness we describe for
the less, happiness i feel is different.
Very different from the different we knew.
Modern but the simple i wish,
Advancement but the energy needed i feel,
Civilized along with the value i mean
and the comfort i see inside comfort.
After the breath of all happiness i could wish
Wish the peace rather than of happiness.
So that i found on her by the time of unexpected-
Like the hidden treasures being blessed
to be found by prophesied one.
Oh! no! she have a life too, that to live
Life with the dream, and dream to fulfill.
and how can i wish as greed as mine, (happiness is different)
So i shall mandate as the strongest pillar of her dreams
Pilling the rising seed of education to her dream,
And the warmest blanket of her emptiness.